21 March 2013

Microsoft Bribery Allegations

US Said to Look Into Microsoft Bribery Allegations
New York Times
The Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission have both opened preliminary investigations into bribery accusations involving Microsoft in China, Italy and Romania, according to the person, who spoke on the condition of anonymity...

New York Times

Amazon Cloud Storage Clone Goes Open Source
Wired (blog)
Amazon's cloud services are a great thing. They give you instant access to computing power over the web, letting you instantly store data and run applications. But if you want to set up your own cloud service, Amazon can't help you. You need software ...

Wired (blog)

Google Fiber Expanding to Olathe, Kansas
PC Magazine
Google is extending its super-fast Google Fiber Internet service to Olathe, Kan., the fifth largest city in Kansas with a population of about 125,000 people, the Web giant has announced. The Olathe City Council on Tuesday voted unanimously to approve an ...

Jawbone UP Fitness Tracker Finally Available on Android
PC Magazine
The fitness-tracking wristband, which has been on the market for more than a year (not including the several months when it was pulled from shelves due to a manufacturing flaw), has to date been available for iPhone users only. The platform limitation was in ...

Apple Fixes iOS Lock Bypass
Having recently updated its desktop operating system, OS X, Apple is doing the same for its iOS mobile operating system. The company on Tuesday released iOS 6.1.3. The update weighs in at a mere 18.2 MB. It can be downloaded directly to an iOS device ...

Asteroid headed toward Earth? 'Pray,' NASA advises
Fox News
In the wake of last month's meteor strike in Russia and a close asteroid flyby on the same day, members of Congress asked NASA, White House and Air Force officials what they're doing to combat the threat of near-Earth asteroids during a hearing Tuesday ...

Rocket launches missile-warning satellite to orbit
A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Fla., on Tuesday with a new-generation missile-warning satellite. Post to Facebook. Rocket launches missile-warning satellite to orbit on USAToday.com: http://usat.ly/160eFgw....

Complete Neanderthal genome published by German researchers
A group of German researchers announced this week that they have completed sequencing of a Neanderthal genome. The scientists say that the high-quality sequencing will be made available online for other researchers and scientists to study.


Logitech announces new line of PC peripherals with new “G” brand
After making themselves clear back in January about their intentions to not exit the PC peripheral business, Logitech is back to prove that point. They've ended up rebranding their “G” lineup of PC gaming peripherals and accessories by announcing a slew of ...


Pinterest gets a redesign and three more features
PINBOARD STYLE PHOTO SHARING WEBSITE Pinterest has had a makeover, with fresh features and a simpler and cleaner design. Invitations have already been sent out for users to try the revamped website, which was tested by a small group of "pinners" ...

Google takes Street View to new heights - quite literally
Google's beloved yet often controversial Street View cameras have reached new heights – quite literally. Leaving the camera-equipped cars at home, Google's expedition team bundled up and hit some of the world's most impressive mountain ranges with a ...


Evernote Food for iOS Update Adds Foursquare Ratings and Open Table ...
PC Magazine
Evernote can store everything else right? Why not use it to document your favorite dishes, recipes, or restaurants. Instead of leaving the Evernote Food app to find and reserve a table at your next favorite restaurant, the latest update lets users browse ...

Even if you never click on Facebook ads, they are making you buy things.
Slate Magazine
This is a story about advertising on the Web. Specifically, it's about ads on Facebook, a hugely popular free service that's supported solely through advertising, yet is packed with users who are actively hostile to the idea of being marketed to on their cherished...

Slate Magazine

Here's An Absolutely Cringe-Worthy Video Of Apple's Newest Hire Kevin Lynch ...
Business Insider
In a cringe worthy homage to "Myth Busters", Lynch "tries" to get Flash to work on the iPhone. He puts the iPhone in a blender, runs it over with a steam roller, pretends to charge jump start with a car, and pretends to blow it up. At the time Lynch worked for ...

Whale Skeleton Found On Sea Floor In Antarctica, Along With Several New ...
Huffington Post
In what's being called the first discovery of its type, scientists recently stumbled upon a whale skeleton on the ocean floor near Antarctica -- one of only six natural whale skeletons found worldwide. That's not all. As the researchers took a closer look at their find ...

Intel, Nvidia show off next-gen silicon potentially bound for Apple's future Macs
Apple Insider
Computing industry observers got a glimpse of the future from two processor makers on Tuesday, as Nvidia revealed its GPU product roadmap and Intel showed off benchmarks of the forthcoming "Haswell" microarchitecture. nvidia. Speaking at the GPU ...

Apple Insider

How Rackspace is taking on Amazon now
The cloud services provider has a secret weapon in its quest against the dominant Amazon: free software. - When it comes to cloud computing services, Amazon (AMZN) is the clear leader.

Polar bear hunting and migration 'hit by warming climate'
The Guardian
One of the most southerly populations of polar bears now has only limited time to hunt on sea ice due to a warming climate, research suggests. The polar bears of Hudson Bay, Canada, migrate onto land in the summer when the sea ice melts, relying on fat...

The Guardian

Google Wants To Drive Your Collaborative Apps Home —And Into Its Fold
Share on: Google Wants To Drive Your Collaborative Apps Home —And Into Its Fold. Google plans to use the collaborative sharing aspects of Google Drive as a way to lure third-party apps into the Google fold....


Cloning extinct animals: to hell with frogs!
The Guardian (blog)
The recent news that scientists in Australia have successfully inserted the DNA of an officially extinct frog into a living embryo, effectively creating a living genome and for all intents and purposes resurrecting the species, bringing it back from extinction.

The Guardian (blog)

Ancient, 'Lost' Tectonic Plate Discovered Beneath California
Science World Report
(Photo : Forsyth lab/Brown University) An ancient, "lost" tectonic plate that disappeared under North America millions of years ago may have been found again. The Isabella anomaly (IA, above), is at the same depth (ca. 100 km) as other fragments of the ...

Science World Report

Good Luck to Detroit Electric as Car Production Starts Soon
Automotive Discovery
Detroit Electric is a 100 year old brand, although many of you may have never heard of them. They started talking about building electric vehicles back in 2007 and the electric car division was founded in 2008 by Albert Lam, former CEO of the Lotus ...

U.S. is Now Home to Half a Billion Internet Connected Devices
Hot Hardware
If you want to know why the PC market is struggling, just look at the rapid rise of Internet connected devices. Sure, a desktop or laptop system offers far more functionality than a smartphone or tablet, and PCs aren't going the way of the dodo bird, but at the ...

Hot Hardware

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) pulled up by court for insufficient documentation
US Market Buzz
Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) has been pulled by a U.S. court for being secretive and declining to hand over important documents as evidence in an ongoing privacy suit. The Cupertino company is in the dock having been accused of collecting and ...

Twitter co-founder hopes to be mayor of New York City
From tech genius, billionaire to New York City mayor? Jack Dorsey,co-founder of Twitter hopes to one run for mayor of New York City. F. Y. I this guy created twitter #jackdorsey → on Twitpic. According to CNN,Dorsey hopes to leave his home in San Francisco ...

NASA spots lunar graves of twin GRAIL spacecraft
The Space Reporter
The LRO's observation give astronomers new information on how volatile material is moved around the moon. By Max Sonnenberg, The Space Reporter Wednesday, March 20, 2013. NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has spotted the lunar graves of the ...

Redesigned Hulu Plus App for Apple TV Offers Easier Navigation
Hot Hardware
Hulu is giddy about a redesigned Apple TV app it just released, and Apple TV users should be just as excited. After all, it's been about a long time since Hulu touched the app, and this latest update purportedly offers an entirely new experience built "from the...

Hot Hardware

Giant squid genetics reveal family secrets
BBC News
The super-sized cephalopods live deep in the oceans and are little-known by the scientific community. An international team of researchers investigated rare samples of the elusive animals' DNA to reveal their family secrets. They discovered that there is just a ...

BBC News

Couple Abandons Crashed $200000 Lamborghini Murcielago Just Hours After ...
Opposing Views
A crashed and empty $200,000 Lamborghini sports car was found empty on the side of the road in La Jolla, Calif., on Monday night with paperwork from Lamborghini Newport Beach in Orange County inside. A couple allegedly abandoned the crashed car on ...

Opposing Views

A cloud for spooks makes sense, but from Amazon?
March 20, 2013, 8:00 AM — According to a report in Federal Computer Weekly, the CIA has asked Amazon to help it build a private cloud. Just like any large business, it makes sense for the CIA to want to adopt a cloud architecture. The organization surely is ...

VW Issues Recall in China
Wall Street Journal
SHANGHAI--Volkswagen AG will recall 384,181 vehicles sold in China due to gearbox problems, according to China's quality-control agency, following a critical television report that illustrates the power of state-run media over foreign brands. Volkswagen's ...

Wall Street Journal

Chameleon botnet fakes website visits to leave advertisers $6ma month worse off
Summary: Security researchers have discovered the Chameleon botnet, which is delivering fraudulent clicks and display ad mouse rollovers. Security researchers have ...

Betaworks' Giphy takes on Google in the red-hot market for GIF search
The Verge
Six weeks ago, Jace Cooke and Alex Chung, two of the hackers in residence at New York innovation lab betaworks, shared a fun little product they had cobbled together with about twenty friends. It was called Giphy, and it lets users search a database of ...

EA celebrates its players with customer appreciation week on Origin
The Slanted
EA is celebrating the very people that make their games possible, the players. The publishing giant is showing their appreciation with a week long celebration of discounts on their top games and DLC. The list includes some of the most recent EA titles and ...

Video showing the trail readiness of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee released!
JPFreek Adventure Magazine
2014 Jeep Cherokee The count down to the official reveal of the new 2014 Jeep Cherokee is down to the single digits! In a week from now, the new Cherokee platform will debut simultaneously at Easter Jeep Safari in Moab and at the New York International ...

Halemaumau Crater eruption impacts still felt five years later
"It's probably one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to," said a visitor. Halema'uma'u crater is located within the active Kilauea volcano. "In fact, where I stand, there is magma flowing beneath my feet, which is what feeds the lava lake that sits just ...

Twitter Granted For Over Its "Device Independent Message Distribution Platform"
Fast Company
Our annual guide to the state of innovation in our economy, featuring the businesses whose innovations are having the greatest impacts across their industries and our culture as a whole. Follow the conversation on Twitter #FCMostInnovative Read More ...

Fast Company

Sinkhole swallows pond: Newcastle man loses his pond to enormous sinkhole
Related topics. News · newcastle. Advertisement. Sinkhole swallows pond? A sinkhole swallowed a pond in Newcastle, Calif., in a mere five hours according to a report. The KCRA News reported on Tuesday (March 19) that a new sinkhole in the small ...


Apple co-founder's former home put on the market
KTVU San Francisco
Originally built for Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in 1986, this 7500 square foot, 6 Bed, 8 Bath on 1.19 acres is located right off Los Gatos Blvd in Los Gatos and is on the market for $4.395 million. It combines post-modern style with natural views. Stand-out ...

If Samsung's Making a Smartwatch, Here Are Its Strengths and Weaknesses
Instead of letting the rumor mill do the talking, a Samsung executive has come right out and said it: The company is building its own smartwatch to compete with whatever Apple might be working on. “We've been preparing the watch product for so long,” Lee...


Microsoft App Focus Echoes Salesforce.com
At Microsoft Convergence conference, stepped up social and marketing capabilities star. But Dynamics customers are still waiting for ERP on Azure. Start The Discussion · Tweet; Mail Mail; Print Print · Doug Henschen | March 19, 2013 12:20 PM. Microsoft ...

Suppliers Thwart HTC's Smartphone Comeback
Wall Street Journal (blog)
HTC Corp. was pinning its hopes on a new flagship smartphone to help close the gap with dominant rivals Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. , but its suppliers are making the Taiwanese company's comeback bid even more difficult. HTC has pushed...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Dad says Facebook photo of son with gun brought cops to house
A New Jersey man says that, on the basis of mere hearsay about a Facebook photo of his 11-year-old son with a .22 rifle, police and child protection arrive at his door and demand entry....

Sea Shepherd founder jumps ship before Australia
Channel 4 News
The controversial Sea Shepherd founder, Paul Watson, who is wanted by Interpol, left the environmental group's fleet of anti-whaling ships before they docked in Australia. Sea Shepherd ships collide with Japanese whaling fleet (R). Three Sea Shepherd ...

Channel 4 News

What will T-Mo announce next week?
Computerworld - What is T-Mobile USA planning for its press event in New York City next Tuesday? The carrier already disclosed last fall and again at International CES in January that it plans to offer unsubsidized smartphones with no contract requirement to ...

Swallows Seem To Be Evolving to Avoid Cars
Swallows Seem To Be Evolving to Avoid Cars Swallows that nest on roadsides appear to have evolved shorter wings to help them maneuver better and avoid cars, claim a team of scientists from the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma. The researchers have ...

Google Developing Unified Chat Service 'Babble'
Good E-Reader (blog)
The next time we are in a babbling mood, Google would like us to be doing so via its Babble service, which is nothing but a grand amalgamation of all its diverse messenger platforms now in operation. These include the likes of Google Talk, Google+ ...

Digital "talking heads"
Investor's Business Daily
Digital "talking heads" that report news or sell goods on video screens have been tried before. But Zoe, a system developed at Univ. of Cambridge, is thought to be the most expressive to date. The researchers spent several days recording speech and facial ...

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