07 March 2013

EU Fines Microsoft $732 Million Over Browser

EU Fines Microsoft $732 Million Over Browser
New York Times
E.U. Fines Microsoft $732 Million Over Browser. By JAMES KANTER. Published: March 6, 2013. BRUSSELS — The European Commission on Wednesday fined Microsoft €561 million for failing to live up to a settlement agreement offering consumers a choice ...

Collision Course: SDN And Server Virtualization
With every data center resource -- compute, storage and networks -- now virtualized, the push is on to consolidate operational control. Start The Discussion · Tweet; Mail Mail; Print Print · Kurt Marko | March 06, 2013 08:00 AM. InformationWeek Green - Mar.

Microsoft winds down its anti-Google ad campaign
Microsoft's "Scroogled" ad campaign may be winding down, but expect Redmond's ribbing of Google to continue. The company launched the "Scroogled" media blitz late last year, first bashing Google for its pay-to-play listings in Google Shopping, and then ...

Seagate updates laptop solid state hybrid drive, adds desktop version
Summary: The drive maker claims its SSHD technology is five times faster than a 5,400rpm notebook hard drive, while its desktop SSHD includes 8GB of flash memory in addition to 1TB or 2TB of hard drive capacity. Sean Portnoy. By Sean Portnoy for ...


HTC revenues plunge by half, hitting three-year low
Summary: The company has high hopes for HTC One, while its February revenues slid by 44 percent compared to last year. Liam Tung. By Liam Tung | March 6, 2013 -- HTC's monthly sales plunged in February, hitting ...

Google to offer 'same-day delivery' Amazon Prime killer - report
Google is reportedly prepping a new shopping delivery service to compete with Amazon's Prime subscriber service, called "Google Shopping Express". Just for a bit of oneupmanship, Express will give folks same-day delivery instead of Prime's two-day ...

How I survived 7 days in Chromebook exile
PCWorld (blog)
I'm not a Google fangirl. I have Gmail accounts for personal and work use, and I spend some time in Google Docs and Calendar, but that's about it. And until a few weeks ago, I had never even more than glanced at the Chrome OS or browser, let alone ...

Apple rolls out iBookstore in Japan
CNET (blog)
With the East Asian nation now added to the list, the tech giant's iTunes bookstore is available in 51 countries worldwide. Dara Kerr. by Dara Kerr. March 5, 2013 6:14 PM PST Follow @darakerr. Apple's new Japanese iBookstore. (Credit: Screenshot by Dara ...

Private SpaceX Capsule Brings Big Science to Space Station
The International Space Station is now home to more than 1,200 pounds (544 kilograms) of supplies delivered by an unmanned, privately built space capsule that reached the orbiting science laboratory on Sunday (March 3). Among the goods SpaceX's ...

Galaxy S4 to offer eye-tracking Smart Scroll, screenshots suggest
CNET (blog)
Images obtained by blog site Sammobile provide a look at purported settings for Smart Scroll and Smart Pause features. Lance Whitney. by Lance Whitney. The next Galaxy S phone could include a Smart ...

Polar bear trade ban 'too close to call'
BBC News
An attempt to ban the international trade in polar bear parts has provoked a heated battle at the Cites conservation meeting in Bangkok. Negotiators are split on the plan, with those in favour saying it is crucial for the survival of the species. Canada's Inuit say...

BBC News

Roku Unveils Roku 3 Streaming Media Player
If you're in the market for a new settop box, Roku has announced a new offering this week called the Roku 3. The manufacturer says that the new Roku 3 is its fastest and most powerful streaming player so far, and it replaces the Roku 2 XS in the lineup.


Sony Launches Xperia Z in India
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Mansi Thapliyal/Reuters: Katrina Kaif displayed the Sony Xperia Z smartphone during its launch in New Delhi, Mar. 6. Sony Corp. has launched its latest smartphone Xperia Z in India, stepping into competition with Apple Inc.'s iPhone series and the Galaxy ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Check out these pictures of Mount Etna - Europe's largest volcano - erupting!
BBC News
Plumes of lava and ash filled the night sky over the island of Sicily, in Italy, on Tuesday. Eruptions of the volcano aren't uncommon - sometimes planes have to alter their routes to avoid flying through ash clouds. That didn't happen this time - though roads ...

Hand Recognition, Gesture Support Landing On Microsoft Kinect For Windows ...
The Kinect is arguably Microsoft's most important innovation of the past decade, and has done more for changing the nature of computer interaction than pretty much any other recently created input devices. Today, Microsoft Research has demoed how it's ...

Astronomers Find Evidence of Ocean Salts on Europa's Surface.
Slate Magazine (blog)
He killed Pluto, but he may have just breathed life into Europa exploration. Astronomer Mike Brown*—discoverer of the giant outer-solar-system iceball Eris which is what started the machinery that kicked Pluto out of the planet club—has found some pretty...

Slate Magazine (blog)

Did comets ladle the primordial soup onto Earth?
Houston Chronicle (blog)
Did comets ladle the primordial soup onto Earth? Wednesday, March 6, 2013. Later this week a comet will grace the nighttime skies in the northern hemisphere, including those above Houston. As you gaze up on ...

Houston Chronicle (blog)

At Microsoft's TechFest, The Future Is Big. Big Screens, That Is
At Microsoft's TechFest, The Future Is Big. Big Screens, That Is. At Microsoft's annual technology fair, researchers are busy showing off what the future is going to look like. They have one word for us: Big screens. (OK, make... ReadWritescience. Previous Next ...

Apple introduces $1099 21.5-inch iMac for educational institutions
Digital Trends
imacs-625x1000 If US-based educators with a few dollars to spend are looking around for some computers to fill their classrooms, they may be interested to know that Apple has recently launched a new 21-inch education-only iMac for $200 less than the ...

Digital Trends

Camel Fossils Found In Arctic Suggest Ancient Creatures Roamed Region 3.5 ...
Huffington Post
Discovered on Ellesmere Island in northern Canada, the fossils indicate that these animals were at least 30 percent larger than camels living today. Based on the height of a typical Arabian camel, the prehistoric mammals likely stood 9 feet tall or taller.

UF scientists discover new crocodilian, hippo-like species from Panama
University of Florida
GAINESVILLE, Fla. — University of Florida paleontologists have discovered remarkably well-preserved fossils of two crocodilians and a mammal previously unknown to science during recent Panama Canal excavations that began in 2009. The two new ...

Toyota chief shifts lieutenants, wants "everyone in charge"
TOKYO, March 6 | Wed Mar 6, 2013 4:45am EST. TOKYO, March 6 (Reuters) - Toyota Motor Corp will reshuffle its top bosses and take the axe to its decisionmaking structure, part of a move to put lower-ranked workers in day-to-day command as it seeks faster ...

Tumblr ad-posts tumbling onto smartphones – TGT, ADDYY, LGF, CDI & FB
Northern, WI 03/06/2013 (noesisstar) – The six-year-old blog Tumblr is moving from strength to strength. Months ago the blogging site began accepting payments from advertisers looking to place their ads more prominently and the company is now looking ...


Wildlife experts: Ivory trade threatens elephants
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
BANGKOK (AP) Top wildlife experts are warning that the illegal ivory trade is hastening the decline of already endangered elephants throughout Africa. A report issued Wednesday at the 178-nation Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, ...

Google Glass: dorky headgear is the future
Red and Black
Google Glass is Google's new video-recording, photo-taking, GPS, social networking, everything-a-smart-phone-does gadget. If you haven't heard of it, it's essentially a tiny computer device attached to a lens and mounted on a pair of wire glasses.

Ferrari sets pace in Geneva Motor Show supercar showdown
The Australian
EUROPE'S premier annual motoring show has opened in Geneva with an unparalleled line-up of models from the premium brands as they bask in the glow of strong demand from the ultra-wealthy. Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce and Bentley all ...

iMore report: iPhone 5S likely coming in August, new iPads may launch in April
Summary: It's no real surprise that Apple will launch an iPhone 5S this year, but there are reports we may see the new iPad launch announcement move back to the first half of the year again. Matthew Miller. By Matthew Miller for The Mobile Gadgeteer | March ...

Apple having an 'identity crisis', claims analyst
Summary: Apple is finding itself having to defend the iPhone and iPad market share against stiff competition from the likes of Samsung and Google. But this is uncharted territory for Apple, and as yet it's unclear whether playing defense is in the company's...


Lawmakers join effort to legalize cell phone unlocking
A day after the Obama administration endorsed an online petition to legalize cell phone unlocking, a senator introduces a bill that would allow consumers to take their handsets to other carriers. Steven Musil. by Steven Musil. March 5, 2013 9:12 PM PST ...

Apple unused to being attacked, must adjust to new role on defense, analyst says
Apple Insider
Apple has bested most all of its competitors and is widely acknowledged to make some of the highest quality products in the world, but now a new report says the tech giant will have to adjust to its new role as an industry heavyweight, a change from its ...

Google Updates Maps For iPhone
Google Maps for iPhone has received its first significant update since the app was launched late last year. Google Maps for iPhone 1.1 provides a way to integrate Google Contacts so that a search for a friend will identify the friend's home address -- if it's ...

Google Play celebrates its first birthday with special deals
It's been a year since Google Play was born and to kick off the occasion, the Internet giant is offering a week of gift cards and discounts on music, movies, books, games, and more. Dara Kerr. by Dara Kerr. March 5, 2013 8:58 PM PST Follow @darakerr ...

Do not cheer the 'fact' we moved to North Korea: Pirate Bay
Summary: Torrent site confirms that its move to North Korea was a hoax, and advises users to be more cynical. Chris Duckett. By Chris Duckett for Null Pointer TPB in DPRK TPB claims this image...


Ferrari Puts I-Pad in Supercars as It Widens Apple Deal
Ferrari SpA, the luxury carmaker owned by Fiat SpA (F), will be “more precise” about its partnership with Apple (AAPL) Inc. in the next few months, Chairman Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo said. Ferrari, which today unveiled the 1 million euro hybrid model ...

Instagram Windows Phone testing a blow for BB10
Product Reviews
Having already seen rumors that Instagram could be coming to Windows Phone because the icon was seen on a Nokia Lumia 620 banner, this led to speculation that this was just a clever piece of Photoshop work. However, more fuel has been added to this ...

Product Reviews

Geneva Motor Show: Porsche unveils 475-horsepower 911 GT3
Los Angeles Times
Porsche gave fans of natural aspiration something to cheer about at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, by unveiling the all new 911 GT3. The GT3 is the most powerful 911 variant Porsche makes that doesn't have the benefits of turbocharging. The company ...

Big Asteroid to Zoom By Earth This Weekend
Yahoo! News (blog)
A newly discovered asteroid the size of a football field will cruise through Earth's neighborhood this weekend, just days after another space rock made an even closer approach to our planet. The 330-foot-wide (100 meters) asteroid 2013 ET will miss Earth by ...

Officials: China is 'too dependent on Android'
That's the word from the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which complained that the core Android technology is "strictly controlled by Google." Don Reisinger. by Don Reisinger. March 5, 2013 7:35 AM PST. Watch out, Google: Android is ...

Researchers Unravel Mystery behind Hindenburg Destruction after 76 Years
French Tribune
According to new reports, the Hindenburg disaster in Lakehurst has been resolved after 76 years. Static electricity was attributed for the death of 35 of the 100 passengers and crew members on May 6, 1937, said the researchers. The airship was preparing to ...

French Tribune

Metal Gear Rising
French Tribune
Metal Gear Rising is an action video game developed by Platinum Games for PS3 and Xbox 360. It is the ninth game in the Metal Gear series. The game is produced by Kojima Productions. The game was initially announced in 2009 under the name Metal...

French Tribune

Falkland Islands: Scientists Claim They Solved Darwin's Wolf Mystery
Latinos Post
Even Charles Darwin couldn't figure out how an animal that resembles both a wolf and a fox ended up on the barren Falkland Islands situated 300 miles (500 kilometers) from the mainland. But a team of scientist from Australia, Argentina and Chile now claim ...

Google Says FBI Secretly Spying on Some Customers
Wired (blog)
The terrorists apparently would win if Google told you the exact number of times the Federal Bureau of Investigation invoked a secret process to extract data about the media giant's customers. That's why it is unlawful for any record-keeper to disclose it has ...

Korean Provos aim to set the streets alight
Telegraph.co.uk (blog)
Sometimes, in the middle of frustrating day, there's a news item that lifts the heart. Today it was the launch of a new car by the Korean car-maker Kia at the International Geneva Motor Show. Called the Provo, it is a "radical super-mini coupe which aims to set ...

Comet PANSTARRS to be visible in nighttime sky later this month
Houston Chronicle (blog)
Comet PANSTARRS to be visible in nighttime sky later this month. Tuesday, March 5, 2013. Comment. Comments(24). |. Email. E-mail. |. Print. Today's the day the Comet PanSTARRS makes its closest approach to Earth but we can't see it from North America ...

Houston Chronicle (blog)

Global Warming Breaking Up Arctic, Ships to Sail Over North Pole by 2050?
Latinos Post
(Photo : Reuters) Scientists discovered that thanks to climate change, routes through the Arctic will be blown wide open after the year 2049. The Arctic: Land of ice and snow and September sightseeing cruises? It might sound unbelievable, but according to a ...

Latinos Post

Mars Rover Curiosity on Road to Recovery Following First Major Malfunction
Nature World News
(Photo : Image courtesy MSSS/Caltech/NASA) A self-portrait generated by the Mars rover Curiosity last October. NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover hit a snag late last week, when a memory glitch forced it into a "safe mode" while NASA prepared a backup and...

Nature World News

Volkswagen XL1 at the Geneva Auto Show with Video
Automotive Discovery
The Geneva Auto Show seems to be where all the hot cars and hot automotive industry types seem to either be at or be highly focused on, and the perfect place for German automakers, Volkswagen to debut their most fuel efficient car to date, the Volkswagen ...

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