13 January 2014

Windows 8.1 is a disaster, Windows 8 a debacle and "tanking"

When long-time Microsoft and Windows Champion Paul Thurrott writes those words (in the headline above), you know it's bad news for Microsoft and Windows 8 --

  "Threshold" to be Called Windows 9, Ship in April 2015 | Windows 8 content from Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows: " .... Windows 8 is tanking harder than Microsoft is comfortable discussing in public, and the latest release, Windows 8.1, which is a substantial and free upgrade with major improvements over the original release, is in use on less than 25 million PCs at the moment. That's a disaster, and Threshold needs to strike a better balance between meeting the needs of over a billion traditional PC users while enticing users to adopt this new Windows on new types of personal computing devices. In short, it needs to be everything that Windows 8 is not. . . . To distance itself from the Windows 8 debacle, Microsoft is currently planning to drop the Windows 8 name and brand this next release as Windows 9...."

Microsoft hacked by Syrian Electronic Army again

The first tweet was a retweet from @Official_SEA16 during the last attack: "Don't use Microsoft emails(hotmail,outlook),They are monitoring your ...


Microsoft Should Embrace Nokia's Android Project

When Microsoft's purchase of Nokia's Devices and Services section is ... tightly to their online services as the Nexus handsets are tied to Google's. ... find in the Chinese markets, CyanogenMod and Amazon's Kindle Fire OS, .... (already WP outsells apple in many markets and the big EU 5 will included ...

Google violating norms: BJP MP

Zee News
Bangalore: Accusing search engine giant Google of violating Indian norms for showing strategic locations of the country, BJP Rajya Sabha member ...

Economic Times

This Famous Google Exec Quit His Job To Work In China — And ...
Seattle Post Intelligencer
For years, Hugo Barra was one of the most visible executives at Google. He was a product manager for its Android team. Every year at Google's ...

Business Insider Australia

Google fined for privacy violation in France

Tech Times
Google is in a bit of trouble as the company has just been slapped with a ...According to the CNIL, Google

Tech Times

Amazon aims to take over the world by extending reach

The Age
And evolve is exactly what Amazon, which did not exist until 1995, has ...Apple and Google are punished or celebrated on a quarterly basis for any ...

The Province

Apple, Amazon punished for success

New York Post
Moas — who, to be sure, isn't a top-tier analyst with a big New York bank — has had enough of Apple's and Amazon's capitalistic, profitable ways....

Microsoft's Twitter account: Don't use our e-mail

In an apparent hacking of the Microsoft News Twitter account, a tweet emerges saying the company sells customer data to the government. The Syrian ...

Alliances between Google, automakers spur privacy questions

Torrington Register Citizen
Very soon, your car may become a blabbermouth. A series of deals announced this week between technology firms such as Google and automakers ...


Beats Music Launches to Take on Spotify, Google, and Apple

Alice Truong
The launch also marks Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers's year at the company.
Fast Company

Cisco's Focus for the Future: Automated, IP-Enabled, Connected
PC Magazine
Cisco CEO John Chambers made it very clear at CES: The company's direction is toward IP video and Internet-connected everything....

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