23 March 2013

Chips That Mimic The Human Brain

IBM Breakthrough Opens Way to Chips That Mimic Human Brain
IBM Research announced a scientific breakthrough that could lead to chips that use less power than silicon-based systems and mimic the human brain. IBM has announced a materials science breakthrough at the atomic level that could pave the way for a ...


Hackers Eavesdrop Using Legitimate Remote Control Software
For a decade, "TeamSpy" cyber espionage campaign has used TeamViewer software already installed on PCs to eavesdrop on communications and steal data from targets in Eastern Europe. Start The Discussion · Tweet; Mail Mail; Print Print · Mathew J.

Amazon-CIA Deal Would Fit Intel Community Strategy
Reported deal for Amazon to help develop CIA's private cloud infrastructure squares with intelligence community strategy to work with public cloud vendors. Start The Discussion. Tweet; Mail Mail; Print Print · J. Nicholas Hoover | March 22, 2013 09:06 AM ...

For BlackBerry, US Battle Is Uphill
Wall Street Journal
Potential customers examined the BlackBerry Z10 last week at its consumer launch in Jakarta, Indonesia. It goes on sale in the U.S. on Friday. TORONTO—When Research In Motion Ltd.'s new BlackBerry goes on sale in the U.S. Friday after a delay of nearly...

Wall Street Journal

Report: Google Prepping Android-Based Smartwatch
PC Magazine
Just days after a Samsung executive claimed that the company is working on its own smartwatch to rival Apple's rumored iWatch, a new report has surfaced that indicates Google is working to bring a smartwatch to market, too. In a report filed earlier this week ...

Google Keep? It'll probably be with us until March 2017 - on average
The Guardian
Earlier this week, Google introduced Google Keep - a service intended to let you store notes and other information "in the cloud". Those with a long memory may think that it looks a little familiar; that's because it is: Evernote offers a very similar service already...

The Guardian

Why Google is pulling the plug on Frommer's
Spotting a tourist used to be easy. Just look for someone toting around a travel guide. Today, vacationers are organizing their trips entirely online. All they need to carry with them is a smartphone ...

What to Expect (And What We Want) From Windows Blue
Microsoft is prepping an update to Windows 8, dubbed Windows Blue. And it's going to include many new features, one of which is improved touch capability as detailed in a leaked video from TechFest 2013. In a video posted by MSFT Kitchen, Microsoft ...


SpaceX Dragon to depart ISS next week
Earlier this month, SpaceX launched its Dragon resupply ship to the international space station. Early on, the mission encountered some problems with solar power that threaten to leave the cargo ship stranded. However, those problems were fixed and the ...

Levine Douses BioShock Infinite $200 Million Budget Claim
Escapist Magazine
Don't you look at Ken Levine's American Girl Doll collection; he's been building it up for years. The New York Times became convinced, thanks to unnamed analysts, that Irrational Games' latest entrant to the BIoShock series probably cost something in the ...

Mega volcanoes responsible for mass extinctions on Earth?
Fox News
Massive volcanic eruptions may have led to the extermination of half of Earth's species some 200 million years ago, a new study suggests. The release of gases from giant eruptions caused climate change that led to the End-Triassic Extinction, the widespread ...

Facebook Events Join the Contextual-Computing Party
Wired (blog)
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at a product launch earlier this month. Photo: Alex Washburn/Wired. Facebook made a tweak to its Events system this week, adding a little embedded forecast that shows projected weather on the day of the event. It's a small ...

Wired (blog)

A Joke About Dongles At A Conference Led To Two People Losing Their Jobs ...
Business Insider
The world of tech was rattled this week when a quickly dashed off tweet alleging crude, sexist jokes resulted in two people losing their jobs. Earlier this week at the PyCon conference (the largest annual gathering for developers using the open-source Python ...

Rainbow Warrior on mission to protect reef
Sydney Morning Herald
The storied Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior entered Sydney Harbour at dawn on Friday. The vessel, piloted by skipper Peter Willcox, who survived the bombing of an earlier incarnation of the ship by French secret agents, is in Australia to protest against ...

Don't look for the kids on Facebook
WASHINGTON — After Friendster came MySpace. By the time Facebook dominated social media, parents had joined the party, too. But the online scene has changed — dramatically, as it turns out — and these days even if you're friends with your own kids ...

iPhone snares eighth straight top satisfaction ranking
Computerworld - Apple's iPhone yesterday again took the top ranking in J.D. Power and Associates' smartphone customer satisfaction survey, the company said. Apple scored 855 out of a possible 1,000 points in the customer satisfaction survey, leading four ...

Google Chrome Experiment Turns Web into Maze Game
Tom's Hardware Guide
Google wants you to use Chrome. To get you to use it, the company has turned its browser into a game. In fact, the game in question actually requires you to install both the mobile and desktop versions of Google's Chrome browser. Pretty clever, huh? Dubbed ...

Six-Legged Sprinting Robot 'Lizard' May One Day Roam Mars (Video)
Science World Report
(Photo : Chen Li, Tingnan Zhang, Daniel I. Golman/Georgia Tech) Inspired by lizards, researchers have created a robot that can sprint across different types of terrain and may one day be the future of rovers on Mars. Robots are the future, and now scientists...

Science World Report

Europe Weighs iPhone Sale Deals With Carriers for Antitrust Abuse
New York Times
European Union regulators are examining the contracts Apple strikes with cellphone carriers that sell its iPhone for possible antitrust violations after several carriers complained that the deals throttled competition...

Verizon challenges OTT rivals with cross-platform messaging
Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ) is overhauling its Verizon Messages service, enabling subscribers to send and receive text and multimedia messages across multiple device platforms. Any message sent to a Verizon mobile number will now appear ...

Jony Ive Leaves His Mark As Skeuomorphism Concept Vanishes From One App
It has been nearly six months since Tim Cook fired long-time iOS manager Scott Forstall. Now, we're beginning to see what this shakeup has meant for the company, and for iOS. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the new setup has brought together ...


Apollo engines on Atlantic Ocean floor
ATLANTIC OCEAN (BEZOS EXPEDITIONS) - A rare treasure is found deep in the sea as history is uncovered at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. The video with this story shows the careful recovery of two rocket engines from the Apollo space missions.

Apple plans iPhone that always falls on its feet
The idea sounds like an early April Fool - or maybe something that only a cat can do – but it in fact comes from plans filed by Apple to the US Patent Office. The “Protective Mechanism for an Electronic Device” patent application says it aims to prevent some or...

Subaru's greenest car will be the Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid
The Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid might be the coolest hybrid this side of the Honda CRZ. I mention the little Honda as the Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid may have a similar mild hybrid system. Hopefully, the additional power from the electric motor can boost the ...


US government excels at getting user data from Microsoft
Microsoft received 70,655 requests for user data from law-enforcement agencies worldwide last year, and more than 80 percent of the time the company handed over at least some info. U.S. agencies proved especially adept at getting meatier content from ...

Space probe 'outside solar system'
Sky News Australia
Space probe 'outside solar system'. Space probe 'outside solar system'. After being launched 35 years ago Voyager 1 is on a lonely journey away from the sun as it becomes the first man-made object to go beyond the ...

Sky News Australia

Scientists revise Big Bang theory
The Australian
A NEW examination of what is essentially the universe's birth certificate allows astronomers to tweak the age, girth and speed of the cosmos, more secure in their knowledge of how it evolved, what it's made of and its ultimate fate. Sure, the universe suddenly ...

Apple adds two-factor authentication to your Apple ID
Apple is beefing up the security of its Apple ID by adding two-factor authentication to the account login process. Customers concerned about unauthorized access to their Apple ID can login to their account at Apple's My Apple ID webpage and turn on the ...

SaferCar app launched to help US consumers make informed buying decisions
US road safety authorities have announced the launch of a new mobile application designed to give consumers real-time smartphone access to vehicle safety information. "The new SaferCar app literally puts the latest in vehicle safety information directly in ...


BlackBerry Still Being Used, Despite Reports, DoD Says
BlackBerry and the Pentagon have put to rest reports that BlackBerry use at the DoD was giving way to Apple products. Department of Defense officials have denied that they are scrapping support for the BlackBerry platform. Instead, they're moving to support ...


Ubisoft Unveils Might & Magic X Legacy
Gaming Illustrated
The classic first-person role-playing Might and Magic series is returning to the PC with a turn-based adventure. The latest installment of the franchise will combine the core formula of Might and Magic with brand new fine-tuned features. Might & Magic X ...

Assad Sympathizers Hack BBC Twitter Account
ABC News
The BBC came under attack from hackers sympathetic to Syrian President Bashar Assad on Thursday and warned its staff about attempts to compromise the broadcaster's email network. Shortly after Assad supporters hijacked several BBC Twitter accounts to ...

HANDS-ON: £150 disgo 8400G 7.9-inch 3G tablet preview
Tech Digest
7-inch sizes are quickly becoming the dominant form factor for the tablet market. Cheaper and more portable, the likes of Google's Nexus 7 and Amazon's Kindle Fire HD have been able to corner the budget end of a market where ...

Tech Digest

Facebook's Graph Search Results Page: An Eye-Tracking Study
MarketingProfs.com (subscription)
Similar to search engine results pages, being in the top two or three listings of a Facebook Graph Search results page is key to ensuring a listing is seen quickly and for a relatively long duration, according to research by Mediative, which used ...

MarketingProfs.com (subscription)

Huawei Premia 4G now available at MetroPCS
The carrier's second Huawei 4G LTE smartphone runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and features a 4.0-inch display. The Huawei Premia 4G is MetroPCS's latest ...

Samsung's ultra high-definition (UHD) TV is $40000
TG Daily
Samsung has officially confirmed pricing for its luxury 85-inch ultra high-definition (UHD) TV. The price tag? $40,000. So, what do you get for $40K, which just so happens to be the priciest UHD panel to date? Well, unlike the the LG 84LM9600 ($19,000) and ...

Google Fiber Expanding to Another City That Probably Isn't Yours
Google Fiber, Google's ultrafast broadband Internet service, is coming to your city — if you happen to live in Olathe, Kansas. Google announced the expansion plans in a blog post Tuesday evening minutes after they were approved by the Olathe City Council.

Twitter At 7: 200M Users, 400M Tweets Per Day
Twitter on Thursday celebrated seven years since Jack Dorsey tweeted "just setting up my twttr," the first message to go out on the service. The company celebrated the anniversary by announcing in a blog post that it now has more than 200 million active ...

Zynga takes another giant leap toward Facebook independence
For the first time, customers of Zynga's popular browser-based games can play without using a Facebook account at all. Starting next week, players entering Zynga.com will sign in with a Zynga-specific account, which has the option of hooking up with a ...


College robot team looks for repeat in sandy challenge
Trinidad Times Independent
Getting a computer-programmed robot to maneuver its way through heavy sand might seem like a tricky proposition at the best of times, but the TSJC Robotics Team feels it's up to the challenge and is itching for a chance to prove its mettle. The team will bring ...

Trinidad Times Independent

WATCH: X Games snowboarder Chanelle Sladics races McLaren 12C Spider ...
New York Daily News
McLaren sure knows how to make a mark. The luxury automaker brought its new McLaren 12C Spider to the notoriously dangerous Loveland Pass in Colorado for a test of the car's extreme abilities — and to race X-Games snowboarder Chanelle Sladics to...

New York Daily News

Gov. Christie's environmental 'waiver rule' upheld by NJ appeals court
Hunterdon County Democrat - NJ.com
TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie and his environmental commissioner can sidestep more than 100 state regulations designed to protect the environment if they defy common sense or are "unduly burdensome," a state appeals court ruled today. A three-judge ...

Hunterdon County Democrat - NJ.com

Stop the Cyborgs: The anti-Google Glass movement
With every new technology comes those who believe that the advance is going to do more harm than good. Amidst the very real privacy conversation surrounding the camera features in Google Glass, a website has been created to educate citizens about the ...

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