08 March 2013

Ways People Plan To Use Google Glass

10 Compelling Ways People Plan To Use Google Glass
10 Compelling Ways People Plan To Use Google Glass. People seem to be most excited about what Glass will mean for education, medicine, communicating, gaming and getting around. Here are ten legitimate, non-creepy... ReadWritemobile. Previous Next ...


Icahn proposes alternative to Dell buyout
If the board declines to promise that, Icahn said the company should combine a shareholder vote on the buyout with its annual meeting to elect new directors, for which he will nominate a slate of candidates. "If you fail to agree promptly to combine the vote on (the buyout) with the vote on the annual meeting, we anticipate years of litigation will follow challenging the transaction and the actions of those directors that participated in it," said Icahn, who joins other major shareholders in opposing the buyout plan.
Read more here in the Miami Herald

Bid to ban commercial trade in polar bears fails Los Angeles Times
An unusual coalition between the U.S. and Russia to win an international ban on commercial trade of polar bear parts failed Thursday. Meeting in Bangkok, delegates to the 176-nation Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species voted down a ...

iPad Mini to drive lower-cost tablets, says analyst
Tablet vendors will strive for sub-$199 prices this year, especially following the release of the iPad Mini 2, according to a J.P. Morgan analyst. Lance Whitney. iPad Mini.

FRAND or foe? Apple beats Samsung for 24th time
Computerworld (blog)
Apple [AAPL] continues to endure its annus horribilis, but it appears Samsung's about to endure its own pig-Latin conundrum as the Korean firm sees yet another of its attempts to use FRAND licensing agreements in its litigations with Apple tossed out of a UK ...

Google, Opera 'reported Microsoft's browser breach to EU'
Europe's investigation into Microsoft's failure to comply with its "browser choice" settlement look to have been triggered by Google and Norwegian browser-maker Opera. Microsoft's €561m ($731m) fine for failing to offer 15 million Europeans a "browser ballot" ...

Facebook News Feed must reduce confusion
To the casual observer, it might seem as if Facebook is constantly revamping its News Feed, like a digital version of the painting of the Forth Bridge. No sooner has one new News Feed rolled out, then work begins on another. In reality, major overhauls of the ...


EA announces downloadable co-op demo for Army of Two The Devil's Cartel
EA has announced that there will be a new downloadable co-op demo available for Army of Two The Devil's Cartel. The downloadable demo will be available on March 12 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 gamers. The Devil's Cartel is the second game in the ...


Higgs boson expert to visit Altnagelvin cancer unit
BBC News
A leading cancer expert who worked on the search for the Higgs boson particle is to meet officials involved in a new radiotherapy centre in Londonderry. Professor Steve Myers, originally from Belfast, is one of the team at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland...

BBC News

Pertino takes on $20M to build out wide-area networks through clouds
Standing out with a software-defined networking option for wide-area networks through public clouds, Pertino has signed up 700 customers and received $20 million in Series B funding. Pertino CEO Craig Elliott. photo: Pertino. Software-defined-networking ...

Boot up: Apple's US win, Microsoft v EC numbers, phone switchers and more
The Guardian (blog)
A burst of 10 links for you to chew over, as picked by the Technology team. Return of the Borg: how Twitter rebuilt Google's secret weapon >> Wired Enterprise. Borg is a way of efficiently parceling ...

The Guardian (blog)

FreedomPop's Free Home Broadband Service Now Live
Tom's Guide
She wants you to get FreedomPop. Like, now. FreedomPop said on Wednesday that it has finally launched its free broadband internet service. Of course, nothing is entirely free: potential customers will be required to purchase the $89 Burst wireless (WiMAX) ...

Intellectual Ventures, Home Depot: Intellectual Property
Intellectual Ventures, the Bellevue, Washington-based company started by former Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) chief technology officer Nathan Myhrvold, said it has settled a patent dispute with Lattice Semiconductor Corp. According to a March 6 joint company ...

Dogs may have been Man's Best Friend for long time
Houston Chronicle (blog)
A science blog with Eric Berger. Dogs may have been Man's Best Friend for long time. I have a confession to make that will probably cost me half my readership: I am not a dog person. . . .

Get Ready For Comet Pan-STARRS To (Briefly) Grace Our Sky
Slate Magazine (blog)
Northern Hemisphereans, alert! The kinda-sorta-maybe bright comet Pan-STARRS will soon be visible low in the west after sunset. The best dates to look will be Mar. 12 and 13, when the very thin crescent Moon will guide you. You'll need binoculars to pick it ...

Slate Magazine (blog)

Planescape: Torment spin-off hits $1m Kickstarter goal in 6 hours
California studio InXile Entertainment broke the $900,000 Kickstarter funding goal for its new game in just six hours. Torment: Tides of Numenera Screenshot Its latest project, called Torment: Tides of Numenera, is a single-player RPG considered to be the ...

Galaxy S4 Rumors: What To Expect From Samsung's S IV, To Be Unveiled On ...
Huffington Post
On the evening of March 14, the smartphone maker/Apple nemesis/James Franco employer Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S IV (commonly known as the S4). And even though Samsung claims that it's trying to keep its newest superphone a secret until next ...

Roku 3 Raises The Bar – Awesome New Features Make It The Best On The ...
The Roku 3 was released on Wednesday and several new features make the new streaming device the best one on the market. March 6, 2013 5:07 PM EST |, 0, EMAIL, PRINT. Roku 3 with headphones. The Roku 3 was released on Wednesday and several...


Bill Proposed To Legalize Cell Phone Unlocking in the United States
Mobile Magazine
In October 2012 the Library of Congress's Copyright Office made a decision which gave consumers 90 days to unlock their handsets without carrier permission, and in January cellphone unlocking became illegal. This was followed by a petition to the White ...

Mobile Magazine

Researchers Measure Distance to Nearest Galaxy, Say it is 40000 Light Years ...
Nature World News
(Photo : ESO/L. Cal├žada/ European Southern Observatory (ESO)/ Wikimedia Creative Commons) This artist's impression shows an eclipsing binary star system. As the two stars orbit each other they pass in front of one another and their combined brightness,...

Nature World News

T-Mobile To Trim Workforce Ahead Of MetroPCS Merger
T-Mobile is planning to cut more than 100 jobs in marketing and certain other departments at its headquarters. The No 4 wireless carrier is prepping to take these steps just before its merger with MetroPCS Communications Inc (NYSE:PCS). The layoffs are ...

T-Mobile Blasts AT&T In New Ads
DrJays.com Live
T-Mobile has long been the whipping boy of mobile carriers- and that's really saying something, considering the popularity of carriers in general. But in response to AT&T's latest attacks, T-Mobile appears to be fighting back with a new series of ads. The ads ...

Fast And Frenzied Endless Running Game Sonic Dash Out Now On iOS
Yesterday, we told you about Sonic Dash, Sega's upcoming endless running game starring none other than Sonic the Hedgehog. Well, now you can scratch that “upcoming” part, since Sonic Dash is out now in the App Store. As expected, Sonic Dash is a ...


Dish to Deploy 200 Roush Propane Vans
Dish Network Corp. announced at NTEA's 2013 Work Truck Show that it plans to incorporate 200 Roush CleanTech propane autogas-fueled Ford E-250 cargo vans in its fleet in 2013. The satellite-TV company estimated that these new propane ...

A new Tomb Raider film – can they raise the dead?
The Guardian (blog)
Now that Lara Croft – everyone's favourite 1990s, triangular-headed, uncomfortably-objectified archaeologist – has been reborn in a new Tomb Raider game, it is only a matter of time before someone decides to reinvigorate the bad old movie franchise as ...

The Guardian (blog)

Assassin's Creed 4 advantages on PS4 dualshock
Product Reviews
Are you starting to get Assassin's Creed 4 fever yet? The game has now been officially confirmed for a release on both current gen consoles, as well as the next-generation PS4 and likely the next Xbox console as well. October 29 is the big date to look ...

Product Reviews

FBI 'secretly spying' on Google users, company reveals
Fox News
The FBI used National Security Letters -- a form of surveillance that privacy watchdogs call “frightening and invasive” -- to surreptitiously seek information on Google users, the web giant has just revealed. Google's disclosure is “an unprecedented win for ...

Microsoft may slash Windows 8 pricing to attract more manufacturers
TechRadar UK
Apparently not pleased with sales of its existing Windows 8 laptops, Microsoft is reportedly offering discounts on the operating system to original equipment manufacturers (OEM). The idea behind the discounts is to create more demand and incentive for OEMs ...

Path 3 now available, offers private messaging and stickers
The latest version of Path, Path 3, has been announced, bringing with it a new private messaging feature and expressive stickers, giving users the ability to express an emotion that a text-based emoticon can't. While the stickers are interesting, it's the new ...

Apple Claims The App Store Isn't Monopolistic
Apple stated in court Tuesday that it would like for the trial's judge to dismiss the lawsuit accusing the company of having a monopoly over iOS apps. The lawsuit was brought forward by the plaintiffs back in 2011, who argued that forcing developers to sell their ...

Google Testing Same-Day Delivery Service in San Francisco: Report
Google could be looking to expand its reach into more retail sales with the new service, according to a report. Google has been testing a same-day delivery service in San Francisco for local retailers since February, a move that could allow the company to ...


Amplify Tablet Hopes To Rule Schools
News Corp.'s Amplify subsidiary will sell an Android tablet customized for use by K-12 teachers and students. Start The Discussion · Tweet; Mail Mail; Print Print · David F. Carr | March 06, 2013 04:00 PM. Educational 'Technology' Across the Ages ...

Ad strength, Apple uncertainty drive Google's stock share surge
Apple Insider
By most metrics, Apple is surging, with record sales and insatiable consumer demand, but it is Google that has become Wall Street's latest stock darling, even as shares of Apple have declined. aapl v goog. Source: Yahoo! Finance. Apple remains among the...

Apple Insider

The secret origins of Google's Chrome OS
Summary: Many people know that Chrome OS is based on Linux. But where did Google's operating system actually come from -- and what is it made of today? Here's its story. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols. By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols for Linux and Open ...

US teens are getting bored with Facebook
GMA News
Teens may be getting bored with Facebook and trying out other social networks such as Instagram, and the social networking giant is aware of the trend. A report on BusinessInsider said Facebook itself noted the trend in its annual 10-K report, where it said its ...

Android 4.x Finally Surpasses Gingerbread
All versions of Android 4.0 and up for the first time account for a larger portion of the Android installed base than those running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. ...

Curiosity Shut Down As Solar Flare Heads To Mars
Sky News
The Curiosity rover is out of action as it rides out a solar storm, but it's business as usual for its little brother Opportunity. 11:46am UK, Thursday 07 March 2013. Solar flare captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory in March 2012. This flare was captured by ...

Google Releases Updated Google Maps App for iPhone
The latest Google Maps app for iPhones, Version 1.1, includes faster local search and integration with Google Contacts. Google has unveiled the first big update of its Google Maps for iPhone app, adding several new features to the stand-alone mapping app ...


Google Play Celebrates First Birthday With Giveaways
PC Magazine
Google Play turned one today, and instead of stuffing its face with cupcakes and ripping open presents, the Android shop is celebrating its birthday by offering gifts to its users. "It was just a year ago today that we launched this amazing shop on the interwebs ...

Twitter adds features for iOS, tweaks mobile search
The company rolled out a Top Tweets feature today. When you search for a topic, Twitter will produce a tweet labeled "Top Tweet" that is "the best match for your query based on relevance and engagement," according to Twitter's blog post.

Microsoft adds gesture controls to Kinect
GMA News
Microsoft has added hand-gesture recognition to its popular motion-sensing Kinect accessory, tech site The Verge reported. "It might sound like basic functionality, but Kinect's hand detection will soon allow app developers to implement features such as ...

Microsoft to Allow Office 2013 License Transfers to New PCs
PC Magazine
Microsoft has reversed course and will allow Office 2013 users to transfer their licenses to another PC in the event that their computer dies or they buy a new machine. Initially, Microsoft said that an Office 2013 license would only be transferable if the PC on ...

Nokia prods Instagram with its own '#2InstaWithLove' app
Los Angeles Times
Nokia has rolled out its own app #2ToInstaWithLove, hoping to pressure Instagram to build a Windows Phone version of the popular mobile photo-sharing software. All new Nokia smartphones run the Windows Phone operating system but the Instagram app ...

New Humble Bundle launched
The newest Humble Bundle package, which sees gamers paying what they want for a collection of games, is now live. The latest Humble Bundle is offering four Android games in the base package, namely Beat Hazard Ultra, Dynamite Jack, Solar 2 and ...


Mount Etna eruption: Italy's night sky lit up as volcano spews lava
Daily Mail
The Italian night sky was glowing red yesterday after a massive eruption from Mt Etna. The volcano, which is the tallest in the world, spewed hot lava and ash into the atmosphere for several hours on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. It is not believed ...

Daily Mail

Researchers Capture Great White Shark
French Tribune
This time, a group of researchers caught a great white shark, which has been tagged and released as well off the coast of Florida. It was for the first time that the researchers did so. It was a one ton female whale, which weighed some 2,000 pounds.

French Tribune

Apple Quietly Releases New Education-Focused iMac
The new entry-level 21.5-inch iMac comes with a 3.3-GHz dual-core Intel Core i3 processor, 4 GB of RAM and a 500-GB hard drive, plus Intel HD Graphics 4000. The new education-only iMac is priced at $1,099, which is $150 cheaper than the entry-level ...

Giant Camels Once Roamed Ancient Arctic
Escapist Magazine
Paleontologists in Canada's remote high arctic have uncovered fragments of bones suggesting that ancient cousins of modern camels once lived there. Analysis of fragmentary leg bones lead palaeobiologists to the conclusion that ancient, wooly camels once ...

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