01 January 2014

Microsoft 2013, the good, the bad, the ugly

A few bright spots, but overall not a good year in Redmond --

Microsoft In 2013: 7 Lessons Learned - InformationWeek"... Windows 8 arrived with a thud and the much ballyhooed Surface RT somehow managed to fare even worse. After holiday sales failed to lift sagging computer shipments, many critics rang in the new year by blaming Microsoft for the PC industry's woes...Windows 8 and its struggles remained the dominant Microsoft narrative for most of the year. In fact, the OS overshadowed the fact that certain Microsoft ventures were having one hell of a year... Windows Azure ...Office 365 ... Xbox Live. It's no coincidence that Satya Nadella, the executive who oversees Microsoft's cloud business, is frequently named as a leading candidate to be its next CEO. Investors began to take notice as Microsoft's cloud divisions continued to accrue business from enterprises and governments. The company's stock began to inch higher as winter turned to spring, and when CEO Steve Ballmer announced a companywide reorganization, most commentaries emphasized the upside. But then Windows 8 reared its (ugly) head again...."

Perspective: Microsoft's CEO pick will be dubbed a dud, bragged as ...
Computerworld - No matter who Microsoft names as its third-ever chief ... CEO choices cannot please everyone, especially ones like Microsoft's, not ... That quote came from a July 11, 1997, piece in the New York Times about Apple, ...

Microsoft's Midori: The M# connection

First, I heard from two of my contacts that Midori -- Microsoft's non-Windows-based operating-system project -- moved into the Unified Operating ...

Apple, Microsoft, Asics, RedTube: Intellectual Property

Apple Inc. (AAPL) is again seeking to ban sales in the U.S. of Samsung ... of

Apple Inc.'s iPhone and devices running Google Inc.'s Android platform.

Latin Post

Microsoft transforming, from top to bottom
The Seattle Times
The plan, which he dubbed “One Microsoft,” realigned the company .... Patent battles — the never-ending story: Microsoft and Google's patent war ...

Online Gadget Store

Google Chromebook sales jump as Apple, Microsoft struggle
Los Angeles Times
Users can't install applications like Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop, but they also do not have to worry about installing updates or security software. But while Google'smarket share jumped, Apple and Microsoft struggled to sell their laptops ...

Amazon Counts With Prime Numbers
Wall Street Journal
Pre-Christmas delivery problems aside, the e-commerce giant said last week that it added more than a million new subscribers to its $79-a-year Prime ...

Digital Trends

Google, Apple to jointly develop in-car systems

Apple and Google already compete fiercely in an array of digital businesses, ... Ford attributes rising sales in the U.S. in part to the voice-activated Sync system it started offering in 2007, developed with help from Microsoft Corp.

Apple urges investors to vote against share buyback proposal

Times of India
NEW YORK: Carl Icahn and Apple seem to be heading for a major showdown, with the iconic creator of iPhone and iPad urging its shareholders to ...

Times of India

Google's Schmidt Discusses Possible Internet Censorship In Russia ...

Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, believes Russia might follow China in censoring the Internet. Eric Schmidt ...

CIOs Brand Enterprise Social Tools as Most Overhyped Technology - Arik Hesseldahl - Enterprise - AllThingsD...The most overhyped, in their view, were social tools aimed at the enterprise. This would include products like Jive, Microsoft’s Yammer, Salesforce.com’s Chatter, Moxie, VMWare’s Socialcast and a host of others .... So what was underhyped? There were two answers, both of them kind of intertwined: Mobile and security...

First ever weather forecast for planet outside our solar system
Scientists have issued a weather forecast for a planet outside our solar system for the first time, with the alien ''super-Earth'' orbiting a star 40 light years away set to remain cloudy and hot for the foreseeable future. Using Hubble, they found exoplanet GJ ...

Chunks of unstable Earth crust were recycled back into the mantle during the ...
Science Recorder
The Archean eon hosted temperatures in Earth's mantle that were significantly higher than temperatures recorded in recent years. Chunks of unstable Earth crust were recycled back into the mantle during the Archean eon. Science Recorder | Jonathan Marker ...

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