15 July 2014

Who Wants A Smartwatch?

Apparently, not many people do --

Does Anyone Even Want a Smartwatch? -- NYMag"Despite all the buzz surrounding wearables, it isn’t clear who’s supposed to be buying them. Fewer than half of the respondents to a recent Accenture survey said they would consider buying a smartwatch, and even the most optimistic experts predict only 20 million smartwatch sales this year, a pittance compared with phone and tablet sales. "

The secretive billionaire who built Silicon Valley"How John Arrillaga Sr. [real estate developer] transformed California fruit orchards into high-priced office space for the likes of Google, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, and Cisco."

Google Directors Wanted Page, Brin to Court Facebook Employees
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Google considered having its cofounders personally recruit Facebook workers and instituted a policy to make counteroffers within an hour to workers ...

Facebook: World Cup Biggest Social Media Event Ever
Voice of America
Brazil's World Cup was the biggest social media event on record involving 350 millionFacebook Inc users worldwide, the company claimed on ...

Google, Others Push for 'Strong' Open Internet Action
PC Magazine
The Internet Association - whose members include Google, Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, and more - filed comments with the FCC today, which ask for ...

Facebook 'Friends' Its City, Pays for Officer
Wall Street Journal
Facebook has funded the salary of a Menlo Park police officer and the construction of a police substation near its headquarters. Experts say such ...

Google Glass creator heads to Amazon
Babak Parviz, who led the development of Google Glass and other ... at the Internet search-engine giant, confirms to CNET he left to Amazon.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning: Pier 1 Digs In
Microsoft formally announced on Monday that Microsoft Azure Machine Learning (Azure ML), is now available as a public beta service. And as part of ...

Microsoft CEO Nadella writes long memo to employees -- Oh my!
Computerworld (blog)
Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) CEO Satya Nadella enjoys writing a good memo. His latest tome written to employees -- published online Thursday -- has ...

Yahoo: Focus on Alibaba, display business
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Yahoo Inc. is set to report second-quarter results after the closing bell on Tuesday. This is what investors can ...

Google's 3D mapping tech flying to space station
Computerworld - After a successful Sunday launch, a cargo spacecraft is on its way to the International Space Station, carrying a Google 3D ...

Apple Denies Chinese Media Claim of IPhone Security Risk
... the microblog of the People's Daily newspaper said Apple...

Developers and Apple open up on new Swift programming language
Is its just-launched developer blog about the Swift programming language a sign of a new, more open Apple? Whatever the answer, the blog's information will no doubt be welcome to developers. Some are working away at adding new libraries; others are ..

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