30 November 2013

SMS Smartphone Attack

Nexus smartphones can reportedly be forced to reboot through SMS attack | The Verge: "The latest Nexus smartphones can be forced to restart, freeze, or lose network connection because of an issue with the way they handle a certain type of SMS message, reports PC World. Security researcher Bogdan Alecu reportedly discovered that the Galaxy Nexus, the Nexus 4, and the Nexus 5 all contain a vulnerability that can allow attackers to interrupt use of the phone. By sending a Nexus phone around 30 flash SMS messages — a message type that's immediately displayed on the screen and requires action — an attacker can cause the phone to malfunction, frequently restarting or losing its data connection when the messages aren't promptly dismissed..." (read more at link above)

Apple Stresses 'Value' Not Cash For Black Friday Discounts

In an interesting departure from previous years, Apple Apple is using a combination of cash and gift card discounts worldwide to attract shoppers to its on-line ...


Google's YouTube Could Be About To Launch A Music Streaming ...

Given how crowded this space is now, what with Pandora, Spotify, Apple Apple, Google's own All Access and so on, we might wonder whether there's really all ...

Times of India

Microsoft Xbox One launch marred by disc drive glitch

Christian Science Monitor
It happens to Apple. It happens to Sony. And now its happening toMicrosoft, which last week officially launched the Xbox One in 13 markets around the world.


Apple Objects to Monitor's Fees in E-Books Antitrust Case

Apple Inc. said a monitor appointed by a judge to oversee antitrust ... “Of all all known past Apple matters,” no lawyer has had a higher rate than Michael ...


Google's privacy policy violates Dutch data protection law, Dutch ...

Google's practice of combining personal data from different Google services violates the Dutch data protection act, the Dutch data protection authority (DPA) said ...

Times of India

Why Apple In Brazil Is Charging Its Customers In Dollars Not Reals

An interesting little story that Apple Apple is being hit with a potential fine in Brazil. The alleged crime is to be charging and quoting prices in US dollars for ...


Amazon's Kindle Fire still a minor player in China's tablet market

Chinese users had to wait for over a year before Amazon.com officially brought its ... Apple in the third quarter remained China's largest tablet vendor, with iPad ...

International Business Times AU

Amazon Continues Amazing Deals Every Ten Minutes on Cyber ...

1, Amazon.com will open its Cyber Monday Deals Store with new deals as often as every ... Cyber Monday is the peak mobile shopping day on Amazon all year.


Amazon Germany says more worried about snow than strikes

HAMBURG (Reuters) - Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O) has no intention of bowing to pressure from striking workers in Germany, its second biggest market behind ...


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29 November 2013

Amazon, Google, Scalability

"Another technique Google employs is to automate everything possible.... Ideally, an organization should get rid of its system administration altogether, and just build and innovate on existing services offered by others" (source infra)

Google, Amazon reveal their secrets of scalability

Internet giants such as Google and Amazon run IT operations that are far larger than most ... Google's biggest competitor is not Bing or Apple or Facebook. Rather, it is itself....(read more at link above)

Australian Techworld

Amazon, brick-and-mortar stores go head-to-head

San Jose Mercury News
NEW YORK -- This holiday shopping season, it's Amazon vs. everyone else. The online giant has attracted customers from big store chains like Wal-Mart and ...

San Francisco Chronicle

Microsoft blocks censorship of Skype in China: advocacy group

BEIJING (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp. has made it harder to monitor calls and chats over ... In 2010, Google conducted a partial pull-out from China on the basis of ...


Microsoft Said to Lean to Mulally, Nadella in CEO Search

Microsoft is shifting strategy to focus more on hardware and Internet-based services and away from its


Apple's really cool rhetoric is ready for an overhaul

But it doesn't help that he -- and the rest of Apple's (AAPL) senior staff -- still talk as if they were no adjectives in the English language but the handful that Jobs ...


Google Changing Google Apps Sign-In for Users in 2014

Earlier in November, Google Apps announced that it will soon be will ending its support for Apps on Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 browser as it transitions users ...


Apple's Pages, Going the Distance With Word

New York Times
My mother is not anti-Apple. She owns a Mac and an older iPad, but has always been perfectly satisfied with her trusty copy of Microsoft Word. “That's what ...

New York Times

Google brings Android 4.4 KitKat's 'OK Google' feature to Chrome ...

New Delhi: Introduced first with the Nexus 5, Google has now brought its 'OK Google' feature to its Chrome desktop browser. The 'OK Google' feature lets users ...


Google Play Store now highlights Chromecast-friendly Android apps

Jon Fingas
Google has lately taken to highlighting tablet-native Android apps; it only makes sense that the company would devote the same kind of love to Chromecast.
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Comet Ison grazes past Sun's surface
BBC News
Comet Ison has made its closest approach to the Sun, passing about 1.2 million km above the star's surface. Astronomers continue to examine the great ball of ice and dust, to see how it is coping with the encounter. If Ison survives the immense heat and tidal ...

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28 November 2013

Microsoft Surface, Tablet #FAIL

Microsoft Surface tablets are still getting crushed by the iPad, web use data shows -- and combined Surface RT and Surface 2 usage share equals only 6.4% of all North American non iPad tablet Web traffic.  (source: Information Week and chitika.com )

Microsoft Surface Barely Registers On Web Usage
Apple CEO Tim Cook frequently cites use statistics when dismissing the... Amazon's Kindle devices lost 1.8 percentage points during the same period. ... Google was third (8.2%), followed by Barnes & Noble (7%), and Microsoft (6.4%).


And while Microsoft has abandoned desktop and notebook computing by dumbing down its OS, forcing users to a tablet OS (Windows 8 and 8.1) on all PCs, Apple thinks differently --

Apple's new Mac Pro signals commitment to professional computing
IDG News Service - Apple is sending a signal that it hasn't abandoned the professional computing market with the latest Mac Pro, which will ship next month....


Google brings automatic voice search to computers running Chrome
Laptop and desktop users can now do a Google search without typing just by speaking aloud, with a Chrome extension that Google made available on Tuesday.

Economic Times

Microsoft, suspecting NSA spying, to ramp up efforts to encrypt its ...
Washington Post
Two previously unreleased slides that describe operations againstGoogle and Yahoo include references to Microsoft's Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger ...

The Verge

Google Street View Lands In Airports
Google took its Street View cameras into a handful of the world's busiest... Travelers can now use Google Street Views to see a preview of the stops along their ...


Amazon at Record Shows Divergent Views on Holiday E-Commerce
Investors are taking divergent views on Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN) and EBay Inc. ... Amazon, the world's largest Web retailer, reached a record today, climbing 1.3 ...

Microsoft's New CEO Will Have Gobs Of Money To Reinvigorate The ...
MOT wound up in Google's embrace and has simply continued to slide into further ... It is almost like the antithesis of Apple's supposedly intuitive approach to ...

BGR India

Google's sub-$200 Moto G smartphone goes on sale early
San Jose Mercury News
NEW YORK -- Motorola will start selling a cheap smartphone in the U.S. more than a month ahead of schedule. The company says it was able to produce the ...

Latino Post

Why Amazon is goosing Prime memberships
FORTUNE -- Last Friday, Amazon (AMZN) announced customers can now officially give others a $79 Amazon Prime membership -- a move that came just ...

Hollywood Reporter

Watch Comet ISON hurtle toward the sun
NASA releases a short movie showing comet ISON's approach near the fiery grasp of the sun over the course of five days. Comet ISON poses for a telescopic photo ...
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27 November 2013

Verizon Wants To Kill Net Neutrality, YouTube, Netflix

During oral arguments in the case, Levy said, Verizon claimed a First Amendment free-speech right to curate what kind of content is transmitted across its broadband networks. "Verizon believes it should be able to edit the Internet, much like the way a publisher has control over a newspaper," Levy said. (source infra)

Net Neutrality Lawsuit Threatens Netflix, YouTube - Tom's Guide: "The appeals court could go many ways with its decision in Verizon v. FCC. The court might choose to strike down some, or all, of the net neutrality rules on the grounds that the FCC lacks authority to impose such rules. It might also cite legal precedent that suggests the FCC already has the authority, but just hasn't explicitly claimed it, which would reject Verizon's argument. It’s also likely that a decision that favors one side over the other will be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.... if the FCC wants to protect net neutrality, it needs to reclassify broadband and mobile networks as "common carriers." These are public utilities, such as the telephone network, that everyone needs and that can be regulated by the government."(read more at the link above)

Julie Larson-Green, Executive Vice President, Devices and Studios at Microsoft, November 21, 2013 - UBS_LarsonGreen.docx: "So I think there will always be for a long time, for my lifetime, there will be desktop computers where people are doing precision movements with a mouse which are highly tuned towards productivity and typing, as well as maybe something on your wrist, or something on your head, or something in your pocket that you will want to interact and see your e-mails, hear notifications, get access to corporate data that you need to do your job, as well as interact with friends and family...."

Apple's new Mac Pro signals commitment to professional computing
Apple is sending a signal that it hasn't abandoned the professional computing market with the latest Mac Pro, which will ship next month. But the workstation faces competition from its own sibling iMac as computer buyers weigh purchases. Loyalists of...

Motorola's Unlocked Moto G Smartphone Heads to U.S. Ahead of Schedule | Maximum PC: "Motorola has a holiday surprise for the mobile crowd. The company announced that its unlocked and affordable Moto G smartphone is now available to purchase in GSM form from Motorola's website with no contract, no SIM lock, and an unlocked bootloader for $179 with 8GB of storage or $199 with 16GB of storage. Those are full retail prices - you own the device outright for "

Google-backed 23andme ordered by FDA to stop selling genetic tests
San Jose Mercury News
MOUNTAIN VIEW -- In a harsh warning letter made public Monday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ordered Google (GOOG)-backed 23andme to stop ...

Times of India

Apple's latest deal is a gesture to the future
Apple, as it typically does whenever it makes an acquisition, declined to comment further ... Microsoft, too, has been touting the potential of gesturing and voice.


Google Maps scrubs image of dead California teen, updates satellite ...
New York Daily News
The image of what appeared to be the dead body of a California teen was removed from Google Maps by early Monday — a week after the victim's father said he ...

New York Daily News

Apple Defeats Patent Claim Over Invention of Smartphone
Apple Inc. (AAPL), the world's most valuable technology company, was found by a federal jury not to infringe the patent of a 70-year-old electrical engineer who ...

The Mac Observer

Microsoft and the Rise of Hardware Walled Gardens
The recipe that won Microsoft its once-dominant stance in the market is not the ... they simply can't do so with a proprietary software ecosystem like Apple can.
Computerworld (blog)
Computerworld - It took Apple two and a half years after the debut of the first iPad to rollout the smaller, more mobile-friendly iPad Mini. Soon after it was unveiled ...

Computerworld (blog)

Inside Google's Ecosystem
Wall Street Journal
Here's the existential dilemma I weighed when I visited Google's GOOG ...ham and maple-brined roasted turkey were the desserts—the homemadeapple cider ...

Wall Street Journal

Microsoft still open sources more technologies than many think
Summary: Don't look now, but Microsoft is continuing to open source many of its ... Meanwhile, competitors like Google grabbed the off-the-shelf Linux kernel and ... for OS X. Apple was the main force behind the open-source WebKit browser.

Microsoft, suspecting NSA spying, to ramp up efforts to encrypt its Internet ...
Washington Post
Suspicions at Microsoft, while building for several months, sharpened in October when it was reported that the NSA was intercepting traffic inside the private networks of Googleand Yahoo, two industry rivals with similar global infrastructures, said ...

Microsoft Xbox users' accounts suspended after swearing
BBC News
Users of Microsoft's Xbox One console caught swearing in video clips are having their accounts suspended. Files containing "excessive profanity" will be taken down and their owners will have access to some features on Xbox Live removed. Microsoft said ...

Apple's new iPad Mini: With a Retina Display, it's a Mini in name only
Soon after it was unveiled in October 2012, it quickly became Apple's most popular iPad -- its portability and light weight trumped the faster performance and sharper Retina display on the larger, heavier models. With the debut last month of the 2013 ...

Apple supplier Biel Crystal violates workers rights: HK activists
BEIJING (Reuters) - Biel Crystal Manufactory Ltd, a Hong-Kong based company that makes screens for Apple Inc, is violating workers' rights at its Chinese factories, a Hong Kong rights group alleged in a report. The Students & Scholars Against Corporate ...

Google Street View Lands In Airports
Google aims to help travelers find their way by providing first-person access to 16 airports and more than 50 train and subway stations around the world. Travelers can now use Google Street Views to see a preview of the stops along their journey, be it ...

Google brings automatic voice search to computers running Chrome
Laptop and desktop users can now do a Google search without typing just by speaking aloud, with a Chrome extension that Google made available on Tuesday. The browser extension, Google Voice Search Hotword, can be downloaded from the Chrome ...

Why Does the Seahorse Have Its Odd Head? Mystery Solved
National Geographic
For the seahorse, the shape of its head, along with its stealthy approach and lightening speed, literally makes a meal of some of the ocean's most sought after prey: the copepod, according to a new study. ...

Comet Nears Sun, Offering Planetary Clues
New York Times
A comet that spent the first 4.5 billion years of its existence in the farthest reaches of the solar system will almost graze the furnace of the sun on Thursday...

Google Earth spies unreported fish traps, study reveals
This Google Earth image shows a fishing weir along the Persian Gulf. Fish swimming close to shore get trapped by the weirs at low tide. Fishing traps known as weirs that jut from coastlines may be snaring six times more fish in the Persian Gulf than what is ...

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26 November 2013

Blame the NSA, not Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or Apple

Blaming big tech companies for the NSA's overreach isn't just ignorant – it's dangerous.

Blame the NSA, not Facebook and Google: Column: "Their argument is based on undefined fantasy – not hard facts. Limiting bulk data collection by private companies — whether they advertise or not — would do little or nothing to limit the NSA. Even when advertising is not involved, private companies must collect huge amounts of data merely to provide the most basic services...." (read more at link above)

They are bailing out en masse at BlackBerry --
Blackberry’s Monday Mass Exodus: COO, CMO Leave - Canada Real Time - WSJ: "The troubled Canadian smartphone maker said its chief operating officer and its chief marketing officer will leave the company. BlackBerry will also replace its chief financial officer Brian Bidulka with James Yersh, the current senior vice president, controller and head of compliance."

Google Nexus 5 review: High-end Android, mainstream price
Times of India
It is also the first Android phone where Google-services are integrated deep... animations in iOS 7 make the user interface the Apple's phone feel a bit slow.


Microsoft XBox One sales surpass 1 million in first 24 hours
Microsoft Corp. said it sold more than 1 million Xbox One video-game consoles in less than a day after the new machine went on sale in 13 countries. The tally ...

BBC News

Amazon workers called on strike in Germany
Amazon workers called on strike in Germany ... Services union Ver.di called for strikes at two of Amazon.com Inc.'s (NASDAQ:AMZN) German locations over ...

Times of India

New Apple Inc. iPhone 5S, 5C doing much better than Samsung ...
Financial Express
After a much hyped November 1 launch, Apple Inc.'s iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C have captured the imagination of smartphone lovers in India. The new Apple ...

Financial Express

Apple Loop: Retail Ready, Samsung Asked To Pay Up, Ive On ...
Keeping you in the loop on a few of the things that happened around Apple this .... former head ofGoogle's philanthropy organization and now head of the Skoll ...

Courts have granted Apple more than $900 million over technology pilfered by ... Although Samsung has been ordered to pay nearly a billion dollars to Apple for ...

The Japan Daily Press

Google has built deep into Android support for two higher-end photography ... Apple Aperture or Adobe Lightroom, and Google's approach could make that more ...

Apple Inc paid about $350 million to acquire PrimeSense, an Israeli start-up that developed the motion-sensing technology in Microsoft's Xbox video game console. "We can confirm the deal with Apple," Jennifer Kite-Powell, a spokeswoman for PrimeSense, ...

Microsoft acknowledges Xbox problem with disc drive
BBC News
Microsoft has acknowledged that owners of its new Xbox One console are experiencing problems with the disc drive. Some users say the drive is making very loud noises when they try to insert a disc and in some cases is not reading discs at all ...

Apple, Eaton, Google, Wockhardt: Intellectual Property
Apple Inc. (AAPL) won more than $290 million from Samsung Electronics Co. in a do-over damages trial by relying on the same tactics it used in a 2012 victory -- and a witness who jurors said tipped the balance in Apple's favor. After a weeklong trial ...

Google Glass' (Preview) GDK Goes Official, But What's Missing?
PC Magazine
Google (finally) released its Glass Development Kit to the world (of Glass developers) this past Tuesday. While it's a welcome bit of relief for those who had previously been working to develop Glass apps using the company's far more restrictive Mirror ...

Google's Schmidt hints only Samsung, Google match iPhone?
Computerworld (blog)
Omitted from the Google chairman's little list of approved names were: Amazon, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Sony, and the many Chinese firms in which the future of that platform is invested: Xiaomi, for example. Does this omission mean he doesn't approve of these ...

Google patent takes the social out of social networking: technology ...
By Michael Gorman
Google's latest patent might just be the solution you need to keep up -- it claims a technology that analyzes how you go about your social networking business and automatically makes personalized response suggestions to posts sent your ...
Engadget RSS Feed

China fights back against US accusations of blocking WTO ... - Reuters
U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman said on Thursday that China's demands to exempt more than 100 products from a technology trade deal risked ...

SpaceX satellite launch is a potential game-changer
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — A new SpaceX rocket will attempt its "toughest" mission Monday with a twilight launch of a type of satellite rarely seen around here anymore — one not owned by the U.S. government. The planned 5:37 p.m. liftoff would be the ...

Nexus 5 Users Scream For Audio Problem Fix
A bug in Google's Nexus 5 flagship smartphone has buyers asking: "Can you hear me now?" Google's latest flagship, pure Android phone, the Nexus 5, arrived earlier this month to mostly positive reviews, particularly due to the price of only $349 for an ...

China's moon landing next month is trouble for NASA
Fox News
China's mission to robotically land on the moon next month is sure to stir up lunar dust, but it may also cause a political dustup, too. China is in the final stages of preparing its robotic Chang'e 3 moon lander to launch atop a Long March 3B rocket, slated for ...

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25 November 2013

Ending Web Censorship in China

Actually, as the article at the link below notes : "We are gambling that Google is big enough and important enough that the Chinese authorities would not dare block it completely." Really? That's a bit naive -- Google is a big company and important, but I doubt it would take on the government of China on its own. However if all major IT companies banded together? . . .

Google could end China's web censorship in 10 days – why doesn't it? | Charlie Smith | Comment is free | theguardian.com: "Our two-step approach is not technically complicated. In the past, we have repeatedly asked Google to make its search engine https by default, but it took Edward Snowden and a bunch of files to make Google do this for the US market."

How Google Could End Web Censorship In China In Two Easy Steps
Or at least how a small group of activists think that Google Google could end web ... Google needs to first switch its China search engine (google.com.hk) to https ...


Velcro Feline | velcrofeline.com: Play the Google Dr Who Game: "For Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary, Google built a multiple level game. The game's premise- those dastardly Daleks have stolen the Google letters and we need Doctor Who to retrieve them...."

Google Glass developers: We're still flying half-blind
Ever since developers got their hands on Google Glass earlier this year, software coders have clamored for greater access to the programming internals of the ...

Microsoft's opens facility to crack down on cybercriminals
Wilkes Barre Times-Leader
... the Microsoft employees do not mean Google Inc., Apple Inc. or Amazon.com Inc. ...Microsoft opened the doors last week to its multimillion-dollar Cybercrime ...

Google's Extremely Strange Treatment At The Hands Of The ...
I've been trying to get my head around the way that the European Union is investigating Google Google and I'm afraid that I can't really quite manage it.

Q&A: Google Talks About Supporting Startups in Egypt, And ...
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Wael Fakharany, Google's regional manager in North Africa, speaks to The Wall Street Journal about the company's vision for supporting tech startups that can ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Microsoft's Xbox One proves it's more than a game center
The Spokesman Review
If you're a video-game aficionado, you know the answer: It's Microsoft'slatest game console, and it arrived in North America and Europe on Friday. To gamers ...

Washington Post

Microsoft Emerges as Possible Winamp Buyer
Microsoft is reportedly in talks with AOL to acquire it. Eclipsed by iTunes and streaming apps like Spotify, Winamp and Shoutcast are being shut down by AOL ...

Guardian Express

Amazon engaging with government on relaxing FDI in e-commerce
Financial Express
SummaryGlobal retail giant Amazon.com today said it is 'engaging' with the government for relaxing of foreign investment norms in e-commerce space, following ...


Shane Roberts, Commerce Team
The Commerce Team recommends Amazon Prime to both readers and friends more ... Act now because Amazon's early Black Friday discounts start tomorrow.

Microsoft Acknowledges Early Xbox One Hardware Issues ...
Brandon Russell
Microsoft on Friday came out in defense of its Xbox One console, saying only a small number of people are experiencing issues with its new machine.

Apple updates Genius Bar reservation page with new self-help option
Cody Lee
Apple products, for the most part, have a reputation of 'just working.' The company controls the entire experience, from hardware to software, and takes other.

Amazon Appstore renovated with new-look UI | TalkAndroid.com
Harrison Kaminsky
The Amazon Appstore has gained a lot of traction as well as respect in the Android ... AqilAzli; Re: How to remove apps from the Google Play Store 'My Apps' list ... MadDogWix; Re: Witness credited by Apple juror as being “superstar witness”.
Android News, Rumours, and Updates

Microsoft sells over 1 million Xbox One consoles in less than 24 ...
Jake Smith
Microsoft says it's working to replenish stock to meet demand. “We are ... Add credit and debit cards to Google Wallet for Android by snapping a pic. By Elyse Betters 22 November 2013; Online.Amazon now lets you gift Amazon Prime two-day shipping service ... Apple's US site now offers unlocked, SIM-free iPhone 5S.

Graphics Coder Corrinne Yu Dumps Microsoft for Naughty Dog ...
Graphics Coder Corrinne Yu Dumps Microsoft for Naughty Dog ... adventure title King's Quest for theApple II, she adopted many game development roles before ...
Push Square | Latest Updates

The Art of Apple, In Pictures - Slashdot
Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes "CNN reports that self-professed Apple fanatic Jonathan Zufi has published a book of photography profiling 500 of Apple's ...

iOS productivity showdown: Apple iWork vs. Microsoft Office 365 vs ...
One of the first concerns facing businesses -- and many consumers -- when choosing a new mobile platform is how it will enable them to get work done.

Barking Blondes: Chewing on technology | | Independent Editor's choice Blogs: "Turn speaking on the phone into a game for your dog that’s rewarded. Let Fido know that by getting into his dog bed whilst you chat, his reward will be a tasty Kong stuffed with something delicious."

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24 November 2013

Microsoft Azure Cloud Problems; NSA infects Networks

Availability and Stability are Cloud "musts" --

Microsoft adds load balancing as Azure availability stutters
Microsoft struggled this week with multiple performance problems on its Azure cloud platform, while it also made the hosted load balancing service Traffic ...(read more at link above)


NSA infected 50,000 computer networks with malicious software - nrc.nl: "The American intelligence service - NSA - infected more than 50,000 computer networks worldwide with malicious software designed to steal sensitive information. Documents provided by former NSA-employee Edward Snowden and seen by this newspaper, prove this..."(read more at link above)

Obama Administration knew Healthcare.gov had serious problems in August -- went ahead anyway -- Tension and Flaws Before Health Website Crash - NYTimes.com: "...Interviews with current and former Obama administration officials and specialists involved in the project, as well as a review of hundreds of pages of government and contractor documents, offer new details into how tensions between the government and its contractors, questionable decisions and weak leadership within the Medicare agency turned the rollout of the president’s signature program into a major humiliation...."
Wall Street Journal
In a sign the eyeware industry and Google see a broader market for the technology, the Internet search giant is exploring ideas with at least one eyewear ...

Android Headlines - Android News

Amazon, rivals adapt to shorter holiday shopping season
SAN FRANCISCO -- This holiday shopping season will be the shortest in at least a decade, forcing e-commerce companies, including Amazon.com and eBay, ...

Google doodle celebrates 'Doctor Who' 50th anniversary
New York Daily News
The interactive "Whoodle," available on Google's British, Australian, and New Zealand sites, allows users to choose any one of the eleven Doctors that have ...

New York Daily News

Google Simplifies Android Tablet App Shopping
Hundreds of thousands of applications in the iTunes App Store have been optimized for the iPad, and Apple likes to make a point of needlingGoogle with this ...

Christian Science Monitor

Graphene: The quest for supercarbon : Nature News & Comment: "Graphene's dazzling properties promise a technological revolution, but Europe may have to spend a billion euros to overcome some fundamental problems."

Washington Post
Apple is putting a record $10.5 billion to work in new technology — from assembly ... The spending, which Apple outlined in its fiscal 2014 capital-expenditure ...

Washington Post

Google Apps admins get more control over Hangouts
Google Apps now offers administrators more IT controls over Hangouts, the ... Competing email and collaboration suites from IBM and Microsoft, as well as ...

Microsoft updates remote desktop apps for iOS, Android and Mac OS X
I will never allow any Microsoft app or IIP onto my iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, Mac mini, Apple TV or iPod. Yes, sometimes I have to ...

Amazon Original Series, 'Betas,' Tackles the Startup Life
PC Magazine
Amazon is doing just fine as the leading online retailer, with a popular lineup of branded ... Amazon's original content experiment started in the spring, when the ...

Independent Online

Microsoft's Nokia Devices Buyout: What the Deal Means for Both Sides
The deal also allows Microsoft to license mobile technology patents from Nokia. ... When Google acquired Motorola Mobility, the search company made ...


Google Wallet lets you capture credit card info with your smartphone ...
Christopher Trout
Earlier this month Coin swept in threatening to eliminate the need for all of your beloved non-cash payment methods and now Google Wallet is making it even ...
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Google Doodle 50th Anniversary Doctor Who - Business Insider
Caroline Moss
Google launched its largest doodle ever today: a game, all in the name of the ... Apple Design God Jony Ive Has An Auction At Sotheby's — And The Items Are ...
Business Insider

Get ready for more Chromecast apps: Google to release SDK soon ...
Janko Roettgers
Users of Google's Chromecast streaming stick could soon get access to ... Chromecast rumor roundup: HBO Go, international launch, strong sales on Amazon.

Blake Stimac
CTech is reporting from an insider tip that Apple is set to launch the iPhone 6 with a 4.9 inch display. That's not all, though. ... Recommend IntoMobile on Google.
IntoMobile - iPhone News

How to Install and Use the Google Experience Launcher on Any ...
Chris Hoffman
Google's working on a new launcher for Android, one that seamlessly ... The Google Experience Launcher is officially exclusive to the Nexus 5, but you can ...
How-To Geek

AOL May Sell Winamp to Microsoft... - Digital Music News
Nina Ulloa ... AOL May Sell Winamp to Microsoft…
Digital Music News

25 Google Doodles We Want to See Next | Cracked.com
While some Google doodles are pretty awesome, we think they can do just a little bit better.
Cracked: All Posts

This Week's Apple Rumors, Ranked From Dumbest to Most ... - Wired
With New Debit Card, Google Admits Digital Isn't Everything .... Each week, there are dozens ofApple rumors, reports, and patent filings that hint at what's ... We know Apple is exploring various sizes for its next iPhone, but the latest is that ...

Google Glass may have found a prescription lens partner | Internet ...
Google is in talks with VSP Global -- a nationwide eye care insurer that also make lenses ...Microsoft launches Xbox One SmartGlass app · Google Glass throws open its doors to ... battle against Amazon, and some early Xbox One owners have defective systems. ... Samsung owesApple $290M more in damages, jury says.

Twitter Enables Perfect Forward Secrecy Across Sites To Protect User Data ...
Twitter has enabled Perfect Forward Secrecy across its mobile site, website and API feeds in order to protect against future cracking of the service's encryption. The PFS method ensures that, if the encryption key Twitter uses is cracked in the future, all of the ...

Four things to know about Xbox One
It's official: PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are part of the "last generation." Microsoft launched its $499 Xbox One video game console during a series of midnight events Friday, one week after Sony performed the same feat with its PlayStation 4. Here are four ...

Mount Etna erupts, showers volcanic ash on towns
Washington Post
MILAN — Mount Etna, Europe's most active volcano, has erupted again, showering volcanic ash on towns dotting the mountain's slopes and nearby Taormina. The eruption Saturday did not force any evacuations, but a highway was closed for half an hour as ...

Apple Wins Another Patent Fight Against Samsung in Germany, but Samsung ...
The Mac Observer
Apple vs. Samsung US$290 million here, another failed patent accusation there, and pretty soon it adds up to Samsung looking like a copycat with bad lawyers and/or a bad intellectual property strategy. I'm going with both. Florian Mueller reported that the ...

UN Plan Charts Path to Climate Agreement Limiting Pollution (1)
Envoys from almost 190 nations endorsed a program that sets out steps toward the next agreement aimed at reducing global warming, after accepting a compromise that watered down the responsibilities of developing nations such as India and China.

Move Over Tyrannosaurus Rex! Giant Meat Eating Dinosaur Ruled Before T Rex
American Live Wire
The fossil of another massive meat eating dinosaur that ruled before Tyrannosaurus rex has been discovered in Utah. This giant meat eating dinosaur is a part of the allosaurid theropod family which were deemed “megapredators.” This dinosaur, fortunately ...

Very Well Aged: Archaeologists Say Ancient Wine Cellar Found
Wall Street Journal
These 3,700-year-old jars were discovered in an ancient palatial wine cellar in July 2013. The team excavated a total of 40 intact vessels during its six-week dig. Eric H. Cline, George Washington University. Archaeologists say they have discovered a ...

Google Eyes Glass for Prescription Eyewear
Wall Street Journal
Google is in discussions with the nationwide eyewear company VSP Global about developing prescription lenses and making more fashionable frames for Google Glass. WSJ's Rolfe Winkler reports. (Photo: Getty Images). Up Next ...

Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T to Stop Charging for Spam Texts
PC Magazine
AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint have pledged to stop charging for spam or "premium" texts. The announcement was made by Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell, who has been working with dozen of other state AGs to stop mobile cramming, or unauthorized ...

John Carmack Just Left id Software to Focus on Oculus VR
Tom's Hardware Guide
Polygon received an official statement from Bethesda announcing that id software co-founder and technical director John Carmack has handed in his resignation. According to the statement, Carmack will now focus all his attention on the role of chief technical ...
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