20 March 2013

Samsung's Challenge to Apple and Google

Why Samsung's Challenge to Apple and Google Is Great for Consumers
Over the past few years, tech giants Apple and Google have emerged as dominant forces in the mobile-technology market. Although they've pursued radically different strategies, each company has been wildly successful: Apple generates $1 billion per...


Nokia wins German sales ban on HTC with battery patent injunction
Summary: Nokia has blocked the sale of some HTC devices in Germany, but HTC says it has already removed the infringing function from devices currently sold in the country. Liam Tung. By Liam Tung for The German View | March 19, 2013 -- 13:00 GMT ...

Best Google reader replacement
Fox News
News junkies were devastated last week when Google announced that it would eliminate Google Reader, which displays RSS feeds from websites in a simple list format. After last week's announcement, media outlets rushed to fill the gap with sites and apps ...

Weev gets 41 months in prison for exposing iPad strokers' privates
Andrew Auernheimer, a member of the grey-hat hacking collective Goatse Security, has been sent down for three years and five months in the slammer after he helped leak users' private email addresses via a flaw in AT&T's servers. Auernheimer, known ...

Shorter wings may help highway-dwelling cliff swallows avoid cars
Los Angeles Times
If you're a bird that likes to build mud nests in dangerous places, such as highway bridges and overpasses, how do you avoid fatal encounters with cars and trucks? You quickly get out of their way. And it helps if you have shorter wings, which allow for a more ...

Software bug halts Curiosity: Nuke lab bot in safe mode
NASA's Mars rover Curiosity is parked in "safe mode" again after being laid low by a software bug. The fault was triggered by an unexpected command-file size, which the machine detected before it was too late. Curiosity self-portrait at Rocknest in the Gale ...

The Feverish Hunt For Evidence Of A Man-Made Global Warming Crisis
Although “climate” is generally associated with periods of at least three decades, less than one and one-half decades following mid-1970s “scientific” predictions that the next Ice Age was rapidly approaching, the media trumpeted a new and opposite ...

Google Maps' Street View goes to Everest
Looking to explore the Himalayas from the comfort of a Hudson Valley coffee shop? New features on Google Maps' Street View is now making that possible. Street View, known for providing ground-level views of streets around the world now offers panoramic ...

The HTC One is the best smartphone I have ever used (review)
Summary: HTC needed to knock it out of the ballpark with a new phone and get it onto all major US carriers. They have done both with the HTC One, so now it is up to marketing to help it succeed. Matthew Miller. By Matthew Miller for Smartphones and Cell ...


Microbes Thrive in Deepest Spot on Earth
Discovery News
Measuring the oxygen dynamics of the seafloor in the Mariana Trench at a depth of 11 km revealed intensified microbial life in the bottom of the trench as compared to conditions at the surrounding abyssal plains at 6 km water depth. Anni Glud. Gallery ...

NPD: More than half a billion Internet-enabled devices in U.S. homes
Houston Chronicle (blog)
NPD: More than half a billion Internet-enabled devices in U.S. homes. Tuesday, March 19, 2013. Comment. Comments. |. Email. E-mail. |. Print. In ancient times – around the early 2000s – the only Internet connected devices in most households were PCs.

AT&T unveils new insanely expensive shared data plans
If you had an original iPhone with AT&T, the company's new data plans will make you nostalgic for the old days of unlimited data without overages or extra charges. AT&T has unveiled three new data plans aimed at its most gluttonous consumers of mobile ...


Telecom firms dig in their heels over cybersecurity reform
Summary: The Obama Administration may consider cybersecurity a hot topic, but telecom firms aren't happy with some proposed changes....


Players at risk from game store hack
BBC News
More than 10 million people thought to have accounts with Electronic Arts's (EA) Origin game store are at risk from a hack attack that swaps games for malicious code, researchers say. In lab experiments, the researchers exploited a loophole in the way Origin ...

BBC News

In Depth: Cadillac's New Twin-Turbo V-6
MotorTrend Magazine (blog)
Today there is a lot of breathing room between the top-performing 321-hp CTS 3.6-liter and the monstrous 556-hp CTS-V. Stepping into that power void for 2014 is a new twin-turbo 3.6-liter V-6. By “new,” we mean 90 percent of the parts are not shared with ...

MotorTrend Magazine (blog)

Test-riding Boston Cab's mobile app, in the wake of their lawsuit against Uber
Just two weeks before one of Boston's biggest cab companies, Boston Cab Dispatch, filed a lawsuit against upstart Uber, it updated its own iPhone and Android apps for summoning a lift using your smartphone. It struck me as a good time to compare Boston ...

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak tweets his whereabouts in Turnberry
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, in town for a speech at Florida International University, tweeted Saturday that he and his wife Janet were in room 1725, the Grand Presidential Suite, at Turnberry Isle and that he had checked into the resort's spa. The mogul ...


A Little Salt: Going on a wild comet chase
Most of us have been on a wild goose chase, but what about a wild comet chase? . .

Whale Skeleton along with Nine New Species of Organism Found in Antarctica ...
Nature World News
A team of U.K. marine biologists have now found a whale skeleton and along with it, nine species of organisms (including zombie worms) that were found in the deep-sea feeding on the bones of the whale. This is the sixth such skeleton to be found on the ...

Nature World News

Smithsonian Says Wright Brothers were the 'First in Flight'
Nature World News
(Photo : Attributed to Wilbur Wright (1867–1912) and/or Orville Wright (1871–1948). Orville Wright preset the camera and had John T. Daniels squeeze the rubber bulb, tripping the shutter./ Wikimedia creative c) First flight, 120 feet in 12 seconds, 10:35 a.m.; ...

Nature World News

Stingrays Fed by Tourists Showing Distinct Feeding, Behavior Patterns: Study
Nature World News
Tourists feeding stingrays have changed the creatures' feeding habits along with behavior and mating habits, a new study finds. Researchers say the research finding raises questions about the impact of interactive tourism on marine wildlife, reports ...

Nature World News

Fossil Evidence Suggests Inbreeding Was Common in Early Humans
Cleveland Leader
Fossils show that inbreeding may have been a common practice among early human ancestors. The evidence comes from pieces of a roughly 100,000-year-old human skull that was unearthed at a site called Xujiayao, located in the Nihewan Basin of ...

Why you shouldn't read too much into Nvidia's smack talk about the PS4
Silicon Valley Business Journal
Nvidia has been talking down the PS4 recently. But are it's gripes with the next generation really a big deal? Jon Xavier: Web Producer- Silicon Valley Business Journal: Email | Twitter | Google. Last month, Sony formally announced the next generation of its ...

Does Microsoft's end-of-life date for Windows Phone 8 mean 9 is near?
Summary: Microsoft let users know just when it'll wrap up support for Windows Phone 8, suggesting - along with other hints - that Windows Phone 9 is not so far away. Liam Tung. By Liam Tung | March 19, 2013 -- 10:49 GMT (03:49 PDT). Follow @liamT ...

Climate Change Could Worsen Hurricane Storm Surge: Fearsome Storms on the ...
Science World Report
(Photo : Reuters) Hurricanes are on the rise and will only grow more frequent as the planet continues to warm, according to a new study. Hurricanes are always bad news. They push ashore with howling winds and flooding rains that can swamp coastal towns ...

City Lawmakers Want More Speed Cameras As DOT Studies Speeding By ...
The mayor and some City Council leaders were pushing Monday for speed cameras throughout the five boroughs, as the Department Of Transportation released a map of 100 locations where a study found at least 75 percent of tracked traffic speeds past ...


Reddit Debuts Original Web Mini-Series (Exclusive)
Hollywood Reporter
The site is debuting three episodes of a series based on the subreddit "Explain Like I'm Five." Online community Reddit is experimenting with original web programming and is debuting three episodes of a new web series on Monday. The web series is called ...

Hollywood Reporter

Booting Up: Is Google Building a Tower of Babble?
A report suggests Google is going to unite all its various chat products under the name “Babble.” We sincerely hope this is not part of another effort to make us all use Google+. [Geek.com]. “Sanders and Armstrong share something with the startup world as a ...


Spoiler Alert! Jeep & Mopar tease us with sneak peak at EJS 2013.
JPFreek Adventure Magazine
Jeep and Mopar are at it again, preparing for the much anticipated vehicle unveiling next week at the upcoming 47th annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. Yesterday they gave us a peek at the Jeep Grand Cherokee “Trailhawk II” concept and the Jeep ...

JPFreek Adventure Magazine

Dungeon Defenders 2 announced: free-to-play with MOBA mode
A sequel to action-RPG tower defense Dungeon Defenders is on the way, imaginatively titled Dungeon Defenders 2. And, like almost anything with even a whiff of towers nowadays, it's picked up a competitive MOBA mode inspired by the likes of Dota and...


Rumor: T-Mobile's 4G LTE switch-on could come on March 26, alongside the ...
Digital Trends
T-Mobile may be planning an event in New York for the end of this month, where it'll officially switch on its 4G LTE network, and potentially put the BlackBerry Z10 – its first, brand new LTE phone – up for sale. The network has been working hard to build a 4G ...

Digital Trends

'Cock-a-Doodle-Doo' in Roosters Controlled by Internal Clock: Study
Nature World News
How do roosters know that they have to crow at dawn? Researchers believe that the internal clock in roosters is the reason behind them going "cock-a-doodle-doo" every morning. The study was conducted by researchers from Nagoya University, Japan, who...

Nature World News

Rift over funding prompted resignation of Fisker founder : sources
By Deepa Seetharaman. DETROIT | Tue Mar 19, 2013 2:19am EDT. DETROIT (Reuters) - The abrupt resignation of Fisker Automotive's founder Henrik Fisker was prompted by disagreements with the company's chief executive over funding and operational ...

Google pays $40K to 'Pinkie Pie' for partial hack of Chrome OS
Computerworld - Google today said it had paid a researcher $40,000 for a partial exploit of Chrome OS at its Pwnium 3 hacking contest two weeks ago. The researcher, known as "Pinkie Pie," was the only participant who submitted an exploit during the ...

Intel MSRD set-top box detailed: motion-remote and second-screen grunt
Intel's Web TV set-top box will use a motion-tracking remote control, it's been confirmed, with the chip firm turning to LG-favorite Hillcrest Labs for the tech. The new Intel Media Server Reference Design (MSRD), set to go on sale in April as the company tries to ...


Monarch Butterflies Hit New Low; "Worrisome" Trend
National Geographic
The king of the butterflies may reign no more: Monarch butterflies are experiencing a steady decline, a new report says, with the insects occupying the smallest area of land in one Mexican butterfly reserve than they have in two decades. In December 2012 ...

National Geographic

Queen Elizabeth honors Marc Andreessen, others with engineering prize
The first QEPrize will go to Andreessen along with Louis Pouzin, Robert Kahn, Vinton Cert, and Tim Berners-Lee for ground-breaking work that led to the Internet and World Wide Web. Shara Tibken. by Shara Tibken. March 18, 2013 8:06 AM PDT Follow @ ...

Bat-Eating Spiders Exist in Every Continent except Antarctica: Scientists
TopNews Arab Emirates
Bat-Eating-Spiders According to a recent study, bat-eating spiders exist all over the globe except Antarctica. Besides, these spiders are well capable of hunting an 18-inch snake. The researchers have revealed that around 80% of the "bat catching" was ...

TopNews Arab Emirates

Rumoured Facebook Hashtags and Their Social Media Marketing Benefits
Internet Marketing News
Following an underwhelming start to the year, Facebook is rumoured to be testing the use of hashtags. Synonymous with micro-blogging site Twitter, hashtags have proven to be a fantastic social media marketing tool. Here, ClickThrough copywriter Jack ...

Monitoring your kids on Facebook? That's so 2009. Explosion in social media ...
Washington Post
SHARE-A-PALOOZA: The number of popular social media sites available on kids' mobile devices has exploded in recent years. The smartest apps now enable kids to chat with select groups of friends without being monitored by parents. FUSTY FACEBOOK: ...

Washington Post

SimCity maker offers free game to disappointed customers
Washington Post
Game publisher Maxis and its parent company Electronic Arts are making amends for the shaky launch of its SimCity title by offering those who've bought the game a free game download from parent company EA's Origin service. Anyone who has activated a...
Washington Post

Google Is Experimenting With An Evernote-Killer (Again) (GOOG)
San Francisco Chronicle
Google is working on a product that is similar to note-taking service, Evernote. The new service, called Google Keep seems to sync with Google Drive and allows users to save website snippets directly. Android Police first reported the leak, discovered by ...

Male Lions Use Dense Vegetation For Ambush-Style Hunting
Male lions, that have long been believed to be dependent on females when it comes to hunting, are successful hunters in their own right, finds a new study. It is known that female lions use cooperative strategies to hunt their prey. While some studies have ...


Do Earthquakes Form Gold?
iTech Post
The quakes, deep below the surface, rip rocks apart so quickly that the high-pressure fluids inside instantly vaporize. The residue left behind after this violent action is chock full of minerals, including gold. Studying this rock vaporization is Richard Henley of ...

iTech Post

Lenovo ThinkPad T431s is Supermodel Skinny
Chip Chick
Lenovo Thinkpad 011113 back 620x411 Lenovo ThinkPad T431s is Supermodel Skinny. Lenovo has been hunkered down, doing customer surveys on what people want and wish for out of Lenovo's longstanding ThinkPad series. The result is the T431s, ...

Chip Chick

Reports Say Mercedes-Benz to Launch X-Class in 2018
We've seen some of the products of the alliance between Mercedes-Benz/Daimler and Renault-Nissan, but one of the most telling could be an entirely new class of vehicles. According to some reports, the German automaker is set to launch a so-called ...


Google Drive catches a case of the Monday's with service outage
The Google Drive cloud storage locker suffered a service outage on Monday, leaving many users unable to access the files they had stashed online. The problem, seemingly resolved as of home-time for most UK users on Monday, was widespread but not ...

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