24 March 2013

BlackBerry Z10 greeted with caution - who will take and hold third position?

While Google's Android and Apple's iOS appear to have first and second positions for the foreseeable future in the mobile OS wars, the interesting action is for the number 3 spot--BlackBerry, Windows, Tizen, Firefox, Ubuntu, or ???

BlackBerry Z10 greeted with caution; stock drops 8%: "Despite its high-profile launch in New York and a TV advertising blitz during March Madness for the company's new smartphone, BlackBerry's shares tumbled 8%, to $14.91, Friday. The dip came amid some reports of lackluster consumer reaction at retail stores to the new phone. Think having physical buttons on your smartphone isn't a big deal? Ask any longtime supporter of BlackBerry."

Attack of the killer smartwatches
Summary: Rumors would have you believe that no fewer than four companies are busily readying smartwatches for public consumption. Problem is the public hasn't asked for them. James Kendrick. By James Kendrick for Mobile News | March 23, 2013 ...


Pentagon Shoots Down Dump-BlackBerry Rumor
Both the Pentagon and BlackBerry have said the mobile device maker's products still figure into the Department of Defense's plans to expand its use of commercial mobile devices. However, it now becomes a question of operating system security for the ...

Private SpaceX Cargo Capsule's Return to Earth Delayed One Day
A private cargo capsule's trip home to Earth from the International Space Station has been delayed by one day to Tuesday because of weather concerns near its targeted splashdown site. SpaceX's unmanned Dragon spacecraft is now scheduled to splash ...


S- You Are Slow
Destructoid (blog)
I've finally been playing the new Tomb Raider for the past few days, and really enjoying it! I'd been really excited about it since I first heard about its premise, and I was sad that it got so much negative publicity prior to its release, but it seems like everything ...

Destructoid (blog)

Barnes And Noble Will Give You a Free Nook Simple Touch If You Just Buy a ...
Barnes And Noble Will Give You a Free Nook Simple Touch If You Just Buy a Given much thought to picking up a Nook HD+? Neither has anyone else, which is why Barnes and Noble is keen to sweeten the potential deal by adding a pretty enticing bonus to ...

Dropbox's Mailbox App Hits Million Mark
Sci-Tech Today
The Dropbox acquisition of Mailbox points to two evolutions going on, that of Dropbox and of e-mail. Dropbox has been rapidly adding services to complement what might otherwise become a commodity, online storage. In addition, Dropbox's competitor ...

Sci-Tech Today

Comet, Not Asteroid, Killed Dinosaurs in Mass Extinction Event
Science World Report
(Photo : NASA/Continental Dynamics Workshop/NSF) A comet, not an asteroid, may have killed 70 percent of the world's species during the mass extinction that destroyed the dinosaurs. Billions of years ago when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, a celestial object...

Science World Report

Denver Zoo Welcomes First Baby Gerenuk
Science World Report
Officials at the Denver Zoo are thrilled with the birth of the first gerenuk ever born at the zoo. Born to mother Layla and father Woody, the female named Blossom is the third generation female residing in the gerenuk exhibit. Gerenuk, a long-necked species of ...

Torment: Tides of Numenera Stretch Goal: Hire Planescape Torment Designer ...
Game Politics
The newest Kickstarter stretch goal for Torment: Tides of Numenera won't add any new bells and whistles into the game, but it will add an important person into the creative mix. inXile Entertainment's upcoming RPG will secure the services of Planescape ...

Microsoft Exec Sings High Praise for ARM and Windows RT, Downplays Legacy ...
Hot Hardware
Surface RT tablets haven't exactly been through the roof. Out of the 1.5 million Surface tablet sales to date, a million of them belong to Surface RT, falling well short of Microsoft's expectations, assuming it's true that the Redmond outfit ordered 3 million Surface ...

Hot Hardware

Apple blocks ad-injecting Mac trojan, Yontoo
Ars Technica
Don't lift a finger: Yontoo has been added to OS X's built-in protections. by Jacqui Cheng - Mar 22, 2013 9:17 pm UTC. OS X · 0. A day after Russian anti-virus firm Doctor Web highlighted an adware Mac trojan called "Yontoo," Apple has moved to block it.

Microsoft Cleared of Infringing Google Patents With Xbox
Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox video-gaming system doesn't violate the patent rights of Google Inc. (GOOG)'s Motorola Mobility unit, a U.S. trade judge said. In a one-paragraph notice yesterday, U.S. International Trade Commission Judge David Shaw sided with ...

Flash In East Coast Sky Has Social Media Buzzing
KYW Newsradio
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – There was a lot of buzz here and along the East Coast about a flash in the sky last night. Experts say it was a meteor. Peggy Morshack was just leaving the Philadelphia Museum of Art when a streaking light in the sky caught her ...

KYW Newsradio

Mass extinction 200 million years ago has lessons for today
The Courier-Journal (blog)
Palisade Sill near Alpine, N.J., has geologic remnants of the end-Triassic extinction event. That's ancient lava you are looking at. Credit: Terrance Blackburn and Paul Olsen. Climate change and ocean acidification likely wiped out nearly 80 percent of marine ...

The Courier-Journal (blog)

Enjoy the Web in a New Way with Google's Chrome Maze
Overclockers Club
If you need a little break from your daily grind or just want something new to do, Google has you covered. The folks in Mountain View have a new experiment for you to try, and so long as you have Google Chrome on your PC, you can take part. Google's ...

6 of 7 billion people have cellphones, 4.5 billion have toilets
Priorities, priorities, priorities. Six billion of world's 7 billion people have cellphones, but only 4.5 billion have a toilet, says a shocking UN report. The UN reports 22 emerging economy nations account for 80 percent of humanity's "open defecation." India, for ...


Apple Fixed The Security Hole That Let Anyone Change Your Password With ...
Business Insider
Apple has restored its "iForgot" Apple ID password reset page after discovering a bug that let anyone change your passwords as long as they had your email address and birthday. The Verge first wrote about the security hole, and Apple quickly took down the ...

Business Insider

T-Mobile's New LTE Network Spotted Being Tested In 8 Major U.S. Cities
While T-Mobile is more than a bit late to the LTE game, the company confirmed on Monday that their new network would be launching by the end of the month. Where it would launch, however, was kept under wraps. That's the idea, at least. Thanks to some ...


Facebook Adds Weather Information To Events
Facebook, the world's largest social network is moving one step closer to total Internet domination with the announcement that they will be adding weather forecasts to events and public place pages. According to PCMag's Stephanie Mlot, the new feature ...


SUV with versatility
Vancouver Sun
Agile, stylish, powerful, and versatile: That's the popular 2013 Dodge Durango. This is Chrysler's no-compromise midsize SUV, one that offers seven-passenger seating as standard, plus highway fuel efficiency of up to 32 mpg/8.8-litre per100 km, and ...

Sea turtle protection plan includes South Florida beaches
The entire coastline of Palm Beach County and the northern portion of Broward County would be designated critical habitat for loggerhead sea turtles, under a proposal announced Friday by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The government plans to protect ...

SendGrid fires staffer for sex jokes tweet
A software developer in San Francisco was fired Thursday after she tweeted a photo of a fellow conference attendee who made sexual jokes she overheard and considered offensive, triggering a firestorm of debates about sexism and social media decorum in ...

'Diablo 3' for PlayStation 3 unveils first gameplay footage - watch
Digital Spy
Blizzard Entertainment is bringing the PC hit to PS3 and the upcoming PS4 as part of a strategic partnership with Sony. In addition to online multiplayer, the console version will feature four-player split-screen co-operative play and an optimised user interface.

GTC 2013: Nvidia doubles down on mobile
Summary: Nvidia has broadened its portfolio, stepped up product development and bet everything on a version of Tegra with integrated 4G LTE wireless in a bid to become more competitive in the cutthroat mobile chip business. John Morris. By John Morris ...

Google+ Introduces Photo-Only View
PC Magazine
Following Facebook's lead, Google this week tweaked its Google+ social network so users can now filter search results to show only photo posts. Google+ users can access the new photo filter from a drop-down menu on search result pages. Simply type what ...

Capcom Reviving DuckTales for Modern Consoles
PC Magazine
Be still, the hearts of '90s-era children: Capcom today announced plans to revive the classic NES DuckTales (woo-oo!) game. But you won't need to dust off the clunky Nintendo Entertainment System to climb back into Scrooge McDuck's top hat — with ...

A lizard robot for Mars: Scientists dream while Curiosity snoozes
Los Angeles Times
Curiosity may be sitting idle during the solar conjunction (more on that below), but there's fresh Mars-focused news. Researchers have suggested the rover could use a friend — a scuttling lizard robot. Engineers at the Georgia Institute of Technology ...

Apple nudges developers to make taller, Retina apps
A new rule requires developers' apps to work on the newest iPhones and iPods, as well as support higher pixel displays. Josh Lowensohn. by Josh Lowensohn. March 22, 2013 9:11 AM PDT Follow @Josh. Apple's Retina Display on the third-generation ...

Apple's IPad, IPhone Distribution Faces EU Antitrust Scrutiny
Apple Inc. (AAPL)'s distribution practices for iPhones and iPad tablets are being examined by European Union antitrust regulators who said they'll act if they see any behavior harmful to customers. The European Commission is “currently looking at this ...

China chooses Ubuntu as state-endorsed operating system
Canonical, which runs Ubuntu, is working with the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the project. Don Reisinger. by Don Reisinger. March 22, 2013 9:49 AM PDT. Canonical, the organization behind popular Linux distribution Ubuntu, ...

Blizzard reveals HearthStone strategy card game
CNET (blog)
World of Warcraft's maker officially announces a free-to-play collectible card game for PC, Mac, and iPad. The beta starts this summer, with a full product out by the end of the year. by Eddie Makuch. ...

Secrets of Bioshock Infinite
Wall Street Journal (blog)
On Tuesday, after years of waiting, video game fans will finally get to play BioShock Infinite, the highly anticipated release from Take-Two Interactive. While there's been lots of talk about the game's floating city and allusions to the notion of American ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

When Apple's new iPhones are due
FORTUNE -- Apple (AAPL) will launch the iPhone 5S in June or July or before September. The company will launch a lower-priced iPhone simultaneously or maybe after September. Anyway, that's what these three analysts predict based on ... well, I'll let them ...


HP 3D Display Technology: Will IPhone 6 Have 3D Display?
iPhone: Hewlett-Packard unveiled its new 3D display technology that doesn't require special glasses to see. Suitable for small screens, will the iPhone 6, rumored to be released this summer, have 3D capability? (Photo: Reuters). Comments 0: Print: Email ...


Big Bang Afterglow Reveals Older Universe, More Matter, Slower Expansion
A new map shows the oldest light in our universe, as detected with the precision by the Planck mission. Image by ESA and the Planck Collaboration. You may have seen this map, which has been making the rounds since its release by the European Space ...


Firaxis' Haunted Hollow on iOS: The Next Angry Birds?
iTech Post
Get ready Angry Birds fans: Firaxis is about to blow your mind. The game developer best known for such titles as the Civilization series and last year's smash-hit XCOM: Enemy Unknown is gearing up to release Haunted Hollow for iPhone and iPad users.

iTech Post

How Apple invites facile analysis
Los Angeles Times
For those of us not directly invested in Apple, the stock's trajectory over the last six months has been a thrill ride to rival anything you'll find at Magic Mountain. Since hitting an all-time peak of $705 in mid-September, the shares have been on a long slide, ...

Los Angeles Times

Microsoft Releases Details Of Law Enforcement Requests
Kudos to Microsoft for joining companies like Google and Twitter in releasing transparency reports about government/law enforcement requests for information. On Thursday, Microsoft released data on law enforcement requests from 2012. The report covers ...

Zynga Upgrades Website, Cuts More Ties With Facebook
Fox Business
Despite being slapped with an “underperform” rating, Zynga's shares edged higher on Friday as the company unveiled a more personalized and streamlined website that further engages players and minimizes its dependence on Facebook (FB). The maker of ...

Apple working on 'drop-proof iPhone'
Digital Spy
Apple is exploring ways of preventing future iPhone models from sustaining screen damage when dropped, a recent patent filing suggests. The Cupertino firm's 'Protective Mechanism for an Electronic Device' filing describes a means of ensuring that a ...

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