06 January 2014

Why the Next Microsoft CEO Is Doomed to Failure

"No CEO worthy of the title wants his or her predecessors second-guessing everything in the boardroom," said Jean-Louis Gassée, a former Apple Inc. executive who has served on public-company boards. (source infra)

Microsoft is having trouble choosing a new chief executive. The reason? A Board of Directors which includes a founder who believes he knows best, a CEO who stepped down under pressure for a faster change in strategy, and, soon, an activist investor pushing for big changes. Microsoft had indicated it would pick a successor by summer 2014, but board members had hoped to choose one by November or December, according to sources (see article infra) --

Why Microsoft Hasn't Yet Chosen a New CEO - WSJ.com: "..."What's really a bad idea is a former CEO of your company" staying on the board, Mr. McKinnell said in a late-October interview. "You can't win.'' ... People who know him question whether Mr. Ballmer could sit by if his successor wanted to break free of his strategy or policies. It isn't clear how Microsoft's board, which backed Mr. Ballmer's moves, would react if the next CEO wanted to reverse some of his decisions..." (read more at link above)

From the Better Late than Never Department: U.S. Weighs Tech Fixes After Health-Site Woes - WSJ.com: "After Health-Site Woes Administration Considers Looser Hiring Rules, New Federal Unit . . . ." 

Getting Started With Google Chromecast: The Unofficial Manual – ReadWrite: "... Tab casting is rather interesting for another reason. Thanks to this feature, anything you can open and play within a Chrome browser can play on your television. This includes many unsupported video sites—particularly at full screen playback—as well as select video files (including H.264 MP4 files and WMV vids), audio clips and songs, and images. You can open computer media files in Chrome easily, whether by dragging and dropping them on your Chrome browser or, within the application, going to "File -> Open File…" (read more at link above)

Amazon's Bezos rescued by Ecuador Navy due to kidney stone

Chicago Tribune
CHICAGO/QUITO (Reuters) - Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos was airlifted from a cruise ship by the Ecuadorean Navy after suffering a kidney stone ...


Google-Election Commission tie-up talks alarm cyber group

Business Standard
Cyber security professionals have raised an alarm about the potential danger to national security, even before the Election Commission (EC) formally ...

Business Standard

Google makes timely purchase of Swiss app developer

In a move likely designed to bring into its fold a team of Swiss Android developers, Google has apparently bought Bitspin, according to a post on the ...


Apple Snaps Up Popular Photo App

Wall Street Journal
The steady improvements in smartphone camera technology are one of the biggest factors behind the struggles engulfing the traditional digital camera ...

Apple Insider

Google Glass, dance-offs and Mexican food: Sights and sounds from ...

Greenfield Daily Reporter
NEWPORT BEACH, California — When you cram an entire college football team and dozens of television cameras into a cramped hotel ballroom, ...

Wall Street Journal

Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku Jockey For Position In A Crowded Market

In addition, we looked at Amazon.com, Inc. and Google ...on Amazon from 12/25-12/29 versus 109 for Roku and 64 for Apple TV...


Google Glass, Situational Awareness, and Hyundais

Google Glass Explorer Edition XE V2 – Cotton White – Video Android Glasses Just when we thought that Audi was going to own CES with its Google ...

Tech Times

Google Restores Rap Genius After Apology for Gross SEO Strategy

The Wire
After Google's reckoning, Rap Genius would not show up in search results ...But especially if Microsoft decides to cut its losses on Bing one of these ...

Washington Post (blog)

Microsoft Windows Will Gain Strength in 2014

Sometime in early 2014, Microsoft will appoint the third CEO in its history, and... tablet market, helping the company fight off Google and Apple in the enterprise. ... With Apple only selling high-priced iPhones, it seems inevitable that ...

Times of India

Facebook, Google, Yahoo all being sued over message scanning

San Francisco Chronicle
The right of technology companies to read the personal communication of their users is set to get a good run in the courts this year. Last week, two ...

San Francisco Chronicle

U.S. Vessel to Aid Ships Stranded in Antarctica - NYTimes.com: "The US Coast Guard vessel the Polar Star has accepted an Australian request to assist in rescue operations in Antarctica.--On Friday, Australian officials said the Chinese ship, the Xue Long, or Snow Dragon, had notified the authorities that it might be trapped by ice, one day after the Chinese used a helicopter from the ship to rescue 52 passengers from the Russian ship, the Akademik Shokalskiy, which had become trapped on Christmas Eve..."

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