30 September 2014

Facebook Atlas Ad Platform, Cross-Device Targeting, Offline Sales Tracking

Facebook Relaunches Atlas Ad Platform With Cross-Device Targeting And Offline Sales Tracking | TechCrunch: "As Advertising Week kicks off in New York City, Facebook is announcing a new version of its Atlas ad platform, which it says represents the next step in tracking ad effectiveness across devices. The company first acquired Atlas from Microsoft last year, but in recent weeks both The Information and The Wall Street Journal reported that an ambitious relaunch was in the works, with the aim of helping Facebook challenge Google. In a company blog post, Facebook says that Atlas not only offers a new user interface, but has actually been completely rewritten...."

Slate Magazine

With New Ad Platform, Facebook Opens Gates to Its Vault of User Data
New York Times
SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook built itself into the No. ... Many other Internet companies, from Google and Yahoo to little-known data brokers, collect ...

FireChat – the messaging app that’s powering the Hong Kong protests | World news | The Guardian"... FireChat has already been used in protests in Taiwan, Iran and Iraq, but never on the scale being seen in Hong Kong. After Wong urged his movement to use it, FireChat got more than 100,000 new sign-ups in Hong Kong in under 24 hours; it has registered 800,000 chat sessions since. If the Communist party isn’t quite reeling, its opponents’ lives have at least got a little easier. Of course, users would do well to take care: there is nothing to stop the authorities hopping on to the network as well. Benoliel recommends people avoid real names; this is, he says, for information-sharing, not for secrets. Still, in a sense, that is exactly the point. “Our mission has always been freedom of speech, to help information to spread. So this is perfect.”"

New York Times

EU Inquiry Into Tax Deals for Multinationals Like Apple Pushes Ahead
New York Times
The offices of Apple Operations International, a subsidiary in Hollyhill, Cork, ... Apple has said it met with the Irish government to discuss taxes and ...
The European Commission Is Not About To Fine Apple; Nor Even To Accuse The Company Of ... - Forbes
EU to Publish Details of Tax Deals Benefiting Apple, Fiat on Tuesday - Wall Street Journal
Apple faces billions in fines in tax avoidance probe - CNET

BBC News - EU to decry Apple's Irish tax deal: "The European Commission will set out its case on Tuesday against Apple's tax arrangements in Ireland. The report is part of a broader EU investigation into tax policies in Ireland, Netherlands and Luxembourg. The Commission is examining whether these countries have unfairly favoured multinational companies including Apple, Fiat and Starbucks. The EU will make its case that Apple's tax arrangements with Dublin amount to illegal state aid...."

New York Times

Literary Lions Unite in Protest Over Amazon's E-Book Tactics
New York Times
Technology |​​NYT Now ... During the summer, they banded together and publicly protested Amazon's actions. ... They want the Justice Department to investigate Amazon for illegal .... In 2010, it sent a letter to the Justice Department outlining a possible antitrust case against Apple and five major ...

Modern Readers

Why Amazon's Fire phone failed
 ... huge smartphone market long dominated by rivals like Apple, Google and Samsung.

The Guardian

What is the 'Google tax'?
The Guardian
The chancellor, George Osborne, wants to crack down on technology firms ... of US technology companies, including Apple, Micorsoft and Facebook, use a ... Google, which denied the accusations at the time, was unavailable to ...

New York Times

A Glum Sign for Apple in China, as Smuggled iPhones Go Begging
New York Times
Apple's latest iPhones, hidden in a box of tea and seized by Chinese ... as local companies like Xiaomi and Meizu Technology rival Apple in terms of ...


Research Reveals Danger Of Texting While Driving With Google Glass
Head-up displays like Google Glass were supposed to make it safer for drivers to multitask. Instead of reaching for a phone to send or receive a text, ...

Apple Retina iMacs Could Be Coming Next Month, Cementing Our
Darrell Etherington
Apple could finally be readying the launch of new Retina iMacs alongside OS X Yosemite this fall, according to a new report from 9to5Mac. Were the ...

There Will Finally Be a "Yahoo For Men"
Sam Biddle on Valleywag, shared by Lacey Donohue to Gawker
What's a man to do? This former Yahoo! exec is going to fill the void. ... Facebook's Head of News Reveals Secret to Successful Content ...

'Minecraft 2' Runs On—What Else—Microsoft Excel
AndrĂ¡s Neltz
It's a platform exclusive, yes, but in return, the game features greatly improved navigation, simplified crafting, and the one thing that's been missing ...

Google Is Planning Ads That Will Take Over The Entire Screen...
Lara O'Reilly
Will Google's new full-screen mobile screen ads turn users off? ... Last month Apple, ahead of unveiling its two new bigger models of the iPhone ... SEE ALSO: Here Comes Atlas, Facebook's Plan To Tackle Google With Its Own Ad .... Microsoft Is Likely To Reveal The Next Version Of Windows Tomorrow.

Marines put Microsoft Kinect to work, but not for gaming
Andy Patrizio
Video game technology is used to create realistic 3D battle space maps for the ...

Google launching new ad-display formats designed for a 'multi-screen'
Jerry Hildenbrand
Google is redesigning the way we'll see ads on our devices, making things easier for developers to deliver ads that are both relevant and look good.

Google Divulges Android Auto Info, Developers Restricted to Prebuilt Interfaces
We have not heard much about Android Auto, Google's first big foray into in-vehicle ... In the interest of safety,Google is working on Auto with the National ... Have you compared a Samsung, LG, or Amazon device to a Nexus? ... Think about Ford…they have Sync through Microsoft and last time I read ...

Google Play App Roundup: Weather Timeline, Anomaly Defenders, and Cardinal Quest 2
Ryan Whitwam
Surely everyone starts off the week wondering that same thing, and that's why the Google Play App Roundup exists. Just click the link to head right to ...

Adobe joins the Chromebook party, starting with Photoshop
[Cross-posted on the Google for Education blog] ... It's always up-to-date and fully integrated with Google Drive, so there's no need to download and ...

Inside Apple's To-Do List
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted 342 patents to Apple (AAPL) so far this year. Many are basic: for touch controls, voice interaction, ...

POLITICO.com:The WSJ takes a look at the phone number database whose contract may soon be awarded to Telcordia Technologies. The database, which often gives law enforcement officials access to information on who owns what phone number, has been run by Neustar for almost two decades. More:http://on.wsj.com/1rDWyKr

Join us tomorrow for Microsoft's Windows 9 event
The Verge
We're less than 24 hours away from Microsoft's special Windows event. After a mixed reception to Windows 8, Microsoft has invited members of the ...

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29 September 2014

Shellshock Bug, Apple Glitches, BlackBerry Passport (videos)

How Concerned Should We Be About Shellshock Bug?: Video - Bloomberg:
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 Trend Micro Chief Cybersecurity Officer Tom Kellermann and FireEye's Darien Kindlund discuss the threat from the "Shellshock" computer security flaw. They speak with Olivia Sterns on “Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg Sept 26)

Apple iPhone 6 Glitches Magnified by Extra Scrutiny: Cohan : Video - Bloomberg:
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Bloomberg Contributing Editor Bill Cohan examines Apple’s problems with the roll out of the iPhone 6 and iOS 8. He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

BlackBerry Passport: Can It Save the Company From the Brink?: Video - Bloomberg:
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 Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky discusses BlackBerry's turnaround with Olivia Sterns on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg  Sept 26)

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28 September 2014

Sunday Focus: YAHOO! Play OR Be Played?

New York Times
Yahoo Faces Moment of Decision, Again
New York Times
And some start-ups have looked warily at selling out to Ms. Mayer, seeing more prestige in choosing Google or Facebook or in going public....

Wall Street Journal

Starboard Pushes for Potential Yahoo-AOL Tie-Up
Wall Street Journal
Activist investor Starboard is pushing Yahoo and CEO Marissa Mayer to ... Analysts have said a Yahoo-AOL merger could create a strong competitor ...
Yahoo, AOL Pushed Toward Merger By Fed Up Activist Investor - Forbes

Activist Shareholders Go After Yahoo, Tell Marissa Mayer To Buy AOL - Business Insider: "... This time its Jeffrey Smith of Starboard. He doesn't want Mayer to resign. He wants her to… Sell Yahoo's stakes Alibaba and Yahoo Japan. Cut costs by $250 million to $500 million per year. Quit buying startups that don't add to revenues. Combine with AOL..."

Yahoo to Close Education, Qwiki and Directory Next Quarter: "Yahoo today announced it is closing three more products: Yahoo Education, Qwiki, and Directory. The company says the decision is part of a broader strategy to focus on its more successful projects. Yahoo Education will close down on September 30. The site is designed to connect users with education providers and content, but the company has concluded that education is an area outside of its core offerings “where users’ needs are already well served by alternative online resources.”..."

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27 September 2014

Shell Shock, Bash, Linux, Mac OS X

A software bug discovered in the practically ubiquitous computer program known as “Bash” makes hundreds of millions of computers susceptible to hijacking--

This is how the “Shell Shock” bug imperils the whole internet - Quartz: "The bug, which has been labeled “Shell Shock” by security experts, affects computers running Unix-based operating systems like Mac OS X and Linux. That means most of the internet: according to a September survey conducted by Netcraft, a British internet services company, just 13% of the busiest one million websites use Microsoft web servers. Almost everyone else likely serves their website via a Unix operating system that probably uses Bash."


'Vast majority' of Mac users safe from Shellshock Bash bug, Apple says
Apple says users of its OS X operating system are "safe by default" from the new security vulnerability, which has been described as bigger than ...


Apple's HealthKit Finally Arrives, After Bugs, Botches, And Boatloads Of Apple Hype
HealthKit is Apple's new software platform for collecting data from various health and fitness apps, and then making that data easily available to Apple ...

Fox Business

Apple Joins Rush To Fix Shellshock Bug Infecting The Internet
Huffington Post
Apple and other tech companies are hustling to address the Shellshock bug. ... Googlesaid it has fixed its code to avoid the bug, while Amazon told ...

iPhone 6 lesson: The next big thing in hardware will have to wait | ZDNet" Samsung vs. Apple vs. Nokia, HTC and Motorola. Who cares? All the hardware looks alike. The smartphone battle is won with ecosystems, cloud and sheer marketing."

AWS' reboot highlights how cloud needs patching best practices | ZDNet: "It's likely that large cloud computing players will have to adopt a security patching cadence similar to the one used by the software industry. In the future, the cloud will have its version of Patch Tuesday."

Slack Buys a Collaboration Tool in First Acquisition - Digits - WSJ"Workplace collaboration startup Slack has made its first acquisition as it prepares to compete more directly with software giants like Google and Microsoft. The company has acquired Spaces, a two-person, bootstrapped team led by serial entrepreneur Simon Vallee, Slack co-founder Stewart Butterfield said in an interview. Terms of the deal, which was done all in stock, were not disclosed."

Russia Asks Facebook, Google, Twitter to Comply With Law on Data Storage | News | The Moscow Times"If Google, Facebook or Twitter "do not obey with the demands of the Russian law, they will be subjected to administrative sanctions," Ksenzov told Izvestia. "Those three resources must make a decision about placing their data centers in Russia, and about the law on bloggers." The so-called bloggers' law, part of the same legislative package, requires bloggers whose pages receive more than 3,000 visitors per day to register as mass media and comply with a strict set of requirements — similarly to Russia's newspapers or television stations, but without any of the professional media's rights."

Samsung has more employees than Google, Apple, and Microsoft combined | Ars Technica: "At 275,000 employees, Samsung (just Samsung Electronics) is the size of five Googles! This explains Samsung's machine-gun-style device output; the company has released around 46 smartphones and 27 tablets just in 2014...."

Patent trolls are starting to get trampled | ZDNet"The Open Invention Network now has over a thousand licensees and the court cases are starting to go against the patent trolls."

Google, Microsoft Expose Brazil's Favelas - WSJ: "... frustrated residents began mapping the communities themselves, hoping to pressure authorities into providing more public services. Now those efforts are getting a boost from two of the world's biggest technology companies. Google and Microsoft have started mapping efforts in recent months in several Rio favelas. Relying largely on community groups, the companies plan to map everything from twisting, narrow alleyways to hole-in-the-wall laundromats. "The power of putting [favelas] on a map and giving them an online presence is really important to opening them up and getting them integrated into the city," says Esteban Walther, Google's director of marketing for Latin America. It's also potentially lucrative. And some local groups complain that the technology companies are piggybacking on their efforts, tapping their databases of local businesses in the hope of turning a profit. What's clear is that Brazil's favelas, once known mainly for crime and disorder, have come to represent economic opportunity...."

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26 September 2014

Bad Software, Bending iPhones, Apple #FAIL (videos)

iPhone Problems Risk Making Apple Like Microsoft--Milo Yiannopoulos, author of “The Sociopaths of Silicon Valley,” discusses Apple’s crisis management as it pertains to bad software updates and bending iPhones. He speaks with Guy Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg--Sept 25)

Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky discusses both software and hardware snafus with Apple’s new products. He speaks with Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg Television's “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg--Sept 25)

iPhone 6 bends less than 6 Plus but Moto X is most resilient, test shows | Technology | theguardian.com"Users need not worry about the iPhone 6 bending in their pockets quite like the larger iPhone 6 Plus, but other competitors’ products are hardier"


Amazon Begins Contacting Developers For Secret Smart Home Projects
Amazon.com founder and CEO Jeff Bezos presents the company's first ... “Amazon is looking at this space very intently,” said the person who wished to ... with fellow technology giants Apple Apple and Google Google in the smart ...


Two Apple screw-up stories in one day: Bendgate and Updategate
“I cannot believe that this 'bent iPhone 6 Plus' thing is becoming a thing,” wrote Daring Fireball's John Gruber, a veteran Apple watcher who can ...
Apple Pulls iOS Software Update - Wall Street Journal
Apple pulls iOS 8 update as dropped calls add to app crashes, bending phones - Kansas City Star
Apple offers fix to reverse glitchy iOS 8.0.1 update for iPhones - The Post-Standard - syracuse.com

Apple Insiders Sold $143M in Stock Through Plans
As speculation about the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch raged and through the actual Sept. 19 launch of the device,Apple insiders were reducing ...


Apple stock dinged $23B since iPhone 6
Plagued with allegations of hardware that's a little too bendy for its newest iPhone and a problematic software update, shares of Apple (AAPL) are ...

The Guardian

Facebook set to become latest tech giant to abandon rightwing lobby group Alec
The Guardian
Google's chairman Eric Schmidt said this week the company could no ... In AugustMicrosoft severed its ties, saying Alec's stance on climate change ... limit our engagement to their Communications and Technology Task Force.” ... Terrell, representing Yahoo, Facebook and eBay as well as Google, told ...

Economic Times

#Bendgate: LG, BlackBerry Poke Fun at Apple's iPhone 6 Problem
Apple has been hit by #Bendgate and other companies are trying to cash in. The Internet brouhaha started when users began posting photos of their ...

Apple explains how to fix its busted iOS 8 update, new one coming soon
Mat Smith
Apple's released a statement saying that users who have lost carrier service or Touch ID functionality should reinstall the initial version of iOS 8, until ...

Apple says some bent iPhone 6/Plus phones will be replaced under warranty
Ben Lovejoy
An Apple support representative has told TNW that iPhone 6/Plus phones ... Apple was not able to provide any information on what the test involves, ... Facebook photo .... Probably Samsung, Google, LG and HTC combined. ... Amazon Student Day: Fire TV $65, free $10 Amazon App Store credit, more ...

Errata Security: Bash bug as big as Heartbleed: "Today's bash bug is as big a deal as Heartbleed. That's for many reasons. The first reason is that the bug interacts with other software in unexpected ways... "

furbo.org · In-App Browsers Considered Harmful"There is always a tradeoff between usability and security. Doing the OAuth token exchange with an in-app browser makes it easier for a user to login, but they’ll have no idea if their personal information was captured. That is why Twitterrific did its token exchange in Safari, even though it’s a more complex user interaction and a more difficult technical implementation. As a user, I know that there’s no way for my login to be compromised when the transaction involves Safari."

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25 September 2014

Why Apple Pulled the Latest Version of iOS for iPhone (video)

Bloomberg View Columnist Barry Ritholtz and Bloomberg's Cory Johnson, Tim Higgins and Alex Barinka discuss Apple pulling an update for the iPhone operating system after the new software caused some people to lose cellular service. They speak with Trish Regan on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg--Sept24)

Apple Pulls iOS 8.0.1 Update After Bug Knocks Out Cell Service And Touch ID On iPhone 6 Models | TechCrunch"Apple has pulled the iOS 8.0.1 update from availability, a fix is likely incoming. For now, it appears to only affect iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users. An Apple spokesperson provided us with the following statement: “We have received reports of an issue with the iOS 8.0.1 update. We are actively investigating these reports and will provide information as quickly as we can. In the meantime we have pulled back the iOS 8.0.1 update.”"

Zee News

Flash Forward: Cheap Memory Allows Apple To Keep Margins High While Improving The iPhone
From the introduction of the iPhone 4s through the 6, Apple's phones have come ... which serves as a reminder of the march of technology's progress.
The $84.50 Reason Apple Wants You to Buy That Big iPhone - Businessweek

Wall Street Journal

Websites Are Wary of Facebook Tracking Software
Wall Street Journal
As Facebook tracks user activity across the internet, some businesses are ... says Vivek Vaidya, co-founder and chief technology officer at Krux Digital Inc., .... Cutters With $39-a-Month Deal for Broadband, Amazon Prime and HBO ... Google has to infer users' interests from Web browsing, which can be ...

Wall Street Journal

Apple Pulls iOS Software Update
Wall Street Journal
A customer holds an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at the Apple store on Fifth ... Apple had released the first update of its new iOS 8 operating system ...
Apple Releases iOS 8.0.1 With Fixes for HealthKit, Keyboards, and More - MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - Front Page
Apple releases iOS 8.0.1 with fixes, but many users reporting it breaks Cellular + Touch ID - 9to5Mac

Wall Street Journal

Apple's New iPhone Pitch: Privacy
Wall Street Journal
CEO Tim Cook says Apple won't have access to data from its new Apple Pay .... Googleand Facebook declined to comment on Mr. Cook's comments.

New York Times

Exposing Hidden Biases at Google to Improve Diversity
New York Times
Technology |​​NYT Now ... Google has devoted significant resources to improving worker diversity. ... Over all, seven out of 10 people who work at Google are male. ... the industry, with Facebook, Apple, Yahoo and several other tech giants issuing similarly dismal numbers about their work forces.

Wall Street Journal

Google Must Improve Search Settlement or Face Charges, EU's Almunia Says
Wall Street Journal
Ms. Vestager's position on the EU's Google probe remains unclear. ... and there are more problems with Google than there were with Microsoft," Mr.

Wall Street Journal

In Germany, Amazon Keeps Unions at Bay
Wall Street Journal
A worker at an Amazon warehouse in Brieselang, Germany. ..... from some workers, who last year created a Facebook group called Pro Amazon.


Facebook to cut ties with conservative policy group
On Monday, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt told a radio show that the ... In August,Microsoft ended its membership with the organization, but did not ...

Reuters UK

The Problem With Google's Potential $6 Billion European Union Fine
The long running investigations by the European Union into Google Google ... My latest book is “20 Economics Fallacies” At Amazon or Amazon UK.

Spoof Apple site touts bendable iPhone 6 as a plus
Lance Whitney
Log In to CNET; Sign In with Facebook Google Yahoo; Join CNET; Member Benefits ... Apple's iPhone 6 "bend-gate" issue gets its own spoof page. ... for CNET, Computer Shopper, Microsoft TechNet, and other technologysites.

Amazon tests smart home gadgets, expands hardware lab | Reuters: "... The Lab126 division, which developed Amazon's Kindle and other consumer electronics devices, plans to boost its full-time payroll to at least 3,757 people by 2019, according to the agreement reached with California in June that would give Amazon $1.2 million in tax breaks...."

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24 September 2014

SpaceX Launches First 3-D Printer to ISS (video)

Space Exploration Technologies Corp., the rocket maker led by Elon Musk, launched an unmanned cargo mission on Sunday from Cape Canaveral, Florida containing the first 3-D printer destined for the International Space Station. Here is raw footage of the liftoff with narration from NASA TV. (Bloomberg 9/22/2014)

New York Times

Months After Buying Beats, Apple's Plans for Its Music Service Remain Unclear
New York Times
On Monday, an online report by the technology news site TechCrunch claimed that Applewould “shut down” Beats' streaming service, Beats Music, ...

Wall Street Journal

Google Must Improve Search Settlement or Face Charges, EU's Almunia Says
Wall Street Journal
Ms. Vestager's position on the Google investigation remains unclear. But in an interview with The Wall Street Journal Tuesday, Ms. Vestager stressed ...

Wall Street Journal

Alibaba Deal Pummels Yahoo Stock
Wall Street Journal
Yahoo shares have plunged 8.2% in the two trading days since Alibaba ... Yahoo shares had surged 27% from mid-June through Thursday's close, ... Still, Yahoo continues to lose advertising revenue to Google Inc. GOOGL ... in Yahoo shares rose to its highest on Friday since May 2008, when Microsoft ...


Why The Apple TV HomeKit Update Makes An Apple Television More Likely
With all the hoo-ha surrounding the launch of Apple Apple's new iPhones and ... As reported by Forbes, Apple also apparently rolled out last week an ... For years now attechnology shows around the world TV brands have been ...

Economic Times

Wall Street thinks Yahoo is worth less than nothing
CBS News
In the shadow of that news is Yahoo (YHOO), the old-time Internet "portal," which held a bundle ... Say Google (GOOG) and you think search. Apple (AAPL) is consumer electronics. Facebook (FB)? Social networking. Even often dismissed Microsoft (MSFT) has been financially successful with operating ...

PC Advisor

Apple's Watch marks its transformation into a fashion brand
The Verge
Apple's big event this month relegated the company's best known and best selling ... The thing is, the Apple Watch isn't even all that special. ... and explain a piece of newtechnology is as essential to its commercial success as .... Sep 10 Between Google andApple, the smartwatch wars are over before ...

After eight years with Facebook's News Feed, there's no such thing as 'TMI'
Washington Post
When Facebook introduced its News Feed in 2006, users quite literally .... When you Google something, an algorithm surfaces some results and ...

TechCrunch (blog)

Google X Founder Sebastian Thrun Has Left His Role As Google VP And Fellow
TechCrunch (blog)
Sebastian Thrun has left the building — the Google X building, that is. ... and robotics that have paved the way for autonomous driving technology.

How Facebook Can Predict Your Politics, Your Love Life, And Even Your Sister's Name
Oh sure — the reality TV stars inhabit a different universe than most Americans. But their names aren't as unusual as you might think. If you have a ...

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23 September 2014

Alibaba After $25 Billion IPO, iPhone 6 Sales (videos)

iPhone 6 Sales Top 10M: How to Read the First Weekend -
JMP Securities Senior Analyst Alex Gauna discusses iPhone 6 sales on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg--Sept 22)

Alibaba IPO: What's Next After $25 Billion? -
Wedbush Securities Technology Analyst Gil Luria wieghs in on the Alibaba IPO. He speaks on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg Sept 22)


3 Reasons Why Healthcare Will Favor Google Over Apple
Hardware: The line here has blurred considerably since Apple first ... with some fairly impressive specs (and 4.3 stars out of 5) on Amazon for $148.

Wall Street Journal

Weekend iPhone Sales Exceed 10 Million
Wall Street Journal
Andreas Gibson celebrates with employees outside the Fifth Avenue Apple store in New York after being the first to exit there with an iPhone 6 on ...
Apple Sells 10 Million New iPhones in First Weekend - New York Times
Apple sells 10M iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices in first weekend - CNET

PC Advisor

How The Apple Watch Could Change The World Of Local SEO
Apple Apple recently unveiled the up-and-coming sixth generation of its iPhone, ... Wearable technology, like SmartWatches and Google Glass, have ...


Alibaba vs. Amazon: Who Will Win the Global E-Commerce War?
This article is by Mohanbir Sawhney, professor, and Sanjay Khosla, senior fellow, at Kellogg School of Management. They are the authors of Fewer, ...


Is Facebook one of the best US companies?
As the world's largest social network, Facebook (FB) has arguably been the ... As the forerunner, Facebook has handled this pressure expertly. ... Taking a page from Google's enviable corporate culture playbook, Facebook makes ...

New York Times

China Clamps Down on Web, Pinching Companies Like Google
New York Times
American giants like Twitter and Facebook have long been censored by ... Even as Googleand other big technology companies have lobbied heavily for an ... In late July, antimonopoly investigators raided Microsoft offices in four ...

Wall Street Journal

German Amazon Workers on Strike
Wall Street Journal
Workers at the German warehouses of online retailer Amazon.de are on strike in Rheinberg, Germany. European Pressphoto Agency.

Google will (sort of) stop forcing Google Plus down your throat
Washington Post
The thing is, Google doesn't care about any of that. Why should it? The point of Google Plus was never to be a “Facebook killer,” despite what some ...

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22 September 2014

Google Web Search Interest: Yahoo, Alibaba, Google, Apple (stock symbols)

Google Trends - Web Search interest: yhoo, baba, goog, aapl - United States, Past 90 days: Yahoo, Alibaba, Google, Apple Stock Symbols - Google Web Search Trends

Irish Independent

Technofile: Nothing wizardly about Apple Watch
The Post-Standard - syracuse.com
You can say this about Apple: It took guts to make a Mickey Mouse watch and sell it for $350 and up. Actually, this is just the Mickey Mouse theme, one ...

Tick-tock tech: Will Apple Watch dazzle?
Statesman Journal
The Apple Watch and Google Glass are just the beginning of integrating the human experience with technology. They are only a foreshadowing of ...

Zee News

Google Abandons Google+ Sign-Up Requirement for New Google Accounts
PC Magazine
If you're a brand-new Google user, then you might have noticed—or taken advantage of—a new modification that no longer ties your account to the ...


Microsoft Delays Xbox One's Launch In China
Microsoft Microsoft has waited until practically the last possible minute to delay the launch of the Xbox One in China, originally slated to be released ...


Apple fanboys are finally admitting Steve Jobs was wrong about huge phones
This weekend, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus went on sale to record pre-orders and insanely long queues. Sure, there's pent up demand from the public, ...


The New Apple Wristop Computer: A Missed Opportunity To Define The Internet Of Things
All of this was going to change when Apple finally entered the category with its smart watch. ...

The Guardian

The world according to Google
The Guardian
Google is debating the right to forget. Not the right of the individual to forget, of course (they don't have the technology for that, at least not yet). Google ...


Study: Apple's New iPhones Score Big in Durability
ABC News
Apple's new and bigger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are more durable than last year's model and a leading Android phone, a study says. Apple's ...
Study: Apple's new iPhones score big in durability - Phys.org - latest science and technology news stories

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21 September 2014

Yahoo an acquisition target of Alibaba after IPO?

Peter Thiel: Yahoo Isn't a Technology Company Anymore
Palantir Co-Founder Peter Thiel discusses Yahoo and Hewlett-Packard. He speaks with Bloomberg's Emily Chang on “Studio 1.0.” (Source: Bloomberg--Sept 17, 2014)

Financial Express

Renewed talk of Yahoo as acquisition target after Alibaba IPO
With Alibaba's IPO making big winners of the Chinese e-commerce giant and Japan-based stakeholder SoftBank, what are the odds that one of them ...


Google Wants Internet Broadcasting Drones, Plans To Run Tests In New Mexico
Google recently acquired Titan Aerospace, a firm that specializes in ... Google, like Facebook is interested in being an innovative internet provider.


Facebook News Feed To Surface More Timely Stories
One of the problems with Facebook's News Feed is that older posts stay at the top for a while. Facebook is addressing this issue by updating its News ...


'True' Apple fan weeps after being removed from iPhone 6 line
In Sydney, a student complains that many people in front of her were letting friends cut in line. She feared she wouldn't get a phone. But then she ...
iPhone 6 release draws long lines to Apple store - THV 11
Initial Usage Of Apple's iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Compared To Other Models - Forbes


Rivals dash to support Apple Pay for fear of losing out
Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks during an Apple special event at the Flint ... In the hype-fueled technology industry, "revolutionary" is a word in danger of ... "Buy Now" button for Twitter users and with Facebook to offer an Apple Pay "Buy" .... Microsoft Delays Chinese Xbox One Launch to “End of This Year”.
Quora Question: Why Do People Think Apple Pay Is so Innovative When Android Has Had ... - Newsweek

TechCrunch (blog)

Apple Cauterizing HealthKit At Launch Shows How High The Stakes Are
TechCrunch (blog)
Apple introduced HealthKit to developers at its WWDC event in June, along with a Health app which acts as a repository for viewing all the health and ...


Best Way to Play Alibaba: Buy Yahoo!
Based in part on analysts' calculations, Barron's estimates that Yahoo! ... Yahoo! is paying taxes on the 140 million Alibaba shares that it is due to sell ...

Oculus CEO On Microsoft's Minecraft Acquisition: "How Ironic"
Mike Fahey
When Oculus was purchased by Facebook for $2 billion earlier this year, Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson famously cut ties with the VR ...

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