19 January 2014

Google Tries to Put Lipstick on the Windows 8 Pig

Let's be honest, Microsoft's Windows 8 is, and always will be, a Pig, (a very, very ugly OS), but give Google credit, their new Chrome release tries to put lipstick on the pig which may ameliorate some pain for the multitude of Windows 8 sufferers --

Google’s latest Chrome release tries to replace the Windows 8 desktop | ZDNet: "This week's Google Chrome update added some significant new features to its Windows 8 mode, effectively turning the browser into a stripped-down version of Chrome OS, with its own taskbar and window-management tools..."

more info on Chrome for Windows 8 and 8.1: http://www.google.com/homepage/windows8/

Microsoft Windows 8 Vista comparison made by employees | BGR: "....Thurrott says that Microsoft employees are internally referring to Windows 8 as “the new Vista,” which is a seeming admission that the platform has not achieved its goals of reigniting interest in PCs and needs some serious changes. In a followup tweet, Thurrott explains that the view from within Microsoft is that Windows 8 has been at least as bad as Vista in terms of sales and market acceptance while adding that Vista might actually have sold better than Windows 8 when it was at this point in its life cycle...."

Is it not time to ditch the pig. (Windows 8.x) - Microsoft Community: "... whichever team or person came up with this unified idea, please sack them for damaging the desktop environment in such a lacklustre way. With apparent disregard for the user base ... I guess I'm going to have to go back to Windows 7 again. But be careful, as there are so many issues with Windows 8, that people don't start looking elsewhere...." (read more at link above)

Google Crafting Contact Lenses for Diabetes
WebMD - Jan. 17, 2014 -- Google is working on contact lenses with special sensors to monitor diabetes blood sugar levels. The lens measures blood sugar ...

Amazon Wants to Ship Your Package Before You Buy It
.. Amazon.com knows you so well it wants to ship your next package before you ... So Amazon says it may box and ship products it expects customers in a ... televisions that predict which shows to record and

Microsoft Researchers Seek Performance-Based Cloud Pricing Patent
InformationWeek - Two Microsoft employees have applied for a patent on a cloud pricing scheme ... A common criticism of on-demand pricing, such as that used by Amazon ... of Google Cloud Platform in December, along with an Amazon-like price cut.

Apple, Google Gear Up to Lobby Congress on NSA Reform
Bloomberg - Apple Inc. (AAPL), Google Inc. (GOOG) and other technology companies are gearing up to bring ...

Amazon Publishing Announces Seventh Annual Amazon ...
MarketWatch - Amazon Publishing will award one Grand Prize $50,000 advance and publishing contract and four $15,000 advances and publishing contracts across ...

Google is mapping the history of modern music - Engadget
Timothy J. Seppala - It's no surprise that Google has been tracking music uploads, but what's ... Amazon is thinking about shipping you packages you haven't ordered yet.

Google banned over 350M ads in 2013 (infographic) | VentureBeat ...
Tom Cheredar - When you operate one of the largest advertising networks in the world, it's important to maintain the credibility of that network, which means removing ...

Adware vendors buy Chrome Extensions to send ad- and malware-filled updates | Ars Technica: "The reality, though, is that while it's extremely easy for a novice user to install an extension, it's nearly impossible for them to diagnose and remove an extension that has turned sour, and Chrome Sync will make sure that extension hangs around on all their devices for a long time. The author of Add to Feedly stated that his extension had around 30,000 users before it was sold and packed full of ads. Today, despite the flood of unhappy user reviews, the Chrome Web Store shows 31,548 users. Auto-updating from a trusted source is one thing, but when that user trust can be bought and sold—and extension ownership can change hands without the users being informed—something needs to be done..."

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