19 March 2013

Reuters staffer accused of aiding hackers maintains innocence

Reuters staffer accused of aiding hackers maintains innocence - lawyer
Thomson Reuters News & Insight
SAN FRANCISCO, (Reuters) - A Reuters.com editor maintained his innocence after being suspended with pay on Friday following a federal indictment on charges he aided members of the Anonymous hacking collective. Matthew Keys, 26, a deputy social ...

Hundreds of dinosaur egg fossils found
Fox News
Researchers in northeastern Spain say they've uncovered hundreds of dinosaur egg fossils, including four kinds that had never been found before in the region. The eggs likely were left behind by sauropods millions of years ago. Eggs, eggshell fragments ...

Lenovo Unveils Mainstream Business Ultrabook, ThinkPad T431s
PC Magazine
Lenovo this week announced the availability of its latest T-series ThinkPad laptop, and it's an ultrabook. The ThinkPad T431s Ultrabook is another in a long line of T-series laptops that are the mainstay of Lenovo-equipped office workers. The new T431s is ...

BlackBerry CEO calls Apple's iPhone user interface outdated
Apple Insider
The CEO of BlackBerry has criticized Apple for failing to overhaul the user interface of the iPhone to keep up with competing smartphone platforms. Since the iPhone launched in 2007, it's had largely the same interface with a grid of icons making users' ...

Researchers find microbial life at the bottom of the Mariana Trench
If you've ever dove to the bottom of a swimming pool, you know firsthand how much pressure just a few feet of water can apply to your body. Imagine the incredible pressures exerted on anything living at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. This particular trench ...


Aviary focuses on Windows 8 with new AMD partnership
Aviary, the photo-editing toolkit, and chipmaker AMD announced today they're partnering to give Windows 8 users and developers a better, faster set of photo-editing tools and features. AMD Ventures put an undisclosed amount into the software startup, which ...


Flickr app gets updated for iOS
If you're an iPhone user who uses the Flickr app frequently, the app was updated over the weekend. The update for the iOS version of the app brings an important new official feature that a lot of users will be appreciative of. With the new updates the app ...


This Is Why You'll Never Be Able To Play The New SimCity Offline
Business Insider
The bottom line: creator Maxis didn't think single player offline fit with the company's vision for the game. Here's part of what Bradshaw had to say: "Always-Connected is a big change from SimCities of the past. It didn't come down as an order from corporate...

Business Insider

The iPad's Uncontested Enterprise Run is Over
Apple's iPad has had quite an impressive run in consumer and business markets. In fact , it has reshaped the entire direction of the PC and application market. For years, it was the only game in town in consumer until the. HP ElitePad 900. Amazon Kindle Fire ...


THX sues Apple for speaker designs found in iDevices and iMacs
THX has filed a lawsuit against Apple alleging the computer maker has infringed on its speaker designs. As Bloomberg reports, THX holds a patent that was granted in 2008 that covers narrow profile speaker designs in consumer electronics and their ability to ...

Lightning Returns screens: Welcome to The Dead Dunes
The latest images show off The Dead Dunes, one of the many locations from the game. "This region is covered with endless desert sands as far as the eye can see. Within it can be found the shanties which form a base for treasure hunters seeking their fortune ...

Instagram And Snapchat Becoming More Popular Among Kids, Facebook ...
Huffington Post
WASHINGTON -- Relieved your kids aren't posting embarrassing messages and goofy self-portraits on Facebook? They're probably doing it on Instagram and Snapchat instead. The number of popular social media sites available on kids' mobile devices has ...

Robots compete to come in FIRST
Virginia Business Magazine
RICHMOND -- It wasn't necessarily battle bots, but high school students from more than 60 schools in Virginia, the Carolinas and Washington, D.C., packed the Stuart C. Siegel Center over the weekend to compete in a regional robotics competition.

Virginia Business Magazine

Nvidia gave AMD the PS4 because console margins are terrible
Consoles have historically been seen as banner products for the companies that manufacture or design their hardware. Nvidia's original Xbox win was a sizable windfall for the company in 2002-2003 and the GPU designs of the Xbox 360 and PS3 (built by...


Bat-Catching Spiders Present Everywhere Except Antarctica: Study
Nature World News
Antarctica - the large, frozen wasteland with conditions so hostile that no organism calls it a permanent home - is the only place in the world that has no bat-catching spiders, says a new study. The latest finding adds to the list of organisms hunted down by the ...

Nature World News

Pebble smartwatch gets a Mario watch face in first public SDK, because why not?
In case you missed our Pebble smartwatch review, here's a one-sentence recap: its functionality is pretty limited at the moment, but it does what it does very well, and it's reasonably priced, too -- especially if you were able to snag it for just $99. And it'll be an ...

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Gets Ex-Mozilla Engineer As CTO
US Market Buzz
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has appointed a new Chief Technology Officer replacing previous CTOs Cory Ondrejka and Mike Vernal. The new person is Mike Schroepfer and a former engineer with Mozilla, the company which makes the Firefox browsers.

Sony's Xperia Z arrives on Orange
JAPANESE PHONE MAKER Sony's Xperia Z smartphone is now available on Orange, as it becomes the latest mobile network to offer the smartphone in the UK. Despite EE's promise that Orange and T-Mobile would remain affordable 3G-only networks, the...


Life on Mars! Unless it's ET, Who Cares?
NASA scientists announced on March 12 that the Red Planet could have supported ancient life — though they don't yet have evidence that it did. A sample of rock drilled by the Curiosity rover revealed conditions that could have supported ancient microbes at ...

VIDEO: BMX demonstrators jump over volunteer at Detroit Bike City
DETROIT, MI - High-flying BMX demonstrators were entertaining the crowd at Detroit Bike City on Saturday, and we've embedded a video of the stunt bikers hopping over a volunteer, who snaps pictures of them bearing down on her. Detroit Bike City marked ...

Feral hogs posing problems at Missouri wildlife refuge
PUXICO, Mo. • The Mingo National Wildlife Refuge in southeast Missouri will be closed for a day while conservation crews conduct a one-day aerial operation to kill feral hogs. The Dexter Daily Statesman reports that the Missouri Department of Conservation ...

Google Chrome: Best security tips for safer browsing
PCWorld (blog)
There's a lot to like about Google Chrome's built-in security features. The browser offers unique sandboxing functions and privilege restrictions, and even updates itself in the background to help better protect you from hackers and malware. But like all ...

Google Keep briefly teases note-taking utility for Drive, vanishes soon after
Another day, another leak from Google. As The Next Web reports, a note-collecting service called Keep was accessible on Google Drive for a short period of time last night -- and if your short-term memory is a bit cloudy, Drive itself got leaked in a similarly ...

The Last of Us PS3 preview reveals campaign length
Product Reviews
We have some important news for those of you looking to pick up The Last of Us, when it releases exclusively on PS3 this Summer. A recent interview with Naughty Dog has stealthily revealed the exact time duration that the single-player campaign will take on ...

Ken Levine Talks Everything from Shodan, to Big Daddy, to Elizabeth: The ...
New Gamer Nation
For all those Bioshock fans out there, Ken Levine, Creative Director at Irrational Games, gave quite a long talk at BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) a few days ago in a presentation entitled “From Shodan, to Big Daddy, to Elizabeth: The ...

Sanders to Hold Town Meeting on Global Warming; Sen. Sanders, Bernard (I ...
Power Engineering Magazine
U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders will hold a town meeting in Montpelier on Saturday to discuss how global warming is impacting Vermont. Sanders will be joined by environmental experts who will explore what can be done to reverse climate change. Author and ...

Astronomers Gearing Up for Possible 'Comet of the Century'
Astronomers are already getting set for the arrival of Comet ISON, which may become one of the brightest comets ever seen when it cruises through the inner solar system this fall. NASA has brought together a small team of experts to organize an observing ...

Taiwan's participation in telescope project helps astronomy stature
Focus Taiwan News Channel
Taipei, March 18 (CNA) Taiwan's participation in the world's largest ground-based telescope project in Chile has helped upgrade its stature in the field of astronomy and has strengthened its state-of- the-art technology, a researcher said Monday.

Battlefield 4: first promo image emerges
A promotional image for Battlefield 4 has emerged via AGB ahead of the shooter's official unveiling later this month. Battlefield 4 Screenshot Last week EA sent out invites to a GDC event on March 26 at which it promises to reveal the game and "celebrate a ...

High tech specs divide digital community
Wearing a pair of glasses which house a small computer appeals to some, but others find it a potential invasion of privacy and a distraction that could make texting while driving seem safe. Dubbed "Google Glass," the high tech specs look like something ...

Tornado debris study could lead to better warnings
Houston Chronicle
ATLANTA (AP) — Photos and mementoes that were snatched up and blown hundreds of miles during a Southern tornado outbreak two years ago are giving researchers new insight on how debris is carried by the storms and how it could threaten the public.

FCC cracks down on campaign robocalls to cell phones
Two companies face fines of nearly $5 million for allegedly making millions of artificial voice messages without consumers' prior consent....

Scientists create living embryo of extinct frog that gives birth through its MOUTH
Daily Mail
An extinct frog is on the verge of revival after scientists used cloning technology to implant a 'dead' cell nucleus into a fresh egg from another frog species. Although the resulting embryos lived for just a few days, the groundbreaking research by an ...

Daily Mail

MessageMe Gets Vine'd; Facebook Pulls Access to Friend-Finding
PC Magazine
Or, at least, Facebook doesn't seem to be very keen on allowing apps to tap into Facebook's platform if they contain similar features as Facebook's own apps and services. Case in point: MessageMe, a full-featured messaging app that launched just last week ...

Verizon Wants to Pay Broadcasters Based on Unique Viewers Complains They ...
A report in the Wall Street Journal states that Verizon is proposing a new pay system to several "midtier and smaller" media companies where Verizon would only pay for channels if customers are actually watching them. The proposal would involve Verizon ...

Legend of Zelda hack makes Link the damsel in distress
Inspired by the father who modded Donkey Kong so his daughter could play the Princess, another person had the idea of modifying another classic Nintendo game. Kenna W has always loved The Legend of Zelda series, and she always wanted to play the ...

RSS inventor won't miss Google Reader
Tech Digest
google-reader-top.jpg The internet may be weeping at the news that Google Reader may be about to close, but one person of note won't be shedding a tear. Dave Winer, an instrumental figure in both the invention of RSS feeds and blogs, couldn't give a hoot.

Tech Digest

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Pocket Gamer
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on 3DS has all of the hallmarks of its PSP predecessors: the same playing mechanics, the same esoterica, and the same productivity-destroying gameplay. But it arrives in a new context. Thanks to the recent success of hardcore ...

Infamous iPad Hacker Makes No Apologies As He Faces Jail Time
Business Insider
Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer, the hacker who called attention to AT&T's poor security by releasing hundreds of thousands of iPad owners' email addresses, will be sentenced in a New Jersey court on Monday for computer crimes. Despite facing as much as ...

Business Insider

Updated Kinect for Windows software adds 3D scanning tricks
Microsoft's Xbox Kinect, the fastest selling gaming peripheral of all time, has just become a little bit more open for tinkering, thanks to a new software development kit (SDK) released by Microsoft on 18 March. For a little over a year, Microsoft has released SDK ...


Higgs boson case strengthened by new CERN data analysis
New results from the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva "strongly indicate" that the particle discovered last year is a Higgs boson, the European Organization for Nuclear Research said. The particle, which scientists said in July was probably the long-sought...


Apple loses right to use 'iPhone' trademark in Mexico
Computer Business Review
Apple suffered a blow over the iPhone trademark in Mexico after the country's Supreme Court upheld a ruling that the local technology services firm owns the iPhone brand in the country. The dispute with Apple started in 2009 when the company tried to ...

Iterations: The Improbable, Captivating Pivot From Orchestra To Mailbox
On Friday, Dropbox's acquisition of Mailbox marked the first time the tech community lit up in amazement and awe of a consumer transaction since Facebook ...


Climate Change This Week: Earth Shoots UP on GHG, Biggest Security Threat ...
Huffington Post (blog)
Global Warming Gases Spike in 2012, packing in the second highest yearly amount recorded yet, reports Alex Kirby at Climate News Network, while fellow CNN colleague Paul Brown noted that no one seems to have noticed it, or its grave implications .

Huffington Post (blog)

See Jupiter near moon in daytime sky on March 17 or 18
EarthSky (blog)
March 17 and 18, 2013 provide opportunities to view the bright planet Jupiter near the waxing crescent moon in a daytime sky. The post below – describing the details of this kind of viewing and offering advice on how to do it – is reprinted with permission from ...

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