30 September 2013

Android Tablets Surpass Apple iPad in Marketshare

This has been building for some time and will accelerate over the next 3 years --

Android overtakes Apple's iPad in tablet marketshare, approaches in revenue...
Apple Insider
Android overtakes Apple's iPad in tablet marketshare, approaches in revenue ... Apple's iPad and iPad mini are still the most popular tablets in the world, but ...

Apple Insider

Android overtakes iPad in tablet race - NBCNews.com: "The iPad, long the best-selling tablet in the world, has received a check to its dominance: Android has taken the lead in both tablets sold and in the money people paid for them."
Apple has a Samsung problem
It seems that it wasn't all too long ago when Samsung (NASDAQOTH: SSNLF ) was mocking smartphone leader Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) lines in its “next big ...

Online Gadget Store

China to Open Door Wider for Foreign Tech Firms
Wall Street Journal
BEIJING—China outlined a plan to allow foreign firms to offer some Internet services in the country and ended a more than decade long ban on the sale of videogame consoles as part of new rules issued Friday for a free-trade zone in Shanghai. According to a ...

2 great new Surface tablets unveiled: Why I won't be buying either one | ZDNet: "The "about 2lbs" Microsoft is listing for the Surface Pro 2, which is the same as the Surface Pro, is too heavy for tablet use as far as I'm concerned. The times I've played with the Surface Pro clearly demonstrated that the tablet is too heavy and bulky for typical tablet use."

Finding Microsoft's New CEO - WSJ.com: "Mr. Thompson, a seasoned 64-year-old tech executive, will have to convince critics that he and fellow outside directors won't rubber-stamp the views of Bill Gates, Microsoft's legendary chairman, co-founder and biggest individual stockholder. "I have enormous respect for Bill," Mr. Thompson said in an interview Wednesday. "But I didn't accept the role on the board or the role as the lead independent director to be Bill's pawn.""

Apple's Sales of New iPhones Off to a Fast Start

Apple's rivals have been gaining market share by selling less expensive phones running on Google Inc.'s free Android software. Those nagging worries are the ...

The Guardian

Microsoft justifies costly Xbox One console, discusses console's ...

The fact that Microsoft's Xbox One is set to retail for $100 more than Sony's ... With about a month left for the console's final release, it seems like Microsoft is ...


Microsoft Keeping Close Eye on SteamOS, Steam Machines

Tom's Hardware Guide
In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Microsoft corporate vice president Phil ... of these titles -- if they're purchased through Google Play or Amazon's Appstore ...

Microsoft, Nokia deal: Delhi High Court order dials trouble for Nokia ...

Financial Express
Microsoft, Nokia deal: Delhi High Court order dials trouble for Nokia in India... The India leg of Nokia's global sale to Microsoft Corporation could run into trouble, ...

Financial Express

Microsoft sees game market in China

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
BEIJING – Microsoft Corp. is forming a video-game venture with a Chinese... Microsoft and BesTV New Media Co., a subsidiary of Shanghai Media Group, ...

Paste Magazine

Is Apple iOS 7 Making Users Sick?

Apple's recently released mobile operating system iOS 7 is making some people ... Meaningful Use regulations and start asking: Is my site as useful as Amazon?

Apple and AT&T settle class action for unlimited data claim - Engadget

Mariella Moon
Apple and AT&T settle class action for unlimited data claim of original iPad ... Microsoft outlines 66,539 account requests from law enforcement during first ... Amazon.com ... Man Stunned After Finding Picture Of His Late Grandma On Google.Engadget RSS Feed 

Steve Ballmer's Tearful Goodbye to Microsoft - AllThingsD

Mike Isaac
Trending – Intel Looking for Help from Amazon or Samsung to Keep Its Web TV Project Alive · Mike Isaac. ethics statement ... But you can't deny that the longtime Microsoft chief has got heart. ... I can't believe Apple isn't moving faster to create a larger iPhone screen. ... 

Apple to pay AT&T iPad 3G owners $40 in unlimited data lawsuit

Cody Lee
Apple to pay AT&T iPad 3G owners $40 in unlimited data lawsuit. By Cody Lee, Sep 29, 2013 ...DOJ: Apple used in-app purchases as club against Amazon ...


Microsoft Received 37,196 Requests For Data From LEAs | Ubergizmo

Adnan Farooqui
Microsoft has released a new report today detailing the number of requests it has received from various law enforcement agencies from around the world.Ubergizmo 

How To Transfer Your Contacts from iCloud to Google Contacts
Chad Kirchner
Thankfully both Apple and Google support the vCard standard for contacts which makes it incredibly easy to move from one ecosystem to another. Also, doing it ...

Gotta Be Mobile

Sayonara, silicon? Engineers build first carbon nanotube computer
Los Angeles Times
Tech soothsayers have long predicted the demise of computers as we know them today, as their shrinking sizes approach the limits of silicon's ability to take the heat. Now, researchers at Stanford University — in the heart of Silicon Valley — have tossed the ...

LexisNexis breach reveals 'secret questions'
SEATTLE – The systematic theft of records from three major U.S. data aggregation companies could well turn out to be much more damaging to consumers than any previous large-scale theft of credit card data. "This is a much bigger deal than a regular credit ...

Valve reveals haptic game controller for release in 2014
BBC News
Games developer and publisher Valve has shown off its Steam Controller, the final part of its strategy to bring its PC-based platform to the living room. The controller offers two trackpads which provide "haptic" feedback capable of delivering various physical ...

MLB tests Apple's iBeacon location service (pictures)
CNET took a trip to Citi Field to get a sneak peak at location-based services powered by Apple's iBeacon, a new feature found in iOS 7. A greeting pops up as you get to the front walkway of Citi Field. The greeting is triggered by a nearby beacon that detects ...

6 Pieces Of Evidence For Water On Mars: Video
Discovery News
The ace team at Discovery Lists teamed up with Discovery News ahead of Thursday's big "water on Mars" discovery announcement to produce this brilliant video. Continue reading →. Read More » · Human · Psychology · Genetics · Health · Evolution · Life ...

Forest Fragmentation can lead to 'Ecological Armageddon', Researchers Say
Nature World News
Many species of birds and animals will soon disappear due to the increased fragmentation of tropical forests around the world. Tropical forests are hotspots of biological diversity and currently occupy about 6 percent of earth's land surface, which is less than ...

Why Did Apple Just Hire A Nike Shoe Designer?
Fast Company
Why Did Apple Just Hire A Nike Shoe Designer? One thing we do know: Ben Shaffer was not a top FuelBand designer for the athletic company, as reported by sources hungry for iWatch fodder. By: Austin Carr. If you believe the rumors, Apple just poached top ...

What 'likely' and 'extremely likely' really mean in climate-speak
The Globe and Mail
Climate scientists announced Friday that they now believe it is “extremely likely” that warming of the Earth's climate is caused by humans, marking a rise in confidence from “very likely” in 2007. What do these terms actually mean? The authors of the ...

Sonar Noise Behind Whale Deaths
Discovery News
The deaths of over 100 melon-headed whales, which stranded on the shores of a lagoon in northwest Madagascar in 2008, were likely primarily triggered by a form of sonar being deployed by an ExxonMobil survey vessel, according to a scientific review ...
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