14 July 2014

Why Google Launched Shopping Express

Google Launched Shopping Express To Generate New Revenues From Product Search - Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) | Seeking Alpha: "Since the mid-1990s Amazon has led the e-commerce market while competing with all major retail stores. Google collaborated with the largest retailers to launch Google Shopping Express, the same day delivery service by Google. Google is not interested in becoming an online retailer but is interested in offering product search ads. Collaboration with the largest retailers is Google’s advance over Amazon that can substantial market share and product ads sales later on...." (read more at link above)

Google Set To Publish Earnings This Week | Seeking Alpha"Google earns most of its money from advertising, but has focused on other operations as well, including Google Glass, Android and Youtube.com, while it experiments with driverless cars, robotics and space travel. The company is scheduled to release its earnings on Thursday, the 17th of July after the market close. Consensus estimates for earnings stand at $6.26 per share, with analyst estimates ranging from lows of $5.73 to $6.65 per share. In comparison, Google posted earnings of $4.78 per share last year. Reported revenues are seen at $15.62 billion, which would result in sales growth of 10.7%.... "

The perennial question -- Yahoo's true valuation?
Yahoo!'s Core Business Still Worth Less Than Nothing As Alibaba Revalues Before IPO
There's still something of a puzzle about the valuation being applied to Yahoo! by the market. For even as Alibaba firms up its own internal ...

Should I switch back to Windows 7? | The Tech Guy: "... Leo says that when all is said and done, even with improvements, Windows 8 has been a flop. They do have better file copy and built in windows antivirus. And under the hood, it is better. But the interface is what has been a collosal failure. And Leo says it's really two operating systems mushed together - a touch screen interface and Windows 7. It really doesn't know what it wants to be. And that's caused confusion... "

He is edited by Amazon editors and promoted by Amazon publicists to ... just Amazon but Google, Apple and Facebook — companies with bottomless ...

China Announces New Subsidies to Encourage Officials to Buy Energy-Efficient ...
Wall Street Journal
SHANGHAI—China announced new subsidies and other inducements Sunday to get government officials and agencies to buy energy-efficient vehicles in a renewed boost for a sector Beijing has had high hopes for. Under the new rules, which will be phased ...

Orbital Sciences Cygnus spacecraft carries supplies and valuable experiments ...
Daily Digest
An Antares rocket successfully launched from Virginia today carrying a Cygnus spacecraft and 3,000 pounds of supplies and experimental technology to the crew of the International Space Station....

Factory wipe on Android won't delete all your nude pics
The Next Digit
Technology has taken big leaps in the current scenario and apparently everything is possible with it. For example, the nude selfies that had been deleted by a bunch of users have been retrieved by the researchers. These pictures have been retrieved from the ...

LG's new 18-inch screen bends like paper
ROLL WITH IT: An LG employee demonstrates the flexibility of its new 18-inch display screen. LG Display has developed an 18-inch (45cm) flexible display that can be rolled into the shape of a thin cylinder, a step toward making a large display for flexible TVs ...

Apple rejects China's security fears over iPhone location function
The Australian
US technology giant Apple has denied Chinese claims the iPhone threatens national security through its ability to track and time-stamp a user's location. The frequent locations function, which can be switched on or off by users, is available on iOS 7, the ...

Chimpanzee intelligence passed down through parents genes
Delhi Daily News
A new study has suggested that like humans, chimpanzees also inherit a good amount of intelligence from their parents. "Genes matter. We have what we would call a smart chimp, and chimps we?d call not so smart. We were able to explain a lot of that ...

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella needs an editor
Satya Nadella’s latest message to the troops—and to the world—is disquieting. It lacks focus, specifics, and, if not soon sharpened, his words will worry employees, developers, customers, and even shareholders....

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