09 January 2014

Chromebooks, Benefit of Simplicity vs Cost of Complexity, Windows 8 #FAIL

Now that Microsoft has ruined the desktop and notebook PC business with Windows 8, what do you buy? For most, that means either an Apple MacBook or a Chromebook. Right now, the Pixel is the serious Chromebook for active users who use their computer for work (see article below).  But with HP and Dell starting to make and sell Chromebooks, it won't be long before we have a Chromebook with 4GB RAM and a decent CPU for about $500-600 or less--

Chromebooks and the Cost of Complexity | stratÄ“chery by Ben Thompson: " . . . the new entrant may not have all of the required performance – like my Chromebook – but along with that missing performance comes additional simplicity. Paradoxically, the fact the new entrant has less-than-desired performance makes it even better from a user experience standpoint. And, when the performance gets close enough, that user experience advantage makes it an obvious choice over a higher end product that does more, in every sense of the word. And so, that’s why I have a Pixel. Over the next few weeks after I wrote that review, I found myself continually picking up that little Samsung instead of a laptop. I realized I quite preferred the simplicity and clarity of Chrome OS, and given that, and given the important role that computers play in my life, why wouldn’t I buy the best hardware to run said OS? My old laptop suffices for the few moments I even bother to pull out my SLR. . . ."

Microsoft offers new workaround for SkyDrive problems in Windows 8.1 | PCWorld: "Microsoft has backtracked on a suggested fix it offered repeatedly on its support forum for over two months for users having problems with SkyDrive on Windows 8.1. In a permanent message on the SkyDrive section of its support site, Microsoft now offers detailed troubleshooting steps for affected users.At the end of the post, it also disavows a workaround its officials had been dispensing that involved backing up SkyDrive, deleting its root folder and files and restarting the application. “If you’ve previously seen the instructions below on other posts, please DO NOT use them as they are no longer valid for SkyDrive on Windows 8.1,” the post reads..."

Mulally out, Elop now frontrunner to replace Ballmer: "..."Ultimately we believe Mr. Elop is positioned as the close second pick to Mr. Mulally given his previous Microsoft experience and demonstrable expertise in the mobile space, and as he has shown a willingness to make hard decisions," Ives says in a report. Elop executed layoffs, organizational changes and new partnerships at Nokia. And, of course, he steered the European phone giant into a merger with the U.S. tech giant from whence he came...."

Apple App Store Annual Sales Exceed $10 Billion
Apple customers spent over $10 billion in the company's App Store in 2013, demonstrating the continued appeal of native mobile apps and the ...

The Guardian

Amazon And Hulu Could Slow Netflix Growth In 2014, Morgan ...
Amazon Prime Instant Video is a smaller competitor, with just a 2% share of streamed TV programming. However, Devitt believes the service offers the ...


Google Doodle Honors Zora Neale Hurston, Black Cultural Giant
Today's Google Doodle honors the American novelist, activist and anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston, who was born on Jan. 7, 1891. Born in Alabama ...

New York Daily News

Chicago Tribune
(Reuters) - Microsoft Corp is closer to naming a new chief executive, according to a source familiar with the board's thinking, but it lost a front-runner ...

San Francisco Chronicle

Google Sued Over 'Sexy Executives' Website
ABC News
The common traits of corporate executive headshots may be easy to poke fun at: a goofy smile, business suit, monotone backdrop and chest-to-head ...

ABC News

Apple requests removal of antitrust compliance monitor
Bromwich was appointed in October to keep tabs on Apple following a ruling that the company had conspired with other publishers to set e-book ...

Apple Insider

Amazon's Current Employees Raise the Bar for New Hires
Wall Street Journal
Amazon believes the program, created in the company's infancy and honed by.... Google contracted to 46,421 employees as of the end of September 2013, from ... 01/07/14 Apple Wants E-Book Monitor Rem. ... 28, and MicrosoftCorp. increased its staff by 5% to 99,000 in the year ended June 30.

Wall Street Journal

Amazon teams with Samsung, studios on ultra high-definition TV
CBS News
Amazon.com Inc is teaming up with Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and major media corporations including Warner Bros and Lionsgate to popularize ...

Washington Post

Apple's 3D recording concept could allow user-generated 'street ...
Apple Insider
Apple's own mapping data does not have a direct competitor to Google'sStreet View. Instead, Apple offers what it calls Flyover, a 3D, interactive aerial ...

Apple Insider

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