16 July 2014

US House Passes Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act

US HOUSE VOTES for Internet Access Tax Permanent Moratorium - The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation Tuesday to ban permanently any taxation of Internet access or Internet connection taxes -- the ban was opposed by some Democrats and state and local governments. The legislation now goes to the US Senate where it has bipartisan support. Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act 
Yahoo Q2 2014 Earnings: Download Yahoo Q2 2014 Earnings Slides

Former Ford CEO Alan Mulally to Join Google Board

Novatis, Google to Work on Smart Contact Lenses
Wall Street Journal
The smart lenses, which Google unveiled in January, are part of a growing number of wearable technology and software products used to monitor ...

Microsoft COO tells partners to get with the cloud program now
Microsoft controls more than 90 percent of the personal-computer market. Which means that, in its view, it's an underdog. Microsoft opened its ...

Google Chromecast now on sale in Ireland
Irish Independent
Google has announced that Chromecast, a new device that makes it easy to enjoy online video and music on any HD TV, is now officially available in ...

Google's Nest launches network technology for connected home
The attempt by Nest, a smart thermostat maker that Google bought in January for $3.2 ... Earlier in July, Microsoft Corp became the 51st member of a competing group called ...Apple Inc, known for strictly controlling how other companies' products interact with its ...Facebook · Twitter · RSS · YouTube ...

Meet 'Project Zero,' Google's Secret Team of Bug-Hunting Hackers
When Hotz dismantled the defenses of Google's Chrome operating system earlier this year, by contrast, the company paid him a $150,000 reward for ...

Facebook to track users' TV habits
Los Angeles Times
The Facebook-Nielsen partnership is part of a stepped-up campaign to get a .... The first successful tablet computer, the Apple iPad, was introduced in 2010. ... Facebook collected more display ad dollars than longtime leader Google ...

Microsoft: Lumia 630 and Lumia 930 Windows Phone owners, Google search is banned for you
Computerworld (blog)
On the other hand, Google owns the search market, with around a 68% ... Given that,Microsoft is only hurting itself by banning Google search from ...

Rackspace Fights Amazon With Managed Cloud Push
Rackspace will host Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, or Sharepoint ... and AmazonWeb Services, Google, and Microsoft began competing with ...

Microsoft to Announce Job Cuts as Soon as This Week
Like us on Facebook · Follow us on Twitter ... July 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu reports that Microsoft Chief ... take on smartphones and tablets from Apple Inc., Samsung Electronics Co. and other technology rivals. ... While Microsoft has undergone smaller, intermittent job cuts in individual ...

Amazon employees hotter than Google's, Facebook's
Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) was at No. 2 with 8%, while Google was at 7%, andFacebook at 2.3%. ... matches 7.5% below the average rate, followed by Apple andGoogle. ... Yahoo earnings: Focus on Alibaba, display business.

Google Now Warns In Search Results when a Page Won't Load - The Next Web
By Nick Summers
Google will now indicate when a page listed in its search results won't load properly on your device. For instance, if a site requires Adobe Flash you'll ...
The Next Web

Could this Comcast rep be the worst service rep in the world?
An extraordinary recording of a phone call with Comcast, posted by tech journalist Ryan Block, reveals a rep who simply wouldn't accept that a customer would want to disconnect...

10-year space trip nears end
AFTER 10 years and nearly seven billion kilometres spent circling the solar system, a spacecraft will finally meet its target. European Space Agency's probe Rosetta — a robotic spacecraft — has been in pursuit of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko since ...

Microsoft to partners: with 14 percent of the market, the scope for growth is huge
Ars Technica
In the day one keynote of its Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft was working hard to persuade its hardware and software partners of the opportunity that its platforms offered them. Key to that is convincing the assembled partners that its platform ...

Space Florida: 'Win some, lose some'
Valley morning Star
BROWNSVILLE — Space Florida conceded Monday that SpaceX is poised to establish the world's first private and commercial vertical launch site at Boca Chica Beach in Cameron County. “It's part of the process,” Space Florida's Chief of Strategic Alliances ...

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