27 January 2014

Google-Powered Chromebooks Overtaking Microsoft in Education Market

Chromebook: How to create and share a document (more Google Chromebook videos here)

Beginning next school year in the US, students in grades K-12 in most states will take tests administered by the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium and the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (standardized tests) that are designed to be taken on computers. Because of the new tests, schools are thinking about new technology purchases and Google Chromebooks are the best solution --

Google-Powered Chromebooks Take Microsoft, Apple to School - WSJ.com: "Chromebooks have come from nowhere to grab nearly a fifth of U.S. school purchases of mobile computers, posing problems for Microsoft and possibly even Apple. The inexpensive laptops, which run Google software but are mostly sold by other companies, accounted for 19% of the K-12 market for mobile computers in the U.S. in 2013, according to a preliminary estimate by Futuresource Consulting. In 2012, Chromebooks represented less than 1% of the market, according to the research firm, whose estimate includes both tablets and notebook PCs but excludes desktop computers. Mobile computers running Microsoft Windows slid from 47.5% of that market in 2012 to 28% in last year's third quarter, said Futuresource, which isn't yet providing comparisons for all of 2013. Data from IDC analyst Rajani Singh that includes purchases by U.S. colleges and universities as well as K-12 schools shows a similar pattern, as well as signs of stagnation for Apple's iPad in the education market." (read more at Wall Street Journal wsj.com link above)

Google patents ad-powered taxi service that would offer free rides to shoppers | Ars Technica: "Advertisers would pay for your transportation in the hope that you buy something...."

Mac's Tiny Graphical Screen Transformed Personal Computing 30 Years Ago
NEWS ANALYSIS: When Apple first started selling the Macintosh, few people realized how it would change almost everything about personal computing. When I was introduced to the original Macintosh early in 1984, I looked at the device on the table in front ...

World chess champ beats Bill Gates in 80 seconds
New York Daily News
He is the second-richest man in the word and Bill Gates was certainly second best when it came to playing chess against the world's No. 1. The Microsoft founder was challenged to a game of chess by world champion Magnus Carlsen, a 23-year-old ...

Internet of Things: Advantages May Far Outweigh Its Drawbacks
Guardian Liberty Voice
People may not realize it but the Internet of Things is already gaining traction and slowly influencing how people live in this connected world. Right now, its perceived advantages may far outweigh its feared drawbacks. Some analysts even called the ...

Mysterious Sight of the Mantis Shrimp Closer to Being Solved?
Guardian Liberty Voice
The mantis shrimp (a.k.a. stomatopod) are colorful marine crustaceans, renowned for their ability to pack a punch. Found in tropical and sub-tropical marine habitats, the marine shrimp's powerful claws can deliver over 90 kilograms of force – an ability that has ...

Polar bears are modifying their diets to adapt to climate change
Polar bears have shown that they will be able to survive the ice melting by changing their diet and adapting to the new climate. Polar bears are often thought as the animal that is most effected by global warming, but new research has shown that when the ...

Hawking, co-discoverer of black holes, now says there's no such thing
The scientific duo of Penrose and Hawking is not quite so legendary as other pairings, from Watson and Crick to Lewis and Clark. Their contributions to science have been just as monumental, however, redefining our ideas about the theoretical limits of the ...

Apple Developing New Mobile Payments Service [Report]
Customers can already use their iTunes account to purchase a plethora of content ranging from books to movies, music and apps, but apparently Apple is now looking into the mobile payments arena. It may even be planning to launch a new service, if the ...

Frogs' love calls attract predators
The Japan Times
WASHINGTON – A frog's evening serenade beckons his would-be suitors but also summons competition from rivals and attracts predators, making dating a dangerous endeavor, international researchers say. The tiny brown tungara frog, found in Central and ...

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