01 March 2013

Radio through TuneIn

'Dumb' radio gets smart: TuneIn adds recommendation features for live shows ...
Using the term “dumb radio” to describe terrestrial (traditional) radio stations is much less accurate with latest feature addition from TuneIn. TuneIn brings over 70,000 live global radio stations (those that are streaming online) and 2 million on-demand audio ...

Facebook Ads Based on Browsing Challenge Google
Facebook Inc. (FB), under pressure to expand sales from its 1.1 billion users, is pushing into a business that lets marketers buy advertisements in real time on the basis of a member's Web-browsing habits. Facebook Exchange, a five-month-old service that ...

Anti-virus firm says Stuxnet cyberweapon which targeted Iran nuke plant is older ...
Washington Post
LONDON — The sophisticated cyberweapon which targeted an Iranian nuclear plant is older than previously believed, an anti-virus company said Tuesday, peeling back another layer of mystery on a series of attacks attributed by many to U.S. and Israeli...

Washington Post

Ford announces pricing for Fiesta ST hot-hatch
Los Angeles Times
$22,195. That's all you'll need to get into the seat of Ford's newest -- and smallest -- hot hatch, the Fiesta ST. The automaker added the ST to its online configurator for the 2014 version of the four-door hatchback Tuesday. While the base Fiesta starts at ...

Google debuts Lenovo ThinkPad x131e, the first Chromebook just for schools
Summary: Are Chromebooks the future of the classroom? Google is says it is serious about the education market and now Lenovo has the hardware to match. Sam Shead. By Sam Shead | February 28, 2013 -- 09:39 GMT (01:39 PST). Follow @SLShead ...


Cricket Wireless Sees iPhone Sales Plummet
The iPhone 5 has been a sales success for most carriers around the world. However, Cricket Wireless – the no contract prepaid network operated by Leap Wireless -- isn't having luck selling the iPhone 5 and is seeing stock levels climb as consumers opt for...


Samsung hires ex-Judge who demanded public Apple shaming
Samsung has hired the ex-judge that ruled in its favor against Apple and forced the Cupertino firm to make a public apology on its homepage, calling Sr Robin Jacob as an expert in its ITC case with Ericsson. Apple was made to post a statement conceding it...


Sandstorm pushes Beijing pollution levels off the charts
NBCNews.com (blog)
By Ed Flanagan, Producer, NBC News. BEIJING -- Beijing and other parts of northern China were stung by hazardous air pollution levels Thursday as strong winds blew a sandstorm through the region. Air in the capital turned a yellowish hue as sand from ...

Mobile phones take a back seat as gadget show goes soft on hardware
Editor's note: Jason Jenkins is an Editor at CNET, the number one brand in consumer tech. He can be found tweeting @jenkojenkins. Follow CNET's coverage of the Mobile World Congress here. Barcelona, Spain (CNN) -- I came to Mobile World Congress ...

Cook doesn't like Apple's share price, but urges patience
Summary: Apple is still open to sharing its cash pile, but has given investors little insight on how it will address its falling share price. Apple chief Tim Cook has told ...

Millionaire plans to send couple to Mars in 2018. Is that realistic? (+video)
Christian Science Monitor
In 1961, President John F. Kennedy charged NASA with putting humans on the moon within the decade. Now, the world's first space tourist, multimillionaire Dennis Tito, formally unveiled plans to send two humans to Mars and back on a nonstop, 501-day...

Christian Science Monitor

China hits back at US hackers
TG Daily
China's Defense Ministry has accused the US of repeated cyberattacks on its website, along with a People's Liberation Army news site. It says the Defense Ministry and China Military Online sites were hit by over 100,000 hacking attacks each month last year, ...

TG Daily

BallCam Football Camera Shows Ball's-Eye View Of Spiral Pass (VIDEO)
Huffington Post
Fans of televised football are used to seeing the action from just about every angle, but a new invention promises a look from a never-before-seen perspective: the football's-eye view. The BallCam, a foam football with a video camera embedded in its side, ...

Google's Project Glass
Sydney Morning Herald
SERGEY BRIN envisions Google's internet glasses hitting the market this year with an eye towards freeing people from unsocial habits engendered by ''emasculating'' smartphones. Speaking on Wednesday at the annual TED conference - known for its mix of ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Pandora to limit free listening on mobile devices
NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Pandora Media Inc. said Wednesday it will begin to cap the number of hours of free music available on mobile devices as it copes with rising royalty rates. The limit, 40 hours per month for free mobile listening, is expected to ...

Scientists reliably measure a supermassive black hole's spin for the first time
Out of all of the amazing wonders and phenomenon in space, one of the most amazing and perplexing is the black hole. A black hole has incredibly strong gravitational pull capturing everything from rock and gas to light. Nothing escapes a black hole. black- ...


Wireless connections creep into everyday things
Green Bay Press Gazette
The next wave of the wireless revolution will be getting things to talk to each other, with no human intervention: cars that talk to your insurance company's computers, for example. / AP. Written by. Peter Svensson. Associated Press. Filed Under. GPG · Business ...

Dancing With Manta Rays in Midnight Underwater Photo Shoot
Shawn Heinrichs and Kristian Schmidt's photos of models swimming with whale sharks were a viral hit last month, helping raise awareness about a species that has been over-fished and killed by poachers harvesting shark fins. Now the pair of photographers ...


Qualcomm unafraid of Nvidia's Tegra 4: 'we beat it easily' with Snapdragon 800
The Verge
Nvidia is making a big deal at this year's MWC of proving its bold claim that the upcoming Tegra 4 system-on-chip is "the world's fastest mobile processor." The first benchmarking runs show the company's new silicon comfortably outpacing every piece of ...

Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtles Could Be Extinct in 20 Years
Numbers for the turtles have been declining by 5.9 percent since the 1980′s. The study reports, ”one of the sites on Bird's Head Peninsula that accounts for 75 percent of total leatherback nesting in the western Pacific — nests have fallen from a peak of ...

Mystery of ancient fish's teeth solved
POCATELLO, Idaho, Feb. 27 (UPI) -- U.S. researchers say they've used CAT scans to make 3-D virtual reconstructions of an ancient shark-like fish's odd spiral-toothed jaw. Idaho State University researchers said fossils of the 270 million-year-old fish known ...


China to launch new manned spacecraft
BEIJING, Feb. 28 (Xinhua) -- China's new spacecraft will be launched sometime between June and August, a spokesperson for the office of the country's space manned program said in a statement released Thursday. Three Chinese astronauts will board the ...

New York Times Negative Review Cost Tesla $100 Million
According to Tesla Motors co-founder and CEO Elon Musk, the controversial review of the Model S published by The New York Times has cost the Company close to $100 million. Many customers cancelled their orders after reading the article that accused ...


Samsung Posts Galaxy S4 Teaser Image On Its Facebook Page
Samsung has posted more details about the unveiling of the Galaxy S4 on its Facebook page. The event will be held at 7 p.m. in Times Square on March 14 and will be streamed live on YouTube. Even though Samsung's most-anticipated device won't come ...


Files App Is A Beautifully Designed File Manager For iOS [Review]
Cult of Mac
One of the longest running complaints with iOS is the lack of a filesystem, particularly for pro users. Some might even say that it's a problem limiting the adoption of iOS devices as primary computers. To help bridge this gap, developers have released ...

Google Calendar Events In Google Search Results
Search Engine Roundtable
Google has expanded their Gmail field trial into Google Calendar to allow users who opt in to search Google for upcoming events and appointments on their calendar. Google announced this on Google+ and shared that you can search for [what is on my ...

Top 10 Smartphones and Tablets of Mobile World Congress 2013
LAPTOP Magazine (blog)
For the past week, we've been spending time with the world's newest smartphones and tablets at Mobile World Congress 2013. While, there were a good deal of new devices, not everyone was a winner. But the ones that did stick out from the crowd were ...

LAPTOP Magazine (blog)

Armband of brothers: new device for gesture control
Hindustan Times
The MYO armband is the latest in a growing number of products to offer "Minority Report"-style gesture controls for computers and mobile devices. Built by Thalmic Labs, the MYO is worn on the arm, below the elbow, and connects to a computer or other ...

Hindustan Times

Samsung adding Android security features to target business customers
Silicon Valley Business Journal
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has been "quietly" adding security features to its Android phones in an attempt to lure business customers. Lisa Ward: Web contributor- Silicon Valley Business Journal. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has been "quietly" adding ...

Android army occupies Barcelona
At an exclusive private party in Barcelona, Brit Award-winning band Florence and the Machine are entertaining a crowd, mostly male, middle-aged and rather well behaved, who can't believe their luck. Already at a conference in one of Europe's most beautiful...


Facebook CFO calls Instagram a 'formidable competitor'
Even as Facebook's property, Instagram, now with more than 100 million active users, could still pose a threat to the social network's business. "One of the services that is, I think, a quite formidable competitor is Instagram," David Ebersman, Facebook chief ...

Google Sports Game Shows Web Tech Power
If you've noticed more people than usual frantically pawing at their smartphones lately, Google may be to blame. The company on Wednesday launched a multiplayer online game called Chrome Super Sync Sports to highlight ways that Web technology and ...

Leap Motion controller could bridge the chasm between iPad and iMac
Summary: The innovative 3D motion controller straight out of Minority Report begins shipping on May 13 (Best Buy on May 19), and could be a key technology in bringing touch to the desktop. Jason D. O'Grady. By Jason D. O'Grady for The Apple Core ...

Social Traffic App Waze Adds Real-Time Road Closures
PC Magazine
In its first update since October, social GPS app Waze is pushing version 3.6 out to iPhone and Android users, who can now report closed roads on the digital maps in real time. "At any given moment, roads are unexpectedly closed due to accidents, floods, ...

'MiniDuke' malware takes aim at European governments
According to security researcher Kaspersky Lab, the malware made its way onto infected computers through PDFs. Don Reisinger. by Don Reisinger. February 27, 2013 8:24 AM PST. Make sure you update your Adobe Reader. (Credit: Screenshot by Lance ...

Microsoft Updates Office 365 for Business, Adds New Plans
PC Magazine
Microsoft today unveiled several new versions of its subscription-based Office 365 suite for businesses, and upgraded existing plans. The revamped Office 365 for business includes updates to Microsoft Lync, Exchange, and SharePoint Online. Users can ...

Is Intel The Chip Foundry Better Than Intel The Processor Supplier?
Seeking Alpha
The recent news that Intel (INTC) will be a chip foundry for Altera (ALTR) and conjecture that this is just the first of several foundry relationships has brought a new aspect to how we should look at Intel the company. Much of Intel analysis in recent months has ...

Urine sample app lets users detect diseases with iPhones
No, Uchek doesn't involve peeing on a smartphone -- but it does help people find out if they have diabetes, urinary tract infections, and more. The Uchek app lets users take urine ...

Russian Meteor Changed Views on Life in Blast City, Poll Shows
The meteor explosion above Chelyabinsk this month changed the “perceptions of life” for 26 percent of the Russian city's residents, a poll showed. Forty percent of those who heard the explosion on Feb. 15 thought they witnessed a plane crash and 8 percent ...

Researchers demonstrate lithium-ion battery that can stretch, twist and bend
Two researchers, from Northwestern University and the University of Illinois have demonstrated a stretchable lithium-ion battery that can power stretchable electronics. What makes this new creation interesting is the fact that one does not have to connect it by ...


Zuck Urges Kids to Code; Instagram Passes 100M Users; Google+ Sign in Now ...
PC Magazine
Topping tech headlines on Tuesday, some of the most recognized names in technology, music, and sports have partnered with the non-profit organization Code.org to encourage students to take an interest in coding. In a short film directed by documentarian ...

Samsung Wallet slavishly copies inspired by Apple Passbook
MWC 2013 Samsung has unveiled a developer preview of its upcoming Wallet app, and to say that it was inspired by Apple's iOS Passbook app may be a gross understatement. Like Passbook, Samsung's Wallet stores retail coupons, airline boarding passes, ...

King of hype? Nokia CEO says Windows Phone "can be the biggest operating ...
Computerworld (blog)
Windows Phone is bumping along with a market share in the low single digits, but Nokia CEO Stephen Elop claims that Windows Phone "can be the biggest operating system in the world." If that's not the definition of chutzpah, I don't know what is. Elop was ...

Fiennes evacuated from Antarctic base
BBC News
Sir Ranulph Fiennes has begun his journey home after having to pull out of an expedition across Antarctica in winter because of frostbite. He has been evacuated from the base camp to the Princess Elisabeth Station, after waiting days for the weather to ...

BBC News

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