08 July 2014

YouTube Video Quality Report Shames ISPs

YouTube publicly shames internet providers - Google's video site is following in Netflix's footsteps and showing alerts on slow-loading videos, shaming service providers for poor play quality, Quartz reports - The alert reads: 'Experiencing interruptions?' and includes a link to a new website from Google that shows playback quality for ISPs - much like Netflix's monthly Speed Index. The website is: https://www.google.com/get/videoqualityreport The alerts are one of the first public moves from Google as the FCC takes on new net neutrality rules. Google's relative silence on the issue contrasts the prominent role it played pushing for an open Internet in 2010 - a surprising change, given the company's increasing work on fiber deployment.

Google Fights Back Against Facebook By Shutting Down Orkut - Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) | Seeking Alpha: ".... Successfully converting Orkut users to Google Plus and winning the Brazil and India market shares are significant milestones in Google Plus' evolution. Orkut still has substantial market share in Brazil and India, which could be used by Google to increase its market share worldwide. If Google is successful in turning Orkut users to Google Plus, it will come very close to Facebook's market share and will be able to drive companies and advertisers in these markets to increase their use of Google Plus and increase revenues."

How Google Map Hackers Can Destroy a Business at Will
Rene Bertagna blames Google for the death of his restaurant, Serbian ... It turned out thatGoogle Places, the search giant's vast business directory, ...

Google's Larry Page On The 40 Hour Work Week; JM Keynes Got There First
Google's Larry Page has been talking about the 40 hour work week and how it might be about time that we abandoned it as the standard that we live ...

Google's $600 million real estate shopping spree in Mountain View
San Jose Mercury News
MOUNTAIN VIEW -- Google has quietly spent $600 million over the past several years in a real estate shopping spree centered on this quiet suburban ...

Google Glass wearers can steal your password
They tested the algorithm on passwords entered on an Apple (AAPL, Tech30) iPad,Google's (GOOGL, Tech30) Nexus 7 tablet, and an iPhone 5.

While Amazon Dreams Of Drones And Phones, Google Attacks With Trucks And Bucks
Amazon's Jeff Bezos has been called “the ultimate disrupter” by Fortune ... GoogleShopping Express orders being loaded onto a truck at Costco in ... be going after isApple's, but that strategy only works if you gain market share. ... You can find me onFacebook, Twitter and Google+ You can e-mail me at ...

Amazon becomes latest target in Europe's 'sweetheart' tax probe
In June, it began a probe into whether Apple's low rate of tax in Ireland ... Europe has also questioned Luxembourg about its treatment of Microsoft and ...

Apple poaches Tag Heuer's sales chief ahead of iWatch launch
While Google has jumped ahead of Apple with the recent launch Android Wear, Applehas spent the past few months bulking up on talent to bring ...

Apple ordered to revise App Store refund policy, may make changes global
Apple Insider
South Korea's Fair Trade Commission on Sunday ordered Apple and Google to make changes to their respective iOS and Android app stores policies ...

Facebook's 'research' turns users into guinea pigs
Boston Globe
Social networks like Facebook know a lot about their users and deploy the data to target advertising. The vast majority of people on Facebook accept ...

Google Services Among 472 Sites Blocked For World Cup 'Piracy'
A TV network operated by Sony has obtained a sweeping High Court injunction compelling Indian ISPs to block hundreds of 'pirate' sites. However, in ...

Amazon.co.uk launches wearable technology store (Wired UK) - Wired.co.uk
By Katie Collins
Online retail giant Amazon.co.uk has seen fit to open its own wearable ... Subscribe to; RSS · Wired Podcast · Magazine · Newsletter · Twitter · Google+ · Facebook · Tumblr ...Google Glass rendered irrelevant by Android Wear ... a wearable made by Apple, you're out of luck for the moment we're afraid.
Wired.co.uk - News

Google Maps' enduring security holes put businesses at risk - Boing Boing
By Cory Doctorow
The problem isn't limited to Google, of course -- reputation-trashing fake Yelp reviews and ... “The bottom line was the jeweler put five-star reviews on his Google reviews, and he ...
Boing Boing

Earth's violent volcanic past preserved in Antarctic ice sheet
New Zealand Herald
Some of the biggest volcanic eruptions of the last 2,000 years have left their indelible mark deep within the pristine ice sheet of the Antarctic, a study has found. Scientists have been able to trace the most complete history of volcanic eruptions since the birth of ...

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