01 July 2014

Google Lures Developers to UK With Free Beer (video)

Google Lures Developers to U.K. With Free Beer
While San Francisco makes the headlines, Google is global. It boasts about 70% market share for mobile phones and to keep it that way it needs the latest and greatest apps from around the world on its operating system. So the company threw events to celebrate their latest set of announcements - from Pakistan to Peru, Uganda to Ukraine. European Business Correspondent Caroline Hyde went to check out what the U.K. had to offer. (Source: Bloomberg June 26)

Google Shows Developers a Sub-$100 Smartphone | MIT Technology Review: "A low-cost smartphone designed by Google will go on sale in India this fall before debuting in other emerging economies, the company announced today. The phones will be branded “Android One,” after the company’s mobile operating system Android, and will cost less than $100. They are part of a new effort by Google to get devices based on its software into the hands of people who currently lack access to the Internet."

Tchau Orkut - Orkut Blog: ".... Over the past decade, YouTube, Blogger and Google+ have taken off, with communities springing up in every corner of the world. Because the growth of these communities has outpaced Orkut's growth, we've decided to bid Orkut farewell (or, tchau). We'll be focusing our energy and resources on making these other social platforms as amazing as possible for everyone who uses them. We will shut down Orkut on September 30, 2014. Until then, there will be no impact on current Orkut users, to give the community time to manage the transition. People can export their profile data, community posts and photos using Google Takeout (available until September 2016). Starting today, it will not be possible to create a new Orkut account...."

YouTube's Fans-Funding Feature Will Rock The Crowdfunding Boat - Google Inc.- Seeking Alpha"YouTube announced new fans-funding feature to be implemented into its website. Google’s presence in the crowdfunding market will shift market share from Indiegogo and Kickstarter to Google. In order to fight back against Google, the crowdfunding market is about to enter an acquisition battle where every player tries to gain as much market share as possible."

A review of the Blackphone, the Android for the paranoid | Ars TechnicaThe Blackphone is the first consumer-grade smartphone to be built explicitly for privacy. It pulls together a collection of services and software that are intended to make covering your digital assets simple—or at least more straightforward. The product of SGP Technologies, a joint venture between the cryptographic service Silent Circle and the specialty mobile hardware manufacturer Geeksphone, the Blackphone starts shipping to customers who preordered it sometime this week. It will become available for immediate purchase online shortly afterward.

Google's Street View Snooping Problems Aren't Going Away
Google (GOOG) is going to have to keep talking about how the cars it used to build its mapping service drove around sucking in personal information ...

Facebook scores record 1 billion interactions for World Cup
Chicago Tribune
The soccer conversation measured between June 12 and June 29 involved 220 million people and 1 billion interactions, the Facebook data showed.

Yahoo's Marissa Mayer loves Alibaba
They compare Alibaba to U.S. peers like Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) and ... many believe could be a bigger IPO than Facebook's $15 billion in 2012.

Apple Kills Aperture Photo App
Apple will replace Aperture with OS X Yosemite's built-in Photos app, but the company says it remains committed to its professional customers.

Microsoft Explains Exchange Outage
Microsoft pledges to do better after frustrating customers with last week's ... Microsoft, Google, and others want companies to use cloud services to ...

NASA to give global warming satellite second try
Five years after a NASA satellite to track carbon dioxide plunged into the ocean after liftoff, the space agency is launching another almost exactly like it — this time on a different rocket. The $468 million mission is designed to study the ...

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