18 July 2014

FCC should reclassify internet providers as Title II services

Netflix makes the case that the FCC has no other choice, and points out that two previous attempts at regulating internet providers as “information services” failed due to a poor legal framework. The company’s filing also highlights the recent controversy over “interconnection points” and who is to blame for congestion points at deeper reaches of the internet that caused Netflix traffic to degrade for Comcast and Verizon subscribers. According to Netflix, the cable giants deliberately failed to maintain these points, with the result that: “Due to Comcast’s degrading its interconnection points, the first customer received less than 6% of the broadband service she had purchased from Comcast, while the second received only 1%.”(source infra)

Netflix to FCC: reclassify Comcast and Verizon so they can’t choke the internet — Tech News and Analysis: "While many companies — including Comcast — have said the FCC should preserve a “free and open internet,” Netflix’s submission is unusually blunt and specific about the measures to take. Notably, Netflix told the FCC that it should reclassify the internet providers as so-called “Title II” services, which would allow the agency to treat them more akin to public utilities and bar them from favoring one website over another."

Microsoft Echoes Google Response to European Privacy Ruling
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Microsoft's moves may have less impact than Google's, because the ... A Yahoo spokesman reiterated an earlier statement that the company is ...

Microsoft Embraces AI With Project Adam
PC Magazine
Google and IBM aren't the only tech firms eyeing artificial intelligence. Microsoft this week showed off its answer to AI: Project Adam. "The goal of ...

Microsoft boosts OneDrive storage to free terabyte
Computerworld - Microsoft has started boosting the free allowance of OneDrive, its cloud-based storage service, to one terabyte for subscribers to ...

Microsoft renews critical push into the cloud
Computerworld (blog)
"I believe Microsoft is a strong number three behind Amazon and Google in the cloud market," Rebello said. "Amazon is clearly the dominant player ...

Facebook launches Ads Manager for mobile - Inside Facebook
By Justin Lafferty
Now Facebook advertisers have a more reliable way to monitor ad performance on mobile devices. Facebook announced today that it is introducing ...
Inside Facebook

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