31 October 2013

Young Teen Use of Facebook Drops

OK it's not the end of Facebook dominance, but it may be the beginning of the end --

Facebook admits decrease in usage among young teens
Los Angeles Times
SAN FRANCISCO -- Facebook Inc. for the first time on Wednesday acknowledged it may have a challenge in holding the attention of young people. Chief Financial Officer David Ebersman said during the company's third-quarter earnings call that Facebook ...

Google's social network sees 58% jump in users
SAN FRANCISCO — Google said Tuesday its social network Google+ has seen a 58% ... Vic Gundotra, head of social at Google, said Google+ has 300 million ...

ABC News

NSA reportedly collecting data secretly from Google, Yahoo
Los Angeles Times
WASHINGTON -- The National Security Agency has been secretly collecting Internet data -- almost certainly including American email traffic -- as it transits to Google and Yahoo servers abroad, according to the latest disclosure from former NSA contractor ...

Dark matter hunt nears final phase
BBC News
Scientists could be nearing the final phase of the search for dark matter: the enigmatic substance thought to make up a quarter of our Universe. The first results from a particle detector called LUX show it is the most powerful experiment of its kind. It did not ...

Pissed-off Dell laptop owners seek answer to cat-pee odors
Months of complaints about the smell of cat pee emanating from new Dell 6430u laptops cap off with an official response to the stinky problem. . . .

Intel to start manufacturing ARM chips: "In a shocking move, Intel has decided to open up its industry-leading chip manufacturing facilities to none other than its arch-rival in mobile - ARM. The announcement comes from Intel partner Altera and was made during the ARM developer conference on Tuesday, according to Reuters. Intel will open its fabs, the name used for the manufacturing plants, to make ARM’s 64-bit chips beginning next year. . . ." http://www.altera.com/corporate/about_us/abt-index.html

The Cost of Connectivity 2013 | NewAmerica.org: "Last year, the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute published The Cost of Connectivity, a first-of-its-kind study of the cost of consumer broadband services in 22 cities around the world.[1] The results showed that, in comparison to their international peers, Americans in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC are paying higher prices for slower Internet service. While the plans and prices have been updated in the intervening year, the 2013 data shows little progress, reflecting remarkably similar trends to what we observed in 2012. . . ."

SAN FRANCISCO – Some on Wall Street grumble that Amazon.com operates ... Starting Wednesday, when Amazon customers shop on a new version of the ...

Apple iPhone 5s battery issue could result in reduced battery life
Apple is reaching out to owners of the iPhone 5s because of a manufacturing issue that could result in reduced battery life. The problem is only affecting a "very ...


Google Smartwatch Nears Production
Google Now is a personal assistant similar to Apple's Siri. It is capable of performing a wide range of tasks and can discern spoken requests quite well.


Microsoft names India-born Gurdeep Singh Pall as Skype VP
Times of India
He is heading the information platform and experience team inMicrosoft's ... According to the Microsoft website, Pall has more than 20 patents (in process or ...

Times of India

Google mum on mysterious floating barge projects
New York Daily News
But other tech insiders told local KPIX5 the structures would debut as sleek, Apple Store-style marketing centers for Google Glass that will float from city to city ...

New York Daily News

Google Apps, once a leader, falls behind cloud app rivals
Seven years later, complacency has diluted that innovative spirit, andGoogle Apps now trails competing suites from IBM, Cisco and Microsoftin areas like ...

PR Web

Amazon planning 2014 smartphone with advanced 3D gesture ...
Apple Insider
That would place Amazon in direct competition with Apple's iPhone, which currently leads the way in the high-end smartphone market with its iPhone 5s.

Apple Insider

Apple In The Green After Stock Initially Dips Post-Earnings
Google Google (GOOG) had a nice move after earnings and is still trying to digest that move. ...Amazon (AMZN) pulled back a bit after its earnings day....

Google and Motorola: Aha! It's all starting to make sense
Computerworld (blog)
Google And Motorola When Google bought Motorola two years ago, most of us were pretty surprised. What would Google, an Internet services company that ...

Computerworld (blog)

Google Lays Some Halloween Easter Eggs In Its Knowledge Graph
Ken Yeung
Google has rolled out some easter eggs just in time for Halloween. ... Europe, India, Latin America, Middle East, UK, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter.
The Next Web

Microsoft Surface 2 Review: Better, But Still Not Best | TechnoBuffalo
Brandon Russell
Microsoft's newest Surface 2 improves on some issues we had with the ... Between Google, Appleand Amazon, the sheer amount of movies, TV shows and ...

Strike a light: Amazon's ebook-matching service goes live - Gizmag
James Holloway
The catch appears to be that Amazon has had to strike deals with publishers, though big names ...Kindle MatchBook provides a similar service for books as Apple's iTunes Match and ... Google'suProxy could help fight Internet censorship.
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine

Amazon's Kindle Matchbook Offers Cheap Ebook Versions of Books ...
Alan Henry
Amazon unveiled Kindle Matchbook today, a new service that offers affordable eBook versions of some of the physical books you've already ... Top 10 Clever Google Search Tricks ... Most Popular Travel Router: Apple Airport Express ...

How Apple Can Stick It to Icahn and Change the World | Breakout ...
Apple should shock the world by kicking off more in dividends than any company in the history. Related: Suddenly It's Microsoft, Not Google, That Apple Hates.
Yahoo Finance: Breakout

Watch “A Morning With Google+” Live – Droid Life
At any moment, Google should begin their “A morning with Google+” event which is streamed live to the world on YouTube. We'd imagine we will see lots of ...
Droid Life

Apple highlights 64-bit A7 processor in new iPhone 5s print ad
Cody Lee
Earlier this month, Apple began running a magazine advertisement for its iPhone 5s with a ...Microsoft admits its recent anti-iPhone ads were “off the mark” ...

Apple, Yahoo lead techs up; Seagate falls - MarketWatch
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Apple Inc. and Yahoo Inc. shares propelled the tech sector to early gains Tuesday, but Seagate Technology fell sharply on ...

Apple iWatch Could Reportedly Use LG Display Tech
Apple is reportedly close to a deal with LG that would see Cupertino use the Korean company's flexible display tech in the rumored iWatch.
LAPTOP Mag Main Feed

Nexus 5 & Android 4.4 KitKat Update MIA at Google Event
Adam Mills
The Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat update remain MIA after another Google press event. ... tablet from Asus, the latter of which is expected to take on the iPad Air from Apple. ... Microsoft Surface 2 Review Part 2: Apps and the Problems They ...
Gotta Be Mobile

Why does Tim Cook keep talking about new Apple products? | The ...
Yesterday's Apple results were fairly unsurprising, as the company beat Wall Street's Q4 estimates... The Verge Reads: 'The Circle' by Dave Eggers · Google shows off updated Glass hardware with earbud and. .... Previous Story Amazon's Cloud Player music app now available for OS X · Next Story Dell .... Microsoft Tribe ...

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30 October 2013

Goodbye Cookies, Nokia sales plunge

One more sign of the shift to mobile --

Google, Apple and other tech giants look to a post-cookie era - San Jose Mercury News" . . . over the years, cookies have come under fire from privacy advocates who say their tracking is too intrusive. At the same time, advertisers say they've become increasingly less effective, in part because more consumers are using smartphones and other mobile devices that don't support cookie files. "Whether any of us likes it or not, cookies are going to disappear entirely or diminish to the point where they are not particularly useful," said Eric Bader, chief marketing officer at the online ad agency RadiumOne. . . ."

HELSINKI: Nokia in Q3 net loss as sales continue plunge - Technology - MiamiHerald.com: " . . . Although Nokia retained its no.2 position in mobile phone sales overall with a 15.5 percent global share, that was mainly thanks to its line of older, non-smartphones that still sell in some emerging markets. In smartphones, Nokia did not fare well. At less than 9 million units, its sales lag well behind Samsung's 88 million and Apple's 33.8 million. Even South Korean LG, with 12.7 million units, and China's Lenovo, which sold 11 million, surged past the former world No. 1 that once commanded a global smartphone market share of 50 percent."

Google's social network sees 37% jump in users
SAN FRANCISCO — Google said Tuesday that its social network Google+ has seen a 37% jump in users in recent months. Vic Gundotra, head of social at Google, said Google+ has 300 million monthly active users, up from 190 million in May. Google+ ...

Google shoots for simplifying photography
Mastering photography is hard, and Google wants to make it easier with new features for its Google+ social network like more image auto-enhancement features and on-the-fly splicing of multiple exposures. Google announced the new features Tuesday with ...

Motorola aims for do-it-yourself smartphones
Motorola wants to let consumers design their own smarpthones. The Google-owned manufacturer has launched Project Ara to create a free, open and ...

Facebook App Vulnerabilities Could Compromise Your Account
Tom's Guide
If you use the Facebook or Facebook Messenger apps on your Android device, be careful of downloading files through them. Two newly discovered vulnerabilities could give an attacker unrestricted access to your account. Information about the vulnerability ...

And it puts the ball in Microsoft's court for a response. "Apple's concerned about the enterprise and Windows 8, where software selection is still largely in the ...

Talkin' Cloud
San Jose Mercury News
A Delaware judge on Monday approved a settlement in a shareholder lawsuit challenging Google's (GOOG) plans to split its stock and issue a new class of ...


Microsoft shareholders advised to vote against director Thompson
Microsoft representatives did not immediately reply to a request for comment. ... way of radical reform at Microsoft, which has lost ground to Apple Inc and Google ...

The Australian Financial Review

Apple's iWork upgrade screwup has Microsoft laughing all the way ...
Computerworld (blog)
Apple might have thought it was doing Mac users a favor with its free upgrade of iWork last week, but Microsoft instead has been the recipient of the gift.

Apple Insider

Google's Irish tax affairs on the agenda again
Irish Times
As such, he predicts that Ireland will eventually prohibit companies like Google and Apple from setting up units in Ireland that don't owe income taxes there.

Irish Times

Can Amazon Flip A Switch And Start Making Profits?
An interesting discussion here about whether Amazon can just “flip a switch” and start ... He started with Blogger that was sold to Google Google, then got Twitter ...


Apple's profit concerns linger
The problem: Consumers are increasingly interested in a mix of older and less-expensive Apple products, and that weighs on profits. Apple's gross profit margin ...


Apple Scores Another Beat - John Paczkowski - News - AllThingsD
John Paczkowski
Back in September, Apple said it expected revenue and gross margins for its fourth quarter to fall “near the high end” of the range it had previously provided ...

Daily Report: Though iPhone Sales Climb, Apple's Profit Falls ...
But for the third consecutive quarter, Apple does not have more profit. ... Daily Report: AppleChallenges Microsoft, Offering Free Apps · Highlights and Analysis From Apple's Event · AmazonUpdates Kindle Fire Line ... Wired | With DARPA and Pixar alumni, Google is trying to change the way storytelling happens on ...
NYT Bits

Google's Authorship Project Dying?  
AJ Kohn, someone who focuses more on authorship and rich snippets than most SEOs I know, wrote a story named Authorship Is Dead, Long Live Authorship....
Search Engine Roundtable

Google lets Glass users invite three friends to Explorer program ...
Trevor Mogg
Google is about to hand out its high-tech Glass device to lots more people, but to ... Expanding Glass: Google lets Explorers invite three friends to try its high-tech specs ... Microsoft Surface 2 front start screen ... Amazon Kindle Fire HDX review.
Digital Trends

EU seeks comment on Google's latest anti-trust remedies (Update)
Google, under anti-trust investigation since 2010, submitted new proposals in ... 2010 following a complaint by several companies, including Microsoft. ... Apple on Monday reported that it raked in billions of dollars as iPhone sales .... iPhone iPad Apps · Blackberry App · Android App & Widget ·Amazon Kindle · PDA version.
Phys.org - latest science and technology news stories

Did You Miss Google Top Contributors Too? What It Means
Amanda DiSilvestro
Google Top Contributors help keep the Help forums going, and anyone can get involved. Learn if this is the right choice for you here!
Search Engine Journal

Samsung tops Apple in global smartphone shipments | Mobile ...
"Samsung shipped over two times more smartphones than Apple during the quarter," Neil Mawston,... If Google Glass could do this, it would start a revolution.

Another Way Samsung Can Copy Apple - NYTimes.com
Here's one idea that Samsung could safely copy from Apple: As a proportion of its $221 billion market capitalization, the South Korean giant's near $40 billion ...

Google Glass 2 is coming, finally compatible with prescription ...
The first version of Google Glass, with an internal-only glasses mod. A new version ... PlayingApple IIc games 30 years late through an online emulator museum ...

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29 October 2013

Apple and Google Dominate Mobile Market

Apple and Google move ahead, while Microsoft slips behind, and BlackBerry is left for dead --

Apple Sales Set to Show Mobile Shift Lifting Tech
“The new tech companies like Google and Amazon did well, while companies ... a fund manager at Synovus Trust Co. in Atlanta, which owns Microsoft shares.. . .

As Apple unleashes new iPads, Wall Street homes in on iPhones
CNET (blog)
Apple reports its fourth-quarter earnings Monday, the first to include the iPhone ... That's not a new story for Apple's financial health, the bulk of which is fueled by ...


Microsoft Surface Pro Docking Station Arrives Early
With Microsoft's docking station -- which hadn't been expected until 2014 -- the ... The value of laptop-tablet hybrids is still under debate, as Applerecently ...

Techie News

Apple running high ahead of earnings
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Apple Inc. is expected to report another period of earnings declines and weak revenue growth on Mondayafternoon, ...


Microsoft masks Windows, Office performance with new reporting ...
Computerworld - Microsoft's new financial reporting format makes it much harder to get a grip on how two of its most important software franchises, Windows and ...


Apple Has Made It More Difficult To Decide Which New iPad To Buy ...
There was a subtle surprise in Apple's Apple's iPad product announcement this week—the new iPad Air and iPad Mini with retina display now have the same ...

International Business Times

Apple's Spaceship Campus Will Have a Flying Saucer Auditorium
Amid all the excitement around Apple's recent iPad event, some of us may have missed a new set of images for the company's new campus that emerged in the ...


Is Google Really Evil? Or Just Smart?
He spiced up the statistics by going out on a limb with predictions like Apple buying Netflix and Google cranking out batches of House of Cards-style series every ...

Microsoft's Phone Sales May Be Low, But Its Cloud Revenue Is Up
Amazon remains the dominant player in cloud hosting, with offerings like its ... like Box and Dropbox and to internet pioneers like Amazon and Google, many of ...

Google Doodle honours Oscar-winning costume designer Edith ...
Instead of it's usual multicoloured logo, Google's homepage now shows an image of the American costume designer standing in front of six of her creations.

The Guardian (blog)

Apple's Fourth Quarter -- Dueling iPhones and the China Question ...
John Paczkowski
Daffy_Apple_Eyes This afternoon, Apple will report earnings for a quarter unlike any before — the first in which the company sold two new iPhones instead of ...

Weekly Roundup: Surface 2 review, McLaren P1 'hypercar ...
Andy Bowen
DNP Daily Roundup Surface 2 review, Google's Project Shield, suspicious LG ... Microsoft'ssecond generation of Surface tablets went on sale this week, and ...
Engadget RSS Feed

Apple plans to open first store in Brazil by March 2014 | 9to5Mac
Mark Gurman
Image of the mall where the Apple Store will be located. Apple currently plans to expand its retail store presence to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil early next year, ...

Better view than courtside: Stanford basketball players don Google ...
Rebecca Grant
Players on the Stanford basketball team wore Google Glass while warming ... Here's how Appleassaulted Microsoft at its iPad Air event — in 3 crushing quotes.

SEOs Get Ready For 15% Reduction In Google Rich Snippets
(Barry Schwartz)
As many of you know, Matt Cutts, Google's head of search spam, announced at PubCon that you should expect a 15% reduction in the amount of rich snippets ...
Search Engine Roundtable

Rumor: Nexus 10 Specs Leak Briefly on Google Play Store - Gizmodo
Jamie Condliffe
Expected to land on November 1st alongside the hotly-tipped Nexus 5, it could see Google going head to head with Apple and its iPad Air in the full-size tablet ...

5 Google AdWords Enhanced Campaign Tips for Efficiency & Better ...
Crystal Santos
Early adopters may have had the first jump on Enhanced Campaigns, but it's definitely not too late to take advantage. See 5 tips to help maximize performance ...
Search Engine Watch - Latest

How to easily migrate to SkyDrive from Google Drive, including your ...
Derrick Wlodarz
Google Docs and Google Drive were all I knew when it came to personal cloud document storage until this ... Not trying to brag blindly in Microsoft's favor, I'm just stating it how I see it from experience with both products. .... Apple iOS included.

Amazon: Profitless Prosperity - Seeking Alpha
Fred Wilson
Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN), salesforce.com, inc. (NYSE:CRM), Workday Inc (NYSE:WDAY): Amazon: Profitless Prosperity.
SeekingAlpha.com: Home Page

Google Partners With MinecraftEdu To Release Quantum Physics ...
Kyle Hilliard
Google's Quantum A.I. Lab Team have released a mod for Minecraft which adds quantum physics mechanics to the game as a way of educating Minecraft fans ...

EU seeks feedback on Google's revised antitrust offer
By Foo Yun Chee. BRUSSELS | Mon Oct 28, 2013 1:14pm EDT. BRUSSELS (Reuters) - EU regulators have asked 125 Google rivals and third parties to provide feedback on the company's second attempt to settle a three-year-long antitrust investigation and ...

Kids Love Snapchat Because They See Facebook Like Adults See LinkedIn
Kids are in a petri dish, where their every social post can be scrutinized and used against them. That's why disappearing media startup Snapchat is important, says its investor, Benchmark's Bill Gurley. Teens don't want their daily lives permanently recorded.

Nvidia Shield embraces Android games by the thousands
Monday's update brings Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to the game device, and a new "console mode" turns Shield into a portable living-room game console....

Play-i Robots Teach Kids to Code
PC Magazine
You're never too young to learn complicated computer programming. At least that's what California-based startup Play-i thinks. The company, which just launched a crowdfunding campaign, hopes that cute robots with colorful accessories can entice children ...

UN to create asteroid defense group
(Newser) – The next time an asteroid is on a collision course with Earth, the U.N. wants to make sure someone calls Bruce Willis. The General Assembly last week gave the green light to an asteroid defense plan drawn up by the former astronauts at the ...

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28 October 2013

Google Getting Faster, Expanding Infrastructure

Google's expanding network serving up faster internet services --

Google serves users from 700 p.c. more locations: Study - The Hindu: ". . . according to researchers from University of Southern California (USC). From October 2012 to late July 2013, the number of locations serving Google’s search infrastructure increased from a little less than 200 to a little more than 1,400, and the number of ISPs grew from just over 100 to more than 850, according to the study. Most of this expansion reflects Google utilising client networks that it already relied on for hosting content like videos on YouTube, and reusing them to relay -- and speed up -- user requests and responses for search and ads, researchers said. . . ." (read more at link above)
For its fiscal first quarter, Microsoft reported a profit of $5.24 billion, or 62 cents a share, on revenue of $18.53 billion. During the year-ago period,Microsoft ...


Stephen Elop is Ready for Big Change at Microsoft
Tom's Hardware Guide
With the departure of a good chunk of Microsoft's old guard and a series of big moves that have left consumers skeptical of the 800 pound gorilla of the tech world, Stephen Elop just might be the person to set the company back on the right track. In an interview ...

Apple reports fiscal 4Q results Monday
SAN FRANCISCO — Wall Street isn't expecting much when Applereports its fiscal ... The 47 stock analysts who publish research on Applesee the company's ...


SAN FRANCISCO - There isn't one thing that jumps out with Apple's new Mac operating ... It's similar to the approach Google's Gmail uses to organize email. ... And it's certainly not as revolutionary as Microsoft'stransition to Windows 8 and a ...


Apple, Google must face antitrust suit on hiring
The Seattle Times
Apple, Google and two other Silicon Valley companies must face a group lawsuit representing more than 64,000 technical employees claiming their incomes ...

Techie News

Apple's plan to wipe out disc drives is nearly complete
With only a single machine that still has a DVD drive, Apple is close to finishing ... namely Adobe and Microsoft, were pushing their biggest products as cloud ...

For processors, Microsoft's tablet houses a 1.7GHz Nvidia Tegra 4, whereas Nokia went ... for recent hot tablets such as the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 and the Google Nexus 7. ... "Google and Microsoft are very capable organizations, [with] lots of ... Thumbnail image of Apple's plan to wipe out disc drives is nearly complete.


Amazon woos fashion industry as studio opens
Wilkes Barre Times-Leader
NEW YORK — In Williamsburg — a Brooklyn neighborhood that's become something of an epicenter for the prototypical hipster — Amazon.com Inc. is working ...

Kara Swisher
Amazon Builds the Spheres, While Google Opts for the Hulk ... As with Apple, Facebook, Samsung and many other tech companies, ... Microsoft Q1 Unveiled Today, but Don't Expect an October Surprise for New CEO (See You in December).

Addition by subtraction? Hands on with Apple's new iWork ... - Gigaom
Mark Crump
I've always felt that Numbers was an app Apple created because they had to; not because they wanted to. I'm not at all a Microsoft Excel power user (once in an ...

Top 10 Clever Google Search Tricks - Lifehacker
Whitson Gordon
Google is a more powerful tool than most people realize. You can get much more ... Is It Actually Cheaper to Order Everything from Amazon? ... You've probably searched for comparisons onGoogle before, like roku vs apple tv . But what if you ...

Tesla hires ex-Apple VP for new vehicle development - Autoblog
Damon Lowney
Tesla hires former Apple vice president of Mac hardware engineering, Doug Field, as the vice president of vehicle programs.

Paul St John Mackintosh
The head of Amazon Publishing has left, along with some other staff members. How much will it hurtAmazon? Probably not much.
TeleRead: News and views on e-books, libraries, publishing and related topics

Running Google Apps on the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX (Gmail, Play ...
Brad Linder
It's possible to load some of the Google's key Android apps without rooting the tablet. That includes Gmail, Google Play Music, the Chrome web browser, and ...

Mysterious floating barge in San Francisco Bay could be secret new ...
Could this barge be home to Google's next big operation? ... is likely home to a major marketing effort, a “kind of giant Apple Store,” in support of Google Glass.

Google: Our Robot Cars Are Better Drivers Than You - Slashdot
An anonymous reader writes "At a robotics conference in Santa Clara, California, the head ofGoogle's autonomous car project presented results of a study ...

Amazon's In Favour Of The Online Sales Tax Bill Now - Forbes
Amazon's now come out in favour of the online sales tax bill: specifically, that all online retailers should be collecting it from consumers and passing it onto the ...

Thoughts and Observations Regarding This Week's Apple Event
Apple and Google are squeezing Microsoft from both sides, and the result is that .... Android-based competitors — from Samsung, Google, and Amazon — and ...

Amazon and the "profitless business model" fallacy — Remains of ...
[DISCLOSURE: As always when I write about Amazon, I'll note I worked there from .... Why doesn'tGoogle break out its lines of business in more detail in its financials? Why doesn't Apple reveal more detail about exact sales of the various ...

Apple's Jony Ive Designs Special Edition Red Mac Pro - Mashable
Apple design chief Jony Ive has revealed a customized version of the company's new Mac Pro that will go on auction in November.

BBM heads to the top of Google Play | CrackBerry.com
As of now BBM is riding high in Google Play with downloads in the 10000000 ... in lots of places but as long as people keep saying apple rocks and that hype ...

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27 October 2013

David Pogue Reviews Windows 8.1, Lipstick on a Pig video

David Pogue's Windows 8.1 Hands-on Review - New York Times video: New York Times' David Pogue reviews Windows 8.1 (video above), and calls it "lipstick on a pig." Read the story here: http://nyti.ms/GSfpge

Ballmer's successor must tackle Microsoft's Google problem
The news about Apple's challenge to Microsoft's Office only highlighted this, because in targeting that enormously successful bundle (which includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook), Apple is only following Google's lead — and Google hasn't had ...

LinkedIn's mobile Intro tool called a lure for phishing hacks
Some people think a lot can go wrong if you have your email pass through LinkedIn's servers with the company's new Intro technology. Earlier this week, the company released LinkedIn Intro, a plug-in for the iPhone's native email app that attaches people's ...

Apple cuts MacBook Pro prices up to 13%
On Tuesday, Cook reaffirmed Apple's stake in the personal computer market, perhaps responding to talk over the last several weeks that Apple might -- and in some analysts' minds, should -- mimic Microsoft and force the iPad into 2-in-1 duty as a light ...

Apple's new Mavericks OS X: Top 10 features to check out [Photos]
Los Angeles Times
Even though Apple's new Mavericks OS X -- the latest version of its operating system for Macbook laptops and Mac desktop computes -- is seen as an evolutionary upgrade, there are a few cool new features you'll want to try. In total, Apple packed ...

Amazon's Publishing Chief Announces Plans to Step Down

Book industry veteran Larry Kirshbaum, the chief of Amazon.com's (AMZN) high-profile New York City publishing division, announced today that he's leaving the ...

Slate Magazine (blog)

Amazon Web Services Revenue: New Details
Amazon reports higher-than-expected revenues in third quarter. ...Amazon Web Services' revenues are on track to hit the $1 billion mark in the fourth quarter.


Apple leads gains, but losses still stand out
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Tech stocks generally advanced Thursday, with kingpin Apple Inc. on the rise after a buyback proposal from investor Carl Icahn, but several notable losses came after earnings or forecasts from the likes of Fusion-io Inc ...

Apple's iPad Event: What We Wanted vs. What We Got
PC Magazine
Apple held its second major fall press event on Tuesday, and as expected, it included the launch of its next-generation iPad tablets, as well as a few other upgrades to its Mac and OS X lineups. Prior to big reveal, we polled the PCMag staff to see ...

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26 October 2013

Obamacare Website Needs Total Overhaul

Obamacare's "government program" website -- 10-year-old technology requiring "constant fixes and updates" --

Tech experts: Health exchange site needs total overhaul: "The federal health care exchange was built using 10-year-old technology that may require constant fixes and updates for the next six months and the eventual overhaul of the entire system, technology experts told USA TODAY. The site could be perfect, but if the systems from which it draws data are not up to speed, it doesn't matter, said John Engates, chief technology officer at Rackspace, a cloud computer service provider. "It is a core problem in the sense of it's fundamental to this thing actually working, but it's not necessarily a problem that the people who wrote HealthCare.gov can get to," Engates said. "Even if they had a perfect system, it still won't work.". . ."

Google Brings 'Supervised Users' Feature to Latest Chrome Beta Build
Android Headlines - Android News
If you thought Chrome was already perfect, you were wrong. Google continues to add more and more features to Chrome and Chrome OS. Earlier today, Google announced their newest Chrome Beta build, which features a new feature. Called “Supervised ...
As shares of Amazon continued to climb in after-hours trading Thursday,Amazon competitors Apple Apple was up just 0.40% and Barnes & Noble Noble was ...

New York Times

Apple's Russia Push May Fizzle on Price as IPhones Go Global
Apple Inc. (AAPL)'s push to win users in Russia, one of the countries where the latest ... with its cheaper devices running Google Inc. (GOOG)'s Android software.

Apple Insider

Army blanket purchase agreements to buy Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 licenses offer non-Defense Enterprise Email users a choice of cloud software.

Amazon Pioneer Recalls Bezos's Quirks, Victories And Flaws
In 1994, Borders was a thriving bookstore chain. Hardly anyone shopped on the Internet. And in Bellevue, Wash., a two-person startup, Amazon.com, was ...

Economic Times

Apple Embraces Free: 5 Reasons Why
InformationWeek (blog)
Then came Google Apps and Gmail, Android and Google Play, Chrome and Chrome OS. The playbook that Apple used to thrive in the shadow ofMicrosoft ...


Apple's Location-Tracking iBeacon Is Poised for Use in Retail Sales
Search Google (GOOG) for “Apple iBeacon” and you won't get any results from Apple.com. Look for the term on the company's website, and you'll get one hit, ...

Donald Melanson
You're not alone. As The Verge reports, Microsoft has confirmed that a recent. ... Microsoft confirms builtin Twitter feature is causing excess data use, says it'll be.
Engadget RSS Feed

Apple releases Apple TV 6.0.1 (11B511d) firmware update | 9to5Mac 
Jordan Kahn
Apple today issued a firmware update for Apple TV after earlier this week rolling out a ... Today's firmware update brings Apple TV software up to version 6.0.1, build ... Google launches new tool to let U.S. businesses create Google Offers for ... Amazon “Firetube” set-top box delayed, probably won't be here in time for the…

Google Updates DoubleClick For Publishers Ad Serving Algorithm ...
Kelsey Jones
The Search Engine Journal team received an email from a member of the Google DoubleClick team last afternoon that announced that changes to the Ad ...
Search Engine Journal

Microsoft Reports Decline In Xbox Sales, Increase In Xbox Live ...
Mike Futter
Xbox 360 sales are down, but Microsoft's overall financials are healthier than ever. ... another Apple, change is good, and I hope to see more of it from Microsoft, ...
Edwin Kee
Google has recently confirmed that they are currently testing out such ads with a tiny percentage of its user base. According to a Google spokesperson, it has been deemed as “a small experiment. ...Alienware Offers Console Trade In Program · Apple Starts Selling OS X Lion ... Samsung · Google ·Apple · Microsoft · Sony ...

Samsung Patents Wearable Display to Rival Google Glass
Along with Sony, it's among the first of today's major smartphone makers to launch a smartwatch, while other companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and ...
LAPTOP Mag Main Feed

New galaxy 'most distant' yet discovered
BBC News
The galaxy is about 30 billion light-years away and is helping scientists shed light on the period that immediately followed the Big Bang. It was found using the Hubble Space Telescope and its distance was then confirmed with the ground-based Keck ...

It's so lonely using Blackberry Messenger for Android
Hours after installing BBM for Android, my BBM contact list is still empty, mocking me with the thought that I have no friends. So I won't even write about the messaging experience -- that's covered everywhere else. Instead, I'll just share some of the thoughts ...

T-Mobile to Sell New iPads, Offer All Tablet Users 200MB Free
T-Mobile thinks it's time more people used tablets with a cellular connection. To encourage them, it's offering 200MB free each month. T-Mobile's latest "un-carrier" moves follow the Oct. 22 introduction of the Apple iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina display....

Free! Why Apple's New OS X Mavericks, iLife, iWork Pricing Is a Big Deal
ABC News
"YOU GET MAVERICKS! AND YOU GET MAVERICKS! EVERYBODY GETS MAVERICKS!" Craig Federighi, Apple's VP of software engineering, may not have actually said that, but he channeled Oprah Winfrey in spirit by giving away some of his favorite ...

How to manage a failed OS X Mavericks installation
If your attempts to install OS X Mavericks are not working or have your system stuck, then here are some quick steps to take to get up and running. Topher Kessler. by Topher Kessler. October 23, 2013 10:50 AM PDT. OS X Mavericks offers a number of new ...

New Mac Pro Gives Apple More Business Gravitas
PC Magazine
When we last had a new Mac Pro in PCMag Labs for review back in 2010, our lead desktop and laptop analyst, Joel Santo Domingo, called it "nominally a workstation-class PC." Yes, it was fast and had some business-y features. However, for those of us who ...

Using Lasers, NASA Set A New Speed Record For Sending Data To The Moon
Fast Company
The agency's Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration will be used for communication with next-gen satellites. By: Addy Dugdale · NASA has been testing the use of laser beams to send data transmissions through space, and just broke records for speed.

Twitter sets cautious valuation for IPO
SAN FRANCISCO — Twitter set a price range for its initial public offering Thursday, putting a conservative valuation of at least $10 billion on its business to try to avoid pitfalls suffered by rival social-media company Facebook, when it went public last year.

Apple Mac users upgrading to new Mavericks OS X at a record pace?
Los Angeles Times
More than three times as many users were reportedly surfing the Web with Mavericks OS X on the first day of its release than those who did so with its predecessor, Mountain Lion OS X. In just 24 hours, users who downloaded and installed Apple's new ...

Golden Joysticks: Grand Theft Auto 5 bags Game of the Year award
BBC News
The adult-themed crime game, Grand Theft Auto 5, has won the top prize at the Golden Joystick awards. Rockstar's controversial game - where players commit crime in the fictional city of Los Santos - was presented with the Game of the Year gong at a ...

Mozilla Lightbeam Shows Who's Watching You Online
In the spirit of online transparency, and for those paranoid about organizations watching your every move, a new tool from Mozilla lets you monitor who is following your digital footprint. Lightbeam is a free extension available for download on Mozilla's Firefox ...

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25 October 2013

Microsoft Rant, Apple Envy in Redmond

You can read more of the Microsoft rant at the link below --

Microsoft Bashes Apple's iWork Software, New iPads - Mac Rumors: "Microsoft's corporate vice president of communications, Frank Shaw, today took to the Official Microsoft Blog to denounce both Apple's revamped iWork software and the company's well-received decision to distribute it as a free upgrade for existing users. . . ."

Apple's Newest Strategy: Free
San Francisco Chronicle
Microsoft couldn't give Windows away. Not even Google gives away software like this. Apple's position as an integrated hardware/software company makes ...


Apple Targets Microsoft Office With Free Apps - NYTimes.com: "At an event meant to feature its latest iPad tablet computing devices, Apple on Tuesday took aim at one of the biggest and seemingly unassailable businesses of its rival Microsoft, its Office software for tasks like word processing and spreadsheets.Apple said iWork, a set of applications for Macs, iPads and iPhones that essentially duplicates what Microsoft’s Office offers customers, would be free to anyone who bought a new Macintosh computer or mobile device from Apple. Each Apple app used to cost $10 apiece. The latest version of the Macintosh operating system, Mavericks, will also be free. . . ."

Microsoft exec scoffs at talk that Apple's free iWork threatens Office
Computerworld - Microsoft's head of communications took shots today atApple's decision to give away its iWork productivity software, calling the move "an ...

Economic Times

Startup Cover bets on Android's market clout, ...
A trio of veterans from Google, Facebook, and Yahoo tries to make Android phones more useful by anticipating the apps you want the moment you wake up a device. Something they couldn't do on iOS. Stephen Shankland. by Stephen Shankland. October 24 ...

Apple Fixes The Two Worst Errors In iOS 7
There were two significant errors in Apple's Apple's first release of iOS 7. The first was that there's a minority of the population subject to motion sickness.


Amazon Exec Rebuts Book About Amazon In Amazon Book Review
Eating your own dog food is a bedrock tenet of tech industry religion. So if you're a longtime Amazon executive — and former high school classmate of Jeff ...

New York Times

Apple Wins Patent-Infringement Trial Against Wi-Lan
Apple Inc. (AAPL) won a patent-infringement trial in which Wi-Lan Inc. was seeking $248 million from the iPhone maker over an invention for wireless technology ...


TIME (blog)
Microsoft bundles it with the Surface 2 tablet, an offer which is reminiscent of what Apple is doing with iWork. But Microsoft is even less likely to start giving away ...

New York Times

Google Chromebook concept gaining momentum
Boston Globe
Chromebooks are designed by Google and a number of traditional PC makers, ... created by Google as an alternative to bulkier software like Microsoft Corp. ... An app for Amazon.com's Kindle e-book service lets you store your favorite titles on ... Full-fledged personal computers running Windows and Apple Inc.'s Mac OS X ...

Matt Brian
With the next-generation Surface now on sale in 21 countries, Microsoft probably needs to clear out whatever Surface Pros are still lingering in.
Engadget RSS Feed

Barb Darrow
The new 3.4 release enables management of private and Amazon public cloud ... Microsoft keeps building its hybrid cloud with Windows Azure updates. Oct. 22 ...

How Apple makes their high-precision computing machines
Jason Kottke
Even by Apple standards, the video showing how the new Mac Pro is made is a great little piece of cinema. ... What makes Apple fascinating is not that they are using some wiz-bang alien technologies to ...

Microsoft's Office oxygen supply problem - BetaNews
Sridhar Vembu
Google, OpenOffice, LibreOffice and my company Zoho have all offered free office ... Why do Apple or Google or Zoho all want to commoditize Microsoft Office?...

Thoughts on the Apple Event - The Loop
Jim Dalrymple
I've been asked quite a few times today which Apple announcement I thought was the biggest—the blockbuster release that people would be talking about for...
The Loop

Apple may have sold 15M (now old) iPads during the September ...
Ed Sutherland
Normally, selling 170 million of anything is cause for headlines, but everyone isn't Apple. When CEO Tim Cook said Tuesday the tech giant has sold 170 million.

Apple - Up-to-Date Program for Pages, Numbers, and Keynote
Find out how to get Pages, Numbers, and Keynote free for your qualifying new Mac.

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