25 March 2013

China chooses Ubuntu as state-endorsed operating system

Looks like Ubuntu Linux will become the next major OS (PCs, tablets, smartphones) and perhaps, eventually, the number one OS in the world (China could easily deliver one billion users)--

China chooses Ubuntu as state-endorsed operating system | Business Tech - CNET News: "Canonical, the organization behind popular Linux distribution Ubuntu, is working alongside the Chinese government to deliver a state-endorsed operating system. According to Canonical, it's working alongside the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to bring a suitable Ubuntu version to China. The operating system, which will be known as Ubuntu Kylin, is expected to be released in April."

HTC to Roll Out New Phone This Week
Wall Street Journal
TAIPEI—HTC Corp. said Sunday that it will roll out its new flagship handset HTC One in the U.K., Germany and Taiwan this week after the Taiwanese smartphone maker delayed the launch earlier this month due in part to a shortage of several key ...

Microsoft teasers, tips and tidbits: 5 things to know now
PCWorld (blog)
Microsoft has had a busy week, judging from the breadth of the buzz about the company's next ventures. Windows 8 is shipping on all its myriad platforms; now what? Plenty, say a mix of official and clandestine sources. Microsoft has more in store for Windows ...

Canonical Teams With China to Create National OS
Tom's Hardware Guide
"[CISP] has selected Canonical's Ubuntu as the basis for that reference architecture in order to provide a flexible, open, widely-used and standardized operating system," the company said. "The announcement is part of the Chinese government's five year plan ...

Facebook Events now show weather foreecasts
Facebook has updated its Events feature to include weather forecasts. The weather forecasts only begin to appear when the event is happening within the next 10 days, however, but its a nifty little feature that should aid when planning a get-together.

The lights go out for Earth Hour
Washington Post
More than 7,000 cities and towns across the globe — including many well-known spots — go dark for 60 minutes to get people thinking about climate change. Before Earth Hour: The National Library is illuminated in Minsk, Belarus. At left. 1 / 23. Rate this ...

Linkpost | 3.24.2013
Houston Chronicle (blog)
Apple Acquires Indoor Location Company WifiSLAM – Apple reportedly spent about $20 million for the company, which provides indoor GPS services in large spaces, such as malls.

Part 2: Whitehead acknowledgment adds to state's aviation legacy
Shelton Herald
Andy Kosch with a replica of Gustave Whitehead's No. 21, now recognized by Jane's All the World's Aircraft as the first powered aircraft to leave the ground, at the Connecticut Air and Space Museum in Stratford. (Photo by John Kovach). For more than a ...

Shelton Herald

Meteorite or Asteroid Sudden Strike Confirmed by NASA Scientists
Guardian Express
How many of you have heard about the Meteorite, or small asteroid as it's been called, that entered the Earth's atmosphere over Russia on February, 15, 2013? Many, some, a few residents on the planet? Did you think it was a hoax, conspiracy, something ...

PAX East 2013 preview: DuckTales Remastered hands-on
You needn't look further than the crowd at Capcom's PAX East panel to know that DuckTales is just one of those games. The uproarious cheers and impromptu DuckTales theme song sing-a-long indicated that Capcom has made the right move by bringing ...


Walking Dead on PS Vita, Sony's new handheld, to shock and fright users
Guardian Express
According to IGN, The Walking Dead video game on PS Vita, Sony's new handheld device, will surprise users in terms of shock and fright. Moreover, the game will soon be available. I'm sure there will be a lot of zombie apocalypse-based gamer's who will be ...

Rocketdyne retirees interested in rocket engine recovery
Joplin Globe
NEVADA, Mo. — Retirees of the former Rocketdyne plant watched this past week with interest as a team sponsored by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos recovered an F-1 engine from a Saturn V rocket on the ocean's floor. Bezos was seeking to recover an engine ...

Nebraskan swallows may be evolving to avoid becoming roadkill
The Verge
A 30-year study of birds and roadkill may have given us a look into how animals respond to man-made changes in the environment. According to a study published last week in Current Biology, an area in southwestern Nebraska has seen a marked drop in ...

Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 Riding Crest of Wii U's Failure
Eagle's Rant
Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 Riding Crest of Wii U's Failure There's a silver lining to be found in ever cloud it seems and in the case of the ailing Nintendo Wii U, both the Microsoft Xbox 720 and the Sony PlayStation 4 are gathering serious momentum in its...

Eagle's Rant

Mankind Gets First Look at the Dark Side of the Moon
Nature World News
The dark side of the Moon has long intrigued scientists, and not the shadow cast by the ever-changing alignment of the Earth, Sun and Moon. Rather, they're fascinated by the extreme poles of the Moon's surface that, due to its nearly perfectly perpendicular ...

Friday Night Flash That Lit Up East Coast Skies Identified as a Meteor
NASA said a "fireball" meteor was seen up and down the East Coast Friday night, and it landed safely in the Atlantic Ocean. See anything strange in the sky on Friday night? You weren't the only one. A bright streak of light was seen by people across Long ...

NASA Halts Education and Outreach Efforts
Daily Beast
What do politicians have against aliens? It was bad enough when it was announced that several air-traffic-control towers were shutting down across the nation. But now NASA? Due to sequestration-induced cutbacks, the space agency is halting its education ...

Daily Beast

Mass Effect 4 a fresh new take on for the franchise
Attack of the Fanboy
Bioware has made no secrets about a new Mass Effect game coming out of their Montreal studio. This weekend at PAX, Casey Hudson explained that the next entry in the Mass Effect sereis will be a “fresh and new” start for the franchise. Hudson will still be ...

Attack of the Fanboy

Fla. coast protected for sea turtles
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., March 23 (UPI) -- Much of Florida's space coast is being declared "critical habitat" to protect the threatened loggerhead sea turtle, federal wildlife officials said. That means sea walls built below the mean low tide line will face ...

Magic 2014 announced at PAX East; original trading card game comes to ...
Nerdvana (blog)
Wizards of the Coast announced its product lineup for Magic 2014 this week at PAX East, revealing that the digital version would debut for the first time on Android devices. Magic 2014 — Duels of the Planeswalkers will also be available as an app for iPad, ...

Nerdvana (blog)

Take A Spin (VIDEO): The 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series
The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series went for a spin, compliments of the Drive Channel. The car was taken to Paul Ricard Racing circuit in France and thrown on the road. The 631 horsepower beast machine has seven speeds and with a weight of ...

Marvel Heroes Launch Date
Zam News
RuneScape 3 Coming Summer 2013Runescape to receive massive update evolving into RuneScape 3 Summer 2013; GW2: The RazingThe third installment of Flame and Frost will be released on March 26. Marvel Heroes Launch DateDetails on the Marvel ...

'Dishonored' (ALL) The Knife of Dunwall DLC - New Screens
Dishonored is an immersive first-person action game that casts you as a supernatural assassin driven by revenge. Creatively eliminate your targets with the flexible combat system as you combine the numerous supernatural abilities, weapons and unusual ...

Top China college in focus with ties to army's cyber-spying unit
Shanghai: Faculty members at a top Chinese university have collaborated for years on technical research papers with a People's Liberation Army (PLA) unit accused of being at the heart of China's alleged cyber-war against Western commercial targets.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist Video Walkthrough
New Gamer Nation
One of the flagship titles that Ubisoft is showcasing at PAX East 2013 this weekend is Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist and in light of that, they have released an all new video walkthrough for the Abandoned Mill level showing three distinct play styles.

New Gamer Nation

Barnes & Nobles now offering a free e-reader with purchase of the NOOK HD+ ...
Barnes & Nobles now offering a free e-reader with purchase of the NOOK HD+ Barnes & Noble, in an effort to boost sales of their flagship tablet, will offer a free Nook Simple Touch e-reader with purchases of the NOOK HD+. From March 24th until March 31st,...


Six of 19 beached whales dead, some to be euthanased
Times LIVE
Six of 19 beached whales dead, some to be euthanased. Some of the pilot whales that beached at Noordhoek Beach on Sunday morning will be put to death, the National ...

Times LIVE

'Fuse' for May release in UK and US
Digital Spy
The game centres around Fuse, a volatile energy source that each of its four playable characters can use for different weapons. Customers who pre-order the title will receive numerous bonuses, including new armor, weapons customisation and team perks.

Lockheed Martin Looking To Use Quantum Computing For Product Development
A US-based aerospace and defense developer is looking to become the first company in the world to use quantum computing technology as part of its commercial business ventures. According to Quentin Hardy of the New York Times, Lockheed Martin is ...


Chinese firms reportedly losing interest in US taxpayer-backed Fisker, citing loan ...
Fox News
Chinese firms in talks to buy electric car maker Fisker Automotive reportedly are having second thoughts, balking over the possibility that Fisker's U.S. government loan would compel any buyer to churn out cars at an aging GM plant in Delaware. The Wall ...

3 of the Week's Biggest Surprises
Motley Fool
Say what you want about the tech sector, but it's never boring. Any given week will keep tech investors flooded with product announcements, earnings surprises, and crazy strategy shifts that absolutely nobody saw coming. These are three of the most ...

Apple ID security issue fixed, password page back online
The page was taken down yesterday, after reports of an exploit that could let hackers with a user's e-mail address and birth date change the user's Apple ID password. The company has fixed the issue. Edward Moyer. by Edward Moyer. March 23, 2013 9:03 ...

PAX East: 2K Games announces XCOM Enemy Unknown for iOS; debut trailer ...
The Gaming Vault
One of the best games of 2012 and certainly, a vision of the RTS genre performing at its zenith, XCOM Enemy Unknown has now been confirmed to arrive on iOS later this year by publisher 2K Games. Best of all, this will be no cut-down version of the ...

Complex Magazine "40 Hottest Women in Tech" List Actually Ranked Them By ...
Every one loves a good top 40 list. They're catchy, easy reading (or listening), and usually make a good guilty pleasure debate over who made the cut. But outside of Time Magazine's annual 100 Most Influential People list, we don't often see "top" lists of ...


Build-Your-Own Motorola X Phone to Revolutionize Android Market?
Press Blue
Build-Your-Own Motorola X Phone to Revolutionize Android Market? Here's a rumor to chew over – what if the Motorola X Phone were to launch with no specs and features at all? A hollow, empty shell of a Smartphone, if you will? Yeah it sound like complete ...

Press Blue

Monitoring your kids on Facebook? Try harder
Rebecca Levey, mother of 10-year-old twin girls, says it is important to educate children on the risks of Internet social media sites. (KATHY WILLENS/THE ASSOCIATED PRESS). WASHINGTON –. After Friendster came MySpace. By the time Facebook ...


Letter revealing the structure of DNA to be sold for £1.2 million
Francis Crick used the handwritten note to tell his son Michael that he and his colleague Jim Watson had "probably" made a "most important discovery". The scientist describes in the letter to his 12 year old son that their finding may explain how "life comes ...


New Theory Suggests That A Comet Was The Culprit Behind Chicxulub ...
One of the most popular theories on the disappearance of the dinosaurs surrounds the 110 mile-wide Chicxulub crater in Mexico. Many scientists believe the extinction was caused by an asteroid that crashed into Earth, leaving only a massive crater behind.


Fujifilm XP200 and S8400W Go Extreme in Ruggedness and Zoom
Fujifilm has announced two new consumer-level cameras that go extreme in different ways. The first is the new FinePix XP200, a new rugged cameras for outdoor environments. The second is the FinePix S8400W, a bridge camera that packs a massive zoom ...


Low Cost 8" & 9.7" Tablets From Archos Are Now Available In US
News For Shoppers
The Archos 80 Titanium features a dual core Cortex A-9 processor that's clocked at 1.6 GHz. It runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, has a Mali-400 MP4 GPU, 1 GB RAM, a microSD card that allows for up to 64 GB expansion, rear and back cameras, and an 8-inch IPS...

News For Shoppers

T-Mobile began testing 4G LTE network
Kabir News
Reports by OpenSignal.com suggest T-Mobile began testing its new 4G LTE network in several cities including: Las Vegas, New York, Kansas City, Denver, Seattle, San Diego, New Orleans, Las Vegas and the San Francisco Bay Area. T-Mobile's unofficial...

Kabir News

Supergiant Games' Transistor will feature Bastion narrator Logan Cunningham ...
Logan Cunningham, the voice of Rucks from Bastion, has earned himself quite a following since his work on Supergiant Games' wildly successful action title. So when Supergiant announced their new game, Transistor, you can imagine how badly fans hoped ...

Australian Researchers Show Signs of Progress in Reviving Extinct Species
Nature World News
(Photo : Reuters) An endangered poison frog (Phyllobates terribilis) is seen at the Santa Fe Zoo in Medellin, January 15, 2013. Should it go extinct, scientists may one day be able to revive it. In 1983 one of the world's most decidedly bizarre species of frog ...

Nature World News

Unusually Low Sun Activity Expected to Give Way to Maximum And Solar Storms ...
Science World Report
The 11-year cycle of solar activity was supposed to be at a maximum in these months, but our sun is instead very quiet until now, apart from the occasional CME shot towards Earth, with only light effects for the last two this week and last month. But scientists ...

Exclusive: 2013 Ford Fusion at the Denver Auto Show
Torque News
Kendra Clayton of Ford talks us through the highlights of the all-new 2013 Ford Fusion, including its five powertrain options and safety features, at the 2013 Denver Auto Show in Colorado. n/a. Kendra Clayton 2013 Ford Fusion Energi. Ford hit the 2013 ...

Torque News

Biology Prevents Men to Pursue Friends' Wives, Claims Study
Latinos Post
(Photo : Reuters) A couple sits along the seafront promenade at dusk in Mumbai's suburbs May 16, 2012. Scientist have discovered that a man's biology may prevent him from attempting to pursue a friend's spouse or girlfriend, a new study shows. In a study of ...

Latinos Post

Google+ Quietly Rolls Out a Photos-Only Filter for Search Results
Facebook announced its photos-only news feed filter earlier this month (alongside a major News Feed revamp) at a major press event surrounded by much fanfare. Now, Google has followed suit with its Google+ social network — albeit much, much more ...

Vagrant Sea Otter Settles into Vancouver Aquarium; How You Can Help Choose ...
Latinos Post
Last fall, an eight-week old motherless sea otter was spotted wandering alongside a tarmac road in Homer, Alaska. The vagrant pup, malnourished and un-groomed, found a home in the I.Sea.U division of the Alaska SeaLife Center by the order of the U.S. ...

Latinos Post

35 years after launch, Voyager 1 still in earth's solar system
South China Morning Post
A spacecraft that took off from Cape Canaveral 35 years ago is continuing its journey out of the solar system, Nasa said. The Voyager 1 probe was fired into space to observe the outer planets and the mysterious interstellar medium that lies beyond the solar ...

Huge and widespread volcanic eruptions triggered the end-Triassic extinction
Eureka! Science News
More than 200 million years ago, a massive extinction decimated 76 percent of marine and terrestrial species, marking the end of the Triassic period and the onset of the Jurassic. This devastating event cleared the way for dinosaurs to dominate Earth for the ...

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