28 January 2014

Dell VP Says Tablets Are Not For 'Real Work'

Of course this is stating the obvious, but somebody needs to tell Microsoft. On the other hand, Google Chromebooks are great for getting real work done!

Dell VP: Tablets Aren't Cut Out For 'Real Work': "Dell's vice president of commercial sales operation, Bobbi Dangerfield . . . In a recent interview, the exec shared that "the tablet is great if you're trying to do a little email or you want to read something or whatever. But if you've got real work to do then they're still not a substitute for the PC.""

Google and Samsung reach global patent license deal — Tech News and Analysis: "... Lo’s comment about “innovation” may be seen as a rebuke to Apple, Microsoft and other companies that employ a controversial technique known as “privateering” in which they arm shell companies with old patents. The shell companies, which are largely immune from counter-suits because they have no assets, then set about demanding money from productive companies — the result has been a growing train-wreck of lawsuits drawing in a wide swath of industries. “Privateering lets a company split its patent portfolio into smaller sub-portfolios “stacked” on each other, increasing the number of entities a firm must negotiate with and multiplying licensing costs. This behavior unfairly raises competitors’ costs, ultimately driving up prices for consumers,” said a Google spokesperson in response to an email question...."

Google-Samsung patent truce will boost Android and wearable tech, say analysts
The Android ecosystem and wearable technology will probably get a boost from the patent deal Google and Samsung have struck, but the agreement is unlikely to have an influence on Samsung's intellectual property disputes with Apple, analysts said ...

Android extends gains in key markets: survey
Washington — The Android smartphone platform has extended its lead over Apple's iPhone in key markets including the United States, Europe and China, a survey showed Monday. Windows Phone, meanwhile, has made inroads to secure a strong third ...

Microsoft's quandary: Big profits from software or shrinking margins with devices
Computerworld - For all his talk of "devices and services," when Steve Ballmer hands over the reins to a new CEO, he will leave an economic powerhouse that prints money by making software, but not one that makes much on anything else. The next chief ...

Microsoft ditches SkyDrive for OneDrive after BSkyB dispute
The move comes several months after a British court ruled that Microsoft's use of the SkyDrive name was infringing on a trademark owned by British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) Group's Sky trademark. Rather than continue to battle it out in court,Microsoft ...

Google exec boosts GOP data effort
Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt may have helped Barack Obama build a political technology juggernaut, but now another top Google executive is trying to help Republicans catch up....

Google's DeepMind buy deepens firm's robotics portfolio
Washington Post
Stepping up its efforts on the robotics front, Google confirmed Monday that it has acquired the advanced artificial intelligence firm DeepMind. The London-based start-up specializes in machine learning, and its Web site states that its technology can ...

Google Takes Defamation Case to India's Supreme Court
Wall Street Journal
The case against Google was brought by Visaka, which makes corrugated cement and asbestos fiber sheets, after an anti-asbestos blog hosted by Blogspot contained allegations Visaka was being protected because it was backed by leaders of the ruling ...

Microsoft Acquires 'Gears of War' From Epic, Assigns Next Game To Black Tusk ...
Microsoft has put a padlock on its Xbox One war chest by acquiring the rights to the popular Gears of War franchise from Epic Games, the software giant announced today. This means that future Gears of War games can and probably will remain exclusive to ...

Google Glass Aims For Games
InformationWeek (blog)
Google Glass faces a problem: Too many people still see it as a threat. DespiteGoogle's ongoing efforts to promote Glass as a fashionable tool with practical uses, Glass recently made headlines as a suspected piracy tool: A man wearing Glass in a ...

Ezra Klein Is Joining Vox Media as Web Journalism Asserts Itself - NYTimes.com"... creating a digital media company takes years. (And $25 million, give or take.) With the price for web advertising dropping by the second and new competitors coming out of the screen at a very high rate, it would seem like a terrible time to jump in. But what we are witnessing now is not the formation of a bubble, it is the emergence of a lasting commercial market, a game that has winners and losers, yet is hardly zero sum."

In Developing Countries, Google and Facebook Already Defy Net Neutrality | MIT Technology Review: "In much of the world, the concept of “net neutrality” generates less public debate, given there’s no affordable Net in the first place...."

Samsung, Ericsson Deal Ends Patent Spat
PC Magazine
Ericsson and Samsung have ended their patent scuffle with a settlement that includes a cross-license agreement for patents relating to GSM, UMTS, and LTE standards for networks and handsets. According to the deal, Samsung must pay an undisclosed ...

Stone-Age Hunter Had Blue Eyes And Dark, African Skin
A stone-age hunter's wisdom tooth has revealed that he had an unusual mix of racial traits – dark, African skin, curly brown hair and blue eyes. Preliminary DNA analysis of the 7,000-year-old skeleton, dubbed Brana-1, has overturned ideas about the descent ...

An experimental virtual tour through the Grand Canyon
Tucson Citizen
The Arizona Geological Survey is experimenting with new ways of communicating geology and geologic stories to Arizonans and K-12 educators. AZGS has produced its first-ever map story which follows geologist Steve Rauzi and a team of geoscientists as ...

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