01 February 2014

BlackBerry US marketshare now Zero percent

BlackBerry U.S. market share now 0% | BGR: "...Consumer Intelligence Research Partners on Thursday came out with its latest numbers on mobile market share in the United States and found that BlackBerry devices accounted for 0% of all smartphone activations in the fourth quarter of 2013, which isn’t too surprising considering that the company spent a good chunk of the quarter with a “For Sale” sign hung around its neck..."

Google Poised to Execute Long-Delayed Stock Split - ABC News"Google's split will create a new class of "C'' stock that carries no voting power. One share of C stock will be distributed for each share of voting Class A stock owned as of March 27. Initially, the value of the current stock will be divided equally between the two types of shares. But they will then trade separately with different ticker symbols. Class C shares will get the company's existing "GOOG" ticker symbol, while Class A will change to "GOOGL.""

Google Q4 ’13 Beats With $16.86B Revenue, Misses With EPS Of $12.01 Because Of Motorola Weakness | TechCrunch: "Google just published its Q4 earnings report and the results are mostly in line with Wall Street expectations, though it missed on earnings per share due to larger than expected losses at Motorola, which doubled from the year-ago-quarter. Over the last three months, the company reported revenue of $16.86 billion and $3.37 billion in net income. Non-GAAP earnings per share came in at $12.01 and GAAP EPS was $9.90. “We ended 2013 with another great quarter of momentum and growth.  Google’s standalone revenue was up 22 percent year on year, at $15.7 billion”, said Larry Page, CEO of Google in a statement today."

Amazon Falling Fast After Fourth Quarter Earnings Miss - Forbes"Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos did not address the earnings miss in his statement about the results Thursday afternoon, instead highlighting how it is “a good time to be an Amazon customer” because of customer service advances like the Mayday button on the Kindle Fire and Sunday delivery for Amazon packages."

Report: Microsoft prepares to go with Satya Nadella as CEO: "...As of Thursday night, Microsoft's board was meeting. An announcement was expected as soon as Friday. The report said that Nadella jumped forward as the front runner in recent weeks as Ballmer's replacement. However, the plans aren't finalized, according to the report. Nadella, who joined Microsoft in 1992, is in charge of the company's enterprise and cloud businesses...."

Google mobile struggles continue
Advertisers continued to pay less for advertisements on Google sites last quarter, as the company struggles to convince marketers to pay as much for mobile ads as desktop ads. Those marketers paid 11% less per ad in the fourth quarter of 2013 than they ...

Google's Motorola deal shows tech giant is happy to just be the platform
Washington Post
In other words, Google is perfectly happy being the provider of the world's largest mobile operating system, thank you very much. Rather than take a leaf from Apple's end-to-end manufacturing playbook, Google's content to take one from Microsoft's ...

Apple's tax falls to $36m in Australia as sales hit $6bn
The Australian Financial Review
Apple's tax liability fell to $36 million in Australia during its 2013 reporting year despite banking record revenues of $6.1 billion for its local operations, which will spark fresh debate about whether Australia is getting its fair share of tax from ...

Microsoft gives in: Windows 8.1 Update 1 skips hateful Metro UI, says secret ...
Computerworld (blog)
While the software giant originally released Windows 8.1 last year with an option to bypass the "Metro" interface at boot, sources familiar with Microsoft's plans have revealed [that Update 1] will enable this by default...to improve the OS for ...

Amazon Prime Could See $20 To $40 Price Hike | TechCrunch
By Matt Burns
Amazon Prime might be getting more expensive. The retailer revealed during its quarterly earnings conference call that it might jack up the price of the yearly subscription by up to 50%. Prime currently costs $79 a year. It's the best service a ...

Microsoft will reportedly name enterprise chief Satya Nadella as CEO
By Dana Wollman
Microsoft still hasn't announced who will succeed Steve Ballmer as CEO, but Bloomberg News is reporting that the company is on the verge of naming a. ... Popular topics. Mobile · HD · Alt · Software · Apple ...
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Apple Hires Chief Medical Officer From Pulse Oximetry Company ...
By Juli Clover
Over the course of the last year, Apple has made several hires from the medical and sensor field, presumably to bolster the team of experts working on its much-rumored smart watch project, and MacRumors today learned of another ...
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

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