03 July 2014

FTC, T-Mobile, Cramming, Slamming

T-Mobile Sued for Adding Bogus Charges to Bills: Video - Bloomberg:
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T-Mobile US Inc. was sued by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over claims the wireless carrier placed unauthorized third-party charges on customer bills. Bloomberg’s Yang Yang reports on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg July 2, 2014)

FTC probably a little late -- it was a problem, a year ago --

FTC: T-Mobile knowingly added bogus charges to bills"..."It's wrong for a company like T-Mobile to profit from scams against its customers when there were clear warning signs the charges it was imposing were fraudulent," said FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez in a statement. "The FTC's goal is to ensure that T-Mobile repays all its customers for these crammed charges.""

DailyTech - FTC Calls Out T-Mobile for Fraudulent Charges on Phone Bills, CEO Lambasts Claims: "...T-Mobile CEO John Legere has since responded to the FTC complaint, saying that it is "unfounded and without merit." Here's Legere's full statement:  We have seen the complaint filed today by the FTC and find it to be unfounded and without merit.  In fact T-Mobile stopped billing for these Premium SMS services last year and launched a proactive program to provide full refunds for any customer that feels that they were charged for something they did not want.  T-Mobile is fighting harder than any of the carriers to change the way the wireless industry operates and we are disappointed that the FTC has chosen to file this action against the most pro-consumer company in the industry rather than the real bad actors..."

Famed investor Tim Draper wins auction of Silk Road’s 29,655 bitcoins | Ars Technica: "A relatively unknown Silicon Valley Bitcoin startup named Vaurum announced that one of its primary investors, Tim Draper, has won the government auction of an enormous trove of 29,655 bitcoins seized from Silk Road—currently worth over $19 million. “Bitcoin frees people from trying to operate in a modern market economy with weak currencies,” Draper, a founding partner at the well-known venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), said in a statement posted by Varurum on Wednesday morning. DFJ manages over $7 billion in global investments and was an early funder of Hotmail, Skype, Tesla Motors, and the Pebble watch. Vaurum said in its statement that it will partner with Draper to “leverage the pool of [around] 30,000 bitcoins as a liquidity source” as a way to develop trading platforms in “developing economies.”..."

Google's Latest Buy Is Full of Hits
ABC News
Google's latest acquisition is already a hit. The search giant announced today that it had scooped up Songza, a music streaming and curation service.

Microsoft accidentally borks legit websites while hunting malware in No-IP takeover
Microsoft admitted Tuesday it made a technical error after it commandeered part of an Internet service's network in order to shut down a botnet, but the ...

Amazon Defends Its Stance Against Hachette
Wall Street Journal
In its standoff with Hachette, Amazon wants a larger share of e-book ... The Justice Department in 2012 brought a civil antitrust lawsuit against five major publishers and Apple Inc., ... 

Amazon Resisting FTC On In-App Purchases By Children
Wall Street Journal
In a letter to the FTC Tuesday, Amazon said it was prepared to "defend our ... He said Amazon's app store included "prominent notice of in-app ... and has updated its app store to conform to the standards the FTC set for Apple. ... App stores, such as those operated by Amazon, Apple and Google Inc., ...

Facebook policy didn't mention 'research' at time of controversial experiment
San Jose Mercury News
Facebook argues it had users' consent to carry out the test, based on ...

Microsoft sides with Qualcomm in showdown over connected home
Microsoft on Tuesday joined 50 other members in the AllSeen Alliance, including ... AppleInc, known for strictly controlling how other companies' products interact with its own, ... Last week, Google said it partnered with Mercedes-Benz, Whirlpool Corp and light bulb ...

Amazon Strikes Back With Lower Cost Instances
Amazon Web Services has introduced a lower cost, general-purpose instance type for users who want both a modest CPU and also an ability to burst ...

Amazon seller sues Amazon, Apple over deleted listings
An independent electronics accessories retailer is suing tech giants Amazon and Apple on a multitude of allegations that include stopping the ...

Microsoft, Google form Ethernet consortium for data center networks
Five tech giants including Google and Microsoft have formed a consortium to push ...Facebook: Unethical, untrustworthy, and now downright harmful ...

Facebook Faces Investigation In UK Over Emotion Experiment - The Next Web
By Kaylene Hong
Facebook posts, comments and likes related to the World Cup have already ...Facebook's brewing trouble in Europe comes as Google has started ...
The Next Web Top Stories

Microsoft Communication Applications - AT&T Business
AT&T Managed Application Services for Microsoft can provide hosting, monitoring, management, and support across the application lifecycle. We can ...
AT&T - Enterprise Business Services

Google in Deal for Songza, a Music Playlist Service
New York Times
In a sign of growing consolidation in the digital music business, Google announced on Tuesday that it had bought Songza, a three-year-old app that competes with Pandora and others in making customized playlists of recommended songs. The price was not ...

ray turns out to one of world's deepest divers
New Zealand Herald
A ray known for basking on the ocean surface has turned out to be one of the natural world's deepest divers, able to forage at submarine-crushing depths, scientists said this week. Researchers attached data recorders to 15 Chilean devil rays (Latin name ...

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