15 January 2014

FCC All Tangled Up, Goodbye Net Neutrality and Internet Freedom?

A lot of things threaten the internet -- NSA, censorship, chilling effects on free speech, copyright, patent and trademark abuses, governments (US and foreign), ITU, UN, ICANN, new gTLDs, cybercrime, malware .... the list goes on and on, but nothing is so fundamental to a free and open internet as all internet carriers being mandated to carry ALL internet traffic under net neutrality rules. The Court ruling referenced below needs to be addressed immediately by the Courts, the FCC, Congress and the President. Failing that, we may see the end to internet freedom in the US -- talk about an "economic headwind" -- more like an "economic hurricane!"

US appeals court strikes down FCC net neutrality rules
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. appeals court has struck down the government's latest effort to require internet providers to treat all web traffic equally, meaning mobile carriers and other broadband providers may reach agreements for faster access to ...

Net Neutrality Ruling: What the Key Passages Mean - A few key passages in the ruling against the FCC on net neutrality explain how the court believes the FCC does have power to issue regulations governing Internet traffic, but why ultimately it determined the commission's Net neutrality rules were a bridge too far. http://on.wsj.com/1cjUSJG

Good news for UK, France and Germany!--
Google to launch its Moto X smartphone in UK, France and Germany
Financial Times
Google will launch its flagship Moto X smartphone in the UK, France and ...differentiate itself from dominant players Samsung and Apple in Europe.


Moto G Google Play edition now available for $179
The Moto G now has an official Google Play Edition. The device, which just popped up on the Google Play Store, is available for $180 (8GB) or $200 (16GB). Just like we've seen on other Google Play edition devices, the Moto G will offer the same specs as ... for more info/buy: Google Play 

Google to Buy Nest Labs for $3.2 Billion

New York Times
SAN FRANCISCO — Google, which dominates much of Internet users' ...iPhone and iPod engineers at Apple, will continue to operate independently under ... Google, which invested in Nest through its venture capital fund, has been ...


Microsoft Expects To Make Another Xbox

Will we see a Playstation 5? How about an Xbox…um…two? As soon as Sony Sony and Microsoft Microsoft announced the PS4 and Xbox One, ...

Modern Readers

Apple loses court bid to block e-book antitrust monitor
The judge also said there was "nothing improper" about a declaration filed by a lawyer chosen to serve as monitor, Michael Bromwich, that became the basis of Apple seeking his disqualification. Cote said she will promptly issue a decision explaining ...

Microsoft and GoDaddy announce strategic partnership to help ...
"Combining our small-business expertise together with Microsoft's ... in the world," said John Case, corporate vice president, Microsoft Office.


Apple's patented GUI compensates for iPhone motion, minimizes ...

Apple Insider
Apple on Tuesday was awarded an interesting patent describing a graphical user interface that offers a solution to inadvertent input errors users may ...

Apple Insider

How Microsoft should roll out the new CEO

When Microsoft announces the CEO, the company's work will be just ... Gregg Keizer coversMicrosoft, security issues, Apple, Web browsers and ...

Is Microsoft Campaigning for Hillary Clinton?

Microsoft's top ad man once worked for Hillary Clinton. ... his brand of negative advertising to the technology giant as it battles both Apple and Google...

Apple loses court bid to block e-book antitrust monitor
Chicago Tribune
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Apple Inc lost a bid on Monday to block an antitrust monitor appointed after a judge found that the company had conspired to ...

Google's reach expands into your home more via $3.2 billion Nest ...
Google's tentacles are spreading into your home even more. ... Fadell led the team at Apple that created the first 18 generations of the iPod and the ...

Pentagon on watch for disruptive technology worldwide: "Concerned about the potential military consequences of a surge of high tech innovation in China and other nations, the Pentagon is creating a program to track and analyze emerging technology research and patents, military records and interviews show..."

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