07 July 2014

Xiaomi’s First Half Smartphone Sales Rise to 26M (video); iPad as Medical Device

Xiaomi’s First Half Smartphone Sales Rise to 26M: Video - Bloomberg:
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Bloomberg’s Mark Milian discusses Xiaomi’s smartphone sales on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg July 2, 2014)

iPad Used As Medical Device, Huge Success For Apple In Healthcare - Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) | Seeking Alpha: "... an iPad can also be used as a medical device itself. Although it seems unbelievable, it's true. An iPad coupled with a specially designed attachment can work as a state-of-the-art MS (multiple sclerosis) assessment tool. MS is an inflammatory disease of the CNS (central nervous system) that can affect young adults, particularly women. In an article few days ago we analyzed Apple's potential to evolve as a healthcare company. The recent news that iPads can be used as medical devices has strengthened our analysis...."

We shouldn't expect Facebook to behave ethically | Technology | The Observer: "Corporations do what corporations do: maximise revenues and shareholder value and stay within the law. Facebook may be on the extreme end of corporate sociopathy, but really it's just the exception that proves the rule."

Where's the 'dislike' button?
Chicago Tribune
What was going on in your Facebook news feed the week of Jan. ... If you were one of nearly 700,000 randomly selected Facebook users, though, ...

Google Tightens Noose on Adult AdWords Ads
PC Magazine
Starting soon, Google will officially be enforcing the "no super-naughty ads" provision of its AdWords policies that it first posted in March of this year.

Google Gets Heat for 'Forgetting' BBC Article
Top Tech News
After opposing the "right to be forgotten" law in Europe, Google is now getting criticism for how it is implementing the new regulation. A spokesperson ...

Amazon Vows To Fight FTC on Kids In-App Purchases
Top Tech News
It also said its parental controls go beyond what the FTC required from Apple when it imposed a $32.5 million fine on the company in January over a ...

Facebook Study Sparks Outrage And FCC Complaint
WFMY News 2
A privacy watchdog group filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission claiming Facebook broke the law when it conducted a study on ...

Yahoo joins the Web TV faceoff
St. Cloud Times
The move by Yahoo is the latest in an original content arms race between the Web's most popular video services. All are looking for exclusive ...

Google Now Is The Killer App For Android Wear
Google's I/O keynote may have been a bit of a jumble of different product announcements — many of which won't be available until later this year ...

Facebook, It's Time We Talk Divorce
Huffington Post (blog)
We already know Facebook filters and curates our feed, reads our ... Facebook monitors the sites we visit and uses facial recognition technology to ...

Watch Wars: Apple Snags Tag Heuer VP of Sales and Retail
PC Magazine
If there was ever any doubt that Apple is working on some kind of fancy digital wristwatch — insert your own speculation about what it might be called ...

Google On Artificial Intelligence - Business Insider
By Jay Yarow
Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin: We Will Make Machines That 'Can Reason, Think, And ... 

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