21 September 2013

YouTube starts Chromecast support for third-party websites (video)

Google's new Chromecast promises to beam videos straight from your tablet, phone or laptop to your TV. Check out this episode of Cord Cutters for some first impressions.

YouTube starts testing Chromecast support for third-party websites — Tech News and Analysis: "Adding Chromecast support to videos embedded on third-party sites does make a lot of sense for YouTube, as it could get people to watch videos for longer periods of time, and in turn display more ads. YouTube already lets users beam any video from YouTube.com as well as from its mobile apps to a Chromecast device."

Microsoft Kill Shots: How IBM/Linux Deals the Latest Blow to Redmond Empire
Joining these start-up vendors and multiplying the threat to Office 365, Apple andGoogle plan to give away their mobile office suite apps for free. That's bound to preempt any significant Microsoft mobile office presence on platforms other than its own.

Google Wallet now works with iOS devices
The latest iPhones, which go on sale tomorrow, and other Apple devices don't include NFC technology, which was originally critical to Google Wallet for in-store purchases at an NFC-ready payment terminal. But Google on Tuesday relaxed the requirement ...

Wall Street watching early iPhone sales nervously
A customer celebrates his purchase of a new iPhone 5S as he leaves the Apple store on Sept. 20 in Oberhausen, Germany. The new iPhone 5s and 5C went on sale today around the world. Frank Augstein, AP. Fullscreen. Brian Ceballo, who waited outside ...

Microsoft execs make their 'One Microsoft' pitch to Wall Street
Summary: Microsoft execs are continuing to drill home the message that Microsoft needs to be in consumer and enterprise, as well as hardware plus devices. Do you buy it? Mary Jo Foley. By Mary Jo Foley for All About Microsoft | September 20, 2013 -- 00:05 ...

Lockscreen in iOS 7 can be bypassed with simple sequence
If you've taken the plunge and updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS 7, you should be on your guard: a Spanish security enthusiast has found a way to skip past the lockscreen in just a few seconds. NBC News contacted Apple, which said in an email response, ...

Sprint promises savings from new early upgrade plan
NEW YORK | Fri Sep 20, 2013 10:09am EDT. NEW YORK (Reuters) - Sprint Corp on Friday joined its three biggest rivals in offering an early upgrade option for smartphones, and it promised savings greater than those available from its competitors. Sprint, the ...

Life on Mars? Well, Maybe Not
New York Times
In findings that are as scientifically significant as they are crushing to the popular imagination, NASA reported Thursday that its Mars rover, Curiosity, has deflated hopes that life could be thriving on Mars today.

Google wages war on Microsoft's Office with free iOS, Android apps
Computerworld - Google on Thursday released new Android and iOS versions of its Quickoffice app, a mobile-only alternative to Microsoft's Office suite, and announced they are now free for the taking. The move puts more pressure on Microsoft to offer Office ...

Microsoft: Phablets are Windows RT's future
Summary: The possible convergence between Windows RT and the Windows Phone OS may be closer than many thought, based on new hints from Microsoft's Financial Analyst Meeting. Mary Jo Foley. By Mary Jo Foley for All About Microsoft | September 20, ...

iOS 7: A Big Win for Enterprise
PC Magazine
A lot of people are talking about the new look of Apple iPhones and yesterday's official release of iOS 7 but what hasn't got much attention are the new features of interest to enterprise users. Apple has never really focused on enterprise but over the past ...

Google brings Wallet to iOS, ditches NFC
Mind Of The Geek
Google has brought its mobile payments system, Google Wallet, to iOS. The app, now available on the App Store, allows iPhone users to pay for products and services to merchants that accept Google's payment solution. Until recently, Google Wallet required ...

Apple IOS 7 Adoption Rates Top That Of IOS 6, New Software Powers 18% Of ...
International Business Times
After the release of the iOS 7 on Wednesday, trends indicate a rapid rate of adoption, well ahead of the iOS 6. Apple. Less than 24 hours after Apple  released the new iOS 7 to the public on Wednesday, the revamped version of the mobile ...

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