24 July 2014

Are We in a Tech Bubble? (video)

We Don’t Believe We’re in Bubble: Stanford: Video - Bloomberg:
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Sherpaventures Managing Directors and Co-Founders Shervin Pishevar and Scott Stanford discuss the company’s first fund on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg, July 22)

Microsoft's Profit Takes Hit on Nokia - WSJ"An initial report card came in for Microsoft Corp.'s purchase of Nokia Corp.'s mobile phone business. As feared, the marks were poor. Nokia's former handset operation, which Microsoft bought for more than $7 billion in April, drained nearly $700 million from operating profit in the quarter, the company said on Tuesday. Cost-cutting to offset Nokia losses also represented the lion's share of 18,000 job cuts ordered last week by new Chief Executive Satya Nadella, the biggest workforce reduction in its history. The Nokia purchase could look smart in the long run if Microsoft is able to sell more of its smartphones and use them to lure customers to its software, Internet services and mobile apps. Initially, at least, that appears more hope than reality..."

For Apple, iPhone Roars and iPad Whimpers - WSJ: "Ahead of a refresh of the iPhone, Apple Inc. reported 12% profit growth and strong sales of its current handset, especially in markets far afield from its traditional customer base in the U.S. The iPhone results stood in contrast to iPad sales, which slid for the second consecutive quarter, raising questions about the future of Apple's tablet as the company gears up to launch bigger-screen iPhone models...."

U.K. Cabinet Office Adopts ODF as Exclusive Standard for Sharable Documents - ConsortiumInfo.org: "In making a decision that had been strongly opposed by Microsoft, the Cabinet Office’s decision reflects: …the government’s policy to create a level playing field for suppliers of all sizes, with its digital by default agenda on track to make cumulative savings of £1.2 billion in this Parliament for citizens, businesses and taxpayers."
more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenDocument
and https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/odf

FCC running on dial-up | TheHill: "...“Their website’s been a disaster for as long as I can remember,” said Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.), chairman of the House Commerce subcommittee that oversees the FCC and a former radio station owner who dealt often with the commission. “The search engine is horrible, the website stinks... When I was in the business you’d try to plug in your call letters or whatever; never could find anything,” he added. “It’s horrible.” The flaws burst into the open during the commission’s recent efforts to write new regulations for net neutrality, the idea that all Internet traffic should be treated equally regardless of which websites people are visiting...."

Apple Documents Undisclosed iOS Services
"Each of these diagnostic capabilities requires the user to have unlocked their device and agreed to trust another computer," Apple's documentation ...


Facebook revenue jumps 61% on mobile ad strength
Facebook is still a distant second to Google, but Google's share is expected to slip to 40% this year from 50% in 2012. Analysts also see promise in a ...


Amazon Fire phone merely lukewarm
Boston Globe
Only two companies, Apple Inc. and Samsung Corp., make much money selling smartphones. Every other player -- HTC, LG, Microsoft, BlackBerry -- is either in the red or ... So the smartphone business is ideal for Amazon.com. ... We're all locked in to Apple iOS devices, and those running Google Inc.'s ...

Wall Street Journal

Microsoft Strives For One OS To Rule Them All
Speaking to analysts about the Q4 FY2014 earnings numbers, Microsoft ... Apple has already been working toward that goal by meshing features of ...


Microsoft again writes off Surface inventory, renews profitability doubts
Computerworld - Microsoft again took a hit on its Surface business, the company acknowledged Tuesday, although the extent of the damage was ...

Economic Times

Google tried to buy music giant Spotify
Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page also reportedly stymied the ... Apple, a major player in the music industry with the iPod and the ubiquitous ...


Amazon Flexes Muscle Against Blogger Who Thought It 'Was Nicer Than Average Mega Corporation'
Amazon has spent the last few months doing battle with a major U.S. ... and readying itself for mobile phone fisticuffs with Apple Apple and Samsung. ... delete his Facebookpage, which also had the same FireTVNews moniker. ... Amazon Lures Google Glass Creator Following Phone Launch · Ryan Mac ...

Wall Street Journal

Apple faces class-action lawsuit over work breaks
San Jose Mercury News
A San Diego judge's ruling raises the stakes in a lawsuit against Apple that accuses the tech giant of failing to provide its hourly workers with timely ...


Apple posts biggest earnings gain in two years
Boston Globe
SAN FRANCISCO — Apple's growth prospects are brightening as ... Earnings rose at the highest rate in nearly two years as Apple Inc. sold 35.2 million iPhones during the period. ... screens on a variety of smartphones running on Google Inc.'s Android operating system. ... Facebook · Twitter · Google+ ...

Google is rolling out a new Material Design-inspired version of Google Play for Android
Jon Russell
Google's 'Little Box Challenge' to shrink a power inverter is now open for submissions ... Material Design homescreens have already landed for Google's Docs, ... Apple releases information about iOS in response to claims of a 'backdoor' for data ... Microsoft launches $114 Lumia 530 with 4-inch display.

Apple Working With Swatch For iWatch With Multiple Designs, Price Points?
Juli Clover
Apple may be working with manufacturing partners like Swatch to create ... Paparazzi, a 2004 smart watch created in collaboration with Microsoft .... Facebook Debuts New Read-It-Later 'Save' Feature for iOS and Desktop (14).

Amazon's Fire Phone Serves A Prime Strategic Purpose
Michael Comeau
And, arriving seven years after the debut of the first modern smartphone, Amazon's new entry lacks some key functions both Apple and Samsung ...

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