09 March 2013

Microsoft to fix 4 critical flaws, all versions of IE at risk again

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft to fix four critical flaws, all versions of IE at risk again
Summary: Prepare your systems (and a strong pot of coffee): Patch Tuesday is on deck for another month. Microsoft will release patches for seven security vulnerabilities, four of them considered 'critical.' Zack Whittaker. By Zack Whittaker for Zero Day | March ...

Linux triumphant: Chrome OS resists cracking attempts | ZDNet: "The Chrome Web browser on Windows is breakable, but its little brother, the Linux-based Chrome OS, proved to be essentially uncrackable at the CanSecWest conference in Vancouver, Canada, . . ."

Facebook Shows Off New Home Page Design, Including Bigger Pictures
New York Times
(Page 2 of 2). The redesign is also a nod to the ubiquity of mobile devices, which a majority of Facebook's one billion users worldwide use to log into their accounts. Pictures will show up bigger in the News Feed. And there will be larger images of maps and ...

New York Times

Android phones susceptible to freezing cold boot attacks
A new FROST method can help would-be thieves access data on password protected and encrypted Android phones. Scott Webster. by Scott Webster. March 8, 2013 5:47 AM PST Follow @swebster77. The FROST method requires freezing an Android phone ...

Google reaches deal with MPEG LA over its VP8 video codec
Agreement with patent-licensing group clears the way for wider adoption of the Web giant's streaming-video platform WebM. Steven Musil. by Steven Musil. March 7, 2013 5:07 PM PST Follow @stevenmusil. MPEG LA logo. Google has reached a licensing ...

Comet to appear in UK skies
BBC News
A bright comet could be visible in the skies above the UK from Friday night - as long as it's not cloudy! The icy mass has the snappy nickname "C/2011 L4 Pan-Starrs" and should be visible with binoculars or a telescope. Astronomers in countries like Australia...

BBC News

You searched for 'japan tsunami' - well, there's one behind you
Google's public alert system - which splashes warnings across search, maps and Google Now pages - has been extended into Japan nearly a year after it debuted in America. The red flags aren't limited to just those living in the East Asian nation: anyone ...

Pertino, Spiceworks Team Up to Ease Path for Small Business IT
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Small businesses, with their small, overworked IT staffs, need access to good new technology–and since their staff members have little time or money to go to technology conferences, they need to be able to learn it on the job. Technology vendors have been...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Roku Intros Pretty New 3rd-Gen Streaming Player
Tom's Hardware Guide
Roku has refreshed its streaming player with a better SoC, a better interface and an enhanced remote. Roku introduced on Wednesday its third-generation streaming player, the Roku 3. The refresh includes a faster processor and an enhanced remote packed ...

Google Takes a Field Trip to iOS
Google's Field Trip app is finally available on both Android, left, and iOS. Photo: Alex Washburn/Wired. When Google's city guide app Field Trip launched on Android in September, the company promised a version for Apple's iOS was “coming soon.” Evidently ...

Like Amazon, Apple wants to create a marketplace for used digital goods
In a patent application filed Thursday, Apple outlined the possible creation of a marketplace for used digital goods. Amazon recently won a patent to create such a marketplace. money. photo: Flickr / sushiina. Apple filed a patent application Thursday to create ...


Canada's glaciers could shrink by a fifth by 2100
WASHINGTON — A fifth of Canada's glaciers could be gone by the end of the century, a casualty of global warming that would drive a 1.4-inch (3.5-centimeter) rise in sea levels, a study found Thursday. "Even if we only assume moderate global warming, it is ...

BlackBerry CEO Encouraged by Early Sales of Z10 Smartphone
BlackBerry has pretty much bet everything on the success of BlackBerry 10 and new smartphones running the operating system such as the Z10. The Z10 launched in Europe and several other countries, achieving moderate sales success. "The feedback is ...


Photoshop fakery exposed by fake Photoshop tool
Beauty products brand Dove, one arm of the Unilever conglomerate, has pranked graphic designers with a new Photoshop tool. Dove has long championed a “Campaign for Real Beauty” by using women who aren't professional models in its advertising.

Video: Microsoft adds Kinect gesture support for Windows 8
TG Daily
Microsoft's versatile Kinect device has proven to be quite popular, and not just for gaming on the Xbox 360. Indeed, Redmond offers a Kinect SDK which offers devs the ability to integrate Kinect-based motion controls into a Windows PC environment. Recently ...

Motorola's continued troubles lead to layoffs for 10% of its workers
Mobile Burn
Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility will layoff 1,200 employees, which is 10 percent of its current workforce, in an attempt to make the company profitable. The Wall Street Journal reports that a company email it obtained details that the layoffs have already ...

Polar Bear Trade Ban Nixed
Discovery News
An American proposal to ban international trade in polar bears and their parts has been defeated at a meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). The proposal, which was backed by Russia, would have moved polar ...

Amazon suspends sales of SimCity
BBC News
Ongoing problems with the latest version of SimCity led Amazon to briefly stop selling the game. The web retailer stopped sales late on 7 March as players reported continued problems with the city building title. The latest version of SimCity was launched on 5 ...

BBC News

Linkpost | 3.8.2013
Houston Chronicle (blog)
Friday, March 8, 2013. Comment. Comments. |. Email. E-mail. |. Print. • Apple's digital content resale and loan system could allow DRM transfers between end users – Apple's patent is similar to one recently granted to Amazon.com. You'd be able to sell used ...

Brain map seeks to unlock mysteries of the mind
CNN International
(CNN) -- You have a brain with billions of neurons. You have thoughts, and you do things because of those thoughts. But how do tiny cells translate into thoughts and actions? The Brain Activity Map initiative is seeking answers to that question. As described in ...

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance DLC trailer shows VR Missions
Konami has released a new trailer showing off Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance's VR Missions DLC. Introducing 30 new challenges designed to test the player's reactions, movement and fighting skills, the add-on pack will launch in the US on March 12 and ...

Attack of the 'smishing' scammers
If you've got a mobile phone that receives text messages, chances are you've been hit with the latest scam from the bad guys: smishing. “Smishing” is the text — or short message service (SMS) — form of the phishing scams that've become so prevalent in...


Hispanics Now Closing the Digital Divide
The Fiscal Times
A new analysis of three Pew Research Center surveys shows that Hispanic Americans own smartphones, go online from mobile devices and use social networking sites at similar, and sometimes even higher, rates than groups of other Americans.

The Fiscal Times

Caffeine boosts bees' memory, say researchers
Science Recorder
Researchers from Newcastle University have discovered that bees get a caffeine buzz from the nectar of certain flowers. This caffeine buzz not only boosts bees' memory, it could also assist plants by calling up more bees to spread their pollen. Researchers ...

Ohio, Maryland Courts Address Speed Camera Due Process Concerns
Judge Susan Souder Judges in Ohio and Maryland are cracking down on the legal shortcuts speed camera vendors frequently take. A Hamilton County, Ohio Court of Common Pleas judge put a stop to it on Thursday with a permanent injunction prohibiting ...


In Road Race Around Cupertino, Apple Maps Beats Google And Waze
It may have stumbled out of the gate, but Apple's iOS Maps app could be gaining some traction. In a “secret” road challenge, Apple Maps beat the competition, according to PC Magazine. The recent test featured three cars, with each driver using a different ...


Boys Scouts of America Offering Merit Badge for Game Design
Game Politics
It looks like the Boys Scouts of America are finally recognizing that video games and technology are important in society. The Boy Scouts of America is now offering a merit badge in game design, according to GamesBeat. The organization has apparently ...

8 Essential Apps For SXSWi Attendees
Highlight was huge at SXSW last year. The service has changed a lot over the past year, including finally making its way to Android. Amongst Highlight's many new features is the ability to add photos and events to the service. So, for instance, when you're ...

ChargePoint partners with ECOtality to share charging network in US
Automotive Business Review
ChargePoint has partnered wit the ECOtality and formed the Collaboratev, electric vehicle (EV) charging network interoperability company in the US. The company will offer the other charging network providers to join as affiliates and allow EV to charge all ...

Ancient Mega-Flood on Mars Revealed in 3D
Radar scans of Mars have revealed the first 3D look at water-carved channels buried beneath the Red Planet's surface, researchers say. The discovery shows that a major underground channel generated by an ancient mega-flood is twice as deep as thought, ...

Pandora CEO exit could shake up streaming
TechHive (blog)
A shakeup at Pandora could mean big changes for users of the online radio service. CEO Joe Kennedy is quitting the company despite increasing revenue and subscriptions in the fourth quarter of last year. Kennedy's exit came as a surprise. He joined the ...

Malware devs offer $100 a pop for 'active' Google Play accounts
Virus writers are paying top dollar for access to "active" Google Play accounts to help them spread mobile malware across the Android ecosystem. Google charges $25 to Android developers who wish to sell their wares through the Google Play marketplace ...

Honda Civics, Lincoln, Mazda, Volvo on Top Safety List
Two versions of Honda Motor Co. (7267)'s Civic are among five vehicles added today to an insurance group's list of top safety picks, for performing well on a new crash test simulating a severe front-end collision. The two- and four-door Civics, Honda's ...

Cablevision: Viacom Made $1 Billion Threat Over Bundling
Cablevision Systems is claiming that Viacom sought to extract a nearly $1 billion penalty if it refused to pay for low-rated channels it did not want in order to access more popular channels such as Comedy Central, MTV, and Nickelodeon. The allegation was ...


Earth Hotter Now Than Most of Past 11000 Years
Wall Street Journal
New research suggests that average global temperatures were higher in the last decade than over most of the previous 11,300 years, a finding that offers a long-term context for assessing modern-day climate change. The study, published Thursday in the ...

Google Glass is "Lifelogging v1"
Summary: Concerns about privacy and an uneasiness about Google's power is making Glass seem awkward. But it could validate the idea of lifelogging... Matt Baxter-Reynolds. By Matt Baxter-Reynolds for Post-PC Developments | March 7, 2013 -- 17:03 ...


Florida beaches close as sharks invade coastal waters
The Guardian
Link to video: Sharks swarm Florida beaches · Florida's ever-popular Spring Break resorts have attracted some extra visitors to the beach this year – thousands of blacktip and spinner sharks on their annual migration north. Officials in Broward and Palm ...

The Guardian

Apple iPhone Gains U.S. Market Share
Apple is on an upward trajectory in U.S., while Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices all lost share, ComScore says. Start The Discussion. Tweet; Mail Mail; Print Print · Eric Zeman | March 07, 2013 10:24 AM. Apple iWatch Vs. Smartwatches Past ...

Facebook Users Guarding Privacy, But Still Sharing More Data
PC Magazine
Facebook users have taken steps to guard their privacy on the social network over the years, but changes to Facebook's policies have prompted an inadvertent increase in sharing recently, according to a new study. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University ...

Google shares FBI requests for data in transparency report
Now you know: The FBI does indeed seek Google's help in matters of national security. Until now, information about FBI requests to Google for user data has been strictly off-limits. But this week, Google added what are known as FBI National Security Letters ...

Path rolls out private messaging, opens store in latest update
Los Angeles Times
Path, the social network designed for close friends and family, began rolling out its latest major update for iOS users Wednesday. In Path 3, the Silicon Valley start-up has added a private messaging feature for one-to-one messaging or group chats. Users will ...

Red Alga Borrows Genes to Survive in Extreme Weather: Study
French Tribune
A study has revealed that the genes taken from the prokaryotes are used by the red alga called Galdieria sulphuraria to survive in the beating heat. In a report, Gerald Schönknecht of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater and his colleagues said that red alga ...

French Tribune

Mount Etna flash eruption lights up Sicilian sky
THE TALLEST ACTIVE volcano in Europe, Mount Etna, has erupted several times so far this year with even Commander Chris Hadfield tweeting a pic of one volcanic event from the ISS. Associated Press managed to capture some raw footage of the latest ...

Google Shows Off Its New 'Adverapp' Concept, A Volkswagen-Branded Road ...
Google published a blog post today in which it details the first fruits of a pilot program launched last year to reimagine digital advertising for the mobile app age. This year, Google says it's broadening the scope of that effort with the new Art, Copy & Code ...


Apple Finds an Unlikely Ally Against Samsung
Motley Fool
The enemy of my enemy is my friend, even if they're also my enemy. That must be the stance that Nokia (NYSE: NOK ) is taking with Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL ) , even though the iPhone is largely responsible for Nokia's fall from grace over the past few years.

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