11 March 2013

Judge rules traffic cameras violate motorists' rights

Judge rules traffic cameras violate motorists' rights
A judge in Ohio ruled that the traffic cameras located in Elmwood Place, Ohio are a violation of the motorists' rights. Judge Robert Ruehlman stated that the entire system is a scam. Many drivers and business owners believed that the cameras were too harsh ...


Comet Pan-STARRS Is Closest to Sun Today: See It at Sunset
A comet sailing through the inner solar system make its closest approach to the sun and will be at its brightest at sunset tonight, but the glare of twilight may make it tricky to see, NASA says. The Comet Pan-STARRS will be 28 million miles (45 million ...

AT&T defends its unlock policy, saying it has a 'Bottom Line'
Digital Trends
It isn't hard at all to get on the AT&T-hating bandwagon, and the latest reason of many these days is regarding AT&T's notorious phone unlocking policy. AT&T's VP of Federal Regulatory Affairs, Joan Marsh, defended the wireless company's phone unlocking ...

Digital Trends

Stonehenge Was Ancient Rave Spot
Discovery News
... 2012. -- It might look like just an ordinary picture of Stonehenge, but this is how the creators of the prehistoric monument wanted the site to be viewed, according to research using the latest 3D laser scanning technology. The groundbreaking analysis ...

Xi3 Opens "Piston" Steam Box Pre-Orders, Starts at $1000
Escapist Magazine
Little is known of Valve's own Steam Box, but Xi3's "Piston" is something similar, and is being developed with Valve's support. Xi3 unveiled the "Piston" earlier in the year, describing it as "a computer game system that's optimized to support Steam and its Big ...

Rats Sniff Each Other To Assert Dominance, Study Suggests
Huffington Post
Without being able to talk to each other, rats use sniffing as one way to answer key questions about strangers. Is that a female? Can I mate with her? Is this one sick? What did he eat? — All of this information can be learned through odor cues. But new ...

Warning: Minor spoilers for Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC to follow.
Destructoid (blog)
The very last piece of DLC in the last game of the Mass Effect trilogy is a few hours of unmitigated fan service, and if you realise that that's all it is meant to be, it is an absolute home run for Bioware. This swan song is jam-packed with references, in-jokes, and ...

Being Vegan – The Navy Is Wrong On This One
Las Vegas Informer
This past Friday was a victory for marine life and those that protect it along the California Coast. The California Coastal Commission, meeting in San Diego, after hours of public comment voted unanimously to reject the Navy's permit to conduct harmful testing ...

Las Vegas Informer

Have scientists discovered reversible evolution?
Science Recorder
There is new evidence suggesting that evolution does not proceed inexorably forward in a more or less straight line as many have long believed. Researchers have discovered that the common house dust mite has undergone “reverse” evolution, changing ...

Science Recorder

2013 Honda Civic first small car to achieve TSP+ from IIHS
Torque News
The 2013 Honda Civic Sedan and Coupe are the first small cars to receive the highest available safety rating that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) offers. n/a. 2013 Honda Civic. The new 2013 Honda Civic Coupe and Sedan were tested by the ...

Torque News

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Calls for New Commercial Spaceport
Latinos Post
He went to Texas last week to test a new rocket design he hopes will someday transport visitors to Mars --- and left with reporters buzzing about the possibility of a new regional spacecraft base. Elon Musk, the visionary CEO of SpaceX, the first private...

Latinos Post

Toyota Now Offering HUGE Prius PHEV Discounts
Toyota, like many other manufacturers of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), have been trying to get these new, efficient, and expensive vehicles off the ground. The Japanese manufacturer wants to sell as many as 13,000 Prius plug-in hybrids this year ...

'Ultima' creator wants to 'reinvent' the genre with new fantasy RPG
The Verge
Kickstarter is becoming the go to place for well-known video game developers looking to return to their roots, and Ultima creator Richard Garriott is the latest to join that group. Garriott — also known as Lord British — has launched a campaign to fund a role ...

Sell your rights to iTunes content with Apple's new patent
The Droid Guy
If Apple's patent application, “Managing Access to Digital Content Items” comes through, buyers on iTunes could soon sell their digital media to other iTunes users. Apple has devised this new legal method of selling digital content while still protecting content ...

The Droid Guy

SXSW: Leap Motion lets you control PC with a gesture
Tucson Citizen
AUSTIN, Texas — I'm slicing lemons and pineapples inside the popular Fruit Ninja game on an ordinary Hewlett-Packard PC. But instead of dragging my fingers along a touchscreen or using a mouse, I am wielding an ordinary chopstick as if it were a blade, ...

Reddit co-founder: I'm not mayor of the Internet
AUSTIN, Texas (CNN) -- Alexis Ohanian is not the mayor of the Internet. He was proclaimed as such by Forbes magazine and, obviously, there's no such thing. But the man who's become one of the most visible advocates for a free and open Web over the past ...

Forget Google Glass, Google Debuts 'Talking Shoe' Concept At SXSWi, Wants ...
Meet Google's “talking shoe,” which aims to translate movement data in witty messages to users and their friends. The concept apparel, showcased at the search giant's swanky SXSW Interactive headquarters, is part of a new arts project - ”Art, Copy, Code” ...


NASA shows off next gen space telescope model at SXSW
AUSTIN—The Hubble Space Telescope has been an iconic part of American space exploration since the 1990s, but new engineering advances mean that a more powerful telescope is possible. NASA is already thinking ahead, and it's at South by Southwest...


New York Magazine to launch new subscription-based iPad app in April
Apple Insider
New York magazine will this month reveal a new subscription-based version of its publication for Apple's iPad, with plans to roll the app out by early April. NY Mag. Capital New York reported on Friday that it had confirmed with a New York Magazine...

Apple Insider

Seattle Bar Bans Google Glasses
Daily Beast
But where will all the hipsters go if a dive bar is off-limits? A Seattle dive bar has declared war on Google's “Project Glass,” the new glasses that have the Internet enabled and are currently in the testing phase. 5 Point Café owner Dave Meinart said that the ...

Daily Beast

Report: Video shows Seminole county bus driver texting while driving
Orlando Sentinel
This Seminole county bus driver has been suspended without pay after he was caught on video texting while driving. Related; Video shows school bus driver texting while driving · Texting ban makes it through another Senate committee · Florida lawmakers ...

MakerBot CEO Announces 3D Scanner During SXSW Keynote
The co-founder and CEO of MakerBot opened this year's South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) event by unveiling a desktop device that can scan small three-dimensional objects, creating a file that can then be used to print 3D replicas of the scanned items.


Four months in, Windows 8 needs help
Microsoft needs to fix Windows 8 to make it easier for the average consumer to use, says IDC. Brooke Crothers. My Dell Adamo ...

Alleged EA Employee Writes Missive, Joins SimCity's Public Flogging
PC Magazine
It's the talk of the town this week – pardon the pun. And the issues surrounding Electronic Arts' arguably failed launch of SimCity, undoubtedly seen as the Diablo 3 of simulations by angst-filled gamers worldwide, have even gotten some EA employees ...

Samsung's Galaxy S4 Universe
PC Magazine
Samsung's phones, tablets, cameras, and HDTVs all work together. See how the Galaxy S4 will crown a connected crop of Galaxies, and why you might want to buy more than one. Sascha Segan...

Infiniti QX60 Hybrid to make its debut in New York
ASEAN Automotive News (blog)
The hybrid version of the Infiniti QX60 (née Infiniti JX), is scheduled to make its debut at the New York International Auto Show at the end of the month. The seven-seater luxury crossover will use Nissan's new hybrid powertrain – involving a supercharged 2.5 ...

Facebook buys Storylane blog, to go with new News Feed
Facebook has snapped up Storylane, a blogging site with a community feel that lets people share stories. The social networking behemoth has acquired the team behind the site, rather than the site itself, so if you've posted anything, rest assured, Zuckerberg ...


New Type Of Life May Have Been Found In Buried Antarctic Lake
A Russian research team reports that it has found a previously unknown form of life buried in Antactrica's Lake Vostok. In February of last year, a team of Russian scientists announced that they had successfully reached the surface of Lake Vostok – a lake that ...


Will SimCity Launch Disaster Stop Online-Only DRM?
Will SimCity Launch Disaster Stop Online-Only DRM? SimCity's launch disaster should signal to Electronic Arts that its DRM strategy is wildly off the mark. ReadWriteplay. Previous Next. Previous; Show; Next. Will SimCity Launch Disaster Stop Online-Only ...


Adoption of Cites strategic vision pushed to protect wildlife
Business Mirror
Member-countries and various international organizations have agreed to strengthen wildlife protection against poaching and illegal wildlife trade under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (Cites).

Higgs boson wait continues
Calcutta Telegraph
New Delhi, March 9: The subatomic particle discovered last year increasingly looks like the elusive Higgs boson, but physicists say they are not ready yet to assign it a definitive identity tag despite doubling their search experiments since it was announced.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Final Specs and Features Roundup – Launch Drive Begins ...
Eagle's Rant
Samsung Galaxy S4 Final Specs and Features Roundup – Launch Drive Begins Thursday There are lots of rumors flying about the mill about the next release from Korean giant Samsung to their Galaxy smartphone range. The hotly awaited Galaxy S4 is to be ...

Eagle's Rant

Look at the graph to see the evidence of global warming
Readers of this column do not need to be reminded why it is so important for us to know whether the world is truly in the grip of runaway global warming, or whether this belief has all been based on a colossal misreading of the scientific evidence. One reason ...


Asteroid 2013 ET Buzzes By Earth During Weekend Replete With Flybys
Huffington Post
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., March 9 - An asteroid as big as a city block shot relatively close by the Earth on Saturday, the latest in a series of visiting celestial objects including an asteroid the size of a bus that exploded over Russia last month, injuring 1,500.

The Hypercar At Geneva: The Lamborghini Veneno
Daily auto news
At Geneva this week we will no doubt see a lot of craziness, but form our part we think the Lamborghini Veneno takes the cake. We take comfort that we are not the only ones to think along the same lines. The people gathered at the stand and the voices on the ...

Buried flood channels discovered on Mars
Scientists have discovered some buried channels on Mars that show signs of flooding on the planet. The flood channels were discovered near Mars's equator along a region called Elysium Planitia, one of the youngest volcanic region on the planet.


Google's star rises as Apple fades
NEW YORK — Google has retaken the role of superstar of the tech sector with a stunning stock rally as rival Apple flounders. Google has hit fresh all-time highs in recent weeks, and closed Friday at $831.52, capping a nearly tenfold rise from its public offering ...

Social apps rise on mobile
App Annie, a leading app store analytics company, recently presented a report that highlighted the continued rise of social networking as a phenomenon. Just as social media has dominated the web for the last few years, it is now poised to have a significant ...

Spring Breakers Freaked Out As Fishermen Drag Sharks Onto Florida Beach
Business Insider
Most of the sharks are blacktip and spinner sharks, which are not considered dangerous to humans, although they can bite. Many beaches are closed for swimming as a precaution. Fishermen in Palm Beach, however, are taking advantage of this opportunity ...

Microsoft's Kinect Can See Inside Your Skull With Its Almost X-Ray Vision
Microsoft's Kinect Can See Inside Your Skull With Its Almost X-Ray Vision Kinect's potential for gaming might not have been thaaaat great, but its applications for other things, like cheating at pool and medicine, have been pretty impressive. The team at ...

Sony's Stringer to retire in June: WSJ
A Sony X-Reality PRO 4K Ultra HD television on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Sony Corp.'s board chairman and former chief executive, Howard Stringer, will retire from the Japanese ...

Despite Efforts To Protect Privacy, Users Increase Amount of Personal ...
India Education Diary
Report by India Education bureau, Pittsburgh: A seven-year Carnegie Mellon University study of Facebook has found evidence of three contrasting trends in the amount of information Facebook users disclosed over time: decreasing public disclosures; abrupt ...

Best Photo Ever: iPhone Thief Posts Pot-Smoking Selfie To Victim's Facebook
It's one thing to join the ranks of this city's many hopelessly stupid iPhone thieves—it's entirely another thing to accidentally make yourself the poster child for such stupidity. According to cops, the iPhone thief you can see up top accidentally posted photos of ...

When Remote Start Technology = Zombie Subarus
TechnologyTell (blog)
If your car has this logo, it might come to life all on its own and kill you. It's not at all likely, but hey, it could happen in the worst possible combination of circumstances. A recall aims to stop the possible zombie-like behavior of Subarus equipped with remote...

TechnologyTell (blog)

Apple In Discussions With Intel Regarding Processing Chips For The iPhone 5S
Caribbean Media Vision
This year we are expecting to see a number of new products arrive from Apple and these are set to include the new iPhone 5S and the next generation iPad tablet. We are already hearing various rumours relating to such models and the latest to emerge...

Caribbean Media Vision

Morsi, let us spray
The Times of Israel
Agriculture Ministry workers armed with pesticides have distributed both aerial and ground sprays in areas where millions of locusts descended upon southern Israel, beginning March 6 2013. (Photo credit: Dror Garti/Flash90) ...

The Times of Israel

Google Maps could be banned in Germany
Parda Phash
Berlin: It appears that the Google is not having a good time in Germany as the Web giant Google is facing a ban on its application Google Maps in Germany over a patent dispute with Microsoft. According to media reports, Google is close to losing a patent...

Parda Phash

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