23 January 2014

Korean Mobile Carriers To Offer Free Chromebooks?

Korea may start a worldwide carrier trend --

Chromebooks: Mobile Carriers May Offer Free Chromebooks with LTE Subscriptions This Year | BusinessKorea: "Chromebooks, which run the Google Chrome OS, will include LTE connectivity starting this year. Thus, a power shift in the global PC market is likely to occur. According to Reuters on January 15, major manufactures of Chromebooks, including HP, will release 4G LTE-capable versions this year... Chromebooks are in the price range of US$250-US$299. These laptops are so affordable that they might soon be provided free of charge as part of an LTE subscription, depending on mobile carriers and agreements here in Korea...."

T-Mobile moves into personal finance --
How it Works | Reloadable Debit Card | T-Mobile Visa Prepaid Card: "Step 1 Purchase a T-Mobile Visa Prepaid Card in-store or online. Step 2 Add Money to your Card Account. If you purchase a T-Mobile Visa Prepaid Card in-store, you can simply add money at the time of purchase. If you enroll for a card online, you will add money once you receive the card. Step 3 Activate your T-Mobile Visa Prepaid Card online or by calling ..."

T-Mobile's 'Mobile Money' blends prepaid Visa cards and no-fee checking features: "T-Mobile's latest service seems to fit its 'UnCarrier' agenda perfectly, since it has little connection to wireless and doesn't actually require users to have the company's phone service. Called Mobile Money, the personal finance product combines a smartphone app (iOS or Android) with a branded prepaid Visa card. Without paying a single fee, T-Mobile wireless customers can deposit checks into their Mobile Money account by taking a picture of them with their smartphone, withdraw money from 42,000 in-network ATMs and reload the cards with cash at T-Mobile stores (non-T-Mobile customers would pay additional fees). There are also no maintenance fees, minimum balances or activation fees."

Facebook decline and abandonment imminent --
[1401.4208] Epidemiological modeling of online social network dynamics: "The irSIR model is then applied to search query data for "Facebook," which is just beginning to show the onset of an abandonment phase. Extrapolating the best fit model into the future predicts a rapid decline in Facebook activity in the next few years...."

Medium: "Andreessen attempts to draw a parallel between the birth of the personal-computing era and the explosion of the publicly accessible Internet and Bitcoin. These are fundamentally flawed analogies."
BlackBerry on "life-support" gets "transfusion" from US Dept of Defense -- Pentagon likes old legacy phones, particularly since BlackBerry gave the "keys" to China and Russia -- BlackBerry lands 80,000 Pentagon order and stock soars (CNET)

Amazon says it is not planning pay-TV service: "Amazon.com denied reports that it is planning a new pay-TV service. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier on Tuesday that the world's largest Internet retailer was considering a new service that would offer live TV channels..."

[Update] Microsoft And Machinima Respond To Concerns Over Advertising - News - www.GameInformer.com: ""We have asked Machinima to not post any additional Xbox One content as part of this media buy and we have asked them to add disclaimers to the videos that were part of this program indicating they were part of paid advertising.” The move on Microsoft's part to require disclaimers is a step in the right direction. If this practice continues, other advertisers and sponsors would be wise to do the same. "

Hackathon for Cuba kicks off in Miami Jan. 31 - Business - MiamiHerald.com"Problems with connectivity, censorship, costly service and the lowest cellphone and Internet penetration rates in the Western Hemisphere regularly limit information access in Cuba. For the first time in South Florida, a hackathon will bring together programmers to devise solutions. On Jan. 31, Hackathon for Cuba will gather a mix of developers, as well as tech experts familiar with Cuba’s information barriers, to create smartphone applications and other technologies aimed at strengthening communications and information access in Cuba. Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez is also expected to participate, organizers said. The event is organized by the Miami Beach-based nonprofit Roots of Hope and backed by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation ....The Hackathon for Cuba, free and open to the public at The LAB Miami in Wynwood, will kick off at 7 p.m. on Jan. 31 with a reception and presentation on the current state of technology and digital access in Cuba. The programming begins at 9 a.m. on Feb. 1, and the event ends with judging and prizes that evening. To register: www.rootsofhope.org/hack."

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