17 January 2014

Blackphone smartphone, privacy, security (video)

Introduction to Blackphone from BLACKPHONE on Vimeo.
Silent Circle and Geeksphone have partnered to combine best-of-breed hardware with all the skills and experience necessary to offer BLACKPHONE, the world's first smartphone which prioritizes the user's privacy and control.

Blackphone Android smartphone launch set for MWC 2014 | BGR: "Blackphone will supposedly be the first Android smartphone in the world to focus on privacy and control, and the device will be unveiled in Barcelona next month, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). The Blackphone initiative is a joint international effort, co-founded by Spanish hardware manufacturer Geeksphone and Silent Circle, provider of various software solutions meant to protect users’ privacy...."

T-Mobile wireless price war feared | BGR: "... Of course, the average customer should cheer all this Wall Street hand-wringing: To use some Econ 101 terminology, the loss of carrier margins will mean an increase in consumer surplus in the form of lower prices. Or put another way, what’s bad for big wireless carriers might just be good for everyone else."

Obama's FCC Chairman adds to confusion following Court ruling defeating Network Neutrality -
F.C.C. Chairman Adds More Ambiguity to His Position on Network Neutrality - NYTimes.com - Tom Wheeler, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, added further nuance to his already ambiguous position on network neutrality with a blog post late Tuesday, saying again that the F.C.C. will vigorously — but cautiously — exercise its authority to make sure broadband providers operate their networks in the public interest.

Why FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler isn't big on net neutrality rules | VentureBeat | Business | by Tom Cheredar: "... newly appointed FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is only fanning the flames of the fire with repeatedly vague responses regarding net neutrality. People are up in arms because Wheeler doesn’t view net neutrality as a communication issue, but rather a network (technical) issue, which aligns with yesterday’s court decision...."

HHS cybersecurity chief expressed concerns over health exchange site | Fox News: "The top cybersecurity officer for the Health and Human Services Department said he was concerned about potential vulnerabilities ahead of the launch of the Obama administration's health care website. But Kevin Charest told congressional investigators he was unable to get answers to his questions from others inside the department. He concluded that the testing of the site was substandard...."

Microsoft: Windows 9 'Will Launch In 2015': "Microsoft released Windows 8.1 in October 2013 after being met by a flurry of complaints about the original Windows 8. The software ditched the familiar look of previous desktop versions of Windows in favour of a new tiled layout optimised to work with touchscreen devices, such as its Surface tablet. However, many of those who chose to use the software with a traditional mouse and keyboard found it confusing and difficult to navigate."

Google snaps up security firm Impermium | Security & Privacy - CNET News: "While security startup Impermium doesn't have the hot name cache of Nest, it is Google's latest corporate buy. Impermium specialized in helping Web sites fight spam, something that Google is already an industry leader at doing, but it had chops at stopping fraud and abuse as well. The company is shutting down its services immediately to begin integration with Google. ..."

Apple Settles FTC In-App Purchasing Complaint
To settle a Federal Trade Commission complaint, Apple will refund consumers for in-app purchase charges made by children without the consent of ...

Boston Globe

Microsoft CEO Candidate List Is Said to Include Ericsson's Vestberg
Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)'s board is considering Ericsson AB Chief Executive Officer Hans Vestberg as a potential successor to departing leader Steve ...

Brisbane Times

Amazon Employees Reject Forming Company's First Union in U.S.
Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN) won't be getting its first labor union in the U.S.. The majority of 27 technicians at an Amazon fulfillment center in Middletown, ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Google loses High Court privacy bid
Belfast Telegraph
Google has lost its High Court bid to block a breach of privacy legal action ...that the court has no jurisdiction to try their claims, which relate to the AppleSafari ... The group, known as Safari Users Against Google's Secret Tracking, ...

Belfast Telegraph

Google Drive gets an activity stream
Google took another step toward giving its Apps suite an enterprise social networking ... Google said in a blog post that Drive's activity stream is “a single, ... Microsoft spent $1.2 billion in 2012 to buy ESN vendor Yammer in order to ...


EU: Google has its 'last opportunity' to avoid antitrust case
San Jose Mercury News
"So let's see if Google can improve their proposal or we go to the traditional route ... Google's pending reaction will be the "last opportunity" for reaching a... Competitors led by Microsoft said that would only mean more costs for them ...


Google, Netflix jeopardized by Verizon's net-neutrality victory
Netflix, Google Inc.'s YouTube and Amazon.com Inc., meanwhile, face higher costs of doing business, changing the industry's economics. In Netflix's ...

Times of India

Google buys security startup Impermium
Summary: Google is about to receive a boost in how it tackles spam, fraud, and web abuse after picking up a startup specialising in such areas.

Headlines & Global News

Canada Cites Google Again for Privacy-Law Violation
Wall Street Journal
OTTAWA—Canada's privacy watchdog said Wednesday that Google Inc. violated the country's privacy laws after it used a person's Internet searches ...

Financial Post

Google Play Movies and TV App Now Available on iOS, Includes ...
PC Magazine
Apple isn't likely to support the Chromecast through its video app any time soon, but Google has an assortment that is comparable to Amazon and ...


Chrome users mad at Google for switching up scroll controls | Internet & Media - CNET News: . . . It's unclear which operating systems and hardware have been hit with the problem, but many people posting complaints appear to beWindows 7 users. A Chrome forum moderator that goes by Sarjoor wrote that the problem is a "known UI issue" that developers are working on. They are especially looking into "why the ChromeOS style is being applied to Windows," he wrote. Sarjoor suggested using an extension like Rescroller as a temporary workaround to the problem. Google issued another update to Chrome on Tuesday but it didn't appear to fix the scrolling problem...

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