28 March 2013

House Judiciary Committee making CFAA worse

Dysfunctional Washington still doesn't get it--

Experts Scratching Their Heads At House Judiciary's Awful CFAA Reform Proposal

On Monday, we broke the news of the House Judiciary Committee circulating a terrible bill that would make the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) much worse, rather than better. It would expand definitions and make it even easier for the Justice Department to go after people for harmless activity. In fact, even the part we originally thought might fix one of the worst parts of the CFAA actually makes it worse. . . various experts on the CFAA are scratching their heads about why the House Judiciary Committee is even bothering with this draft bill. As Orin Kerr notes, this seems to be a basic rehash of the DOJ's attempt 2 years ago to expand the CFAA. He suggests (and we agree) that the Judiciary Committee stop taking DOJ language from 2011 and start dealing in the present, and deal with the very real problems with the CFAA, and not just with a DOJ who wants more power....
The internet around the world has been slowed down in what security experts are describing as the biggest cyber-attack in history. A row between a spam-fighting group and hosting firm has sparked retaliation attacks flooding core infrastructure. It is having an ...

BBC News

Steve Jobs returns as manga hero in Japanese biography
The Guardian
A "doe-eyed" young Steve Jobs makes his debut as a manga hero in a new biography out in Japan in this week. The first instalment of award-winning author Mari Yamazaki's manga biography of Jobs – based on Walter Isaacson's bestselling life of the late ...

The Guardian

GDC: Facebook Insists Gaming Is Growing
Facebook's gaming revenue may have disappointed in recent quarters, but the company says more people are playing and paying than ever before. Facebook's ...

Create Your Own Magazine With Flipboard 2.0
PC Magazine
Social news magazine Flipboard this week introduced Version 2.0, which includes more content, faster navigation, and the ability for users to create their own magazines. Users can grab articles, photos, audio, and videos, and with a few taps of the finger, ...

T-Mobile iPhone; Microsoft Talks Windows Blue; Sweden Ditches 'Ungoogleable'
PC Magazine
T-Mobile was the talk of the tech world yesterday after launching its 4G LTE network in several markets and announcing that it will finally start selling the Apple iPhone beginning April 12. Qualifying T-Mobile customers can buy the iPhone 5 nationwide for ...

Apple says judge erred in cutting Samsung damages
The iPhone maker faults a judge's decision to remove part of the original $1.05 billion in damages charged to Samsung in last year's court battle. Apple is trying to show ...

Facebook testing targeted ads in News Feed
Social network Facebook is testing targeted advertisements on user News Feeds as part of a broader plan to rake in additional revenue. The ads are part of Facebook Exchange, a system businesses can use to deliver ads to users based on their browsing ...

Google's Trademark Tussle With the Swedish Language Council
Wall Street Journal (blog)
It is one of the slighter legal tussles Google has got into in Europe, but the search company's contact with the Swedish Language Council has hit headlines. The Swedish Language Council Språkrådet has removed a word from its lexicon after a legal ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

The 17-Year-Old That Yahoo Paid $30 Million Was Renting His Startup's Core ...
San Francisco Chronicle
Yahoo's weird-looking Summly acquisition is looking weirder by the minute. Yahoo made big news this week when it bought Summly, a startup with a 17-year-old CEO named Nick D'Aloisio, for $30 million. The acquisition was led by Yahoo HR boss Jackie ...

'Greedy Hedge Funds' Won't Stop MetroPCS Merger: T-Mobile CEO
T-Mobile USA CEO John Legere introduced new pricing plans along with some vocal jabs. True to T-Mobile USA's new “uncarrier” branding, John Legere is not your average telecom chief executive officer. For one, he tends to do away with niceties.


A Slimmer Keyboard for the iPad
New York Times (blog)
It's easier to type on a tablet with a keyboard, but it's so much easier to carry a tablet without a keyboard. The accessory manufacturer Belkin has sought a compromise with its new Ultimate Keyboard Case, which it calls the thinnest iPad keyboard available.

Battlefield 4 announced, launching this fall
It seems like only yesterday when Battlefield 3 was announced and launched, but Electronic Arts has announced that the next installment in the series, Battlefield 4, will be launching this fall. The game will be coming to Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, ...


New Google Chrome Spell Checker Monitors Everything You Type, While FBI ...
I'm the first to admit that I am a big fan of Google's Chrome browser. Generally it's the best browser, except for font rendering on Windows, which is awful, but that's another story. This story is about an interesting new feature released yesterday as part of a ...

Amazon Now Lets You Look Up IMDB Information While Watching A TV Show ...
Business Insider
Amazon announced today that its X-Ray feature for movies on Kindle Fire devices will now work with several popular TV shows. X-Ray is a neat feature first introduced on the Kindle Fire HD last year that lets you get information from IMDB about actors in a ...

Business Insider

Forget the invisibility cloak: Boffins invent INVISIBILITY FISHNETS
Boffins have developed the thinnest invisibility fabric ever made, just 0.15mm thick, great for carrying around Harry Potter-style. Harry Potter in his invisibility cloak. Unfortunately the miracle "fishnet" copper-polycarbonate textile doesn't work in the visible ...

How T-Mobile New Plans Compares To The Competition
Huffington Post
NEW YORK (AP) — T-Mobile USA has revamped its pricing plans, the latest move in an industry that's still experimenting feverishly with various ways of luring customers and getting current ones to pay as much as possible. Here's how T-Mobile's gambit ...

Record Arctic Sea Ice Loss Linked to Extreme Weather: Why Spring has Not Yet ...
Science World Report
(Photo : U.S. Geological Survey/Flickr) Record Arctic sea ice losses may be affecting the jet stream and causing harsher winters, according to scientists. Punxsutawney Phil may have predicted an early spring, but snowstorms are still plaguing the United ...

Science World Report

'Rushing fireball' microorganism could create biofuels from carbon dioxide
Science Recorder
This particular microorganism consumes carbohydrates in the super-heated ocean waters located close to geothermal vents. 'Rushing fireball' microorganism could create biofuels from carbon dioxide. Photo credit: Flickr/freefotouk. Science Recorder | James...

Science Recorder

Seven-Gendered Organisms Reproduce Gender Randomly
Counsel & Heal
The Tetrahymena thermophila is an organism that has seven different genders. The discovery was made over half a century ago, but it was not until recently that scientists discovered how the gender of their progenies was determined. After analyzing the ...

55 Percent of US Rivers and Streams in Poor Condition: EPA
Science World Report
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released the results of the first comprehensive survey that assessed the health of stream and rivers across the country stating 55 percent of the Nation's River and Stream Miles are in poor ...

Science World Report

New Type of Supernova Discovered
Nature World News
(Photo : Christine Pulliam (CfA)) This artist's conception shows the suspected progenitor of a new kind of supernova called Type Iax. Material from a hot, blue helium star at right is funneling toward a carbon/oxygen white dwarf star at left, which is embedded in ...

Nature World News

Why The Internet Is Freaking Out Over A Nine-Year-Old's Kickstarter
Kickstarter controversies come in two forms: A Kickstarter that crashes and burns with no rewards given, and a Kickstarter that ticks somebody off for some reason, so they throw a screaming hissy fit about it. This week, the Internet is breaking out the torches ...

Hands-on with MiiPC, the $99 kid-safe Android PC (video)
It was only two days ago that ZeroDesktop launched MiiPC, a $99 kid-safe Android PC, and the Kickstarter campaign's already surpassed its $50,000 goal. To jog your memory, MiiPC is an attractive 4.7 x 4.7 x 3.1-inch desktop computer running Android 4.2 ...

Android Only 'Humble Mobile Bundle' (Video)
Mobile Magazine
It's fun playing games but it's even better when you do it for charity. The Humble Bundle has just made available an Android mobile-only “Humble Mobile Bundle”. This is the first time ever that the bundle is strictly Android games. The new bundle includes the ...

Oracle Unveils 'World's Fastest Chip' in Bid to Save Sun Biz
A bit more than a decade ago, the release of a new Sparc chip from Sun Microsystems would inspire heavy breathing from the computing elite. Because dot-coms, Wall Street firms, and telecommunications companies relied so heavily on Sun's servers, a new ...

Fisherman catches two-headed baby shark
FLORIDA KEYS, Fla. (NBCNC) - There is a first-of-its-kind catch off the Florida Keys after a fisherman working off the coast caught a pregnant bull shark on the end of his line. A two-headed bull shark fetus was removed from its mother, and the fisherman ...

All-new Jeep Cherokee vs. 2014 Range Rover Sport
Product Reviews
Both Chrysler and Land Rover have been teasing us with one or two images of their all-new Jeep Cherokee and the 2014 Range Rover Sport just to get out juices going. However, almost hours ahead of the New York Auto Show both companies have treated...

Product Reviews

US seeks land conservation to adapt to climate change
How to protect plants and animals from climate change? That's the goal behind a new climate adaptation strategy released by the Obama administration. polarbears. A sow polar bear rests with her cubs on the pack ice in the Beaufort Sea in northern Alaska.

North Korea Scraps 3G Data To Tourists
Fast Company
Last night, the rogue state closed the communication line that permits workers from both Koreas to travel to and from the Kaesong joint industrial zone situated in the North. North Korea also announced that it is targeting U.S. military bases in Hawaii, Guam, and the North American mainland....

Fast Company

CheapAir.com adds voice search to mobile apps
Mobile Entertainment
Airfare shopping engine CheapAir.com quotes figures from Tealeaf's Digital Consumer report, which says 15 per cent of consumers search the mobile web for travel services and 13 per cent use apps for the same purpose. With that in mind, the company has ...

Google+ supports posting animated GIF profile picture
Los Angeles Times
While other social networks seem to be ignoring the resurgence of the popular GIF animated image format, Google+ seems to be embracing it wholeheartedly. On Monday, Google's social network gave users the ability to use GIFs as their profile picture.

One on One: Nolan Bushnell, Video Game Legend and Steve Jobs's Boss
New York Times (blog)
There are a lot of highlights to Nolan Bushnell's career – he was a founder of Atari, the pioneering video game company, as well as of the Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theater chain – but one of the more glorious footnotes is that he was one of Steven P.

New York Times (blog)

Ford prepares for Mustang's 50th birthday
NBCNews.com (blog)
It may be a year away, but Ford Motor Co. is saddling up to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original “pony car,” the Mustang. It's getting plenty of help, with 50 companies planning to join the celebration by producing products to commemorate the ...

Fish Out Of Water! is the next mobile addiction from Fruit Ninja's developers
Luke Muscat got the idea for Fruit Ninja from watching late-night infomercials peddling cut-through-anything knives. Now the chief creative officer for developer Halfbrick is turning his love of surfing and everyone's intrinsic desire to skip stones across water ...


Apple 4K TV 2013 – 2014 projected release window
Product Reviews
It seems as though we have been hearing about a possible Apple HDTV for an age now, as the rumors just won't go away. We cannot say if this will ever happen considering the Apple TV was just a hobby at first but surely its success will help pursued the ...

Product Reviews

Iceland sees unusual seismic activity at Hekla volcano
REYKJAVIK — Iceland on Tuesday reported unusual seismic activity at Mount Hekla, one of its most active volcanos, and raised its alert level but said no eruption was imminent. The Icelandic Met Office said it had raised its aviation warning level a notch...


Apple sneaks up on Samsung as device shipments soar in Q4
Apple has significantly closed the gap on market leader Samsung in the "smart connected device" market in 2012's fourth quarter, according to IDC stats. For the three months to 31 December, the popularity of iPad Minis and iPhone 5 smartphones sent...


AMD shows off 'world's fastest graphics card' at GDC
TechRadar UK
Delays due to technical issues be damned: AMD had a bevy of graphics cards to unveil tonight and it wasn't going to let some set-up snags get in the way. After an initial hold up, AMD's GDC 2013 press conference got off to an impressive start, though the ...

Apple delivers fix for Apple ID breach
The Droid Guy
Apple has been beleaguered by security issues since the launch of its iPhone 5. The company has still not been able to deliver a satisfactory fix for the password breach issue where users can get past the password lock page using a combination of the power ...

Facebook ads threaded comments and replies to Facebook Pages
Just yesterday Facebook started rolling out a threaded commenting system ...

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