10 July 2014

YouTube or Google Drive for video? (Google Enterprise video)

When do we use YouTube or Google Drive for video? -
YouTube or Google Drive for video? -- from Google Enterprise (Published on Jul 8, 2014): "We have two great options at Google when it comes to posting and making videos available to our customers, employees, and partners. So, how do you choose what you use? We look at three things: 1. Who is the target audience? 2. What do we need to learn? 3. Do we want people to share? Resources for working with YouTube and Google Drive video:
Uploading, it all starts here: http://goo.gl/0wXYSc
YouTube resources for anyone creating video:https://www.youtube.com/yt/creators/
Using Google Drive for video: http://goo.gl/34KUHX

Silicon Valley harvesting interns straight from high school - Telegraph: "Companies such as Facebook and Airbnb are plying teenage programmers with perks and high pay, bypassing universities to seek new talent..."

Farewell to the big-screen plasma TV - Los Angeles Times"To many aficionados of video image quality, this news comes as a dagger in the heart. Plasma has yielded to LCDs, which are cheaper, more energy-efficient and cooler."

Facebook kills 'Lecpetex' botnet that turned 250k PCs into Litecoin-mining zombies | PCWorld: "...Those behind Lecpetex launched at least 20 spam campaigns between December 2013 and last month, affecting Facebook and other online services. Some of the victims received private messages containing a “.zip” attachment containing a Java JAR file or Visual Basic script. Those files, if executed, would then retrieve other malware modules stored on remote sites. The modules were either DarkComet, a widely used remote access tool that can harvest login credentials, or variants of software that mines the virtual currency Litecoin, the team wrote. By frequently refreshing and changing the malicious attachments, Lecpetex defeated Facebook’s filters designed to stop such malware from being distributed. The malware would also automatically update itself to evade antivirus products...."

Amazon Dangles E-Book Offer Amid Hachette Dispute
Wall Street Journal
The Web retailing giant has proposed letting Hachette authors keep 100% of the revenue from their digital-book sales while the online retailer and ...

Google CEO: Fight Unemployment With Job Sharing
That might sound like the setup for an episode of Star Trek, but it's the world Google'sfounders see ahead of us. In a video interview published last ...

Google offers workaround for bug that stopped paid apps installing on Android Wear
With new apps for Wear piling into the Google Play store, Wear developers have found a significant oversight by Google in the tools it recently ...

Facebook is a school yard bully that's going down
Computerworld - I can still remember when Facebook was still "The Facebook," before its doors were open to anyone who wanted to join, before you ...

Microsoft to try again to deliver an Azure 'cloud in a box' appliance
Back in 2010, Microsoft officials announced the company was readying Windows Azure Appliances, meant to function as "private clouds in a box.

Microsoft's Bing Ads Are Growing Nicely, But It's Still Living In Google's World
With Google continuing to dominate spending on search advertising, ... that Microsoft remains “200% committed” to its search partnership with Yahoo.

With Google Offer, Cloud Storage Gets Closer to Free
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The move highlights the battle among Google, Amazon and Microsoft to provide companies with remote storage, computing power and other ...

Google to ship first Project Ara developer boards in July
Having nailed the basics of its ambitious Project Ara customizable smartphone, Google is now engaging the hardware developer community to add ...

Google Glass creator: Glass not only answer to life after smartphones
SAN FRANCISCO -- It seems like everyone's got an opinion on Google Glass, the search giant's ambitious connected headset that mounts a computer ...

Apple's 'Find My iPhone' Web Maps for iCloud.com Beta Move from Google to Apple - Mac Rumors
By Kelly Hodgkins
Apple is beginning the transition to move its Maps application online starting with the Find My iPhone web app on its iCloud.com beta website, ...
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

Apple's Secret Ebay Store Is Back With Cheap Refurbished iPhones - Gizmodo
By Ashley Feinberg
... and eBay. And it's selling Apple Certified Refurbished iPhones for cheap. ... What Everyone's Getting Wrong About Facebook's "Creepy" Study.

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