21 January 2014

HP brings back Windows 7 computers "by popular demand"

Editor's note: Windows 7 is the BEST operating system Microsoft has ever made, and it is the best desktop and notebook OS ever made, thus far, by any company.  Finally, HP, at least, has realized knowledge workers and others who use their computers "to get work done" with a real keyboard and mouse, do not want to be slowed-down by the gorilla-arm syndrome and dueling OS built-in to the dumbed-down tablet-touch-screen OS known as Windows 8. Thank you HP!

More info on HP Windows 7 computers: Windows 7 desktop PCs and Windows 7 notebook PCs

Microsoft fixes some (but not all) of Surface Pro 2's recent problems
Wayne Williams - Microsoft's botched December 2013 firmware update caused Surface Pro 2 owners several problems, most notably a 'wake and battery drain' issue....

Google bans Chrome extensions purchased to deliver adware | The Verge: "Google has removed two Chrome extensions from its store due to the way they were serving ads to users. The extensions in question, Add to Feedly and Tweet This Page, both started life as useful additions to Google's web browser, but were soon serving users pop-ups and other intrusive ads. The reason for the sudden change in behavior? In Add to Feedly's case, at least, it was purchased from its developer and quickly began serving ads to its 30,000 users...."

Google eating into Wikipedia page views?
Times of India
NEW DELHI: Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia used by millions around the world, lost nearly 10 per cent of its page-views last year. That's a decline of about 2 billion between December 2012 and December 2013. It's most popular versions are ...

Google set to face Intellectual Ventures in landmark patent trial
Chicago Tribune
Microsoft and Apple were both early investors in Intellectual Ventures. IV often uses subsidiary companies to buy patents, and then transfer them at a later date to related corporate entities, though public records do not indicate whether IV had an ...

In China, Microsoft steps up efforts with Bing, Windows Azure
Bing has barely any market share in China, but Microsoft hopes to change that in the next year or two by investing more resources into the local version of the search engine. ”We have 1,000 people in the Bing team in China,” said Microsoft vice ...

Amazon to ship things before you've even thought of buying them?
... even thought of buying them. Somewhere in the Bay Area, executives at Googleululated with envy. ... The essence is this: Amazon believes it has a good idea which item of clothing, electronics or beauty product you will covet next. As with so many ...

Apple selling iPhone 4 for Rs 23000 in India is daylight robbery
We already have reservations about whether Apple's possible iPhone 4 relaunch in India is a sound strategy, but it looks like the company is going ahead with it. One thing has changed since the last time we heard about Apple's plan for India. Reports ...

Apple's new Mac Pro as a server platform?
A recent post at the MacWindows blog by editor John Rizzo asked whether the new Mac Pro — a machine that by all measures is designed as a desktop machine — could be effectively used as a rackmounted server, the successor to the long-gone Apple ...

Amazon.in to open second warehouse in India
Business Today
Amazon.in, the Indian arm of world's largest e-commerce company announced on Monday that it would open a fullfilment centre- that is, a warehouse - in Bangalore, which will be operational from February. This will be the e-commerce giant's second ...

Rosetta: Earth waits for comet-chaser signal
BBC News
Rosetta, Europe's decade-long quest to put a robotic lander on a comet, has reached a key milestone. The probe, which has spent the past two-and-half-years moving through space in a deep sleep, was expected to rouse itself at 10:00 GMT, ready to send a ...

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