15 March 2013

Apple Goes On Defense and Slams Samsung

Apple, on Defense, Slams Samsung
Wall Street Journal
In a rare interview a day before Samsung Electronics Co.'s launch of a new flagship smartphone, Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller on Wednesday played down the expected competition from the device. He also discussed how he believes products that run ...

Wall Street Journal

New Data Boosts Case for Higgs Boson Find
Wall Street Journal
New Data Boosts Case for Higgs Boson Find. Article; Comments. more in World | Find New $LINKTEXTFIND$ ». smaller; Larger. By GAUTAM NAIK. Fresh experimental data bolsters the case that a particle discovered last year is the long-sought Higgs boson, ...

Pluto may have 10 more undiscovered moons
Fox News
A flotilla of 10 or more tiny undiscovered moons might lurk in Pluto's orbit, complicating a spacecraft's planned flyby of the distant dwarf planet in 2015, new simulations suggest. This preliminary finding could make life even more difficult for the team planning ...

Google's Android chief Andy Rubin to step aside
San Jose Mercury News
MOUNTAIN VIEW -- In a significant changing of the guard, Google (GOOG) said Wednesday that Android chief Andy Rubin, who built the company's phenomenally successful mobile software business, will step aside and the head of the company's Chrome ...

Sad to see Google Reader go? Come on, folks...it's 2013.
Summary: RSS is a comparative dinosaur in a world of social sharing. I'm going to get so much hate mail for this post. Christopher Dawson. By Christopher Dawson for Googling Google | March 14, 2013 -- 13:07 GMT (06:07 PDT). Follow @mrdatahs. This post ...

Google evicts ad-blocking software from Google Play store
Ars Technica
According to a story at Android Police, a number of developers of Android apps which have the capability to block ads in web browsers have received notifications from Google that their apps have been kicked out of the Google Play store and are no longer ...

AMD's "Richland" Resets Mainstream A-Series Notebook Chips
PC Magazine
Major changes to the chip's design will have to wait for Kaveri, which is scheduled to start shipping by the end of this year, but Richland does include changes to the power management and new bundled software that could end up making a significant ...

Kinect for Windows Code Bits Offered Via Open Source
Tom's Hardware Guide
According to the new blog, there are four reasons as to why Microsoft is taking this route, one of which is to receive community feedback so that the team can better understand what needs to be improved. This will be done via CodePlex's built-in feedback and ...

BlackBerry adds security offering for iOS, Android
Summary: Work Space for iOS and Android will allow smartphone users to keep corporate data safe on BYOD devices. Steve Ranger. By Steve Ranger | March 14, 2013 -- 12:48 GMT (05:48 PDT). Follow @steveranger. BlackBerry plans to extend its device ...

Galaxy S4 features shown off in YouTube videos
Four videos have been posted showing the device's new features, including a SmartPause and new unlock screen. Don Reisinger. by Don Reisinger. March 14, 2013 5:20 AM PDT. Alleged Samsung Galaxy S4. Might this be Samsung's Galaxy S4?

Dozens of Species Given New Trade Protections
New York Times
A major international meeting on wildlife trade signed off on several landmark decisions on Thursday aimed at protecting dozens of animal and plant species — including five types of sharks — that have come under severe pressure from soaring demand.

Breathometer is the world's first smartphone breathalyzer
Meet the Breathometer – a keychain-sized portable breathalyzer designed to work in conjunction with your smartphone to determine if you are fit to get behind the wheel after a few (or several) adult beverages. The $20 gadget has already raised the $25,000 ...

Surface Pro: Ready for Business
PC Magazine
Microsoft's Surface Windows 8 Pro is designed to be the ultimate business ultraportable device. Here's how the Surface Pro integrates into a Windows business network. Samara Lynn By Samara Lynn. March 14, 2013; Comments. Google 0; Share 0; Tweet 0 ...

Amazon cuts price of large Kindle Fire tablets
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Amazon.com (US:amzn) cut the price of its 8.9-inch Kindle Fire tablets on Wednesday. The online retailer cut the price of its WiFi-only version of the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD by 10% to $269, while the 4G version of the same ...

Ambler teen wins 2d in science contest
Philadelphia Inquirer
Jonah Kallenbach of Ambler came in second at the national Intel Science Talent Search. The Germantown Academy senior wrote a computer program to predict how "disordered" proteins interact in the body. Intel Science Talent Search. Jonah Kallenbach of ...

Philadelphia Inquirer

Failed Firmware Update Caused The 16-Hour Outlook, Hotmail Outage
A routine sever firmware update resulted in an anything but routine outage for Microsoft's Outlook and Hotmail. On March 12, Outlook.com and Hotmail were unavailable to some users, and as Microsoft details in a blog post, a firmware update caused servers ...


Dell unveils new intriguing XPS 18 All in One desktop PC
Dell has launched a smaller-than-average all in one desktop PC called the XPS 18 which will face competition from the likes of the Asus Transformer AIO hybrid and the Sony VAIO Tap 20. The XPS 18 is essentially a big tethered tablet powered by Windows 8 ...

HTC One Developer Edition Coming Soon In The US
The Droid Guy
What's better than owning an HTC One? How about owning an HTC One Developer Edition? HTC has announced in their official blog that the HTC One Developer edition will soon be available in the US. This device will be sold with its SIM and bootloader ...

Earth's largest telescope gets to work in Chile after 30 years of planning
Nestled within the Chilean Andes, the new Atacama Large Millimeter-submillimeter Array (ALMA) is now open for space-staring business. The biggest, most complex telescope project to date, ALMA will be able to peer into the deeper reaches of space with ...

Wow! Apple Inadvertently Reveals Possible Future iPad Design
Patently Apple
On March 14, 2013, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a rather ho-hum patent application from Apple about providing the iPad with better aligned components relating to the display and cover glass. Yet within this patent filing Apple's engineers ...

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL): Jefferies Says iTV Launch Delayed To Next Year
US Market Buzz
Misek had expected an event related to Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) TV in March, but now he thinks that the launch event will take place in 2014 as Sharp and LG, the display provider of Apple are facing some difficulties with yields. Jefferies had thought that ...

Jeff Gordon's high-speed prank terrifies salesman
NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon and his sponsor, Pepsi, took “punking” to the max with their latest viral video. The pair recently gave a car salesman a ride he won't soon forget, and the prank was all caught on hidden cameras. A makeup artist aged Gordon, and ...


Fisker's Departure From Fisker Leaves It 'Without Soul'
MediaPost Communications
Fisker Automotive co-founder Henrik Fisker is, by many accounts, an inspired designer with a devoted following –- unabashed ambassadors of the $110,000 hybrid Karma have included Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio –- but they no longer include his ...

Google To Expand Knowledge Graph Through Hire Of Geoffrey Hinton
Search Engine Roundtable
Geoffrey Hinton If I had to place one search priority above all else, I'd say right now, Google's most ambitious project is the knowledge graph. Yea, they are pushing Google+ big time, but the knowledge graph is a level above all of that technically. Of course ...

Search Engine Roundtable

Apple Maps Slowly Improving
Apple updates its maligned Maps app for the iPhone, includes 3-D flyovers for a handful of new cities. 1 Comments · Tweet; Mail Mail; Print Print · Eric Zeman | March 13, 2013 02:15 PM. Apple iWatch Vs. Smartwatches Past And Present. (click image for larger ...

'Subversive' Site Aims to Be Pirate Bay of 3D Printing
The company that brought you 3D-printed firearm parts has launched a new website with the expressed desire of enabling all kinds of 3D printed objects, copyrights or no copyrights. Defcad's backers are openly courting publicity for their anarchist vibe, but ...

Twitter Introduces Line Breaks, Windows 8 App
The official Twitter App for Windows 8 is a first for for the micro-blogging site, although the line breaks feature is drawing mixed reviews. Twitter recently drew flak from users over its new line-breaks feature, ...


More Teens Accessing the Web From Phones Rather Than PCs
PC Magazine
Trying to spot a teenager without a smartphone is like searching for Waldo: not impossible, but certainly time consuming. That trend shows no signs of slowing down, as a new report finds that teens are increasing accessing the Web from their phone rather ...

Pebble smartwatch hard to fix without breaking it, iFixit says
An inner exam of the watch reveals that it can't be opened without destroying it, making repairs difficult at best. Lance Whitney. by Lance Whitney. March 13, 2013 8:11 AM PDT Follow @lancewhit. The Pebble smartwatch. (Credit: GetPebble). Taking apart the...


Google Fined Over Privacy Breach
ABC News
Google has agreed to pay a $7 million fine after a three year investigation by a coalition of state attorneys general found the search giant's Street View vehicles had collected private data from home and business networks. Between 2008 and 2010, the Street ...

Ukrainian attack dolphins not roaming the seas for romance
Fox News
A dolphin army with special knives or pistols fixed to their heads is not on the loose in European waters, a Ukrainian newspaper said on Wednesday. A report in Ria Novosti made the outrageous claim Tuesday that trained dolphins from the Ukrainian Navy ...

Dropbox Desktop Update Adds Drop-Down Menus
PC Magazine
Dropbox on Tuesday launched a new version of its desktop client for Mac and Windows with a refreshed look and feel. The latest version, Dropbox 2.0, should give users more visability into activity on their account and faster access to files. There's a new ...

600-Year-Old Coin Found In Kenya
Illinois scientists stumbled upon a 600-year-old Chinese coin while on the Kenyan island of Manda, the Field Museum of Chicago announced Wednesday (March 13). Scientists say the currency was issued by Emperor Yongle of China in the 1400s, whose ...


Facebook sharing comes to Netflix, at last
Fox News
I know what you watched last summer. Video-rental business Netflix has turned on a new social sharing features for U.S. users that lets them share what they watched on Facebook, after Congress finally updated a restrictive law from the era of the VHS tape.

Google I/O 2013 Tickets Quickly Sell Out
PC Magazine
Tickets for the annual developer event were gone less than an hour after Google opened sales at 10 a.m. ET. But the company is offering a watch-it-live consolation prize for those who missed their chance to attend. Keynotes and top sessions will stream on ...

Golfing in Geneva
GENEVA, Switzerland — Each year, on the eve of launch day at Geneva Motor Show, Volkswagen Group hosts its own preview extravaganza at Geneva's Espace de quartier S├ęcheron. This year's 'Volkswagen Group Night' provided more than 1,300 invited ...


The Chromebook family grows again with Acer's new C7
PCWorld (blog)
There appears to be no end in sight to the Chromebook phenomenon, which has seen PC maker after PC maker jump onto Google's Chrome OS-powered bandwagon. Samsung, Acer, Lenovo, and HP have all joined the fray, and this week Acer expanded its ...

PCWorld (blog)

Obama adds voice to accusations of China hacking
WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama entered the fray Wednesday on cyber attacks from China, saying some intrusions affecting US firms and infrastructure were "state sponsored." The comments appeared to step up the rhetoric against China following ...


Mars Rover Finds Evidence of Ancient Habitability
Scientific American
drill hole on Mars SALTY: A sample from this 1.6-centimeter-wide drill hole contains minerals formed in salty water. Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell/MSSS. NASA's Curiosity rover has found what it went to Mars to look for: evidence of an environment that ...

Scientific American

Government orders Tim Cook to testify in price-fixing lawsuit
Apple CEO Tim Cook will be required to testify for 4 hours on the eBook price-fixing scandal the company was accused of. Apple is the last company, out of 6, to be testifying in this case. The other companies, which include Hachette, HarperCollins, Simon ...


Windows Phone 7.8 rollout Nokia says it is stopping
Tech Know Bits
There are certain areas where the Windows Phone 7.8 is taken into a perfect issue. On this note Lumia is seen to have discharged with some of the factual datas. These things are being imprinted with all the related ideas of discharging attitudes. No rolling...
Tech Know Bits

Federal Jury Rules That Nintendo Infringed On Inventor's Glasses-Free 3D Patent
Federal Jury Rules Nintendo Infringed On Inventor's Glasses-Free 3D Patent, Awards $30.2 Million A New York federal jury has ruled that Nintendo infringed on inventor Seijiro Tomita's 3D technology with their handheld 3DS, Reuters reports. The jury ...

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