29 July 2014

Will Windows 9 Save Microsoft Or Is It Too Late?

Probably too late--Windows 7 owns just over 50 percent of the PC OS market share and Windows XP owns an additional 25 percent. Windows 8 platforms and Windows Vista combined make up just 15 percent. In the trendsetting United States Apple's Mac OS is gaining ground, now accounting for more than 15 percent of domestic market share and Chromebooks are taking off (sources infra)--

Will Windows 9 Be Able To Save Microsoft? - Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) | Seeking Alpha: "Microsoft is facing challenges from Google, Apple and others on numerous fronts. Windows 8 turned out to be a flop, Windows phones are struggling, and the Xbox One launch went poorly... Despite heavy investments in its Windows Phone platforms, the company has secured only 2.7 percent of the global smartphone OS market, vs. 81.1 percent for Google and 15.2 percent for Apple... If Windows 9 turns out to be yet another flop, Microsoft could find itself in a difficult situation. The company relies on the sale of its operating systems and updated software for each system to drive revenues. Windows 8 has thus far been rejected by most consumers, depriving Microsoft of potential revenue streams...."

Why 2014 Will be the Biggest Year Yet for Google Chrome OS | Digital Trends: "... Most people just want a computer that can perform simple computing tasks without crashing, and they want to pay as little for it as possible. Netbooks failed because they only met the latter goal, but Chromebooks achieve both. Don’t just take my word for it though. Head over to Amazon’s best-seller list, where three or four Chromebooks can usually be found among the top 10 best-selling laptops. Look further and you’ll see that, excluding MacBooks, it’s rare for a notebook priced above $500 to crack the top 20. People want to pay as little for a PC as possible, and also want it to work well. Chromebooks meet both criteria...."

Storm Clouds Over Amazon Business - WSJ: "Amazon.com Inc. has been fighting two big rivals in the world of cloud computing. But that battle shows signs of becoming a free-for-all that threatens its profitability goals for the business. Large telecom and small startups have been forging into or expanding services that let companies rent computing cycles rather than operate their own servers and data centers. The broader competition comes amid a continuing price war in the business among Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Those pressures were underscored... when the online retailer reported a wider loss for its second quarter. Part of the reason: its Amazon Web Services, or AWS, recently cut prices by between 28% and 51% for various services as gains at AWS and similar businesses slowed to 38% from 60% in its first quarter..." (read more at link above)

Zillow To Swallow Trulia For $3.5 Billion: "Online real estate giant Zillow has agreed to acquire rival Trulia in a $3.5 billion, all-stock deal, Zillow announced Monday. The transaction is expected to close next year."

Comcast Memo: Rep From “Painful” Retention Call Was Doing “What We Trained Him To Do” – Consumerist: "The agent on this call did a lot of what we trained him and paid him — and thousands of other Retention agents — to do."--Dave Watson, Chief Operating Officer, Comcast Cable

How to Make Any Smartphone or Tablet Screen out of Scratch-Proof Sapphire | MIT Technology Review: "...Sapphire, or crystalline aluminum oxide, is made in nature but can also be manufactured. It is second only to diamond in hardness, although incorrect processing can leave defects that make it brittle. Because of its scratch-proof properties, it has long been used for making LEDs, sensors on missiles, and the screens on some high-end phones that cost as much as $10,000...."

BRADENTON, Fla.: Fla. sheriff offers safe space for internet deals - Technology - MiamiHerald.com: "... The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office says parking lots at each of its four district stations are available for residents to make transactions arranged online in a public and safe space. Hillsborough's program was created in response to threats of robbery or violence during the in-person cash transactions for items advertised online or in other classified ads."

BEIJING: Chinese portal Sohu reports $45 million loss - Technology - MiamiHerald.com: "... The loss for the three months ended June 30 compared with a $69 million loss in the previous quarter and an operating profit of $64 million in the same period of 2013. Profits at China's Internet companies have been squeezed by heavy spending to build a mobile presence as Chinese Web surfers shift quickly to going online wirelessly through smartphones and tablet computers. Sohu operates online media, search, gaming, community and mobile services. "For our news and video businesses, we made solid progress in mobile monetization as our large user base successfully attracted a growing number of advertisers," said chairman Charles Zhang in a statement...."



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The Guardian

Apple to buy Swell, a talk-radio app, for $30 million, report says
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Toronto Sun

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Apple welcomes back top Bitcoin wallet app
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Ars Technica

Microsoft readying next Windows Phone update with folders, 7-inch screens
Ars Technica
Documents intended for the OEMs were accidentally made available on Microsoft'sdeveloper site for a short time, revealing details of what the patch ...

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