29 February 2012

Anonymous Leaves Clues In Failed Vatican Attack

Anonymous Leaves Clues In Failed Vatican Attack
Researchers at RSA detail a rare glimpse into the specific strategies, tools, and tactics used by Anonymous to infiltrate or take down websites. By Mathew J. Schwartz InformationWeek How do hacktivists launch attacks? A new report details an online ...

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Highlights Metro Evolution
PC Magazine
By Michael J. Miller To enable "PCs without compromise," Microsoft today announced the shipment of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. It demonstrated how the operating system has changed since the developer preview was officially released at the Build ...

Business Climate Improves In San Francisco With Tech Leading The ...
By Keith Mizuguchi
Business Climate Improves In San Francisco With Tech Leading The Way. February 28, 2012 5:37 PM. Share this. No comments. hi tech generic, laptop, technology. People work at laptop computers. (Oli Scarff/Getty Images) ...
CBS San Francisco

Forbes India Magazine - How to 'Upgrade' A Country's Technology
Sometimes a technology roadmap from the government helps. For instance, some years ago, President Shimon Peres [a technology enthusiast] decided to encourage nanotechnology by a one time $250 million fund to the universities, ...
Forbes India All Feed

LightSquared CEO Ahuja Resigns, Company Still Seeking FCC Approval
LightSquared CEO Sanjiv Ahuja has resigned, leaving founder Philip Falcone to search for new leadership, along with a solution to the 4G network's ills that can win it FCC approval. LightSquared CEO and executive vice president Sanjiv Ahuja has ...

Questions raised about possible clues to Jesus and His disciples
Fox News
A CGI-enhanced image of "Jonah and the Whale," an engraving that has led some Biblical scholars to conclude that a tomb in Jerusalem is the last resting place of the prophet Jonah.UNC Charlotte The unique four-line Greek inscription.

Game falls out with EA
Game Group's future looked uncertain after one of its most important suppliers, EA stopped distributing its leading games to the retailer. By Harry Wallop, Retail Editor Shares in Game, which has battled to keep its head above water in recent months, ...


Facebook Timeline Rolling Out to Business Pages
PC Magazine
By Angela Moscaritolo The Facebook Timeline has garnered mixed reactions from users thus far, with some worried over the change and others loving the new look. Now, users are about to start seeing the new design more often on the social network.

Demand for $35 Raspberry Pi PC overwhelms suppliers
DIY'ers looking for a bargain converged en masse yesterday with the launch of the Raspberry Pi, a compact Linux-based computer advertised for $35 -- except that its two retailers are already crippled by the onslaught of demand.

Analyst: New iPad likely to have 'significant' refresh
Washington Post
Now that Apple has sent out invitations to its upcoming media event, speculation about the next iPad is flying fast and furious. Shaw Wu of Sterne Agee said in an analyst note Wednesday that it's likely that the new iPad refresh will be “significant” ...

iPad Trade-ins on eBay Up 10 Times From Last Year
PC Magazine
By Leslie Horn Now that Apple has announced its March 7 iPad event in San Francisco, owners of older versions of the tablet are rushing to sell the device so they can make some cash to put toward the third-gen model. In fact, as the launch of the third ...

Europe to investigate new Google privacy policy
By Leila Abboud (Reuters) - France's data protection watchdog has cast doubt on the legality and fairness of Google's new privacy policy, which it said breached European laws. The CNIL regulator told Google in a letter dated February 27 it would lead a ...

Google: Technology is making science fiction a reality
Fox News
CEO of Google Eric Schmidt speaks during a conference at the Mobile World Congress, the world's largest mobile phone trade show, in Barcelona, Spain.AP Photo/Manu Fernandez Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt predicted Tuesday that rapid advances in ...

Google puts Android on parade--literally
by Stephen Shankland February 29, 2012 8:09 AM PST Follow @stshank Wowed by the breadth of Android's hardware partnerships? Or repulsed by its chaos? Either way, you can see the history of Google's mobile OS slide by at Mobile World Congress.

The Major Error In Bill O'Reilly's Gas Price Solution
Bill O'Reilly from Fox News has made a proposal to address gasoline prices by discouraging US oil companies from exporting their products. The critics of O'Reilly's proposal have generally focused on the idea of free markets (ie that “We shouldn't tell ...

Report: iOS Loophole Lets Apps Access Your Entire Photo Library
PC Magazine
By Leslie Horn Apple is under fire for yet another iOS security issue. The New York Times' Nick Bilton is reporting that a loophole in iOS allows third-party developers to access your entire photo and video library, as well as the location data ...

IBM takes giant step to faster, quantum computers
WASHINGTON — IBM researchers have taken a leap in computing by using quantum mechanics to harness the power of atoms and molecules, a move likely to lead to vast increases in speed and security of computers and other devices.


Nintendo Mario Kart replica won by GameStop customer
Nathanial Stehley is one lucky guy. All he had to do was pre-order the game Mario Kart 7 for 3DS to win a life-size racing kart themed after the long-running Mario franchise. And, get this, it actually works. The legality of actually taking it onto ...


Toshiba Excite tablet to launch March 6 for $530
Toshiba has announced that its Excite 10 LE tablet, formerly called the Excite X10, will be arriving in stores March 6, coincidentally just one day ahead of the iPad 3 event. Perhaps due to the extreme bulkiness of the Toshiba Thrive, the company has ...


Wireless Memory Card Maker Eye-Fi Raises $20M Series D, Led By NTT DOCOMO
Eye-Fi, the maker of those nifty, wireless memory cards that automatically sync digital camera photos to your devices, as well as to cloud services like Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and YouTube, is today announcing it has raised $20 million in Series D ...


Apple Urges China Court for 'Fair and Just' Ruling in IPad Case
San Francisco Chronicle
March 1 (Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc. urged a court in southern China to deliver a "fair and just" ruling in its dispute with the local unit of Proview International Holdings Ltd. over ownership of the iPad trademark in the country.

Dolphin Browser's New Voice Commands Let You Talk Your Way Through The Web
Way back in the days of Android yore, the stock browser got the job done but did so with a minimum of flair. Now there's no shortage of first-rate mobile browsers out there, but mobile browser war mainstay Dolphin has just released a new update that ...

Iceman mummy may hold earliest evidence of Lyme disease
CBS News
Scientists have recreated the face of "Oetzi," who is believed to have been slightly over 5-foot 2-inches tall and around 46 years old. (South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology) The 5300-year-old ice mummy dubbed Oetzi, discovered in the Eastern Alps about ...

Gioachino Rossini, rock star of opera, gets a Google Doodle
Los Angeles Times
Gioachino Rossini, honoree -- along with leap year -- of a Google Doodle today, had a couple of things in common with Justin Bieber: early musical talent, recognized by his parents, and early adoration. True, Rossini was apparently no drummer, ...

Los Angeles Times

The Mounting Minuses at Google+
Wall Street Journal
By AMIR EFRATI To hear Google Inc. Chief Executive Larry Page tell it, Google+ has become a robust competitor in the social networking space, with 90 million users registering since its June launch. But those numbers mask what's really going on at ...

T. Rex's bite was the most powerful the world has ever known
Last year, we learned that Tyrannosaurus rex was up to 30% bigger than we once thought. Now, new evidence suggests we may have vastly underestimated its jaw strength, as well. Recent computer models predict that the back teeth on an adult T. rex were ...

Yahoo Warns Facebook of a Potential Patent Fight
New York Times
By MICHAEL J. DE LA MERCED Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesYahoo's retro-style billboard was taken down in December after 12 years of greeting visitors to San Francisco. As Yahoo struggles to keep up with younger competitors, the Web portal company is ...

New York Times

Extinct Giant Penguin Reconstructed by Scientists
ABC News (blog)
It has been a painstaking process taking over 35 years but scientists have finally pieced together various fossils to create the fully formed skeleton of a giant penguin, which last walked the Earth some 26 million years ago. The penguin, named Kairuku ...

ABC News (blog)

DIY project lets you fling Angry Birds using a USB slingshot
We can't say we are surprised someone has developed this little gadget. In fact we are surprised it hasn't been done sooner than now. Simon Ford, who happens to be the Director of Tools from ARM, has created a USD slingshot to use when playing Angry ...

Forget 2012, 2040 May Be Armageddon
CBS Local
Source: AP MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Many people believe December 21, 2012 will be the end of the world. But scientists are instead looking to the year 2040 as a potential “Armageddon.” The reason is that an asteroid, AG5, may come close enough to earth in ...

CBS Local

Google Will Offer $1 Million In Rewards For Hacking Chrome In Contest
Updated below to clarify that Google's Pwnium contest will take place separately from the Zero Day Initiative's Pwn2Own competition. For the last three years, Google's Chrome browser has left the world's premiere hacking competition unscathed, ...

What would a Playboy Club look like in space?
Houston Chronicle (blog)
But what would a Playboy Club in outer space look like? According to LiveScience, Playboy has teamed up with artist Thomas Tenery, Virgin Galactic and several scientists to paint a picture for the March issue of Playboy. Straight out of science fiction ...

28 February 2012

In Today's Technology News: Android, Google Plus

Android's Success: By The Numbers
Google's Android boss bragged about the platform's incredible success: Think 300 million devices, with 750000 new devices activated daily. By Eric Zeman InformationWeek Google is proud of its mobile platform. Andy Rubin, SVP of mobile and digital ...

News flash: Life discovered in Google's "ghost town"
by Charles Cooper February 28, 2012 6:47 AM PST Follow @coopydoop New Comscore stats get pressed into service as Exhibit A to sound alarm over the future of Google's social network. I'm not buying it. For some reason - maybe it has to do with the ...

RPT-NEWSMAKER-Microsoft's next Steve: Windows boss faces biggest test
* Microsoft unveils Windows 8 test version Wednesday * Biggest test yet for Windows head Sinofsky * If successful, Sinofsky seen favorite to be next CEO By Bill Rigby SEATTLE, Feb 28 (Reuters) - For Steven Sinofsky, the stern but creative engineering ...

Panasonic introduces waterproof smartphones
By Edward C. Baig, USA TODAY Your smartphone would almost certainly be dead on arrival if you clumsily dropped it into a lake, swimming pool or the bathtub. That is unless you had the new Panasonic Eluga or Eluga Power smartphones on display in ...


Proview profiled as a near-dead company with 'IPAD' name as its only major asset
Apple Insider
By Sam Oliver Once a significant technology company with 18000 employees, Proview is now a nearly dead operation where officials are banking on cashing in on a trademark dispute with Apple over the "iPad" name. The trademark dispute between Apple and ...

Microsoft Dishes On Windows Phone 'Tango' And More
PC Magazine
Here at MWC, a Microsoft exec tells us which new features will be coming to Windows Phone—and whether we'll ever see more MS-powered phones on Verizon and Sprint. By Sascha Segan BARCELONA—Tango is not a thing. While Microsoft is plowing ahead on ...

Mozilla announces partnerships for its Gecko HTML5 phone
By Lawrence Latif SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Mozilla has announced its intention to build an open source smartphone operating system based on its Gecko web browser rendering engine. Mozilla announced partnerships with Telefonica and Deutsche Telekom to create ...

Verizon to sell Tab 7.7 Thursday for $500 over LTE
By Matt Hamblen Computerworld - Verizon Wireless Tuesday announced it will exclusively offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 starting Thursday, March 1, for $499.99 with a two-year agreement for the carrier's 4G LTE network. The Android 2.3-based tablet has ...

PlayStation Vita sales top 1.2 million worldwide
By Brett Molina, USA TODAY Sony says sales of its PlayStation Vita handheld have topped 1.2 million worldwide, buoyed by last week's launches in North America and Europe that "exceeded expectations." In a statement released Tuesday, Sony says combined ...


Dell: 'Now they see they HAVE to consider working with us'
By Chris Mellor • Get more from this author Dell is relying on its EMEA channel to take it into enterprise data centres as the big biz becomes a bigger and bigger focus for Round Rock. The 12G server launch, the integration of Force10 network products ...

Quantum computing IN OUR LIFETIME - IBM breakthrough
By Brid-Aine Parnell • Get more from this author IBM boffins reckon their research has catapulted quantum computing forward a few decades, making it possible within our lifetime. The scientists say that they've come up with a way to extend the amount ...

Google puts $1M on the line for Chrome exploit rewards
by Gregg Keizer, Computerworld Google on Monday withdrew as a sponsor of next month's Pwn2Own hacking contest, and will instead put as much as $1 million up for grabs if researchers can exploit Chrome. The company will run its own exploit challenge at ...

Yahoo turns patent troll, aims to shake down Facebook for fees in run up to IPO
The legal team at Yahoo reached out to Facebook yesterday, at the same time as they were briefing the New York Times, to give the social networking giant the heads up that it would be seeking licensing fees on ten to twenty patents, and suing if that ...

Yahoo, Facebook in intellectual property dispute
By John Ribeiro IDG News Service - Yahoo is threatening action unless Facebook licenses some of its technologies, as other web and technology companies are said to have done. The move by Yahoo puts it in conflict with Facebook with which the company ...

Twitter partners with Datasift to unlock tweet archive
BBC News
By Dave Lee Technology Reporter Companies are now able to search and analyse up to two years of Twitter updates for market research purposes. Firms can search tweets back to January 2010 in order to plan marketing campaigns, target influential users or ...

BBC News

Judge strips Twitter user of anonymity following violent threats ...
Read 'Judge strips Twitter user of anonymity following violent threats against a candidate' from our blog Technology News Blog on Yahoo! News. Anyone who's ...

Asteroids smacked constantly with microscopic high-speed impacts
The Japanese asteroid probe Hayabusa was sent to an asteroid called 25143 Itokawa years ago. It was recovered in June of 2010. The probe returned more than 1500 microscopic grains of dust that are currently being investigated to learn all that can be ...


Apple Sends Email Encouraging the Developer ID Program
The Mac Observer
Apple sent out an email to developers today encouraging them to get their Developer ID applications ready in preparation for the release of the Mountain Lion operating system later this year. The Developer ID program will be used with the Gatekeeper ...

The Mac Observer

FXI's Cotton Candy PC-on-a-stick goes up for pre-order, will come with Android ...
FXI Technologies' Cotton Candy PC-on-a-USB-stick has been put up for pre-order, with shipping expected sometime in March. It's priced at $199 and has a choice of two operating systems. It has only been a few months since we last looked at FXI ...


Sony boosts superzoom collection with DSC-HX200V, HX30V, HX20V, HX10V, H90 ...
By Zach Honig posted Feb 28th 2012 8:56AM Sony unleashed a small handful of cameras before this month's CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show, but its spring 2012 line was far from complete. Today's announcements round out the collection, however, ...

Intel to roll out new smartphones
Sydney Morning Herald
Further demonstrating its resolve to expand beyond the personal computer market, Intel has announced that three more new smartphones incorporating its microprocessors will be introduced in other countries this year. The smartphone makers are Orange, ...

Mercedes to Integrate Apple's Siri into New Cars
PCWorld (blog)
By Daniel Ionescu, PCWorld Feb 28, 2012 6:51 AM Mercedes will integrate Apple's Siri voice-assisted technology into future A-Class models of its cars. This will be done via a special app that will also translate an iPhone's screen onto the in-car ...

European mobile industry backs privacy guidelines for mobile apps
By Robert Jaques A GAGGLE of Europe's biggest mobile operators together with the GSMA trade association have come up with a set of global guidelines to improve mobile apps privacy. The Privacy Design Guidelines for Mobile Application Development have ...

Huawei, The Latest Android Player: Who Are These Guys?
PCWorld (blog)
By Jeff Bertolucci, PCWorld Feb 28, 2012 5:58 AM Huawei, a multinational telecommunications company based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, has been generating a lot of mobile buzz lately. At this week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Huawei launched ...

New Zealand: Kairuku, giant penguin, reconstructed from fossils
Scientists have reconstructed Kairuku, a 25 million-year-old giant penguin, using fossil remains found in New Zealand. The emperor penguin named "Happy Feet" stands in his container aboard NIWA's research vessel Tangaroa, in Wellington, New Zealand.

Melting Arctic link to cold, snowy UK winters
BBC News
By Richard Black Environment correspondent, BBC News The progressive shrinking of Arctic sea ice is bringing colder, snowier winters to the UK and other areas of Europe, North America and China, a study shows. As global temperatures have risen, ...

BBC News

As gas prices continue to climb, tips to save at the pump
Gant Daily
Washington, DC, United States (AHN) – Gas prices hit shockingly all-time highs for the month of February and the prices continue to be over $3.60 on average per gallon and the price climb doesn't seem to have any end in sight.

Australia's first 4G tablet goes on sale
Sydney Morning Herald
Telstra is has begun selling the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, Australia's first 4G tablet, which it says allows users to surf the mobile web up to five times faster than on other models. It comes as Australians flock to tablet devices, with analyst firm ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Mega-powerful camera phone, super-fast gadgets dazzle at mobile show
Mobile phone giant Nokia on Monday unveiled a phone with a powerful 41 Megapixel camera as it attempts to reposition itself back at the forefront of the mobile market. The phone is among a dazzling array of new gadgets unveiled so far at the Mobile ...

Will discovery of ancient coffin lead to the resting place of Jesus?
Daily Mail
By Daniel Miller Archaeologists exploring a 1st century Christian burial chamber have discovered an ancient inscription on a coffin lid which they believe confirms the site is the final resting place of Jesus. Using a remote-controlled camera connected ...

Daily Mail

EXCLUSIVE: Microsoft, others in Google+ complaint to EU - sources
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Microsoft and several other firms have complained to EU antitrust regulators about Google's social networking tool, two people familiar with the matter said, in a move that may prompt the EU to broaden its ongoing investigation ...


Huawei Releases Quad-core Smartphone With Its Own Processor
By Mikael Ricknäs, IDG News Huawei Ascend D Quad smartphoneHuawei Sunday launched its Ascend D Quad family of smartphones, which use an in-house developed quad-core processor. The Chinese network equipment companyis now trying to become a competitor in ...

Scientists see red on NASA cuts of Mars missions
The Associated Press
WASHINGTON (AP) — NASA said Monday it is not giving up on Mars, but it will have to get there later and at a lower price. President Barack Obama's budget announced this month canceled joint US-European robotic missions to Mars in 2016 and 2018.

27 February 2012

Opt-Out Provision Would Not Halt All Web Tracking

Opt-Out Provision Would Halt Some, but Not All, Web Tracking
New York Times
Last Thursday federal regulators, members of advertising trade groups and technology companies gathered in Washington to announce new initiatives to protect consumers' privacy online. But, as it turns out, privacy is in the eye of the beholder.

850000 Android phones activated daily, says Google
Network World
By Brad Reed, Network World Tech Andy Rubin, Google's senior vice president of mobile and digital content, posted on the official Google Mobility blog today that Android device activations now average around 850,000 each day. Additionally, Rubin said that there are more than 300 million Android devices active around the world and that there are now more than 450,000 applications available on the Android Market, roughly triple the applications that were available in February 2011....

The great big Mobile World Congress Note | FT Tech Hub ...
By Chris Nuttall
The blog includes a separate section on personal technology. ... Contact the FT Tech Hub team:richard.waters@ft.com, chris.nuttall@ft.com, april.dembosky@ft.com, maija.palmer@ft.com,robin.kwong@ft.com and tim.bradshaw@ft.com.
FT Tech Hub

Meet Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1
Washington Post
One gadget showcased almost everywhere at the Mobile World Congress has been Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1. The Verge reports takes a look at some of the new tablet's features: Software-wise, the Note 10.1 runs Android 4.0 with TouchWiz and a number of...

Imperva: Companies Should Secure Their Websites Before Worrying About DDoS ...
By Lucian Constantin, IDG News Organizations that look to protect themselves against attacks launched by the Anonymous hacktivist collective should make sure that their Web applications are secure before deploying anti-DDoS (distributed ...

Intel Unveils China, India Phone Ventures, Visa Pay Partnership
Wall Street Journal
By Shara Tibken Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--Intel Corp. (INTC) unveiled partnerships with handset makers in China and India, and said it is working with Visa Inc. (V) on securing mobile payments, continuing the chip maker's push in the ...

Microsoft Rolling Out Windows Phone to 23 More Countries
By Dina Bass (Updates with Skype app in eighth paragraph. For more on Mobile World Congress, see {SHOW }.) Feb. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Microsoft Corp. plans to bring its Windows Phone software to 23 new countries and put the operating system on less ...

Court Rejects Sales Ban Of Apple's iPhone, iPad In Germany
Wall Street Journal
By Harriet Torry FRANKFURT (Dow Jones)--A German court Monday said Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. (MMI) can't enforce a sales ban on Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) iPad and iPhone devices in Germany for the time being, while Motorola would be infringing ...

Verizon Wireless Still Largely 3G A Year After 4G LTE Debut
Wall Street Journal
By Greg Bensinger Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--More than a year Verizon Wireless debuted its mobile broadband network known as 4G LTE, just 5% of its customers have switched to the faster data network. The company heavily promotes the ...

How Nokia's 41-Megapixel Smartphone Works
PC Magazine
By Michael J. Miller The cameras in our phones have been getting better over time; 5-megapixel and now 8-megapixel cameras are commonplace in high-end phones today. Although I've seen some devices that were really cameras with phones built in (instead...

Intel's Mac-bound Ivy Bridge CPUs expected to go on sale 8-10 weeks late
Apple Insider
By Katie Marsal Intel's next-generation Ivy Bridge processors, sized at 22 nanometers and expected to appear in Apple's updated Mac lineup, will become available eight to 10 weeks later than originally planned, one company official has said.

Vodafone offers to co-build European fast networks
By Kate Holton | BARCELONA Feb 27 (Reuters) - Mobile operator Vodafone has offered to join forces with rival firms to share the 30 billion euro ($40 billion) bill to build out new superfast fibre networks in Europe, in a sign of the increasing demands ...

Facebook offers olive branch to mobile carriers
By Georgina Prodhan | BARCELONA Feb 27 (Reuters) - Facebook said it could team up with mobile operators on payments, in an offer that would give them back part of the revenue and influence they have lost in recent years to Apple and Google.

HTC One X phone gets quad-core CPU -- except in US
Los Angeles Times
By Nathan Olivarez-Giles Progress doesn't come without a price and in the case of the new HTC One X smartphone, the price of running on AT&T's 4G LTE network in the US will be a downgrade from a quad-core processor to a dual-core CPU.

Los Angeles Times

Phone that slides inside tablet shown by Taiwan's AsusTek at Barcelona ...
Washington Post
BARCELONA, Spain — It's a smartphone that slides inside a tablet for a bigger screen and more battery life. Slip the tablet into a keyboard, and it's a laptop that works as a phone. Taiwan's AsusTek Inc. will roll out its “PadFone” in April, ...

iPad 3 Speculation Picks Up as Best Buy, Other Retailers Cut Price of iPad 2
By Lucas Shaw at TheWrap Apple speculators and technology writers have found another piece of evidence that Apple will unveil its iPad 3 at a media event March 7 – the price of the iPad 2 just dropped. cut its price for the popular tablet by $50, ...

Yang Long-san, Apple's iPad dispute nemesis, dreams of comeback
The Guardian
Yang Long-san, Apple's nemesis in a battle over the iPad trademark in China, once strutted the expo halls with dreams of market dominance. His company, Proview, may now be in ruins and his most valuable asset a disputed trademark, but those dreams ...

The Guardian

Asian Carp Nets Sought by Michigan Rejected by U.S. High Court
San Francisco Chronicle
Feb. 27 (Bloomberg) -- The US Supreme Court turned away Michigan's efforts to make the US Army Corps of Engineers install nets in Chicago-area waterways to keep out Asian carp, a blow to the state's efforts to prevent what it calls an "ecological and ...

Android Activations Top 850K Each Day: Rubin
Google's Android OS is seeing 850000 device activations of smartphones and tablets each day, putting the platform on pace to crack the 1 million unit mark in April. Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) said it is seeing 850000 new Android handsets and tablets ...

Elpida Bankruptcy Comes After Failure to Follow Smartphone Money
By Naoko Fujimura and Jun Yang Feb. 28 (Bloomberg) -- The global consumer shift from computers to smartphones and tablets claimed its biggest victim as Elpida Memory Inc. filed for bankruptcy after a plunge in semiconductor prices and an inability to ...

Facebook's app move makes mobile phones a priority
Facebook has mounted a major bid to position itself at the heart of the mobile ecosystem, posing a potential threat to Apple and Google and underscoring the importance of mobile to the company's growth plans. By Katherine Rushton The social network, ...


W. Pa. wells had casing failures in complaint area
Wall Street Journal
AP PITTSBURGH — At least two gas wells near a community that's complained of sudden drinking water pollution had casing failures during the drilling process. A well casing is meant to prevent gas or other fluids from leaking into nearby aquifers.

Huawei claims first-ever quad-core 10-inch tablet
by Brian Bennett February 27, 2012 7:30 AM PST Follow @boliverbennett Not satisfied with claiming rights to the world's fastest smartphone, Huawei now says it has the first 10-inch quad-core tablet, too. Chinese electronics company Huawei just made ...

Get Ready For More Ads on Facebook
By Martha C. White | February 27, 2012 | + Facebook users may have one less thing to “like” about the social media powerhouse starting this week. A leaked copy of a presentation about a new marketing plan the company is said to be announcing this week ...


Scientists see red on NASA cuts of Mars missions
Salt Lake Tribune
By SETH BORENSTEIN and ALICIA CHANG AP For the past two decades, the US space agency has been practically obsessed with Mars. It has hardly missed an opportunity about every two years to fling robotic spacecraft at the red planet.

PopSci Talks To Neil deGrasse Tyson About Politics, New Frontiers, and Science ...
Popular Science
By Rebecca Boyle Posted 02.27.2012 at 1:45 pm 0 Comments 2012 marks the first year in three decades that the US is not launching its own publicly funded manned space vehicle, and it could also be China's year to shine, on Earth and in space.

Popular Science

Delivering RNA with tiny sponge-like spheres
Medical Xpress
A cluster of microsponges made of long strands of folded RNA, as seen by scanning electron microscopy. Image: Hammond laboratory For the past decade, scientists have been pursuing cancer treatments based on RNA interference — a phenomenon that offers a ...

Jupiter, Venus and the Moon dance in night sky; five planets viewable tonight
Washington Post (blog)
By Jason Samenow For the last two nights, Venus, Jupiter and the Moon have put on amazing show. Positioned close together, they have shined brilliantly, forming an unmistakeable triangle in the night sky, visible even amidst city pollution.

Analyst: Refinery stress fueling recent gas price climb
In this file photo, people fill up at the pump in December 2011 as gas prices dropped to $3.05 at the Speedway gas station on Washington Avenue. By STEPHEN KLOOSTERMAN A recent jump in prices at the pump won't be the end of the bad news for drivers, ...

FBI deactivates about 3000 GPS tracking devices, loses sight of your car
By Sean Buckley posted Feb 27th 2012 1:41PM Following a January ruling by the US Supreme Court, the FBI has deactivated some 3000 GPS units that were potentially infringing on the Fourth Amendment. The decision seems to be making waves in the US ...

Recovery bypasses Silicon Valley non-tech workers
The Associated Press
Meanwhile, information technology has made once-plentiful clerical and office positions obsolete. "The technologies that we invented here have actually eliminated entire classes of jobs," Hancock said. Without those jobs, the prospects for workers ...

The Associated Press

Good Technology and Nokia to Deliver Secure Enterprise Messaging on Lumia ...
Sacramento Bee
By Good Technology SUNNYVALE, Calif., Feb. 27, 2012 -- /PRNewswire/ -- Good Technology, the leading provider of secure, managed enterprise mobility for a range of mobile devices, today announced the use of the Good for Enterprise™ solution on Lumia ...

Feud over iPad highlights faded tech firm's woes
San Jose Mercury News
22, 2008 photo, women work on an assembly line at a factory of Proview Technology in Wuhan, in central China's Hubei province. The battle between the ailing Chinese electronics maker and Apple Inc. over the iPad name is just as much a tale of ...

Infosys selected technology partner for airtel money
Economic Times
MUMBAI: Country's second largest software exporter Infosys today said it has been selected as the technology partner for 'airtel money', the mobile wallet service of telecom operator Bharti Airtel. Under the partnership, Infosys will deploy its mobile ...

Ex-IAEA official: Iran using old nuke technology
Jerusalem Post
By STR New / Reuters VIENNA - Iran is still relying on old technology to expand its nuclear program, in what may be a sign it is having difficulties developing modern machines that could speed up production of potential bomb material.

Tech firms' varied approaches to safety audits
San Francisco Chronicle
Employees of Foxconn Technology Group work in a factory in Shenzhen, China, where conditions have been scrutinized. Apple's rivals aren't rushing to emulate the iPhone maker's decision to subject supplier factories to audits by a labor group.

Nokia PureView camera tech is a true gamechanger
That allows the PureView technology to use all the extra pixels – around eight per final pixel in a 5MP image – to grab extra detail and increase overall accuracy. Bizarrely, despite all that extra detail, Nokia's final images are surprisingly small.


Machine to Machine Technology Adoption Set to Explode by 2015, but Are We Ready?
MarketWatch (press release)
BARCELONA, Spain, Feb 27, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- AdaptiveMobile, the world leader in mobile security today reveals that machine to machine (M2M) technology is on the verge of widespread adoption, with 10% of UK residents already using it regularly and ...

Feud over iPad names highlights faded Chinese tech company's struggle to ...
Washington Post
SHANGHAI — The battle between an ailing Chinese electronics maker and Apple Inc. over the iPad name is just as much a tale of obsolescence in the fast-moving global technology industry as it is a legal row over a trademark. When businessman Rowell ...

Technology battle today is all about people: CapGemini CTO
Times of India
Andy Mulholland, the chief technology officer (CTO) of the Paris-headquartered IT services firm CapGemini, is a walking tech encyclopaedia of sorts. Andy Mulholland, the chief technologyofficer (CTO) of the Paris-headquartered IT services firm ...

New mBlox Technology Delivers Mobile Engagement at the Right Place, at the ...
MarketWatch (press release)
The new technology can also be set to automatically respond to consumer interaction, for example; it will add or remove a limited offer once the timeframe has expired or the stock has been exhausted. "Brands must learn to deliver content to fit with ...

Dolby Moves From Smartphone Audio Into Smartphone Camera Technology
Dolby's new HDR technology will allow you to take High Dynamic Range photos with a phone camera and save them to JPEG-HDR. By Ginny Mies, PCWorld Dolby is getting into the smartphone camera game with a new mobile imaging technology, announced today at ...

Technology in renewable energy pitched to Europe
BusinessWorld Online Edition
THE ENERGY department is inviting European countries to test the viability of renewable energytechnology in the country, a Cabinet official said yesterday. "The Philippines can be a venue to experiment with the technology and to prove its economic ...

Buffett--Adding IBM but more tech unlikely
Feb 27 (Reuters) - Berkshire Hathaway Inc has bought more shares in International Business Machines Corp during the first quarter but is unlikely to do much more investing in thetechnology sector, Warren Buffett told CNBC on Monday.

Oscars go to The Artist, German tech rewarded - The Local
Major German hopefuls including Wim Wenders left the Oscars empty-handed on Sunday night as the silent favourite “The Artist” cleaned up with five of the big prizes. But Frankfurt techies won the special effects prize.
The Local - Germany's news in English

5 Tips for taking your tech startup from big idea to business success ...
By Dave Blakey
Many of those at the forefront of today's tech landscape, including Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, got their starts moonlighting as network engineers or software salesmen, in order to build up a solid track record that financiers were able to trust. This approach to entrepreneurship can take time, but reduces the risk for the more .... Memeburn focuses on web and innovation technologies. It has a particular interest in startup news and technology trends in emerging markets. More about us here ...

Cognition, Technology & Work – incl. option to publish open access
Including how people use information technology, how experience and expertise develop through work, and how incidents and accidents are due to the ...

26 February 2012

Apple Riding High, but for How Long? Technology and creativity go "full spectrum" at TED conference

Apple Riding High, but for How Long?
New York Times
BARCELONA — When Ellie Turner decided she wanted an upgrade from her iPhone 3G, she expected to pay more for Apple's new iPhone 4S than for the other leading smartphones on the market. Instead, Ms. Turner, a public relations specialist in London, ... 

Technology and creativity go "full spectrum" at TED
Economic Times
SAN FRANCISCO: Technology, art and magic will mix in perspective-bending ways this week as the prestigious TED conference continues transforming from an elite retreat to a global movement for a better world. The gathering kicks off Monday in the ...
http://www.ted.com/ - Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world

Dear tech companies, enough of the corporate sweatshirts
by Chris Matyszczyk February 26, 2012 9:30 AM PST Many who work at techcompanies are the greatest critics of old-style corporate behavior. Yet, there they are wearing sweatshirts with their startup's name printed across their chests.

Tech M&A at Record as Stock Swings Deter IPOs: Israel Overnight
26 (Bloomberg) -- Technology companies from Israel, the second-biggest source of foreign listings on the Nasdaq Stock Market behind China, are shunning share sales in favor of mergers after volatility soared to a three-year high in 2011.

It's back to learning for teachers now
Times of India
As kids are being exposed to modern technology at a very young age, their attitude, behaviour and mental development has gone through a sea change. Experts feel that over the years the generation gap has come down from 18-20 years to 8-10 years.

China firm's iPad battle spreads to US
Khaleej Times
Last week, Proview Electronics Co Ltd and Proview Technology Co filed a lawsuit in Santa Clara County that brings their legal dispute to Silicon Valley. Some legal experts said there could be different outcomes from the US and Chinese cases, ...

Israel sign $1.6 billion arms deal with Azerbaijan bringing sophisticated ...
Times of India
JERUSALEM: Israeli defence officials on Sunday confirmed $1.6 billion in deals to sell drones as well as anti-aircraft and missile defence systems to Azerbaijan, bringing sophisticated Israeli technology to the doorstep of archenemy Iran.

Goalline technology debate rages as Sulley Muntari denied goal
Daily Mail
By Sportsmail Reporter The debate over goalline technology has once again taken centre stage after Saturday's top of the table clash in Italy bore witness to one of the most controversial decisions in recent European football history.

Daily Mail

Bombing Iran Would Be Idiotic -- It Won't Work And It Would Only Make Them ...
Business Insider
It is acquiring the technology it needs for a weapon. Deep underground, at Fordow, near the holy city of Qom, it is fitting out a uranium-enrichment plant that many say is invulnerable to aerial attack. Iran does not yet seem to have chosen actually to ...

Korean tech firms hope to prevail at Barcelona fair
The Korea Herald
The glassy rectangles of Optimus L3, L5 and L7 have embraced the new look named “L-Style,” which consists of LG's signature Floating Mass Technology, seamless layout and leather-texture back. “We will strengthen our presence in the global smartphone ...

5 More Tech Stocks That Are Making Me Rich
But it was tech stocks that led the way. Apple added more than 4 points to my scorecard, and that's despite a high-profile trademark lawsuit that began in China and has now landed in a California courtroom. Bankrupt computer maker Proview claims Apple ...

Tech Spotlight: DSMbride
Every week, the Register will shine a spotlight on the state's growing tech industry. Contact us at business@dmreg.com to let us know of startups, applications or experts we should feature. WHAT IT IS: DSMbride.com is an online resource for couples ...

Amazing Water-Repellant Tech Keeps Your Gadgets Dry
Several different companies are showing off their water-repelling technology at the ShowStoppers event, and though we've seen similar tech in the past, it's always cool to see an iPhone submerged under water or drops of liquid literally running away ...

Catch Makes It Easier to Capture and Share Ideas by Harnessing the Latest ...
MarketWatch (press release)
"Catch started developing on the Android(TM) platform 3 years ago because of the elegance and power of its technology. We can iterate quickly and take advantage of fast-paced innovation across both smartphones and tablets made possible by the rich ...

Tech start-ups opting for NYC over Silicon Valley
By Leslie Gersing, CNBC.com The West Coast's Silicon Valley may be known as the birth-place of the American high-tech economy, but the East Coast is quickly becoming a hub for more and more would-be tech titans. The New York City skyline is starting to ...


Big silver lining: Dist. 87 tech director helps bring cloud computing to class
Bloomington Pantagraph
Each school that joins IlliniCloud can potentially reduce its spending on information technology by 30 to 50 percent, Peterson estimates. Already, 200 school districts in the state use the service. “Bloomington's (District 87) efforts allow other ...

It's not me, it's you. Study: We're getting less friendly on Facebook
The Durango Herald
By BARBARA ORTUTAY AP Technology Writer CHICAGO – Whether it's pruning friends lists, removing unwanted comments or restricting access to their profiles, Americans are getting more privacy-savvy on social networks, a new report found.

TECH TIME: Samsung Captivate Glide targets fans of physical keyboard WITH VIDEO
Dearborn Press and Guide
By MATT MYFTIU It seems like every phone that comes out nowadays is a huge slab with only one option for text input – a touchscreen. But there remains a segment of the phone-buying public that doesn't like this – those who haven't caught touchscreen ...

Technology and creativity go "full spectrum" at TED
SAN FRANCISCO — Technology, art and magic will mix in perspective-bending ways this week as the prestigious TED conference continues transforming from an elite retreat to a global movement for a better world. The gathering kicks off Monday in the ...


Jargon-busting mobile industry's buzzwords
CNN International
By Barry Neild, CNN (CNN) -- Mobile devices may have placed an amazing array oftechnology in the palms of our hands, but they've also given us a bamboozling array of buzzwords and acronyms. To help avoid confusion as the cell phone industry meets for...

NVIDIA gets big names to embrace DirectTouch tech in Tegra 3 ...
By Terrence O'Brien
N-trig DuoSense patented technology provides a pen and multi-touch user interface in a single device enabling true productivity in a mobile computing environment. The combination of multi-touch input and an intuitive, easy-to-use pen ...

The Oil Drum | Tech Talk - future natural gas production from ...
By Heading Out
Tech Talk - future natural gas production from Western Siberia. Posted by Heading Out on February 26, 2012 - 9:03am. Topic: Supply/Production Tags: bovanenkovo, gazprom, germany, natural gas production, nord stream, united kingdom, ...
The Oil Drum - Discussions about...

The best tech writing of the week, February 26th | The Verge
By Thomas Houston
Why not take a break from the fire hose of Twitter and RSS and check out our weekly roundup of essential writing from around the web about technology, culture, media, and the future? Sure, it's one more thing you can feel guilty about sitting ...
The Verge - All Posts

Apple as the new GM or IBM - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Tech
By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
The S&P 500 technology sector is up 9.81% since October 2007, but without Apple it is actually down 4.1%. Silverblatt's point ... Every morning, discover the companies, deals and trends in tech that are moving markets and making headlines.
Fortune Tech: Technology blogs,...

The Tech Guy 851 | TWiT.TV
By Anelf3
this WEEK in TECH · The Tech Guy · MacBreak Weekly · Windows Weekly · Security Now · This Week in Google · iPad Today · Tech News Today · Weekly Daily Giz Wiz · TWiT Photo · Triangulation · All About Android · View all shows ...

My Biased Coin: Technology Diffusion (Guest Post from Zhenming Liu)
By Michael Mitzenmacher
There has been lots of work in this area in the networking literature; while networking researchers and practitioners usually know what technology they want to deploy in the network (e.g. Secure BGP, QoS, IPv6, etc.), they often don't know how ...
My Biased Coin

Commodities Were So 2011: This Year It's Tech's Turn to Pop ...
By DoctoRx
Large IPOs often mark tops within sectors and within stock markets as a whole. In June 2007, shortly after the S had begun to hit the fan in the financial stocks, the Blackstone Group (BX) was able to get a multi-billion dollar IPO in. About a year ...
The Daily Capitalist

In Flex We Trust » Tech Talk News: Samsung Announces Galaxy ...
By YungJB
Tech Talk News: Samsung Announces Galaxy Note 10.1 And Projector Smartphone. 02.26.12 | No Comments. samsung-galaxy-tab-2-tablet-0 (1). The vast event that is Mobile World Congress is just shifting into first gear. Although the show ...
In Flex We Trust

Top 10 Tech This Week [PICS]
10 Valentine's Day Cards for Your Special Tech Geek ... The specs keep your shot still with gyroscopic image stabilization tech, and your images will stay ..... online news site dedicated to covering digital culture, social media and technology.

Technology News - Technology Blog - Business News - IBD ...
Read the latest technology news and headlines. Featuring ... Tech Exec Q&A ...02/23/2012 05:23 PM ET - Business investments in information technology are a ...

TR50 2012 - Technology Review
Why: Its technology makes it easier for users to sync and share files on smart ..... is reinventing health insurance as an exercise in information technology.

Samsung Galaxy Beam projector phone launches - Telegraph
The Beam is the first mainstream phone to directly incorporate projector technology, which has become increasingly common on top-of-the range compact digital ...

Probe of helicopter crash to look at tech to prevent collisions ...
Investigators are likely to consider whether advanced tech should be used to prevent ...

ad-tech | THE Digital Marketing Event
ad:tech San Francisco ... From industry leaders to ad tech startups ... Guy Kawasaki: Co-Founder, Alltop and Founding Partner: Garage Technology Ventures ...

BBC News - Acta: EU court to rule on anti-piracy agreement
By Dave Lee Technology Reporter. Protester at Acta protest in central London Protesters assembled across Europe in opposition to the agreement. Continue ...

Tech start-ups opting for NYC over Silicon Valley – USATODAY.
The New York City skyline is starting to look more attractive to tech start-up companies.

Tech Giants Agree to Deal on Privacy Policies for Apps
"We have populations without knowledge of [mobile technology's] potential uses who are potentially vulnerable," she said; "We seek to give them tools to ...

Add Techmeme Tech Events to your Calendar
Techmeme recently added an events section to their website – see techmeme.com/#events – that lists upcoming (and newsworthy) events focused on thetech ...

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