18 January 2014

Walter Isaacson on Apple, China Mobile, Innovation and Google (video)

Google steals innovation crown from Apple: IsaacsonThis is a big deal, says Walter Isaacson, Aspen Institute, discussing Apple's deal with China Mobile and Tim Cook's next disruptive move. He still needs to bring out the "holy cow" product. Also Isaacson discusses Google's acquisition of Nest and weighs in on why the greatest innovations right now are coming from Google.

Obama calls for significant changes in NSA practices--
Views under the Palm | johnmpoole.com: Obama's best speech ever because of Snowden's NSA disclosures - Now it comes down to execution and follow-up. There are a lot of details to fill in. The "devil is in the details."

China reveals COS: a government-approved operating system designed to break the monopoly of foreign software: "...Ironically, all the COS variants -- in the form of phones, tablets, PCs and set-top boxes -- shown in the promo video after the break are very Android-like, and some of those features, like multitasking, content streaming and remote desktop, are nothing new. Even the HTC One and Butterfly S we saw looked like they were still carrying Sense 5. But hey, maybe such a close relationship with the Chinese government is just what HTC needs for its recovery this year."

Network Neutrality: 10 Reasons You Should Care About It: "Although concern over network neutrality has been around for years, it's one of the least-understood aspects of the Internet industry. The term, tossed around in congressional hearings and on tech blogs, is hardly understood by average consumers, who naturally expect that they will have unfettered access to Web content at reasonable cost. But if the FCC doesn't find a way to legally sustain the network neutrality concept, Web users may find that they will be paying whatever the market will bear for Web content. And if ISPs attempt to increase the cost for service providers to access the Web, it's entirely possible those end users will get hit by those very same providers with higher access fees. This slide show covers what network neutrality is and why it matters ...." (more at link above)

Google developing smart contact lens
SAN FRANCISCO — Google's vision for wearable technology took another ambitious leap forward Thursday when the world's largest Internet search ...

ABC News

Ticket for wearing Google Glass tossed out of court

San Jose Mercury News
SAN DIEGO -- A San Diego traffic court threw out a citation Thursday against a woman who authorities said was driving while wearing the Google ...


Google steps up fight against 'bad' ad barrage

SAN FRANCISCO — Google yanked 59% more "bad" advertisements from its online systems last year as the world's largest Internet search provider ...

Apple's Cook Tells China Mobile Customers 'Great Things' Coming

The Apple Inc. iPhone 5c showing iOS 7, a new version of Apple's mobile ...About 40 percent of all devices using Google Inc.'s Android operating ...


Apple, e-books monitor told to start fresh with soured relationship

San Jose Mercury News
NEW YORK -- A judge on Thursday urged Apple (AAPL) to reboot its relationship with a monitor appointed to analyze its antitrust prevention practices, ...

Zee News

Amazon, GoDaddy Popular Choices for Malware Hosting

PC Magazine
Criminals are also hiding their malicious activities behind the reputations of major hosting providers such as Amazon, GoDaddy and Google. In fact, of ...

The Guardian

Google buying Nest prompts more privacy fears: #tellusatoday

Google announced Monday that it is buying Nest, a company that makes smart thermostats and smoke detectors, for $3.2 billion. Comments from ...


Microsoft Open Technologies expands presence to China

Wall Street Journal
16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Microsoft Open Technologies Inc. (MS Open Tech), a subsidiary ofMicrosoft Corp. dedicated to bridging Microsoft and ...

Google's Earnings Preview: Focus on Revenue Growth From Ad ...

350px-Googlelogo Google is set to release its Q4 2013 earnings and full year results on Tuesday, January 21. During the past year, Google's Google's ...

Droid Report

Microsoft to employ Halo voice actress for Siri rival, report says

Jen Taylor, who played the role of AI character Cortana in the Halo video game series, will reportedly be the voice for Microsoft's personal assistant, ...


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