16 March 2013

Samsung appoints new co-CEOs

Samsung appoints new co-CEOs
Washington Post
Fresh off its release of the Galaxy S4, Samsung Electronics has named two new co-chief executive officers. The Korean electronics maker now has three chief executive officers, after naming its mobile lead JK Shin and consumer electronics head Boo-keun ...

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg rated top CEO for 2013
A new report on the 50 highest rated CEOs shows the social network's leader nabbing the top spot; while last year's winner, Apple's Tim Cook, remained on the list but dropped 18 places. Dara Kerr. by Dara Kerr. March 15, 2013 5:00 AM PDT Follow @ ...

Why the death of Google Reader doesn't bother me that much — social news ...
A lot of die-hard RSS users are upset that Google has decided to kill off its Google Reader service, but for me Twitter and other platforms based on social news are far superior to any RSS reader and have been for some time. Happy face. photo: Shutterstock ...


Matthew Keys 'fine' after indictment on hacking charges
Los Angeles Times
Matthew Keys, the Thomson Reuters deputy social media editor indicted Thursday for allegedly conspiring with members of the hacking group “Anonymous” to infiltrate a Tribune site, reassured friends on Twitter that he is "fine." He said that it would "business ...

App Smart Extra: Keeping Track of Everything You Own
New York Times (blog)
You will enjoy this week's App Smart column if you're detail-obsessed and like to keep track of your possessions, because it is all about home-inventory apps. Inventory Droid is one more popular full-featured home inventory app for devices using the Android ...

Refurbished iPad Mini, fourth-gen iPad now on sale
The used iPad Mini is going for $429, while the fourth-generation iPad will set customers back $579. Don Reisinger. by Don Reisinger. March 15, 2013 6:12 AM PDT. Apple's refurbished iPad is now available. Apple's refurbished iPad is now available.

scientists believe newly discovered particle is the real Higgs boson
The Guardian
The more they look at it, the more the new particle discovered at Cern last year resembles the long-sought Higgs boson, the mysterious particle that confers mass on the building blocks of nature. Scientists at the home of the Large Hadron Collider on the ...

The Guardian

Will Samsung S4 Beat Apple's iPhone To Become The US' First Shopping Phone?
Mobeam allows mobile devices to beam barcodes to ordinary POS scanners. The Samsung S4 is the first phone to integrate with this technology. Initial reactions to the Samsung S4 are positive. Forbes.com's Larry Magrid writes, “The Galaxy S4—like the ...

Samsung pledges to launch a top-spec Tizen phone by end of September this year
Digital Trends
Right now, there's only one Samsung phone anyone cares about, but that may not be the case later this year, when the world's first Tizen phone hits the shops. Tizen, in case you've forgotten, is the open-source software developed by Samsung, Intel and a...

Digital Trends

Apple's Low-Cost iPhone Reportedly Getting The Same 4-Inch Display As ...
The low-cost iPhone of fable got a little more material with some reports from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Before you balk at reports from an “analyst,” note that Kuo has been spot on a number of times in the past, including when he predicted the...


After Giving Away Thousands Of Free Rides At SXSW, SideCar Expands To ...
Just a few days after providing free rides to SXSW attendees in Austin, ride-sharing startup SideCar is announcing plans to continue expansion into new markets. The company, which previously launched in a number of major cities throughout the U.S., ...

Samsung Pumps Up The Galaxy S 4's Keyboard With Some Of SwiftKey's Text ...
Continuing the litany of neat things in the Galaxy S 4 that Samsung didn't talk about during its grand (some would say overproduced) unveiling last night, the smartphone's keyboard has gotten a boost thanks to some prominent text input buffs. According to...


Should we revive extinct species? Watch experts debate de-extinction
NBCNews.com (blog)
By Alan Boyle, Science Editor, NBC News. Follow @b0yle. If scientists can use genetic engineering to bring back the woolly mammoth, should they do it? How about the passenger pigeon? Or the western black rhino? Do we humans have a responsibility to ...

NBCNews.com (blog)

Saints Row 4 release date revealed in trailer
Saints Row 4 will launch on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in August, publisher Deep Silver has announced. The forth instalment, developed by Chicago studio Volition, will launch first in the US on August 20th and three days later across Europe. Deep Silver ...

Google privacy case highlights lack of technical safeguards
The case brought against Google by 38 states for the company's illegal capturing of private information reached a settlement this week, according to reports from The New York Times and Bloomberg. The settlement comprises $7-million fine as well as an ...

Looking for tech's future? Watch teenagers
MSN Money
About 25% of them prefer smartphones over wired means to use the Internet, which could mean big changes ahead for the industry. By Bruce Kennedy 6 minutes ago. Image: Teens with MP3 player (© RubberBall/SuperStock) Sometimes it seems like the ...

Firefox OS Simulator Version 3.0
The Firefox OS is moving very fast. We now have the Simulator version 3.0 preview with lots of extra features. With this rate of progress and tmany hardware manufactures on board, this might be the web app-based phone to back. The latest version of Firefox ...

Microbes Thriving in Oceanic Crust: Study Finds
Nature World News
Microbes are thriving deep inside the oceanic crust, away from light and devoid of any oxygen, a new study reported. "They're gaining energy from chemical reactions from water with rock," said Mark Lever, a microbiologist at Aarhus University in Denmark ...

Study: Facebook Users Have Better Luck Getting Jobs Through Friends
CBS Local
MENLO PARK, Calif. (CBS Sacramento) - A new study indicates that job seekers who have stronger ties to the social networking world around them are more likely to find a new opportunity. Researchers at Facebook made the discovery while examining the ...

CBS Local

Digital Video Usage Grows On Gaming Consoles
MediaPost Communications
Though gaming remains the most dominant activity on gaming consoles, the share of watching digital video usage is climbing, online and in listening to music. Nielsen says consumers with consoles such as PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360 spent 22% of their ...

Facebook Working on Incorporating the Hashtag
Wall Street Journal
Facebook Inc. is taking its business rivalry with Twitter Inc. into the realm of symbols: #Feud. Enlarge Image. image. Close. image. AFP/Getty Images. Related Video. WSJ Corporate News Editor Dennis Berman spent a week trying to write a column arguing...

Wall Street Journal

Volkswagen E-Up! Debuts Tells of 93 Mile Range
Automotive Discovery
Volkswagen officials are preening like proud peacocks over their latest Volkswagen to be rolling off the production lines. The Volkswagen E-Up! is so exciting there is an exclamation point in its name. While we've been hearing about this tiny four seater for the ...

Stop. Look Up. Is That Comet PANSTARRS?
Comet 2011 L4, better known as PANSTARRS, is a true astrological rarity because it is visible to the naked eye--something that occurs only once every 5 to 10 years, according to NASA. According to Amy Mainzer, the principal investigator of NASA's ...
Some Primitive Birds Flew With 4 Wings, Study Says
New York Times
First, paleontologists spread the word that modern birds are actually living dinosaurs. Then came the news from China that some dinosaurs and related reptiles long ago seemed to be marvelous four-winged creatures, seemingly on standby at some runway ...

Verizon-backed Redbox launches streaming service
Movie titles are displayed on a RedBox video rental kiosk, August 14, 2009 in San Rafael, California. In a challenge to instant video leader Netflix, telecom giant Verizon and rental group Redbox have launched a streaming video service for US customers.

Six Centuries Ago, Chinese Explorers Left This Coin Behind in Africa
Smithsonian (blog)
The 600-year-old coin is made of copper and silver and has a hole in the center. It's called a Yongle Tongbao and was issued by Emperor Yongle, who reined during the Ming Dynasty between the years 1403 to 1425 AD. It was found on Manda, an island in...

Smithsonian (blog)

Distracted driving: We're Number 1
Harvard Health Publications (blog)
Americans drive while talking on a cellphone or texting more than their counterparts in seven European countries. A report published yesterday showed that 69% of American drivers surveyed said they had talked on a cellphone while driving at least once in ...

Officials say the number of monarch butterflies making it to their winter refuge in Mexico dropped 59 percent this year, continuing a rapid decline that began several years ago. More information. Spring Flora Kansas Great Plains Plant Bazaar. Kansas' largest ...


New Zealand suffering most widespread drought in 30 years
Channel 4 News
The government of New Zealand has announced that the country's North Island is suffering its most widespread drought for 30 years, following many months of dry weather. New Zealand Drought. There has been little significant rainfall in northern and eastern ...

Channel 4 News

Microsoft Surface sales are disappointing
TABLET MAKER Microsoft has managed to shift just 1.5 million Surface tablets since launching the device last October, a marginal impact compared to the 52.5 million tablets sold worldwide during the fourth quarter of 2012 alone. The figures are reported by ...


Who Bought One Million BlackBerry 10 Devices?
All Things Digital
TopSecret When BlackBerry announced the largest single handset purchase in the company's history earlier this week — one million BlackBerry 10 devices — it refused to name the “established partner” to which they'd been sold. “We are bound by ...

China Mobile customers decry 'one country, two prices' practice
Summary: The biggest telecom carrier in China, and the world, China Mobile has been criticized for offering far cheaper monthly service plans in Hong Kong than mainland China, triggering much discontent among Chinese customers. Cyrus Lee. By Cyrus ...

Ad-Blocking Apps Pulled From Google Play
PC Magazine
According to Android Police, developers with apps that can block ads on Google's mobile OS have been informed that their apps are no longer available on Google Play. Android Police pointed to AdAway, which is described as "an open source ad blocker for ...

Netflix Offers $100000 for Cloud Computing Improvements
PC Magazine
Netflix is challenging global developers to improve the features, usability, quality, reliability, and security of cloud computing, and will hand over $100,000 to the teams that can do it best. "Cloud computing has become a hot topic recently, but the technology is ...

Apple chief must spill beans in e-book cartel case
Apple chief must spill beans in e-book cartel case Apple CEO Tim Cook has been told by a court that he must give evidence for four hours in an antitrust case brought by the government. He'll be asked what he knows about alleged price fixing. The case ...


Space station crew landing delayed by foul weather
MOSCOW, March 15 | Fri Mar 15, 2013 1:13am EDT. MOSCOW, March 15 (Reuters) - Three Russian and American astronauts are stuck for one more day aboard the international space station after foul weather delayed their landing on Friday in the steppes ...

BMW to debut plug-in hybrid concept and at New York Auto Show
Digital Trends
The Concept Active Tourer might look like BMW designers simply took the Volkswagen Golf and made it slightly more minivan-ish. But it's more than that. This glimpse into what the next front-wheel drive 1 Series could look like isn't just a VW rip-off; it's also a...

Digital Trends

Jury: Nintendo Must Pay $30.2 Million for 3DS Patent Violation
Nintendo owes a former Sony employee a $30.2 million paycheck for violating his 3D display technology patent with its 3DS handheld gaming system, a jury decided late Wednesday. Seijiro Tomita filed suit against Nintendo in 2011 for patent infringement, ...
Hands on with Twitter for Windows 8
PCWorld (blog)
It's hard to believe that Windows 8 has gone this long—139 days—without an official Twitter app. The social network's steady stream of bite-sized updates are tailor-made for the snapping and sharing features of Windows 8. Yet since Oct. 26 of last year, users ...

Astronomers find water vapour in atmosphere of distant planet
The Guardian
Astronomers have detected water vapour and carbon monoxide in the atmosphere of a planet 130 light years away from Earth. However, the planet, known only as HR8799c, is devoid of methane, a gas that can indicate life, the researchers said.

The Guardian

Review: 'Lego City' builds fun for Wii U
The Associated Press
Over the past eight years, those cute little Lego people — minifigs, as they're known — have virtually traveled to Middle-earth, Hogwarts, Gotham City and a galaxy far, far away in video games developed by TT Games. The minifigs are finally coming home in ...

Fisker, Like Other EV Makers, Loses Its Founder
Henrik Fisker, the co-founder of EV maker Fisker Automotive, has resigned his post as executive chairman. The move is not uncommon, especially in the plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) industry. Fisker joins Martin Eberhard of Tesla, Kevin Czinger of CODA, and ...

Breathalyzer for your Smartphone
Kabir News
Handheld breathalyzers are already on the market. But why not have one on your iPhone? A start-up base in Burlingame, California have adopted the Breathometer for the iPhone and Android, allowing users to take a breathalyzer test using their smart-phone ...

Kabir News

Apple files for Smart Cover inductive charging patent for iPad
Apple's new Smart Cover for the iPad has a lot of potential, and it seems the company thinks so as well. Case in point: Apple just applied for a patent that would see the Smart Cover being used as a wireless charger to charge up the iPad when the Smart ...


BioShock Infinite's 'False Shepherd' trailer reminds us Booker DeWitt isn't some ...
There's not much we can say about BioShock's Infinite's protagonist Booker DeWitt -- not much good, that is. A US Cavalry veteran that's in debt with the wrong fellows, he's no knight in shining armor coming to rescue Elizabeth from the dragon's lair.

Hot spots ride merry-go-round in Jupiter's atmosphere
Indian Express
Using images from NASA's Cassini spacecraft, scientists have found new evidence that dark features in Jupiter's atmosphere called "hot spots" are created by a Rossby wave, a pattern also seen in Earth's atmosphere and oceans. Exactly how these cloudless ...

Indian Express

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