30 July 2014

Google Illicit Ads (video); Samsung Tizen Smartphone DOA?

Google Targeted in State Crackdown on Illicit Ads: Video - Bloomberg:
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Google hasn’t done enough to satisfy an investigation by multiple states into whether it adequately screens illegal drug advertisements and illicit online videos, Mississippi’s top law enforcement official said. Bloomberg's Megan Hughes has more on "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg July24)

Samsung's Tizen Smartphone: Dead On Arrival? - InformationWeek: "...Samsung was scheduled to launch its first Tizen smartphone in Japan back in January. Japanese wireless network operators balked at the last moment and cancelled the launch. Later, Samsung announced the Z and its intent to sell the device in Russia during the third quarter. Developers knew something was fishy when the phone didn't make an appearance at a Moscow developer event earlier this month. Today's delay will likely put to rest any hopes that the device and Tizen platform will succeed...."

More Tech NEWS:


Twitter stock surges on strong Q2 results
SAN FRANCISCO – Twitter shares surged nearly 40% in after-hours trading with news that ... "Twitter is to Facebook what radio is to television.


Google's Android Has a Fake-ID Problem
Google's (GOOG) Android operating system has a security flaw that could allow hackers to impersonate trusted applications and potentially hijack your ...

Boston Globe

Chinese officials raid Microsoft offices
Boston Globe
BEIJING — Officials from a Chinese government agency that enforces anti-monopoly laws and other business regulations visited four Microsoft offices ...


Facebook: Get Messenger app or else
(CNN) -- For mobile users who text with friends via Facebook, it's almost time to download the social-media giant's dedicated app for doing so, or lose ...

CIO Today

Microsoft, IBM make cloud gains against Amazon
Computerworld - Microsoft and IBM are gaining momentum in the cloud ... "This is in stark contrast to Google, which has its cloud offerings out there, ...


Apple Doubles Down on Personalized Radio With Swell Acquisition
On Monday, Re/Code reported that Apple is now close to acquiring Swell, which is like Pandora for podcasts. If the deal goes through, it will be yet ...


Amazon launches 3-D printing store
That's the sci-fi scenario Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) is inching closer to with the launch this week of its 3-D Printing Store, which offers shoppers over ...


Microsoft's Windows Phone dilemma: Sell cheap phones or great cameras?
PCWorld (blog)
A good question—and I worry further that Microsoft's senior executives won't ...Microsoft's Cortana constantly gains new capabilities, but so do Google ...

Financial Express

Apple Refreshes MacBook Pros, Cuts Prices
Apple on Tuesday continued its season of incremental Mac updates, announcing refreshed MacBook Pros with slightly faster processors and, in the ...

Apple updates MacBook Pro, but where's the Retina MacBook Air? - ExtremeTechComputer Hardware & Software News | ExtremeTech

Design & Trend

Amazon Fire Phone not enticing enough to leave Apple, Android
Los Angeles Times
Amazon Fire Phone not enticing enough to leave Apple, Android ... Amazon released its first smartphone this month, but for most consumers, it doesn't .... of Android, meaning it looks and feels nothing like the software Google makes.

Facebook, Google vying for growth as Alibaba IPO looms: "...While Google's 22% top-line growth for the June quarter shows how healthy its business is 10 years after it went public, Facebook is gobbling up digital ad money -- Google's core market -- a lot faster. Facebook's advertising revenue shot up 67% year-over-year, lifting total top-line growth to 61%, as mobile advertising now comprises nearly two-thirds of the social network's sales. Meanwhile, analysts estimate Google gets somewhere between a quarter and a third of its revenue from mobile. Researcher eMarketer estimates Google will capture about a third of the online ad market this year, while Facebook garners 22%... Facebook is growing three times as fast as Google. Yet the No. 1 social media company is still just a fraction of the size of the No. 1 Internet search company, as measured by revenue and market cap. With both companies' latest financial results reported, Google as of Friday's close was valued at roughly $400 billion. That's second only to Apple's $589 billion and about double that of Facebook...." (read more at link above)

Beijing Researchers Use Gene Editing to Create Disease-Resistant Wheat | MIT Technology Review: "Researchers have created wheat that is resistant to a common disease, using advanced gene editing methods."

The Next Big Thing in Computer Memory | MIT Technology Review: "... The type of memory in question, resistive random access memory (RRAM), is being developed by several companies, but fabrication usually requires high-temperatures or voltages, making production difficult and expensive. The Rice researchers have shown a way to make RRAM at room temperature and with far lower voltages...."

Shareholder report lays out why Alibaba should buy Yahoo | VentureBeat | Deals | by Richard Byrne Reilly"....The push for Ma, Alibaba’s founder, to buy the massive IT giant is outlined in a report from Yahoo shareholder Eric Jackson, who owns Ironfire Capital. Jackson said such a deal would save Alibaba billions if Ma buys Yahoo as a tax-free way of reclaiming shares from his own company...As for the other investors who are interested in pushing Alibaba to buy Yahoo, speculation has centered on Yahoo shareholders Janus Capital, JAT Capital, and DE Shaw. Yahoo has a market valuation of $36 billion. Yahoo has about 800 million active users. Jackson did not reply to an email for comment. A Yahoo spokesperson declined to comment. Floating a report like Jackson’s is a common tactic by shareholder investors as one way they can promote their agendas regarding the company in question...."(read more at link above)

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