17 March 2013

Apple Accused of Technology Theft by Lucas-Founded Company

Apple Accused of Technology Theft by Lucas-Founded Company
Washington Post
March 15 (Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc. was accused by THX Ltd., a company founded by “Star Wars” producer George Lucas, of stealing speaker technology used in iPhones, iPads and iMac products. THX holds a 2008 patent for a speaker unit that can boost ...

Who's Afraid Of Google Glass?
“First you see video. Then you wear video. Then you eat video. Then you be video.” — Pat Cadigan, Pretty Boy Crossover. Sheesh. A whole lot of people who presumably have never actually seen Google Glass in action appear to be really upset. “People who...


See, Uber — This Is What Happens When You Cannibalize Yourself
Uber drivers are pissed off. But that shouldn't come as much of a surprise… At least not to anyone who's been paying attention. A group of UberBLACK drivers congregated outside of the company's SOMA headquarters in San Francisco this evening, ...

Samsung Tries On Triple-Crown Leadership for Size
Samsung has been on a winning streak, thanks in large part to the leadership in its top ranks. Now the company has decided to elevate two of its best performers to the top rung. Boo-keun Yoon and J.K. Shin will be joining current chief Oh-Hyun Kwon as ...

Belkin Has Completed its Acquisition of Linksys
Tom's Hardware Guide
It seems like just yesterday. I asked a Linksys rep during a pre-CES 2013 meeting about reports of Cisco selling off the company. I was told it was mere rumor -- that no such sale was in the works. Now months later, networking giant Belkin has completed its ...

Soyuz crew in chilly return after 144 days in Space
BBC News
A Russian-American crew has safely returned to Earth after 144 days in space on a visit to the International Space Station. NASA said the Soyuz capsule carrying America's Kevin Ford and Russians Oleg Novitsky and Evgeny Tarelkin almost hit its bull's eye ...

BBC News

Peering into a gateway opened 50 years ago
Los Angeles Times
Saturday marks the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the quasar — an extremely bright object powered by matter falling into a super-massive black hole lying in the heart of a galaxy. First found in 1963, these strange sources of radio waves initially stumped ...

Chicago lawyer offers domain name to new pope, gratis
Chicago Tribune
A Chicago lawyer says he bought the domain name popefrancis.com as a lark in 2010 and plans to give it to the Roman Catholic Church for free now that the new pope has chosen the name Francis. Chris Connors, 39, said he had hoped a pope in his lifetime...

Chicago Tribune

Giant planet may explain evolution of solar system, increase chances of ...
The Space Reporter
It's a discovery that could increase the odds of discovering life outside of our own solar system. According to astronomers, the atmosphere of a massive exoplanet contains water vapor and carbon monoxide– two components that may increase the chances ...

Sex in space snafu: Plant love gets freaky without gravity
Fox News
A real-time look at plant sex in an environment simulating microgravity reveals that agriculture in space might face challenges. The study also illuminates how gravity works on intercellular transport, a crucial process for mating plants and communicating ...

More Than Ever, Americans Texting Behind The Wheel
AOL Autos
The accident above was caused by a texting teenager, who had sent 11 texts in the 11 minutes that preceded the accident, according to investigators. It occurred in Gray Summit, Mo. and killed two people (AP). by: Peter Bigelow. See More Articles from this ...

AOL Autos

NASA Scientists Say Jupiter's Hot Spots Caused By Rossby Waves, Which Exist ...
Latinos Post
(Photo : NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI/GSFC) The dark hot spot in this false-color image from NASA's Cassini spacecraft is a window deep into Jupiter's atmosphere. All around it are layers of higher clouds, with colors indicating which layer of the atmosphere the ...

Latinos Post

China Mobile Announces Major LTE Expansion No Word on iPhone
Touch Reviews
China Mobile is looking to make its mark in the LTE market, with an announcement from the company noting that it is planning a major LTE push to improve its network and implement it more broadly. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company is ...

Did Ancient Feathered Birds Have Four Wings? Researchers Investigate Fossils ...
Latinos Post
Chinese scientists claim that ancient feathered birds, dating back to the age of dinosaurs, had four flying limbs. And if these findings are confirmed, it would provide insight into the evolutionary gap between the ancient and modern species of birds seen today.

Latinos Post

Metareview: Ridiculous Fishing
Clone victim Ridiculous Fishing is angling for attention and, as we noted in our review, it is certainly ridiculous. We aren't the only ones who think so. Touch Arcade (100/100): "Ridiculous Fishing is such a complete package that it's an effortless ...

Apple Suffers Setback in Dispute over IPhone Name in Mexico
Wall Street Journal
MEXICO CITY—A Mexican technology services company is hoping to reap compensation from Apple Inc. and local mobile operators for the use of its brand name—Ifone—after Mexico's Supreme Court upheld a ruling that the local firm owns and makes ...

One Sinkhole Killed, and Many Others Opened, but Experts Counsel Not to Panic
New York Times
The recent bizarre death of a man who vanished into a huge sinkhole that opened beneath his home in suburban Tampa, Fla., unleashed a wave of sympathy, and not a little fear, among fellow Floridians. This is the “sinkhole season” in Florida, a time when...

New York Times

Facebook Fills Its Vacant CTO Role By Promoting Its VP Of Engineering, Mike ...
Mark Zuckerberg has just made an internal announcement to Facebook naming its veteran VP of Engineering Mike Schroepfer as CTO, we've just learned from an industry source. Facebook has since confirmed to TechCrunch that Schroepfer will take the ...


Apple Rumor of the Day 3/16 - Retina iPad Mini 2 Coming in Third Quarter 2013?
Broadway World
It's just been a few months since the Fall launch of the iPad mini but it's still time for new rumors about the next generation high def iPad Mini 2. CNET reports today in a roundup of mini-tablets, that an iPad Mini 2 is expected in the third or fourth quarter of 2013 ...

More innovation means less control. Is that bad?
Computerworld (blog)
Computerworld - The Internet freaked out this week after Google announced the closure of its cloud-based RSS reader, Google Reader. RSS fans begged Google to change its mind, signed a petition and scrambled to come up with alternatives. Although ...

Apple's Shares Have Outperformed Samsung's For a Decade
All Things Digital
applesamsung_10years Something to consider amid all the hand-wringing over the recent downdraft in Apple's share price, and concerns that the company has finally been outflanked by Samsung. The South Korean company's ascendency is very recent and ...

Did SoftLayer CEO's Big Vision Attract IBM Takeover Bid?
Talkin' Cloud
If IBM acquires SoftLayer, the cloud services provider (CSP), watch for SoftLayer CEO Lance Crosby to earn big-time applause. Here's why. Advertisement. IBM (NYSE: IBM) may apparently bid to acquire SoftLayer, the cloud services provider (CSP), for $2 ...

Science won't even consider resurrecting the dinosaurs
Imagine we lived in a world where it might be possible to resurrect dinosaurs. We might, eventually — but scientists are saying that they're not on a list of extinct species primed for "de-extinction." The de-extinction list is a prime topic of conversation at a ...


SideCar rolls its car service east to Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago
Cities have been slow to adapt to ride-sharing start-ups and transportation apps, but that's not stopping companies like SideCar from expanding across the country. SideCar said Friday that it's starting up services this weekend in Boston, Brooklyn, and ...

Fisker's Farewell
Autoblog (blog)
Like DeLorean and Preston Tucker before him, Fisker underestimated the amount of capital it takes. The departure of Henrik Fisker from his self-named car company adds yet another name to the list of dreamers who thought they could be successful ...

Talk of the Day -- HTC One pre-orders exceed target; Kindle Fire coming
Focus Taiwan News Channel
Pre-orders for the New HTC One -- Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC Corp.'s latest flagship model -- have surpassed the company's original target, according to local media reports. The reports quoted HTC executives as saying that the company is ...

Five Smart Things to Say About the Higgs Boson
Scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN, announced yesterday that they're even more certain than they were last summer (like, more than 99.999999999 percent sure) that they've seen a Higgs boson particle—even if ...

Zuckerberg Tops Highest Rated CEOs List
PC Magazine
Mark Zuckerberg is doing something right. The Facebook chief earned a 99 percent approval rating from his social network employees, topping Glassdoor's annual list of the 50 highest rated CEOs. Glassdoor surveyed hundreds of thousands of employees ...

Need a Job? Tap Into Your Facebook Network, Study Finds
PC Magazine
How does the saying go; it's not what you know, but who you know? If you're looking for a job, it appears that might indeed be the case, at least as far as Facebook is concerned. Moira Burke, a research scientist on the Data Science team at Facebook, ...

Video game sales: 'Dead Space 3′ knocks 'Black Ops II' off its perch
Los Angeles Times
“Dead Space 3″ was in first place for video game sales in February, knocking “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” into second. “Crysis 3″ was in third. Overall video game sales, however, reportedly sank 25% from February 2012. Market research company NPD ...

Los Angeles Times

Lego City: Undercover: The kid-friendly 'GTA'
Not often does a console exclusive title carry the weight of platform's sustainability, but saying that Lego City: Undercover is in such a precarious situation with regard to the Wii U isn't much of a stretch. Check your calendars, folks, because it's been months ...

Apple OS X Update Fixes 21 Vulnerabilities
Only a week after Apple SVP Phil Schiller called attention to security issues affecting Google's Android operating system, Apple has updated its OS X operating system to make it more secure. Apple's OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.3 Update, released on Thursday ...

Dropbox buys maker of popular email improvement app Mailbox
Los Angeles Times
PALO ALTO — Gentry Underwood's tiny start-up rolled out a mobile app last month that promised to tame the unruly email inbox, the bane of the digital age. Not surprisingly, the iPhone app became an overnight sensation as more than 1.3 million signed up ...

#TwitterCopy! Facebook may incorporate hashtags
Computerworld - Facebook reportedly is taking a page from social networking rival Twitter and may start using the hashtag. Facebook is getting ready to use the hashtag to group conversations, photos and videos, but the move doesn't appear to be imminent, ...

Is Microsoft's Surface Doomed Like Zune?
Tepid sales of Microsoft's tablet have industry watchers wondering if Surface is off to a slow start or if the Surface is a repeat of the ill-fated Zune media player. The last time Microsoft tried to play catch-up with hardware from Apple, it was forced to pull the plug...


Mass solar ejections likely to disrupt satellites, electronic devices
Zee News
Mass solar ejections likely to disrupt satellites, electronic devices Washington: The sun erupted with an Earth-directed coronal mass ejection (CME), a solar phenomenon on March 15, 2013, at 2:54 am EDT that can send billions of tons of solar particles into...

Zee News

Former Apple retail chief: 'I just didn't ...
Apple's former retail chief, John Browett, admits in an interview that he didn't quite fit in with the company's business style but that he has no hard feelings. Josh Lowensohn. by Josh Lowensohn. March 15, 2013 10:27 AM PDT Follow @Josh. John Browett ...

US vehicle fuel economy rose to 23.8 mpg in 2012 -EPA
Fri Mar 15, 2013 12:24pm EDT. (Reuters) - Model year 2012 passenger vehicles sold in the United States had an average fuel economy rating of 23.8 miles per gallon, the highest on record, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said on Friday.

Google's Schmidt to preach Internet gospel in Myanmar
His controversial North Korea junket behind him, Eric Schmidt heads to a country that Reporters Without Borders last year listed as an "enemy of the Internet." Google ...

Toyota Recalls FJ Cruisers after Seat Belt Problem
TopNews Arab Emirates
Toyota Recalls FJ Cruisers after Seat Belt Problem It has been found that Toyota's FJ Cruiser sport utility vehicles have reported a seat belt issue. For the same reason, the company has issued a recall of these cars. Almost 209,000 sport utility vehicles sold in...

TopNews Arab Emirates

Who needs a travel dictionary? Google Translate saves useful phrases
Google Translate is a big help when figuring out foreign language phrases (even if it mangles things from time to time). What was really missing from the tool, until now, was a way to build a reference library of handy-dandy words or sentences. But a new ...

The Winter of the Monarch
New York Times
IN the village of Contepec, in Michoacán, a few hours northwest of Mexico City, every winter day, rivers of orange and black butterflies would stream through the streets in search of water, swooping down from the Oyamel fir forest on Altamirano Hill. One of us ...

A Point of View: Crowd-sourcing comets
BBC News
Astronomers in the 17th Century understood the value of sharing information in order to plot the path of comets. Now modern science is using the internet to follow their example, says historian Lisa Jardine. On three consecutive nights this week I was one of ...

BBC News

Get to know Netflix and its new Facebook integration
CNET (blog)
Netflix and Facebook are now best friends, but you may not want them to be. Here's what you need to know to control what information is shared between the two. Jason Cipriani. by Jason Cipriani. March 15, 2013 9:53 AM PDT Follow @MrCippy ...

'Saints Row IV' rises from THQ's ashes for an August release
Digital Trends
Deep Silver and parent company Koch Media knew they were buying a sure thing when they acquired the rights to Saints Row in the Great THQ Auction of 2013. As THQ disintegrated over the course of the past three years, Saints Row: The Third was a lone...

Digital Trends

Volkswagen to Build Ten New Factories Worldwide, New US Models
Volkswagen's scheme to become the number one company in global auto industry sales by 2018 is no joke. The Germans, who are already pondering on buying a new brand, have also confirmed plans of opening up at least ten new factories in the next ...

Bloomberg: Nintendo Ordered to Pay $30 Million in 3D Patent Lawsuit
Digital Media Wire
nintendo_3ds_ss_sq Bloomberg reports that Nintendo Co. has been ordered to pay $30.2 million to a former Sony Corp. employee following the verdict of a jury in New York who found that the company's 3DS machine infringed his patent. The jury found that ...

Digital Media Wire

Corvette Driver Survives Death-Defying Crash With Moving Truck: IIHS Urge For ...
A Corvette driver miraculously survives a terrifying crash when his 198 mph Corvette Z06 crashed into the back of a box truck. The photo above was taken by the Los Angeles Fire Department while the crew worked to free the driver. The top of the black Z06 is ...


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