21 July 2014

Google Samsung Divorce Coming?

Google and Samsung’s relationship continues to worsen, this time over wearables | 9to5Google: "According to a new report out of The Information, the already tense relationship between Samsung and Google has begun to worsen thanks to both of their own lines of wearables. The report claims that Google CEO Larry Page and Samsung Vice Chairman Jay Y. Lee took part in an a “tense” private meeting at the Allen & Co. conference last week in Sun Valley. The meeting reportedly centered around Page being frustrated that Samsung was investing more in its smartwatches running Tizen than the ones running Android Wear...." (read more at the link above)

Apple Insider

Google and Samsung escalate hostilities over watches, Tizen and Android's openness
Apple Insider
Back in 2010, Google similarly tried to stop Samsung from using Android 2.x to build a tablet clone of Apple's iPad, insisting that its Android licensees ...

Facebook Is Studying Your Mom, Your Makeout Buddy, and Your 9/11 Conspiracy Theories | Mother Jones: "... the mood study is far from the only example of Facebook scrutinizing its users—the company has been doing that for years, examining users' ethnicities, political views, romantic partners, and even how they talk to their children..."

Here’s why your Comcast rep is yelling at you | The Verge: "Warped employee incentives and an absence of competition make bad customer service inevitable"

Google Maps for Android update adds elevation data for cyclists, let's you talk back to Navigation
Jane McEntegart
Google is pushing out an update for Google Maps for Android that will make things a little bit easier for cyclists planning their journeys. Now, when you ...

Google To Stop Labeling Apps With In-App Purchases As 'Free'
By the end of September, Google will no longer label apps as “free” if they allow for ...Apple has not, according to the EC, made a similar commitment.

Boston Globe

His Google Maps obsession
Boston Globe
Then my husband discovered Google Maps. Now we sit in the car while my husband hunches over his phone, tapping out our route. You'd think he ...

Cinema Blend

Microsoft Catches Ire From Advertisers Over Xbox Entertainment Studios Shutdown
Cinema Blend
There's been some recent shakeups going on at Microsoft that has caused the major enterprise ... The marketplace is stiff, however, as the programming end is occupied by the likes of Amazon's new Fire TV, Netflix, Hulu and other ...


Did Facebook's Slingshot Miss Its Target?
The app briefly cracked Apple's list of top 50 free apps in the United States the ... 100,000 and 500,000 times, according to Google Play store numbers.

Hindu Business Line

Facebook to challenge Amazon soon?
Hindu Business Line
After making billions connect socially on its network, Facebook is testing a new feature designed to let users buy products directly from ads and posts ...

Google Blocking Some Downloads of uTorrent in Chrome
PC Magazine
Google, it seems, would disagree. According to a recent article from TorrentFreak, the search giant has allegedly placed the uTorrent installation ...

Google mulls transforming NYC pay phones into Wi-Fi hot spots
Chicago Tribune
NEW YORK _Google is among several technology companies considering a plan that uses pay-phone locations to give New Yorkers free wireless ...

NASA's Orion Spacecraft: 9 Facts
The Orion spacecraft gives NASA a ticket to deep space. Here's how NASA is preparing the spacecraft for a mission to visit an asteroid in 2025. Previous. 1 of 10. Next. NASA has big plans to send humans to an asteroid by 2025. The mission, however, will not ..

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