13 September 2013

Google takes over desktop computing as Microsoft exits

Google taking over desktop computing with Chrome and Chrome apps, while Microsoft (for baffling reasons) abandoned the desktop computing market for mobile/tablet computing, Windows 8, which has failed on desktop and laptop PCs, and led to Steve Ballmer's retiring.

Google, Intel cement ties on Chrome OS, could weaken Wintel | PCWorld: "New Chromebooks announced this week signal Intel's willingness to broaden its horizons and work with companies like Google, at the expense of its long-standing Windows partnership with Microsoft. Three new Chromebooks from Hewlett-Packard, Acer and newcomer Toshiba with Google's Chrome OS were shown on stage during this week's Intel Developer Forum. The sub-US$299 laptops will run on Intel's Haswell chips, and executives from Google and the chip maker said they worked closely to tune the OS at the kernel and driver levels to work with Intel's chips."

Google Chrome Blog: A new breed of Chrome Apps: "Today we’re unveiling a new kind of Chrome App, which brings together the speed, security and flexibility of the modern web with the powerful functionality previously only available with software installed on your devices. (Think apps designed for your desktop or laptop, just like the ones for your phone and tablet.) These apps are more powerful than before, and can help you get work done, play games in full-screen and create cool content all from the web. If you’re using Windows or a Chromebook, you can check them out in the “For your desktop” collection in the Chrome Web Store (Mac & Linux coming soon).  . . ."

More info: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/collection/for_your_desktop

Google’s strategy to take over computing continues: Chrome apps “For your desktop” — Tech News and AnalysisGoogle has launched apps “For your desktop” on Windows . . . This strategy has been unfolding for months as Google is looking to boost engagement through its Chrome platform on Windows, Mac and Linux desktops (as well as Chrome OS) -- read more at  link above

Google, Intel Bring Haswell To Chromebooks
Google's Chromebook soon should be able to offer even better battery life and a wider variety of models to please its growing fan base. At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Calif., on Wednesday, representatives from Google, Intel, Acer and HP ...

Augmented Reality Competes With the Real Thing at the 2013 America's Cup - IEEE Spectrum: " . . .Watching the race with augmented reality on the TV screens did create a dilemma for many in the crowd—about ten minutes before the finish folks really should have been getting out of those comfy chairs and strolling over to the edge of the pier to see the boats round the final turn and speed to the finish line, right in front of us. But it would be a lot harder to follow the race action without the TV graphics. Some just stayed put in front of the screens. America’s Cup does have an app for that. As I walked across the pier I started watching the live feed on my phone (and folks around me, not previously aware there was an app, madly started downloading it). I heard a few comments about how surprised people were that the streaming video feed to the phone worked so well. . . ."

Apple will never make a cheap iPhone: "Many analysts and Apple-watchers thought that the plastic-backed iPhone 5C would come with a smaller price tag to attract new users in developing markets, such as China. But the iPhone 5C will cost $99 with a contract and $549 without. In China, where wireless carriers don't subsidize phones, the iPhone 5C is going to cost 4,488 yuan ($733)."

Apple falls on concern about iPhone pricing
Apple has lost ground to Samsung and other rivals which make cheaper smartphones based on Google's Android operating system. This is especially true in faster-growing emerging and developing countries such as China, Brazil and India, where ...

In Beijing, the New IPhone Gets a Resounding 'Meh'
On the day Apple released its new iPhone 5C simultaneously in the U.S. and China, I tromped around Beijing asking yuppies, restaurant workers, and migrant street sweepers what kind of phones they use—and why. It's hardly a scientific survey, but if the ...

Dell: Shareholders Approve $25 Billion Buyout
Wall Street Journal
Dell Inc. (DELL) said its stockholders approved its $25 billion buyout by founder and Chief Executive Michael Dell and investment firm Silver Lake Partners, ending a bitter contest to take the PC-maker private. "I am pleased with this outcome and am ...

Apple Fingerprint Sensor: Good Idea in Desperate Need of Standardization
Wall Street Journal
Apple Inc.'s new fingerprint sensor raises the need for industry standards in the quickly evolving market for biometric sensors that can identify individuals by reading unique attributes such as retina patterns, voice or touch. The technology, included in Apple's ...

Walmart Offers Discounts Ahead of iPhone 5C Pre-Orders
PC Magazine
Pre-orders for the colorful iPhone 5C begin early tomorrow morning through several major U.S. carriers, though Walmart is also offering a bit of a discount on the new smartphone. Sprint announced on its website that pre-orders for the iPhone 5C will begin at ...

Vodafone Germany confirms insider data theft: Two million customers affected
Summary: The European mobile giant said personal details of more than two million of its German customer base have been stolen by a hacker...
Nokia Lumia 1520 reportedly to debut September 26
Is this Nokia's upcoming 6-inch phone?...

US 'blew it' on NSA spying, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg says
Fox News
Mark Zuckerberg has said the U.S. government "blew it" during the National Security Agency snooping scandal. The Facebook founder and CEO was especially critical of the government's communications after the scandal over the U.S. surveillance programs ...

FTC Probing Facebook's New Privacy Policy
Wall Street Journal
Regulators at the Federal Trade Commission are probing whether Facebook violated users' privacy rights when it overhauled company policies two weeks ago. On August 29, the social network announced an update to the company privacy policy.

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