13 March 2013

US wants China to recognise attacks on US

China blames cyber attacks on US, US wants China to recognise attacks on US
Summary: Accusations continue to fly as officials from the two most frequently attacked nations demand new cyber rules. Liam Tung. By Liam Tung | March 12, 2013 -- 13:12 GMT (06:12 PDT). Follow @liamT. The Obama administration's national security ...

Samsung's Galaxy S4: Does 5-inch screen make it a phablet?
Summary: Three years after mocking the 5-inch screen of the Dell Streak, Samsung's Galaxy S4 may make that display size commonplace everywhere. Will there be a correction in the run on large-screen phones? Larry Dignan. By Larry Dignan for Between ...

AT&T outshines Verizon in 4G LTE speed tests
AT&T offers the fastest LTE speeds among the top four U.S. carriers, says mobile analytics firm Root Metrics. Lance Whitney. by Lance Whitney. March 12, 2013 6:21 AM PDT Follow @lancewhit. AT&T may not have the largest 4G LTE network but it has the ...

Duesenberg doozy fetched cool $4.5 million
Meet the belle of Amelia Island, Fla., the car that fetched the most at one auction house's big event this past weekend at one of the USA's premier car displays. This 1935 Duesenberg Model SJ Walker-LaGrande Convertible Coupe, one of three produced and ...

New protection for endangered trees against rampant logging trade
The Guardian
Every species of mahogany and rosewood tree in Madagascar gained new protection on Tuesday against a rampant logging trade which threatens to wipe out some species before they are even discovered. The 178 nations at the world's biggest wildlife ...

Lenovo CEO Considers Buying BlackBerry
Lenovo's slip about possibly buying BlackBerry sent the BB10 maker's shares up 14 percent in New York. Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing told French financial newspaper "Les Echos" that it could eventually buy BlackBerry, but it needs to review such a decision ...


Green cheese? Gold? NASA to reveal what Mars is made of
Fox News
NASA will reveal new discoveries about Mars gleaned from the Curiosity rover's first rock powder sample in a high-profile press conference on Tuesday. The Mars rover press conference, which will be held at the agency's headquarters in Washington, will ...

Ideal Pan-Staars comet viewing starts tonight
I mentioned earlier this week that there would be a comet visible with the naked eye in the night skies that would be viewable for people in the northern hemisphere. The comet is called Pan-Staars and tonight is when the comet will be at its brightest and most ...


Google Now quietly arrives in Chromium (but refuses to work)
Signs that Google Now, the search giant's context and prediction engine currently featured on Android phones, is coming to the desktop have been spotted, with a new Chromium feature teasing the functionality though not currently functional. Evidence of ...

Richard Garriott Explains Why he Needs a $1 Million Kickstarter
Escapist Magazine
Richard "Lord British" Garriott is fed up with videogame publishers, and wants the players to take their place for his upcoming online RPG, Shroud of the Avatar. Ultima creator Richard "Lord British" Garriott once paid $30 million from his personal finances to ...

Nissan COO to Take over Electric Car Unit in April Following Sluggish EV Sales
The electric vehicle industry is still struggling to capture the dollars of consumers around the world. Pure electric vehicles still sell in very low numbers making them nothing but a niche market for most automakers. The sales of hybrid vehicles are doing better, ...


App offers car data, driving 'assistant'
San Francisco Chronicle
Every driver knows the flash of panic that hits when the dashboard "check engine" warning light goes on, or when you don't remember where you parked. But San Francisco startup Automatic Labs will take the wraps off a device Tuesday that uses the car's ...

Apple Patents 'Friend Or Foe' Identification System For Social Networking Apps ...
Apple has been granted a patent today (via AppleInsider) in an area where it hasn't had tremendous success: social networking. But the system described in the patent isn't specific to Apple's own social services, and instead describes software that could be ...


Researchers predict IQ, age, and more using only Facebook Likes
Pretty much everyone is on Facebook today and odds are you are one of the masses who use the social network. Another thing that's common on the social network is clicking like on various things that interest you on the network. Those Likes apparently give ...


And Now ANOTHER Analyst Thinks Apple Might Miss Its Own Guidance
Business Insider
After years of destroying expectations, analysts now think it might not even beat its own guidance. Last week, Citi put out revenue estimates below Apple's revenue guidance. Today, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek says Apple could miss its own guidance thanks ...

Business Insider

More pain to come for Apple and investors?
CBS News
(MoneyWatch) Apple (AAPL) appears to be facing another dip in sales. According to Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White, major component suppliers to the consumer electronics giant saw a particularly low number of orders in February. One reason ...

Microsoft backs away from Flash ban in IE10
CNET (blog)
Arguing that support for Adobe's browser plug-in is an advantage, Microsoft now permits Flash by default on Windows 8 and Windows RT. Tablets that can't run Flash are merely "a companion to a PC." Stephen Shankland. by Stephen Shankland. March 12 ...

I Just Tried On Google Glass, And This Is What It Was Like
Business Insider
Over the weekend at the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, I had the opportunity to briefly try on Google's next-generation gadget, Google Glass. The experience was interesting, to say the least. The frames do not feel heavy on your face, and I didn't ...

Business Insider

Manatee Deaths From Red Tide: Algae Blamed For Killing 174 Of The ...
Huffington Post
MIAMI, March 11 (Reuters) - A red tide algae bloom has killed a record 174 manatees so far this year off Florida's southwest Gulf Coast, authorities said on Monday. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said it was the highest number of ...

TiVo introduces TiVo Mini for whole-home viewing space
Recognizing that its customers want more than single-device connectivity, TiVo (Nasdaq: TIVO) has entered into the whole-home viewing space with the TiVo Mini, a product described in a press release as "an all-purpose companion device that allows TiVo ...

Why Would LinkedIn Buy Pulse?
Although LinkedIn (NASDAQ:LNKD) hasn't commented yet, there are reports that the company may be in talks with newsreader app Pulse, to purchase it for a price between $50 million and $100 million. If the rumors are true, with Pulse's over 20 million users, ...

Colin Powell's Facebook page hacked
Mother Nature Network
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell's Facebook page was hacked on March 11, possibly by the same miscreant who stole personal photos from Bush family email accounts last month. "YOU WILL BURN IN HELL, BUSH!" read one of the more ...

Mother Nature Network

New Bacteria in Lake Vostok Actually a Contamination: Reports
Science World Report
(Photo : Reuters) But on 11 March the lab confirmed that it was not the bacteria but the contamination that generated the signal. Last week, Russian scientists announced the discovery of a new type of bacterial life found in the water samples collected from the ...

Science World Report

Climate Change Is Making Canada Look More Like the United States
The Atlantic Cities
Observant people who've driven through Canada their entire lives may have noticed a shift in their natural surroundings. That is, it's greener: A huge portion of the country, roughly equal to the area of the entire United States, is sprouting thick, luscious new ...

The Atlantic Cities

PlayStation Vita 3G to be discontinued by Sony?
Digital Spy
Joystiq claims to have heard from Sony store representatives in the US that the company is planning to offer the handheld console as a WiFi-only device in the future. Gallery - the Japanese-only Red and Blue Vita systems: PlayStation Vita Red and Blue ...

Julie Uhrman: Ouya Online Multiplayer Games Could Run By Year-End
Ouya, the Android gaming console for television-based games, is working to launch multi-player gaming features later this year, said Julie Uhrman, founder and CEO of Ouya, in a talk at South By Southwest. The startup already has local multiplayer games ...


Stanford professor wants to find asteroids that threaten Earth
Stanford University News
Several large asteroids have zipped dangerously close to Earth in the past month. Scott Hubbard is part of a team that plans to track down future threats. By Bjorn Carey. NASA/JPL-Caltech. Diagram depicts the passage of asteroid 2012 DA14 through the ...

Archive for March, 2013
TeensTalkTech (blog)
Curious to try out Microsoft's new Office 365? Just got a new PC or Mac and want a demo version of Office to use so you don't need to buy it right away? Well you're in luck as Microsoft just announced a new deal for students that you are going to want to check ...

Lunar impacts created seas of molten rock on Moon
The Hindu
Molten rock may have been present on the Moon's surface more recently and for longer periods than previously thought, a new study has found, which may help determine the exact age of the Earth's natural satellite. As the lunar magma ocean cooled over ...

Soon, self-healing smartphones and computers
Washington: Imagine if your smartphone or computer could repair on its own! It might sound like the stuff of science fiction as engineers at the California Institute of Technology, for the first time ever, have developed self-healing integrated chips. It means your ...


Preempting iPhone 5S release with Android clone
Product Reviews
Today has seen the release of the Goophone i5S, which is being marketed as an iPhone 5S clone. Knowing that we have established that this is indeed a replica, we can't help think how similar this knockoff is to Apple's current smartphone. We do find it ...

Product Reviews

Why cross-platform gaming is Microsoft's secret weapon
PCWorld (blog)
Microsoft has taken major heat for its recent reinvention efforts, but amid public lambasting of Windows 8 and the Surface tablets, a critical new development has largely been ignored: The company has both the hardware and software to dominate the four ...

Virgin Media tops Netflix's fastest UK ISP table
TELEVISION ON DEMAND SERVICE Netflix has awarded Virgin Media the top spot in its UK ISP Speed Index for the second time. The high ranking comes after Netflix has extended its Speed Index to more countries. The expectation is that people will check ...

Is .com the 212 area code of domains?
The World Wide Web is getting wider with the addition of new top-level domains this year, but experts say businesses and marketers may find that grabbing new options won't do much good. The .com ending for Internet addresses still rules. The Internet ...


Iran blocks VPN access to Gmail, Yahoo
CTV News
TEHRAN, Iran -- Iranian authorities have blocked many foreign-based virtual private networks, or VPNs, severely restricting access to many websites. The VPNs are illegal in Iran but offered a path for Iranians to freely use the Internet, access banned ...

CTV News

Beijing's bad air days
Washington Post
Air pollution in Beijing has been particularly bad this winter. Here's a look at the Chinese capital in the midst of the miasma. A Chinese flag flies in front of Beijing Telegraph Building on a hazy morning in central.. . .

Third-closest star system to Sun discovered
Hindu Business Line
WISE J104915.57-531906 is at the center of the larger image, which was taken by the NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE). (Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Gemini Observatory/AURA/NSF) ...

Hindu Business Line

EA says SimCity server issues improve, not yet 'all-clear'
By Malathi Nayak. SAN FRANCISCO | Mon Mar 11, 2013 2:32pm EDT. SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Server problems that botched the launch of Electronic Arts Inc's new "SimCity" title last week and incensed gamers who could not access the game for days ...

Jaguar Land Rover Ready to Launch the Next Generation Range Rover Evoque
Daily auto news
Jaguar Land Rover has installed a nine speed automatic transmission system on the next model of the Range Rover Evoque. This ZF transmission system replaces the current six speed transmission system and is expected to be present on all models post ...

Astronomers Conduct 'Reconnaissance' Of Another Solar System
There are four planets circling the HR8799, a star 128 light years away from our own planet. Now, for the first time, astronomers working in a group called Project 1640 have unveiled a new method of ”remote reconaissance” that enables them to understand ...


Grasshopper spacecraft makes record hop
TG Daily
SpaceX's reusable Grasshopper spacecraft has managed to hop more than 24 stories into the air, hover and then land safely. The 263-foot jump, at SpaceX's rocket development facility in McGregor, Texas, was double the craft's previous record. It hovered for ...

TG Daily

Gmail for mobile browsers gets iPhone-like update
NBCNews.com (blog)
Google has updated its Gmail mobile web app to have a clean new look reminiscent of the latest iOS app, following positive feedback from the most recent redesign. Heavy Gmail users probably use a dedicated app for their email needs, but being able to ...

Apple showcases its vast app catalog in two new iPhone ads
Apple and Samsung put a lot of money and effort into their marketing campaigns. While Samsung tends to be showy and controversial, Apple gets to the heart of the matter in its ads. The latest series of commercials have focused on the iPad and the ways ...

Blizzard Entertainment Developers Launch Gamers Into StarCraft II: Heart Of The ...
Around the globe, PC gamers are already battling it out in Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. The new game from Activision Blizzard Publishing had launch celebrations around the world, including at the Irvine GameStop just down the ...


Seattle Bar Bans Google Glass Ahead Of Release
DrJays.com Live
A guy walks into a bar. The bartender says, “Hey, take off those $1,500 augmented reality spectacles or get out.” End of story. A self-proclaimed dive bar in Seattle has become the first known business to ban Google Glass, months before the device is ...

Are Tropical Forests Immune To Global Warming?
Lifehacker Australia
A new study by 'climate modeller' Dr Chris Huntingford has found tropical forests are unlikely to lose biomass in response to greenhouse gas emissions caused by global warming. (He doesn't appear to be a crackpot either.) Forest picture from Shutterstock ...

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