31 January 2014

Windows 9? Who cares anymore? Microsoft is irrelevant

Microsoft, three strikes and you're out!--
Windows 98 was a success.
Windows Millenium Edition (Me) was a failure.
Windows XP was a success.
Windows Vista was a failure.
Windows 7 was a success.
Windows 8 was a failure.
Windows 9 ... does it even matter anymore? Microsoft lost most of us at Windows 8 -- just get a Chromebook or MacBook and be done with Microsoft --

Windows 9: Can Microsoft pull off another miracle? | ZDNet: "While Windows 8 has a small legion of fans, the adoption numbers show that mainstream Windows users as well as businesses have rejected it. We regularly hear stories from ZDNet and TechRepublic readers that add context to that story. We hear from consultants who tell us they have been extremely busy for the past 18 months because so many small businesses have bought Windows 8 machines and asked them to come in and install Windows 7 over the top...."

Microsoft Still Can't Find Its Future. Is It Too Late for the Company? - Forbes: "... Microsoft’s monopoly over personal computing has evaporated - From 95% market domination in 2005 share has fallen to just 20% in 2012 (IDC, Goldman Sachs.) Comparing devices, in 2005 there were 55 Windows devices sold for every Apple device; today explosive Apple sales has lowered that multiple to a mere 2 (Asymco). Universally the desire to upgrade Microsoft products has simply disappeared, as XP still has 40% of the Windows market – and even Vista at 5.7% has more users than Win8, which has only achieved a 1.75% Windows market share despite the long wait and launch hoopla...."

From the latest Akamai state of the Internet report, covering the third quarter of 2013:

  • Average connection speeds globally increased 29 percent in the past year, to 3.6 megabits per second.
  • Mobile traffic increased by about 10 percent during the third quarter of 2013–and grew by 80 percent year over year.
  • Denial-of-service attacks keep rising; the first three quarters of 2013 had already surpassed the levels of all of 2012.
  • The top three countries from which Internet attacks were launched were China at 35 percent; Indonesia at 20 percent; and the United States at 11 percent.
Yahoo Q4 2013 Earnings Slide 6% To $1.27B On EPS Of $0.46, Display Ads Down 6% | TechCrunch: "One thing that can provide a boost to that cash position could be patent sales down the line. CFO Ken Goldman, during the conference call, said that the company was looking at patent sales later this year, and emphasized that they would be to operating companies — not enforcement entities."

Net neutrality regulations: ISPs must be made common carriers | BGR" . . .  Copps thinks that it’s the only way to stop American ISPs from playing favorites and essentially acting as gatekeepers for what Internet services become successful and which Internet services flop. “The time is now for the FCC to classify broadband as Title II,” Copps said. “Without this step, we are playing fast-and-loose with the most opportunity-creating technology in all of communications history. Without this step, we are guaranteeing an Internet future of toll-booths, gatekeepers, and preferential carriage. Without this step, we stifle innovation, put consumers under the thumb of special interests, and pull the props from under the kind of rich civic dialogue that only open and non-discriminatory communications can provide.”..."

Microsoft is about to take Windows XP off life support
After April 8, Windows XP computers will be more susceptible to malware and viruses beginning, since Microsoft will no longer address major holes in the software. Although antivirus software will continue to fend off some malicious attacks, Microsoft's ...

Microsoft Makes Azure Server Design Open-Source
The open-source hardware movement got a new and unlikely convert Tuesday in the form of Microsoft, the company that so vehemently resisted the admission of Linux into the datacenter. Microsoft's membership was announced at the fifth Open Compute ...

Apple patents solar-powered MacBook
Computerworld - Apple today was awarded a patent for a MacBook that would be powered with solar cells (photovoltaics), meaning your laptop could be powered or at least recharged through light. The patent, titled "Electronic device display module" ...

Google Hopes Designer Frames Will Sharpen Glass
ABC News
Rather, Google plans to make various attachments available for people who wear glasses or sunglasses. Starting Tuesday, the Mountain View, Calif., company is offering four styles of prescription frames and two new types of shades available to its ...

Exclusive: Google close to settling EU antitrust probe - sources
EU regulators will not seek feedback from the 125 rivals, including Microsoft and third parties who commented on Google's previous proposals as they have a clear idea of their thinking after the last two market tests, the official said. That is likely ...

Apple shares fall after muted iPhone sales
Chicago Tribune
Apple's low-cost alternative to its iPhone 5S was unable to grab market share from cheaper rivals using Google Inc's Android software, they said. "We don't think Applehas created a meaningful new product category with the iPhone 5C," BMO Capital ...

Google, Lego bring bricks to the Web with Build With Chrome
Los Angeles Times
Google and the Danish toy company have teamed up to create Build With Chrome, a website users can visit using the Chrome Web browser to build Lego models. The site can be ... As Apple stock drops, Carl Icahn buys $500 million more in shares ·Google ...

Apple's iPhone 'shortfall'? Blame Verizon, AT&T
Pinning the blame on Verizon and AT&T jives with Apple CEO Tim Cook's comments that the business in North America contracted. He had attributed it largely to supply issues with the iPhone 5S, but many have noted that weaker sales in the iPhone 5C may ...

Google Street View Lands in Manila
Wall Street Journal (blog)
... to some of the country's ancient fortresses and historic churches. On Tuesday the tech-giant began capturing images of the Philippines for Street View – a feature onGoogle Maps and Google Earth that allows users to virtually explore cities at ...

Apple eyes magnets to attach camera lenses to iPhone
... interested in a new patent filing. Published Tuesday by the US Patent and Trademark Office, an Apple patent called "Magnetic add-on lenses with alignment ridge" describes how a camera lens would be attached to the iPhone and aligned with its camera.

Chromium Blog: Run Chrome Apps on mobile using Apache Cordova
By Google Chrome Blog
The toolchain wraps your Chrome App with a native application shell and enables you to distribute your app via Google Play and the Apple App Store. We provide a simple developer workflow for packaging a Chrome App natively for mobile ...
Chromium Blog

Google Brings Chrome Apps To Android And iOS | TechCrunch
By Frederic Lardinois
Google's offline Chrome Apps are about to find their way to both Android and iOS. Using Apache's well-known open-source Cordova platform for turning web apps.. ... Using these tools, developers can take their existing Chrome Apps, wrap them into a native shell and submit them to Google Play and Apple's App Store. todos. Google is making a wide variety of Chrome APIs available for these ... Hands-On With The Nexus 5 · Box's Aaron Levie Has Thoughts on Microsoft. Play Video ...

Cuttlefish Holds Clues to Camouflage
Laboratory Equipment
The cuttlefish, known as the "chameleon of the sea," can rapidly alter Scientists at Harvard Univ. and the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) hope that gaining a new understanding of a natural photonic device that enables a small sea animal to change its ...

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